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Bury in a sentence

To bury it.
Jews is to bury.
Don't bury them.
ready to bury it.
and bury the past.
And bury him.
So they bury them.

They’ll bury him.
to bury his daughter.
And bury that demon.
I bury my face into.
He promised to bury.
to bury their own dead.
bury the dead infidels.
No one here to bury her.
You came to bury Caesar.
Bury the killing machine.
Bury him in another tomb.
Yes, you may bury her.
bury your emotional state.
I will bury that bastard.
to bury, bury (in masses).
So I had to bury mine too.
Bury him, of course!.
So they bury them in water.
I helped bury some of them.
‘We’ll have to bury him.
returned home to bury Sarah.
that they should bury here.
Bury me with my fathers in.
Burying the dead.
burying her face in it.
Burying Toby was very painful.
Today he was burying his dad.
burying his head in Liam's neck.
Aiden laughed, burying his nose.
Burying yourself in the soft down,.
who would very soon require burying.
He was burying his head in the sand.
I said burying my face in his neck.
burying her head into Tifa’s shoulder.
burying her head against his waist-guard.
so dearly burying all the hatchets that.
Until burying their dead became a custom.
If it were dirt, he would be burying her.
But today they were burying their brother.
her, burying his face in her soft red hair.
(He laughs loudly) Burying his grandmother.
We had become old hands in the burying game.
of Egypt, and bury me in their burying place.
burying the ant but for one twitching antenna.
Mackenzie said burying her face in her hands.
When he wasn’t burying people alive, that is.
I was in charge of burying it and retrieving it.
Cold sand funneled Will's ears, burying her voice.
She has anointed My body beforehand for the burying.
—The fox burying his grandmother under a hollybush.
pouted burying her innocent face into her hands and.
possession of a burying place by the children of Heth.
Burying her face in the pillows Dawn tried not to cry.
He buried his.
Half I buried,.
Nuns are buried.
Years of buried.
He was buried in.
Then I was buried.
Buried most of it.
buried on this land.
He will be buried.
Maybe he buried it.
He was buried there.
dead to be buried in.
It was buried deeply.
And buried him there.
She had it buried.
You just buried it.
buried under the snow.
Who were not buried?.
Buried for 500 years.
nose buried in a book.
Tony buried the piece.
Could they lie buried.
I must be buried here.
When they are buried.
They’re buried deep.
A half buried can of.
Those who are buried.
Liam buried his head.
Having been buried.
And buries its dead.
and buries it somewhere in the ground.
She buries her face against his chest.
He buries his face in Ricci’s shoulder.
Then He puts him to death, and buries him.
But there is no bag so he buries them again.
The ground of rights buries the self in the.
But the secular party buries that news, too.
with sunlight that buries the dew in chords of.
Headless father buries the son in shallow grave.
and buries her nose in memories gone but not lost.
he buries his head a while in the frost coated tails.
Boyfriend (21) murders her and buries her in the woods.
Civilization crushes, kills, and buries all new ideas.
He buries his face in his hands, grinds fingers into his eyes.
She buries her face in her hands and starts to cry her eyes out.
Then he gets up, buries his sister and sets out to travel the land.
Tera buries her face in her hands and holds you tight for protection.
He buries his face against her neck and swears, rocking into her hand.
government buries the reality that we are burying young boys in their.
Whoever buries himself in the opposite of day feels his heart contract.
Corey swipes them, Oh, thank you, and buries his nose in the pedals.
Little by little the embryo then buries itself within the placenta, and it.
I am he that buries his friends alive and drowns them and draws them alive.
Pandora Driver buries her face in the bend of her arm and runs right at Elmer.
Rico looks up to Cass and immediately buries his crying head into Cass’ belly.
He grumbles something under his breath, then buries his face firmly in his pillow.
Sitting up, he pulls up his knees, leans forward and buries his face in his hands.
Bianca sees that he buries the bomb and caves in the roof above the little tunnel.

Synonyms for bury

bury entomb inter immerse swallow sink forget