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    1. Jorma and Ava had sparred about what was Tdeshi and what was a new personality before Jorma learned that Tdeshi's body was possessed by a Yingolian ghost

    2. He had been lovers with that ghost in Tdsehi almost as long as he had with been with Tdeshi, before Jorma knew what she was of course

    3. Jorma had lived with Venna almost two years now, one while she learned to sail, well; on their way up from the Yakhan, and another here on North Island of Sinbara

    4. It was true, several layers of tough tape had already worn thru on his old ones

    5. The new ones had saved him a couple irons, the ones she bought him weren't cheap

    6. Herndon had looked almost bored till then but snapped to attention with that revelation

    7. He looked too stunned to speak, it was Ava who said, "But you wore those sandals, I couldn't have lost an aluminum there, even if I had been carrying one around, and I don't think I've ever carried an aluminum on my person," Ava said

    8. Jorma thought the Brazilian was more excited about that aluminum than he should be, but then he had heard that most of the people of YingolNeerie were very interested in money

    9. Ava had some trouble suppressing laughter

    10. He had to voice that complaint, she only made a face at him

    11. Those memories of the day he learned she had been an electric ghost were still painful for both of them

    12. There were only fifty million males in the whole urban universe of the Yakahn, and practically all of them that he had ever met, knew Venna intimately

    13. She noticed a fisherman about a thousand yards out had turned his glass on her so she waved and posed

    14. If there was something in there labeled 'treasure map,' I might have had to face that temptation

    15. To the best of his knowledge she had not slept at all the Noonsleep before the party nor the Dusksleep during

    16. To the best of his knowledge she had sex with all the males and a few of the females at that party

    17. Vureer found her to be more interested in her attentions than Tdeshi had ever been

    18. He was surprised she had been interested this sleep, on Dawnsleep she had still been sore

    19. The cockpit had a post-bulge over two feet wide, shiny, and sloped

    20. One had to climb in and out over the sides

    21. He had pulled up as the tide stopped its flow, in a few hours it would start its ebb from this inlet

    22. [It was at this point that I realised I had entered a Police Station in error]

    23. He had apparently “…spoken to somebody and, what with

    24. " He had jumped down to the deck

    25. He had to stoop over inside

    26. In a cabinet behind the table, under the binnacle, he found an enormous boiler, the size of the one Belkin had at his mill, but with a pancake alcohol burner rather than a wood firebox

    27. Herndon tried to tell him something but he had a toothbrush in his mouth and it came out unintelligible

    28. Solomon Browne was despatched to save those aboard the Union Star freighter that had flooded engines and ripped its anchor chain

    29. headed for the rocks, the accompanying Sea Rescue helicopters had to return to base as the waves were now high enough to be sucked

    30. Jorma was much more familiar with sail than power boats, but had wrestled these pumps into position on more than one big plantation down on Sinbara Point Flats

    31. He'd rented a needleboat when they were in the Yakhan and had examined the motor out of curiosity

    32. "So you've had breakfast already?" Jorma asked

    33. We had a big party here last week

    34. "I had a boat so much like this when I was young, a bit smaller though

    35. As I had left my Cat Woman suit at home that day, I natural y assumed that these comments were aimed elsewhere

    36. had no wish to be a “circus freak” provided for the entertainment of the ensuing crowd

    37. protested that I had effectively therefore been banned from the

    38. The young woman had her brains bashed in, chunks of her skull cracked and pulled outward like it was done with a crowbar or the back of a hammer

    39. She had muscular dystrophy

    40. Somehow it seemed much more real, knowing this body had actually been born under a different sun and he wasn't some dubious translation from dead flesh to electricity and then back to the flesh of a good friend's hot-box daughter

    41. This man came here honestly from YingolNeerie, in the flesh, on a big flaming starship like Jorma had seen in sci-fi movies all his life, and pictures in the news twenty one decades ago

    42. He had to admit Yingolian crystals were a boon

    43. I wrote to the brewery pointing out that their handling of the situation had caused me unnecessary embarrassment

    44. When made redundant, I had to claim Job Seekers Al owance

    45. The officer remembered me but had not noticed anything unusual in

    46. Hobbes: They’ve all had their heads bashed in! You think they did that to themselves?

    47. They had eaten all they could of the trap mix over vedn toast by the time Venna finally stirred

    48. She had not put any clothing on of course

    49. " He had noticed that only twice with her, but this was now a strange place and he remembered that Noonsleep was dark at YingolNeerie

    50. Herndon announced he had some remote work to do in the boat and headed for the dock

    1. "Did I ever tell you that theory Venna has," Jorma told her, "that Tdeshi's soul jumped to her embryo as the shonggot took her

    2.  God is eternal: which signifies that He has no

    3. Can a fireman who wants to build a great cavern do that by blasting a solid rock with a fire hose for a week straight, staying up with every bit of energy that he has, holding the hose blasting it at full power

    4. do, the ER acronym has nothing to do with Emergency Room - as in the US medical drama

    5. who has achieved some things they never achieve

    6. If you believe that your work has been used in a manner that constitutes copyright infringement, please follow our Notice and Procedure for Making Claims of Copyright Infringement as seen in our Terms of Service here:

    7. Walking with God is all about living life that has God’s

    8. I recorded our conversation, as has become my habit with all visitors:

    9. I imagine it has to do with a case you’re working on?

    10. child has done something amazing – then by al means praise her but

    11. when you work hard!” When she has completed something related to

    12. You don’t give up and it has paid off

    13. It’s a hiring process that ensures the leader of the organization has followers, and therefore, power

    14. It has a chandelier, even

    15. God has chosen us before the foundation of the world to

    16. historical use has now been replaced by an awful reality; I actually

    17. Society has taught us that girls

    18. Tempus Fugit [as featured on the cover of this section] works as a metaphor in that the mol usc - not known for its speed - has fossilised with the inexorable passage of time

    19. No one is poor who has land he can live on

    20. "I still have a hard time forgetting that you are an electric ghost that has forced Tdeshi's dead body back to life

    21. Frank still labours under the illusion of more TV work and has

    22. Raising a child who has healthy self esteem and belief in her own

    23. While perhaps receding in the popular imagination, the image of the "dirty old man" that chases after young women has not disappeared

    24. "It has nothing to do with the supernatural

    25. the decision to write a character out, it will usual y be because of the fact that the actor wishes to depart or because the part has run its full course

    26. In recent years it has become clear that not only does interest and capacity for sex continue well beyond menopause, but that many women report an increased enjoyment of sex because worries about unwanted pregnancy are no longer a concern

    27. It is often said that man can achieve anything provided he has confidence in himself

    28. "She has been following me since Herndon," Ava said, "She has been paid by people to keep watch on me

    29. And what has this to do with Stephen Hawking? The section I was

    30. · To believe that almost anything can be achieved provided one has enough will power

    31. With the insignia from his uniform he has the money to finance a family to raise and train a child to be my shadow, a child who has been trained to do nothing but zero in on those papers

    32. "We still have the maps," he said, "But you can be sure she has the claim ticket

    33. Experience has taught me that there is a thin line

    34. What a very strange man he was, apparently he insists on wearing hats indoors and would only answer to the name “Famous Author” even though nobody I have met has ever heard of him!

    35. "Perhaps it should have been longer," he said, "but your friend has a mission

    36. You need to know that repentance has nothing to do

    37. It has everything to do with how much you

    38. right now that is creating the life that I have?” In this moment, at this time, what everyone has right now in their life is a result of how they are being

    39. The guy’s wearing a blue baseball cap and the woman has mismatched gloves

    40. " Most people enjoyed a relationship with nature that made them feel less alone, he adds, but suburban living has diminished that connection

    41. that behavior has become a habit

    42. The world has changed so comprehensively that we can no longer deal with our day-to-day problems by simply using our bodies’ physical powers

    43. She was a founder of a major study at the Kassikan, she has a small percentage to the rights to all Yingolian crystals

    44. She is the richest person either one of us has ever laid eyes on, with the possible exception of the guy she was with

    45. They had a boat that took a multiple coppers in fuel to get here, it has a motor-driven planing hull!"

    46. The bible says she has many sins

    47. that means she has many obvious sins

    48. Bitch has played me like a violin

    49. Because walking was essential to our survival during our developmental years, our bodies have developed so that walking and movement are essential to health; as it has been said, form follows function

    50. said it in has disappeared

    1. "He left some notes with me that he needs, and I must have left them here

    2. After two years he wasn't so sure she didn't have a point

    3. I wished it didn't have to face north but this is like a tiny scale model of my dream house

    4. "No, I rented out the cabin and have a cash crop in the field that I've got to get in next week

    5. I might have spent it a little more slowly without her, but you know those sandals you bought me in Zharvai?"

    6. He looked too stunned to speak, it was Ava who said, "But you wore those sandals, I couldn't have lost an aluminum there, even if I had been carrying one around, and I don't think I've ever carried an aluminum on my person," Ava said

    7. Jorma thought he might have asked with a shade of accusation, though his look was friendly when Jorma turned to him

    8. "I can't think of when I could have possibly been in a place where aluminum could have been rolling around loose

    9. "There have been years it would be possible to stay here for Dusksleep up until Garibivlast," he said

    10. It would be rare to have darkmeal down here

    11. "She really should have been down by now," Jorma said about Venna

    12. Even when they got along, she was never as willing as he would have liked and they could now tease about that without rancor

    13. "Have you kept all my old paperwork together?" she asked

    14. "It might be in there, but I might have burned something like that when we went thru it

    15. round about unto Illyricum, I have fully preached the

    16. Our Christian living with God must have the

    17. should have this accreditation

    18. the angels have no choice but to follow you around and

    19. confirm any revelation that you have

    20. What I have just described here is a small portion of who

    21. need to have expectations, but you need to have the right kind of

    22. If you have that spark within you right now, even if you didn't have it before, and right now you have it, that's what I need from you

    23. If you believe you can earn a certain amount of money, then that is what you'll have the ability to earn

    24. If there was something in there labeled 'treasure map,' I might have had to face that temptation

    25. Venna claimed Tdeshi would have come around by the time she was twenty decades

    26. He would have to move this boat well before dusk if he didn't want it to sit on the bottom while the tide was out

    27. you are walking with God, your life should have the

    28. claim you have with God, becoming more progressive

    29. you have, even though you never ask about them out

    30. If He does, where He is? You have done it all the word

    31. You have been preaching faithfully for

    32. You have been sowing in the kingdom faithfully

    33. If you want to have something in your life you

    34. don't have it first and then do what's necessary to keep it, in order to be what it is you want to be

    35. You don’t have the luxury house and lifestyle, do what you need to do to keep it, and then be who you need to be in order to keep it

    36. The pattern of success is be, do, and have

    37. You have to be first

    38. Take the actions to have what you want in your life then you can have it

    39. The ABCs are the critical elements , be, do, have is the pattern

    40. commitment, then you’re wrong! Because the C is not commitment, that’s important, you have to be committed but that's not the C in the ABCs of

    41. “What hobbies do you have?”

    42. "Uu woopah puh," Jorma thought he must have been speaking Yingolian, but looked and saw that he was finishing his teeth

    43. my son's son: but according to the kindness that I have

    44. the afternoon, and twenty seconds in the evening to do ten push-ups at a time? One minute out of the twenty four hours you have in your day to do ten thousand nine hundred and fifty push-ups this year? Come on now,

    45. It doesn’t have to be at the same time but read ten pages in the afternoon

    46. I have consulted my New York lawyers on this; sorry, make that my new,

    47. The more leads that you have the more profits you will achieve

    48. You need to communicate with your customers so they can see what products and services you have to offer

    49. " He didn't have the faintest clew what that Yingolian number meant in a real date

    50. have the desire of something that is beyond natural

    1. Having sat down to consider the excellent fair on offer – dried

    2. on the east of Bethel, and pitched his tent, having Bethel

    3. that the praise is not worth having or else she may think that she

    4. Eph: 1:5: Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good

    5. Having recently revisited them after a year’s absence, I recoiled at

    6. I wasn’t planning on having drinks with these two, not if my dad was waiting for me tonight

    7. On the third day, I awoke early and, having completed all the usual

    8. rather than by knowledge of stomach contractions, glucose level or other internal criteria and therefore having the courage to refuse food that is not desirable

    9. Having recently had a very good MRI scan [and surviving over two

    10. Despite what you may have heard though, having a terminal ilness

    11. I don’t want you to explain to them the next time you are having an argument, that they are being defensive, being argumentative and being closed minded

    12. I don’t want you to tell them what they are doing wrong and that’s why they are having an argument

    13. consuming and the effect it is having on your energy

    14. The first day he had ever met Kira, she had been wearing a pair of large clown trousers and a combat jacket, hair having been cropped off with scissors in a fit of self-protective misery after being the victim of yet another sexual assault

    15. Having had years of practise, he recognised what she wanted

    16. He made it to the door, having been buzzed into the driveway by George the house manager, and was ushered in by Harriet

    17. I believe in having

    18. Make a list of any problems you're having taking the medicines as prescribed

    19. Having an open mind about what is possible in your life is incredibly

    20. If you are having tests or surgical procedures performed, you can safeguard against testing errors and also help ensure the best results with your surgery by following these steps:

    21. I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night lately

    22. If you live alone in a large home, consider having a housemate / companion who would be willing to do the grocery shopping and cooking in exchange for rent

    23. Having a good database is literally a license to print money

    24. Having this capability separates the ho hum Internet merchants from the ones that really make the cash register ring

    25. profess that having Jesus alone, is all that you need in

    26. She was having trouble keeping her mind on the financial conversation, especially if Venna was involved in the sexual conversation

    27. “Very clear,” Johnny said, biting back remarks that would only lead to having to listen to Ackers talk more

    28. Some may be customers we don't want her having

    29. during Jesus ministry by having the revelation of who

    30. Having bible with you will always help

    31. you and having a habit of referring to it will develop your

    32. As the younger lot today is more focused on his/her career, marriage and having babies gets deferred to late 20s or early 30s vis-à-vis early 20s in the past

    33. The first key to having a good conversation is becoming a better listener

    34. Some of his work is very upsetting – children being abused … wives being beaten … I’ve never worked out if it is worse for him having to defend the aggressors or to prosecute them … either way, he has to delve far too deeply into people’s lives

    35. I’ve never been complimented for having a “disturbed mind” before : )

    36. There is nothing wrong in having them but what is wrong is getting too possessive about them or getting attached to them

    37. If you were all the time thinking of having a little more time, a little more money and a few more possessions, you would never be really happy

    38. Johnny imagined that his dad would be crushed, and it was a moment that Johnny wanted to do his best to spare him from ever having to go through

    39. Having found it, he brought out what looked like a large thermometer with handles

    40. PCP includes the proper selection of the types of grasses for your area and the lawns use (are you going to play on it, walk on it a lot, or just enjoy its beauty)? Having a healthy lawn without harsh chemicals is really very easy to do

    41. She was having a hard time staying awake after twenty eight hours

    42. Your lawn will benefit by having a thin layer of aged (at least 6 months old) horse manure spread over it (using a manure spreader), and then watered well

    43. At least that was as clear as he could get without having seen either of them

    44. “Your lawn will benefit by having a thin layer of aged horse manure spread over it

    45. Smiling to myself happily at having identified the noise, I change direction for the front door

    46. ‘But … the bitch! The complete bloody bitch!’ I ranted at him, turning too quickly and having to hang onto the back of a chair as my balance goes

    47. There eventually came a time when the pirates refused to take Tiny Robot Archimedes into colder waters, mostly due to it being winter and their having an unwillingness to die

    48. Ma did that sometimes when she was real fired up over something or when she was having one of her fits

    49. The fact he talked Emma into having Barney baptised at the church says it all really – Emma is not what you would call religious minded

    50. and if you’re still having the

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    Synonyms for "have"

    have rich person wealthy person bear birth deliver give birth get suffer sustain let experience cause induce make stimulate consume ingest take take in give hold throw receive have got own possess accept feature acquire gain obtain procure secure contain retain occupy enjoy undergo allow permit assert asseverate aver maintain testify

    "have" definitions

    a person who possesses great material wealth

    have or possess, either in a concrete or an abstract sense

    have as a feature

    go through (mental or physical states or experiences)

    have ownership or possession of

    cause to move; cause to be in a certain position or condition

    serve oneself to, or consume regularly

    have a personal or business relationship with someone

    organize or be responsible for

    have left

    be confronted with


    suffer from; be ill with

    cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner

    receive willingly something given or offered

    get something; come into possession of

    undergo (as of injuries and illnesses)

    achieve a point or goal

    cause to be born

    have sex with; archaic use