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Broaden in a sentence

Let’s broaden our search area.
It might broaden your horizon…’.
The smile seemed to broaden on Conan's thin lips.
ciously, broaden and deepen the field of awareness.
Freud did not try to broaden his investigations in.
With practice the field will broaden and investigation.
If businesses are vertical, they will need to broaden out.

Deepen and broaden your awareness of yourself and all the.
The passing years have caused the river to broaden, but at.
have many searches, then you may want to broaden the topic a bit.
I’ve been trying to broaden my interests of late, she said.
It helps broaden your network of business women, says Kitchen.
tightened at his side, his shoulders appeared to broaden and rise,.
Try to broaden the answer by saying ‘we are all faced with a fast.
and to install and strengthen the one and only God, as also to broaden.
Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate.
centre; and as they shoot out they steadily broaden fanwise, as do those.
If you have a written product, you could broaden its appeal by adding….
We must go back to basics and broaden the traditional paradigm in two ways.
outer arms, broaden the shoulder blades, and try to lift the space between them.
said Richard, straining to broaden the tear in the metal door with his hands.
She thought she heard him sigh and broaden his chest slightly as she touched him.
arms, broaden the shoulder blades, and try to lift the space between them at the.
’ I replied, watching his smile broaden as he mentally plays with possible names.
Broaden the base of the skull too, and lift the crease of the neck diagonally into.
agencies? We need that information before we sound the alarm and broaden the need-to-.
More data will simply broaden your basis of observation and make for sounder decisions.
that a college education can broaden your mind and develop your abilities to think and.
Anytime she had an opportunity to broaden her mind, she wanted to take advantage of it.
’ He said, the grin broadening.
He could hear her accent broadening.
broadening of self-awareness is the royal way.
was still concerned with broadening the war and U.
mathematic simulation based only on the broadening of.
Sephiroth revealed, a thin smile broadening on his.
By broadening his perspective, Ogg could see that once.
the flowery hilltop was only a speck upon the broadening.
an inner awareness that the experience has had a broadening effect.
Finally he got a broadening smile of satisfaction from the lad.
Morgan stared back at her, a fat grin broadening across his face.
You pretty, he says, a smile broadening across his shiny, red face.
a broadening of the yellow lines of sodium in a flame held between strong.
for several miles, until the broadening of the road and the beginnings of a.
In all her proposals she has concentrated on broadening the area of détente.
magnetic poles later the broadening was found to be a distinct splitting of.
’ He said, his grin broadening as he swipes the ground from beneath my feet.
Here, catch! You might need that later on, said Mark, with a broadening smile.
‘Only fancy!’ answered Ignat, surprised at the broadening grin on his face in the mirror.
They had an alternative name for being a cardiologist broadening perspective to say the least.
There are four types of triangles: symmetrical, ascending, descending, and expanding (broadening.
Ah, I have to tell you what happened, he said abruptly, his broadening smile capturing Gordon’s attention.
She wondered idly just how much his hands had had to do with the broadening and flattening and changement of her body.
Karen Armstrong: A History of God (what does iqra mean? Chapter 5 is very helpful in broadening the perspective of students, p.
Here I focus on three more intrusive ways to improve carry trading returns:• broadening the currency universe to emerging markets;.
If we succeed in broadening the popular base of the war with them, as you people say, it means that the regime his a broad popular base.
Tuning in to the Movie Channel he settles back on the couch and with broadening smile settles down to watch John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn.
"But I don't want to be undressed," Ingrid said, eyeing both of the men now, in particular the soldier, whose grin was broadening by the second.
They consist in entertainment and relaxation in the reading and a broadening of the knowledge of that world, which Roger had the opportunity to visit and to live.
Eris’s grin broadened.
Uncle Hobart's smile broadened.
The Warlock’s smile broadened.
My horizons and tastes broadened.
My lips broadened to produce a smile.
never would had broadened over the years.
Was that what broadened your a’s?.
Behind him Helen Roach’s smile broadened.
Claire’s round face broadened with delight.
Quite suddenly he had broadened my horizons.
The river broadened and the current slackened.
Grindel's smile broadened and he winked slowly.
broadened as he warmed to the man’s sincerity.
She had broadened out all over, and in her face.
His smile broadened as he led me towards the door.
His grin broadened and he raced off to show his.
The simplicity of the religion broadened its appeal.
His smile broadened as he looked down on Dona’Cora.
His teeth gleamed as his smile broadened even further.
There were broadened tracks of wagons, carts and horses.
The main road eventually broadened as it approached the.
His smile broadened as he caressed the barrel of his gun.
time she broadened her horizons in that area as well as in.
staring into the sky, broadened the feel of his focus.
The ripples broadened and rebounded off the opposing shores.
Milverton's smile broadened and his eyes twinkled humorously.
Herley would like to see this effort broadened by automation.
appearance broadened by the jacket he wore over his white suit,.
'And this ledge broadens out to the.
Travel broadens the mind, she said to him.
This phase broadens the executive's perspective and creates a.
Her smile broadens, and she stands clasping my hands in her wrinkled ones.
and pleasures, the pains which broadens and deepens perceptions, are unraveled to individuals in.
The little river, the Esk, runs through a deep valley, which broadens out as it comes near the harbour.
A few times at doing this broadens your knowledge and makes it easier to identify potential sources the next time.
The idea of this criterion is based on the statement that trading attractiveness of an option combination increases when the underlying asset price range, in which the payoff function is positive, broadens.

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broaden extend widen diversify