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Widen in a sentence

I felt my eyes widen.
I widen my eyes at her.
He felt his tired eyes widen.
Widen price targets as well.
She should widen her stance.
I see your eyes widen, George.
Yuki saw Parisi’s eyes widen.

Shocked, Anne could only widen.
Ashley's eyes widen and she gasps.
Her eyes widen and she stares at him.
Amy’s eyes widen and she steps back.
Thor stops walking, and his eyes widen.
You can always widen it if it is too.
This caused Sue’s grin to widen a bit.
Selena’s eyes widen with realization.
The needle caused Zoe’s eyes to widen.
She felt her eyes widen from the effect.
Then his mouth opens and his eyes widen.
His eyes widen at the sight of my mother.
A person, unable to widen the field of.
Now the Jews, but I decided to widen my.
The size and the heat made her eyes widen.
I saw Chuck’s eyes widen and he stopped.
His eyes widen when he catches sight of me.
Her eyes widen and she looked quickly away.
His eyes widen and he’s visibly impressed.
That made Nancy’s smile widen into a grin.
Loraine’s eyes seemed to widen at his tone.
Her eyes widen and a tremor passes through her.
He saw Lezura’s eyes widen into pink marbles.
Paul’s eyes widen and his mouth dropped open.
This caused Zem’s loving smile to widen a bit.
I couldn't help but widen my eyes at the prospect.
Matt’s eyes opened as wide as they could widen.
My eyes widen as I notice my mother near the shed.
What I say is widen the scope of our society, let.
Shortly afterwards, his mouth began to widen again.
The canal seemed to widen as the barges drew closer.
Even at this distance, Ralph can see her eyes widen.
His eyes widen as a dazzling smile forms on his face.
I sat up, eyes widening.
The widening gap in this.
I watched him, his eyes widening.
Then he froze, his eyes widening.
I hold up a hand, my smile widening.
Rabel’s jaw dropped, eyes widening.
A body? she said, her eyes widening.
His smile was widening as she touched him.
Conal looked at the date, his eyes widening.
The extreme widening of Anahata is a state.
Smith sensed his mood in the widening silence.
Hrun glanced up at the widening cracks and sighed.
He began to shake, his eyes widening in realization.
He held the animal and looked at him, eyes widening.
He was, at first, astonished at this sudden widening.
He blinked and stepped back, his eyes widening briefly.
She shook her head, her eyes widening in comprehension.
While ostensibly widening its realm, one undermines it.
The barbed wire continued to unspool, widening the wounds.
In a widening cone above the point at which he stood, an.
Her eyes widening, Katie snapped, Who told you that?
A widening of gap to our spiritual path is ever increasing.
He placed a hand on each of her legs, widening them further.
His eyes widening, Andrew asked, The animals hate humans.
We have to— Macey turned, her eyes widening in surprise.
With the road gradually widening and the curtains of waste on.
Inhalation is done by widening of the thorax in tree dimensions:.
The same effect holds for narrowing or widening the strikes range.
Shrike's eyes were widening, as if to allow in everything he said.
She peered in, apprehensively at first, then with eyes of widening.
The contrary state — Anahata’s widening is feeling the state of.
Also, the members of the JPC can keep on widening the scope of the.
She stares at him, face completely slack, eyes widening by the moment.
Johnson watched the distance between trains widening as his train was.
Mrs Shrike’s eyes were widening, as if to allow in everything he said.
Thus, certain declines in BRP will directly be offset by widening ERPB.
Is this Alexandra? The woman smiles, her eyes widening with delight.
It seems likely that widening breadth comes at the expense of lesser skill.
As in many countries in the world the gap between rich and poor is widening.
Alana continued to probe her mental bonds; all the while widening the cracks.
My eyes widened a bit.
The spread widened to 1.
Her eyes widened in protest.
Her eyes widened in horror.
My eyes widened in surprise.
Her lips widened into a grin.
Her eyes widened in surprise.
His eyes widened in surprise.
His eyes widened drastical y.
They widened when he saw her.
Sam frowned; his eyes widened.
Battles' eyes widened a little.
Soffen's eyes widened in shock.
It gradually widened as they.
The warrior's dark eyes widened.
Donna’s eyes widened in shock.
Josie widened her eyes in worry.
Then her eyes widened suddenly.
His eyes widened with surprise.
Khan's eyes widened with shock.
Selma’s eyes widened in panic.
Her eyes widened with mild fear.
John widened his eyes and gaped.
Gloria’s eyes widened in fear.
Beneath my hood my eyes widened.
Sara’s eyes widened with alarm.
The monk widened his eyes to say.
Barrad’s eyes widened in anger.
Rachel's grin widened in victory.
His eyes widened ever so slightly.
Amelia's eyes widened with shock.
My smile widened as I neared him.
His eyes widened and lips trembled.
Max’s eyes widened from surprise.
He widened his mouth with a snarl.
Donna’s eyes widened in surprise.
The Hollow widened at one certain.
Carter’s eyes widened with horror.
Stan’s eyes widened at her sight.
Andre's eyes widened with skepticism.
Here the Gulf Stream widens.
As I go on, his smile widens.
Her mouth widens by the second.
What widens within you Walt Whitman?
In some parts it widens into a morass.
She widens her eyes and mouths ‘woah.
Then he checks the time and widens his eyes.
It widens and improves your perspective on things.
Use where the game trail widens or offers options.
His smile widens as he turns his attention back to Tori.
It widens into a grin as if he’s just had an epiphany.
Her smile widens with anticipation, as her eyes fill with delight.
This widens the competitive advantage and makes it more sustainable.
She blinks, then widens her eyes as if she’s just come out of a trance.
Places that are inhabitable because of high increase in temperature widens.
Glacia widens her eyes and shakes her head as if she accidentally offended me.
Otherwise, when your opening widens, you would be at the mercy of the Eye of Creation.
These provoke irritations to parents which alleviate them and a distance farther widens.
The shadows of poverty and meanness gather around us, and lo! creation widens to our view.
It also could do better than expected if the futures spread widens — bottom line of table.
Between the two piers there is a narrow opening into the harbour, which then suddenly widens.
He bites my nipple hard as he widens the stretch and my body isn't sure which pain to focus on.
There is an opening in boys, but the opening is smaller than the opening in girls and widens just a bit.
Annyeke, meanwhile, widens her eyes, and the sensation of her surprise hits him when he least expects it.
She opens her mouth just as she widens her eyes, but I refuse to give her the opportunity to interrupt me.
What is she doing? She widens her eyes back at me, and I realize she’s trying to make Christian jealous.
When a girl is about to become a women, the Shadow of the Eye of Creation falls on the opening and widens it.
Putting the container of water onto the floor beneath Lewis's bed her smile widens when she sees a stream of bubbles.
To the left beyond it the valley widens as it leads to the sea several miles away… the sea? Are we that far all ready?
And this conception of beauty, although it seems very clear is, unfortunately, again inexact; for it widens out on the other side, i.
Her father, still peering out through the eating room window, sees this and raises his eyebrows, widens his eyes, and breathes out a hushed.
However, we should remember that each reiteration widens the set of the selected combinations with new elements, which are worse than the preceding ones.
It will be seen that over the gallery, at the western end of the nave, there widens the lower arc of a circular window, which must have been of great size.
Having an option Strangle instead of a Straddle at the two middle strike prices widens the area for profit, but at the same time makes the potential profits lower.
Desi gives me a nudge and widens his eyes in a question: Did I know about the affair? Was I okay? My face is a mask of fury—poor little lamb, my ass—but I can pretend it is because of this betrayal.
Moreover, the authors show that such betting-against-beta portfolios tend to lose money when the TED spread widens, presumably because tightening funding conditions lead to de-levering these levered portfolios.
The only difference (which holds only during a calm period and only for portfolios constructed of long-term options) is that, while for the delta-neutral strategy loss probability increases as the strikes range widens, in the case of partially directional strategy this parameter has no effect on loss probability.
But as the visitor is constantly changed, the less experienced students are puzzled by the different methods advocated, and flounder hopelessly for want of a definite system to work on; although for a student already in possession of a good grounding there is much to be said for the system, as contact with the different masters widens their outlook.

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