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Widen in a sentence

My eyes widen.
Her eyes widen.
smile widen a bit.
grins widen a bit.
Amy’s eyes widen.
briefly widen a bit.
I felt my eyes widen.

Liddel’s eyes widen.
Rather than widen the.
I widen my eyes at her.
, widen the field) a bit.
He felt his tired eyes widen.
She should widen her stance.
Widen price targets as well.
I see your eyes widen, George.
out to widen her field of view.
His eyes widen, unblinking.
Yuki saw Parisi’s eyes widen.
Shocked, Anne could only widen.
Ashley's eyes widen and she gasps.
caused Sue grin to widen slightly.
Its glowing eyes seemed to widen,.
Her eyes widen and she stares at him.
Amy’s eyes widen and she steps back.
This caused my grin to widen a bit.
Thor stops walking, and his eyes widen.
You can always widen it if it is too.
The gap was widening.
,’ her eyes widening.
through the widening gap.
I sat up, eyes widening.
The widening gap in this.
said, widening her eyes at me.
Then he froze, his eyes widening.
I watched him, his eyes widening.
She meets my gaze, eyes widening.
I hold up a hand, my smile widening.
her, his eyes widening with delight.
Rabel’s jaw dropped, eyes widening.
the ice began melting, widening my view.
He smiles again, widening his mouth.
apart, but the gap was steadily widening.
that the widening sky hath thus opened,.
curiously, his eyes widening in surprise.
A body? she said, her eyes widening.
widening gap with the other competitors,.
His smile was widening as she touched him.
She got up suddenly, her eyes widening.
Conal looked at the date, his eyes widening.
The extreme widening of Anahata is a state.
constant widening of the unknowable is almost.
Smith sensed his mood in the widening silence.
21 shows a schematic example of a widening range.
6, which shows spread widening during recessions.
Hrun glanced up at the widening cracks and sighed.
Her eyes widened.
His eyes widened.
Ted eyes widened.
His smile widened.
His smirk widened.
Her eyes widened.
His pupils widened.
He widened his eyes.
His grin widened.
His eyes widened.
it widens to a white star.
Here the Gulf Stream widens.
As I go on, his smile widens.
Her mouth widens by the second.
as it widens, encircling the boy,.
What widens within you Walt Whitman?.
In some parts it widens into a morass.
She widens her eyes and mouths ‘woah.
Then he checks the time and widens his eyes.
at the top ( opening of the shrinkage WIDENS).
Use where the game trail widens or offers options.
It widens and improves your perspective on things.
It widens into a grin as if he’s just had an epiphany.
His smile widens as he turns his attention back to Tori.
Zachary widens his eyes, staring at me as if contemplating.
Her smile widens with anticipation, as her eyes fill with delight.
This widens the competitive advantage and makes it more sustainable.
She blinks, then widens her eyes as if she’s just come out of a trance.
your hip points together, so that while the back pelvis widens, the front.
Places that are inhabitable because of high increase in temperature widens.
Glacia widens her eyes and shakes her head as if she accidentally offended me.
Otherwise, when your opening widens, you would be at the mercy of the Eye of Creation.
These provoke irritations to parents which alleviate them and a distance farther widens.
It also could do better than expected if the futures spread widens — bottom line of table.
Between the two piers there is a narrow opening into the harbour, which then suddenly widens.
He bites my nipple hard as he widens the stretch and my body isn't sure which pain to focus on.
There is an opening in boys, but the opening is smaller than the opening in girls and widens just a bit.

Synonyms for widen

widen broaden extend