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Defeat in a sentence

We defeat the Dark Age.
It is the sigh of defeat.
This meant the defeat of.
They did not expect defeat.
This is not a defeat card.
And sullen hymns of defeat?
Men tend not to admit defeat.

She shook her head in defeat.
He shook his head in defeat.
To ease the agony of defeat.
Jennings, to stave off defeat.
They want me to defeat a god.
It is his army we must defeat.
The storm would defeat Efrafa.
He had promised to defeat fear.
Wild Host could defeat this army.
At last she had to admit defeat.
Engineered to defeat the Gambler.
He needed to defeat Heather in.
Since the defeat of Braddock, Mr.
We have a plan to defeat them.
In order to defeat plateaus and.
He could defeat the Swadweepans.
In the days following the defeat.
Even now she would not own defeat.
They will surely defeat your plan.
The gall of defeat became too much.
It would be better to admit defeat.
Pharaoh's guile was only in defeat.
My immediate defeat did not happen.
Steel will not defeat the Dark One.
We could have had an innings defeat.
With hearts true and without defeat.
Doc’s shoulders sagged with defeat.
It spoke of defeat and utter dismay.
Hasmukh-ji's defeat has a back story.
Eventually admitting defeat after a.
Her shoulders slumped in defeat and.
Imorbis was never one to accept defeat.
He was frustrated and close to defeat.
For me it is defeating.
A part of defeating the lack of.
He could only do that by defeating Nacho.
When they succeed, our chances of defeating.
Wel , defeating the vil ains sets everything right.
I would make a name for myself in defeating a legend.
Bianca knows defeating the robots can’t be this easy.
After defeating the spider, a huge wooden door rose up.
At last the fighters succeeded in defeating the gryphons.
And Uncle Vinnie said it was a clue to defeating Apophis.
The only way to win was by defeating the ideology itself.
Defeating the cloud monster was not as easy as it looked.
You were capable of defeating the Brain by your chanting.
There is a possibility that defeating the Cardassians at.
After barely defeating the second has-been, Joey harangued.
President Abraham Lincoln was reelected president, defeating.
She started turning round and round and defeating the giggles.
She’s going to ruin any chance I have of defeating Eiess.
This is not a story about defeating fear and being courageous.
It will become a matter of honor to be the first in defeating us.
I always said he was the only man capable of defeating Napoleon.
Those same polls, however, show Ted Kennedy defeating Ronald Reagan.
It’s so important to be proactive in defeating this scarcity mindset.
Some would think he wished him ill, after defeating, and disfiguring him.
She barely reaches his chest, her single-minded fury all but defeating him.
And without the Key we don’t stand a chance of defeating the Shadow Clan.
Maybe, but defeating us is not the same as defeating the other major powers.
Which sounded impressive except that they had no way of defeating Israel either.
Much like in Europe, it was the Soviets who played the key role in defeating Japan.
It was said it took three men to even come close to defeating one of the invaders.
What will be your plans of defeating the Orderrans once you leave this place?
If we have any chance of defeating my brothers we need to leave no stone unturned.
He extended the borders of Macedonia by defeating the neighboring Illyrians and Thracians.
She had the good sense not to mention that he’d chastised her for defeating Jeremos that.
As you can see in history, Britain and Russia served the Vatican by defeating Napoleon, but.
Then you have succeeded in not only defeating these invisible filth while you are alive….
In Ronald Reagan’s mind, defeating Jimmy Carter for the presidency was just a matter of time.
Then use it once a day until the idea of defeating fear and showing great courage feels normal.
Torbin allowed himself the thought that perhaps there really was some hope of defeating the Elusivers.
But plans so dangerous to attempt, and of such doubtful issue, Magua found little difficulty in defeating.
And the wise is defeated.
Death is a defeated enemy.
I have defeated the world!.
We have defeated a small.
I just let it go, defeated.
I know when I'm defeated.
Ostedes would not be defeated.
The Romans have been defeated.
Jack groaned in a defeated way.
Defeated, Darren shook his head.
I defeated the Grand Wizard.
But with Media defeated, king.
And the Lemurians were defeated.
His father too was defeated by.
He'd been disgraced and defeated.
How were you ever defeated?
Yes, but we have been defeated.
He sounded like a defeated rebel.
So he defeated him with the sword.
Instead, he is defeated and drunk.
And rumours that he had defeated.
Taken from their defeated enemies.
Bush was defeated for re election.
He was defeated not once, but twice.
I looked pale, exhausted, defeated.
I see the defeated look on his face.
Thinny kept his head bowed, defeated.
Orthanc-rock; but that defeated them.
The man appeared defeated and beaten.
That would have defeated the point.
It is not yet defeated, I replied.
Thereby to have defeated you and me:.
In one quick burst Nadine was defeated.
He appeared to be winded and defeated.
Thomas hung up deflated and defeated.
To his surprise he was still defeated.
Alice leaned back in her seat defeated.
You defeated him truly in open combat.
The rebels should be defeated then.
They were soundly defeated, 65 to 33.
This is how faith defeats fear.
He defeats Necros in them all of the time.
They had shared the triumphs and the defeats together.
It is not mist or cloud that defeats my eyes: there is a.
That defeats the purpose of keeping her away from them though.
His successes are our successes, and his defeats are our defeats.
Let us remember that his typical behavior defeats what appear to.
Being a stand out character defeats the first purpose of being.
If you have to ask, it kind of defeats the purpose, said Matthew.
Along the way he had many stirring victories and a few crushing defeats.
They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats.
He remember the many defeats at the hand of this, the mightiest of angels.
He was going to race the sophomores as the varsity despite their repeated defeats.
It is reassuring that we can always turn to the Lord in all our triumphs and defeats.
Won’t be constantly mispronounced or misspelled, which defeats the purpose of a name.
The British public were already despondent enough about defeats from Dunkirk to Singapore.
Thus, you see the Jealousy of Husbands creates a Disguise which quite defeats its own Purpose.
In the overall design of things, small setbacks and defeats matter little, says the narcissist.
His resistance is sapped, his urge to yield is fortified, until in the end he defeats himself.
They got so badly defeated that their top general was executed by firing squad for his defeats.
The defeats at the hands of the older boys had shaken his and the other boys’ self-confidence.
In addition to the defeats at Gettysburg and Vicksburg, the center of the Southern line had caved.
In the midst of all the defeats which they look upon as victories, he writes in Bulletin XIX.
Hitler's over-confidence stemmed from the crushing defeats that his army had previously administered.
After his death and several more crushing defeats, the Eknockoharry tribes eventually scattered to.
The inscription describes wars of his father, his own relations with Assyria, his defeats and victories.
From the start, dedicated anti-Communists worried the focus on human rights would lead to defeats in the Cold War.
Warren devoted the next two hours to a detailed briefing on the Third Force, its history, its victories and its few defeats.
In Italy Hannibal inflicted a series of defeats on the Romans over a period of sixteen years but failed to take Rome itself.
The moment they take Japan seriously will be the moment she defeats an existing Western power in a war of sufficient significance.
But, in the most unjust and inexpedient war, it can scarcely be possible, that disunion and defeats can have a salutary operation.
He was quite convinced that after the defeats in Norway and particularly after the disaster at Dunkirk, Britain would sue for peace.
If our army is well organized and strong and has withdrawn to Drissa without suffering any defeats, we owe this entirely to Barclay.
On the one hand they encountered white segregated fundamentalists reeling from humiliating defeats in their defense of God’s Word.
These are bleak times for the monarchy in England, what with the recent defeats suffered by young King Charles the Second in Scotland.
He believed that the Russian people, as in World War One, would revolt against the political leadership if they suffered heavy defeats.
Old soldiers from campaigns, with all their wounds, defeats and scars; Enough that they've survived at all--long life's unflinching ones!.
The wise man is able to distinguish between means and ends; otherwise, sometimes overplanning for the future defeats its own high purpose.
The German Generals opposing the Russians were the best tacticians in the entire war and not all their defeats could be due to manpower alone.
There was no insurgency as such because ANC learned from their defeats in Rhodesia and Angola that it would be suicide to establish bases in the rural area.

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