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Stretch in a sentence

Stretch it out.
Any stretch of.
that's a stretch.
So, not a stretch.
Is this a stretch?.
Stretch this out,.
and stretch her legs.

A chance to stretch.
But they stretch.
On that stretch the.
Stretch only to the.
making such a stretch.
They stretch like mad.
lonely stretch of road.
on the academic stretch.
had to stretch out a bit.
It isn’t a stretch to.
And those stretch marks.
* Never Stretch into Pain.
Zebra would be a stretch.
They stretch much farther.
recently dried stretch of.
This stretch of river is.
Another stretch of silence.
If my hands could stretch,.
We've had to stretch our.
I stretch under the covers.
The best time to stretch is.
I kept stretching.
stretching on the bed.
Is it stretching the.
his feet and stretching.
Every nerve stretching.
what kind of stretching.
stretching and preening.
It would be stretching.
The stars are stretching.
Doing the stretching we.
stretching out to seize it.
stretching into their lane.
stretching out on the floor.
Then he suggests stretching.
That's stretching history.
Stretching teaches you to:.
Stretching should NOT hurt.
body after stretching poses.
believe that stretching is.
Ben continued his stretching.
stretching keep The Perfect.
stretching over the horizon,.
stretching and turning about.
stretching arms above the head.
He wasn’t stretching me out.
Stretching, filling, relentless.
Stretching many times in a week.
plains stretching to the horizon.
Stretched his legs.
is stretched in time.
He stretched lazily.
Harry stretched out.
He stretched himself.
stretched out his arm.
of cars stretched wide.
stretched out her arms.
He stretched and drew.
Silence stretched be-.
The moment stretched on.
Then she stretched her.
Troy stood and stretched.
stretched out his hand,.
Zoe got up and stretched.
Their shadows stretched.
Jean stretched in her bed.
Darek stretched out his.
I stretched my hands as.
stretched halfway to Rome.
Wren yawned and stretched.
part of the stretched leg.
She stretched the top.
Israel stretched out his.
sighed, stretched and said.
it stretched a bit too far.
Ravan stood and stretched.
She stretched out her hand.
Stretches of torn.
(stretches out his hand.
The more time stretches out.
stretches of the upper river.
The silence stretches out and out.
stretches out his hand, those who.
The earth shifts, shrugs, stretches.
He stands up and stretches his back.
She shakes her head and stretches her.
stretches into the star studded heavens.
bearing plants colonized vast stretches.
Hold your stretches for thirty seconds.
• Gentle exercise that stretches the.
It stretches your mind and imagination.
stretches to the far side of the mountain.
Mother stretches to hold John’s hand.
Thus says the LORD, who stretches out the.
Stretches the insides and backs of the legs.
Sammy stretches as if nothing was going on.
Standing up, he shakes himself and stretches.
On all sides there were lugubrious stretches.
I saw a few of those stretches over the years.
in all that dark, and then he stretches, pink.
because this material stretches to fit anybody.
Stretches the inner thighs, groins, and knees.
 Stretches the insides and backs of the legs.
It is always important to balance your stretches.
it addresses stretches back into ancient history.

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