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Palisade in a sentence

A cry went up within the palisade.
That was when the palisade really proved its worth.
From behind the palisade came the hum of male and female voices.
The first house was impossible: vicious palisade with peeling spikes.
Atop the palisade fence, men patrolled armed with rifles, bows and pikes.
He turned away from me, and struck the palisade with his forehead and began to sob.
I even got off my horse right by the palisade wall and slung the pig over my saddle.

He was standing up with his face against the palisade and his arms resting on the stakes.
For a moment he stood motionless, his quick, bright eyes scanning the interior of the palisade.
Once, the fort had been a small village of log and timber cabins surrounded by a palisade of high trees.
I own a 1,000-acre farm in Palisade, Nebraska, and because of that I started watching the grain futures prices.
Running to the palisade, Saburo listened carefully for a moment, then snapped his head around and shouted as well.
The hunting warriors emerged from the forest, and when all were within the palisade the gates were closed and barred.
They all could see clearly now the wooden palisade of the large Viking fortified camp that was their objective this morning.
Soon the bullets whistled about our ears, and some arrows came quivering around us in the earth and in the posts of the palisade.
All remained quiet inside the palisade, though we could see some men running around and shutting down the door of the largest long-house.
It looked insurmountable, that giant palisade with its sheer curtains of solid rock in which bits of quartz winked dazzlingly in the sunlight.
One of them waved a sheet of paper above his head; another bore on the point of his pike the head of Joulaï, which he cast to us over the palisade.
As the newcomers followed Pierre Boucher and his men towards the fort’s gate, they passed in front of a cemetery located just outside of the palisade.
Most Englishmen, if we were to replace verst-posts with milestones and substitute a graveyard for a palisade, would instantly recognize its Yankee extraction.
Stopping his work at once, he got on his feet and ran outside of the palisade, intent on shouting a warning at Frida, who was working in their vegetable plot.
They were barely in time to stop a fresh surge forward of enemy samurai from finally overwhelming the thinned ranks of the ashigaru holding the western palisade.
However, large, incinerated holes were visible along the palisade, while a multitude of crows were either turning over the camp or were perched on top of the palisade.
Behind us we began to hear wailing and howling coming over the palisade of the Saxon settlement; their women, wailing for the slaughter of their men outside their walls.
He soon noticed the food always standing at the foot of the tree which was his avenue into the palisade, and after a little, he commenced to eat whatever the blacks put there.
While not a military genius in Jenny’s mind, he at least had enough common sense to use the outer buildings along the perimeter of the town to anchor solidly the palisade being built.
Torches lit the four corners of the log outpost that consisted of a pair of towers four stories high, a block house, stables and barracks set in the square surrounded by a palisade fence.
This halting station, like all such stations along the Siberian road, was surrounded by a courtyard, fenced in with a palisade of sharp-pointed stakes, and consisted of three one-storied houses.
Val helped me up, up by my right leg; swing my left leg over, and I was ready to ride, easy out of the gate in the palisade wall, my left arm bandaged from shoulder to chest, strapped to my chest.
The Japanese horses of the time were much smaller than modern horses, weighing only half as much, and simply could not jump over the one and a half meter-high palisade while carrying an armored rider.
Its rear courtyard was fenced in by a white wooden palisade surrounding a ground lot of very respectable size that also included two grown trees, while a public playground sat in nearby Fort Scott Park.
The reddish spots of light grew bigger and bigger; at last the stakes of the palisade, the moving figure of the sentinel, a post painted with white and black stripes and the sentinel’s box became visible.
The four agents then left the inn, making the gate of the palisade lock by itself behind them before they took the trail leading to the fort, adopting a quick walking pace and with their muskets at the ready.
As for the large vegetable patch just outside the palisade, it had been carefully worked so that it would be ready for seeding during next spring, the group having arrived too late in the Summer to plant anything.
In an instant the air was filled with cries of terror from the fleeing gardeners, but before any had reached the palisade a white man emerged from the enclosure, rifle in hand, to discover the cause of the commotion.
A number of annexes, including a small barn with cages for chickens and hares, sat inside a courtyard, their back part of a three meter-high wood palisade with a large gate door facing south, towards the fort of Ville-Marie.
Their original intention had been to burn the village, but this idea was abandoned and the prisoners were left behind, weeping and moaning, but with roofs to cover them and a palisade for refuge from the beasts of the jungle.
Lambert Closse did a last scan of the forest surrounding the fort, then gave back the telescope to the militiaman on lookout duty before climbing down from the southeast tower of the palisade and walking through the open gate.
Twenty minutes later, Saburo ordered his ashigaru to work, with one group going into the nearby forest to cut down trees while another group started digging a long trench that would be used to plant the wooden poles of the palisade.
Lydgate was only two yards off on the other side of some iron palisading, and turned round at the sudden sound of the sash, before she called to him.
It was a material train returning from the Campo to the palisaded yards.
For there before us was a Saxon settlement, a palisaded village, not very large and with its main gate wide open.
Taking the body across his shoulder, he moved more slowly through the trees toward the little palisaded village, for he again needed arrows.
And when we broke out over the cleared ground before the palisaded walls of the settlement, it started to rain, though not heavy, bringing with it a cold wind.
I climbed aboard the ship, and as I was being led to the main cabin, I noticed that there were some small islands just east of our position and on the nearest one there was some sort of a palisaded town.
Palisades gently came walking by.
The police ambulance went up into the palisades at the wrong hour.
Now she spends many nights alone here in Pacific Palisades as Reagan travels the country to give speeches.
Along the shore and up on the palisades, warm yellow light poured from the windows of homes and shell houses.
Ball lived in a big, graystone house that stood apart and commanded a noble view of the Hudson and the Palisades.
The Zillow website, for instance, allowed us a tour of the Reagan home in Pacific Palisades, which was recently on the market.
Parties at Pat and Peter’s home at 625 Palisades Beach Road in Malibu (now Pacific Coast Highway) were practically legendary at this time.
On through the blackness that preceded moonrise they drove, between banks that were solid palisades of darkness, whence came mysterious rustlings and stealthy footfalls, and the gleam of grim eyes.
The following year when the two girls were on a picnic in the Palisades, Alexandra somehow slipped off the edge of a cliff and saved herself by clinging to a shrub growing out of the steep mountainside.
All the convicts ran hastily to the palisades to see what would be done with them; but they saw nothing except the carriages of the Governor and the Major, which were waiting in front of the guard-house.
How many a thousand times had I made the circuit of those palisades during those ten years! There, at the rear of the barracks, had I gone to and fro during the whole of that first year, a solitary, despairing man.
By my retentive memory of the hieroglyphics upon one Sperm Whale in particular, I was much struck with a plate representing the old Indian characters chiselled on the famous hieroglyphic palisades on the banks of the Upper Mississippi.
Several had already fallen prey to old Sabor, and because the jungle was so infested with these fierce and bloodthirsty cats, and with lions and leopards, the ebony warriors hesitated to trust themselves far from the safety of their palisades.
The lawn, bounded on each side by a high wall, contained beyond the first planted area a bowling-green, and beyond the bowling-green a long terrace walk, backed by iron palisades, and commanding a view over them into the tops of the trees of the wilderness immediately adjoining.
But the eye of love had already seen, even through the narrow chinks of the wooden palisades, the movement of the white robe,.

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