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Bull in a sentence

We have a bull calf.
It was the Bull; Ron.
Way 10: Buy the Bull.
Herndon was such a bull.
That's an ox or a bull.
In bull markets, it is.
Bull, Steve, 60, 76, 91.

By the horns of the bull.
Then he bowed to the bull.
Want to be a bull for her.
He’s as mad as a bull.
Give him some bull on Citi.
Bull and Bear ratio Spreads.
And the Bull Man was above me.
Bull run in the local harbour.
Besides the new bull pup FN 5.
I spent about 20 years at Bull.
Bull run in the local harbor.
Then, Phil Crazy Bull led the.
It is also laid down in Bull N.
Forgive me, but this is bull.
Bull put spreads are for bulls.
He Appeared to be a Bull Rider.
You took the bull by the horns.
Then another bull market starts.
It was like a red rag to a bull.
In effect, every bull they rear.
Finally, I took the bull by the.
I felt like a bull at an auction.
A turkey was chatting with a bull.
He said that bull dog’s farts.
He had a Raging Bull and a FN P90.
They are half giant and half bull.
The Bull, Ron, clenched his fists.
Ok, I can do without the bull shit.
Location: The Bull, London England.
Like a bull bar, but above the cab.
Everything you have said is bull.
He put out his hands to stop Matthew from bulling into the apartment.
What about Riley? he asked shortly, concentrating on bulling his way through a red light.
But Stenarch bulled in close, then.
Louie grabbed Cynthia’s arm, stood up, and bulled his way from the tent.
Dunk turned one clumsy lurching thrust after another, pushed their spears aside, and bulled in close.
It injured the frauds some; but the old fool he bulled right along, spite of all the duke could say or do, and I tell you the duke was powerful uneasy.
As he wove through traffic, Conklin thought about Professor Judd, how he’d come in yesterday morning wearing a cashmere overcoat on top of his pajamas, how he’d bulled his way into the squad room, then demanded that Conklin listen to his dream.
As the phalanx entered the Senate Caucus Room, a large, ornate famous hearing room, they bulled their way down the far aisle to the witness table maintaining a furious momentum through the jam-packed interior that was alive with sound and cameras clicking.
The bulls too sat down.
Bulls noted the 12,000 U.
No, not check our bulls.
Buying Calls is for Bulls.
Buying a call is for bulls.
This was a gang of young bulls.
Bull put spreads are for bulls.
Bulls, Many Goats Battered The.
There were two bulls on his land.
But no bulls, she said, no bulls.
The bulls are out of the game now.
It is a sign of hope for the bulls.
The bulls were cast in two rows in.
The bulls failed at this level before.
He asked Lord Mahavir about his bulls.
After the torture, the bulls are killed.
A sack of bone china, cast before bulls.
The bulls stand alone or in small groups.
A move over 1400 will attract more bulls.
Steers are bulls that have been castrated.
That would be good for bulls but bad for bears.
He thought that the saint knew about the bulls.
There may be bulls askin’ about me and Jim.
The man lay in a heap on the bulls neck, gasping.
There are always lots of bears and bulls at hand.
He asks Aarav after keeping two Red Bulls on the.
When bulls make money, they add to long positions.
The bulls are sure to be complacent at this point.
Running of the Bulls (traditional event) Encierro m.
She got a lucky hit and took out the bulls left eye.
There weren't any big bulls where they were hunting.
If bulls are much stronger, you should buy and hold.
What about the big bulls that guard the nests?'.
Many of them cover shorts, go long, and join the bulls.
Changing prices reflect the battles of bulls and bears.
Elephant bulls tend to become more aggressive as they age.
Pat is seething with rage; he thinks the bulls spotted me.
Then with a roar the five big bulls bounded into the ring.
It means that a herd of eager bulls is chasing its shares.

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