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Horseshit in a sentence

What a bunch of horseshit!.
Oh if only that wasn’t a pile of old horseshit.
What about Algiers? Horseshit? he asked avidly.
Phil said this was horseshit, and I suspect he may have a.
Oh, don’t worry about that horseshit, replied the doctor.
Then it hit him—the suit! This horseshit all started happening once he left that old bastard’s house.
What a lot of horseshit that expression is, that science only work with proven facts and that they use this.

But just when a man expects he’s earned the littlest bit of milk and honey, the world throws a load of horseshit at him.
What Runcible couldn’t hear, through the stenciled glass, was Mercer explaining that the first two causes were typical Aristotelian horseshit.
Within minutes, Caroline (reeking of horseshit, completely overpowering the scents of plants doing their thing under the sun) appeared at the door wearing boots, helmet and jacket.
For Caroline, it was perfect: not only was she able to slip her veterinary bills in with the others and feed her enormous stallion on grain Sylvia paid for, but she was also relieved of shoveling horseshit.
Hadn’t he told Pulaski that the goal was just to finish the profile? And yet there was this dissembling body, this conglomerate Richard, returning to the kitchen, reiterating that he was sure Samantha would be okay (which he wasn’t), and that Carmine should get some sleep (which he probably couldn’t), and just generally knitting that doily of horseshit you were expected to insert between the bereaved and the fact that no one, in the end, made it out of this life alive.

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