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Bullshit in a sentence

I think it was bullshit.
But it was good bullshit.
That myth is pure bullshit.
I mean this is bullshit.
But that is pure bullshit.
No eye for an eye bullshit.
It's a gesture of bullshit.

Okay, it was mostly bullshit.
Now that, is total bullshit.
It was bullshit, she thought.
That is pure fucking bullshit.
Until then, bullshit was best.
It was just business bullshit.
He didn’t need that bullshit.
His cases were mostly bullshit.
Don't hit me with that bullshit.
This human resource bullshit is.
This is bullshit! You tell her I.
That it was all bullshit & lies?
Cut the bullshit, said Jack.
All the distractions and bullshit.
In the world? No bullshit?
This is bullshit, he shouted.
This is bullshit! Denny said.
It’s all so much bullshit though.
This is bullshit, Kent stated.
My bullshit meter went on the blink.
It was time to finish this bullshit.
Or, that could all be just bullshit.
Either I was talking bullshit or I.
But it was all bullshit sour grapes.
Don’t try any bullshit on this one.
This is bullshit! he exclaimed.
That’s bullshit, he spat out.
I’m sort of tired of this bullshit.
Well that's a whole bunch of bullshit.
Hey, bullshit! he screamed at me.
Enough of this bullshit, he said.
This is bullshit, Marty, he says.
He was bullshitting himself.
Of course, I’m bullshitting.
I know Scott is not bullshitting;.
Well, he's coming with us, just in case he's bullshitting.
He was also not bullshitting about sobering me up, which he.
Junya figured Josue was bullshitting in regards to his stories.
You think you're bullshitting, and then you find out it's the truth.
If they think they can big-up their position with a little exaggerating, bullshitting or out-and-out lying, they will.
Nick was a Pattaya-wise foreigner, and knew that he’d been bullshitting her, she also knew he wouldn’t give her any money.
Or afternoons spent lolling under the big pin oak at the heart of the Arcadian grounds, bullshitting with his new friends about the Bhagavad-Gita.
Again, he looked me straight in the eyes and said, You ain’t bullshitting me, are you? Because if we get in there and it isn’t exactly as you have said, we’re in for trouble.
He’d tried to explain it to Mickey once, when they were bullshitting ideas for their own comic book—for parallel universes and so forth, but also for how to fit the simultaneity of things into the relentlessly forward-moving frames.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

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