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Swallow in a sentence | swallow example sentences

  1. Her Words To The Swallow.
  2. I heard him swallow a sob.
  3. That the Earth to swallow.
  4. The public will swallow it.
  5. As he moves away, I swallow.

  6. I couldn’t swallow it away.
  7. Dunk had to swallow his rage.
  8. He'd had to swallow a great.
  9. She had KC swallow the pills.
  10. He’d just have to swallow.
  11. She let his warmth swallow her.
  12. I didn’t have to swallow it.
  13. Couldn't swallow it all however.
  14. There was only time to swallow.
  15. All you do is tip and swallow.

  16. I know it’s a lot to swallow.
  17. She took a bigger swallow of mead.
  18. Afraid that Tyburn might swallow.
  19. Harry could still not swallow the.
  20. I wanted to swallow but couldn’t.
  21. I tried to swallow my embarrassment.
  22. Anything you like we'll swallow up.
  23. Swallow all the way to the kneecap.
  24. I swallow … I’d anticipated this.
  25. He realized she wouldn’t swallow it.

  26. I swallow, taking in the rest of her.
  27. She was amazed that she could swallow.
  28. I swallow, but I don't respond or move.
  29. That is extremely difficult to swallow.
  30. I swallow hard before replying to Jake.
  31. I feel a burst of anger that I swallow.
  32. I wish I could swallow those words now.
  33. I had to swallow my city pride, I guess.
  34. She took a healthy swallow of her drink.
  35. I swallow hard at the word ‘stories’.
  36. Roelle saw the boy swallow convulsively.
  37. Did a big fish try to swallow you?
  38. Now and again, a swallow cut close to her.
  39. After one swallow she pushed her cup away.
  40. Connie is told Brinkley is a lot to swallow.
  41. That was all that Rocky and I could swallow.
  42. I can swallow that lie in one sound bite.
  43. But George had to stop, in order to swallow.
  44. I swallow hard and think of something else.
  45. Soon she was able to swallow a teaspoonful.
  46. The dragon can swallow his pray completely.
  47. Did you expect me to dry swallow it?
  48. Why fish are stupid enough to swallow hooks.
  49. I couldn't swallow a bite while I was there.
  50. Tasting will not harm you but DO NOT SWALLOW.
  51. Will the fear of another's laughter swallow.
  52. She tried to swallow and her throat felt raw.
  53. Her throat was so dry she couldn’t swallow.
  54. He will guzzle it, but he will not swallow it.
  55. All I need for you to do, Hank, is swallow it.
  56. The truth is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow.
  57. Ok, that was a hard and bitter pill to swallow.
  58. His personality seemed to swallow the place up.
  59. I ordered my throat to swallow, but it refused.
  60. So I must swallow my yawns, for I hate the oil.
  61. Dan cleared his throat and took another swallow.
  62. Make sure not to swallow during this next step.
  63. He had to swallow hard before he could continue.
  64. I wait for him to swallow before he speaks again.
  65. I swallow hard, my mouth dry, and read it again.
  66. It takes me about two seconds to swallow my food.
  67. They don't seem to chew it: only swallow it down.
  68. What is that flying about? Swallow? Bat probably.
  69. My god, your Daddy really can swallow anything.
  70. Thomas tried to swallow but his mouth was too dry.
  71. I wished that the earth would open up and swallow.
  72. Now the LORD had prepared a great fish to swallow.
  73. She gasped, unable to swallow what she was seeing.
  74. This wasn’t easy for Israelis to swallow either.
  75. Yeah, Rapp said, trying to swallow his anger.
  76. She noticed Alfred swallow before he said, Yes sir.
  77. The water level was enormous to swallow each human.
  78. It would have been too much to swallow all at once.
  79. But there are lots of people who swallow their line.
  80. Tongue and nose is taste, smell, savor, swallow, gag.
  81. One could see it was something he could not swallow.
  82. My throat closed when I tried to swallow solid food.
  83. Don’t swallow it, chew it, Deanna instructed.
  84. Her heart missed a beat and she had to swallow hard.
  85. With each swallow of water, he felt his body slowly.
  86. Warren stopped in mid swallow and choked on his water.
  87. I swallow in haste, knowing the reward will soon come.
  88. I tried to swallow again and this time the beer went.
  89. Otherwise the big city companies would swallow them up.
  90. Hopefully, the kittens will begin to chew and swallow.
  91. I try to swallow the lump that is forming in my throat.
  92. I knew that voice - it made me swallow so hard it hurt.
  93. She tries to swallow and finds no saliva in her throat.
  94. See also: Tongue, Eat, Swallow, Devour, Bitter, Flesh.
  95. Daniel took a swallow of his ice tea and then continued.
  96. She was unable to swallow because her head was lowered.
  97. Sometimes, a cat will swallow the ‘kibble’ whole’.
  98. It will swallow you completely until there is no ‘you.
  99. As his fingers brushed her ear, he felt himself swallow.
  100. Some of the patients could not even swallow their saliva.
  1. Swallowing hard, I stare at him.
  2. Swallowing hard, I peered around me.
  3. Yeah, he said, swallowing hard.
  4. Swallowing, I looked at him in surprise.
  5. The fissure widened, swallowing the djain.
  6. Brock groaned a curse, swallowing painfully.
  7. He made an unconscious sigh after swallowing.
  8. Swallowing, I opened the door and let myself in.
  9. Swallowing, Claire held out the box in her hand.
  10. I thought…, she said, swallowing thickly.
  11. Yes, he answered, swallowing the tart whole.
  12. Swallowing, Amy says, You told us what happened.
  13. Swallowing, Claire finally said the words out loud.
  14. He lit a cigarette, swallowing the smoke hungrily.
  15. Thanks, she said, swallowing the hurt inside.
  16. Swallowing hard, she wiped the tears from her eyes.
  17. Laced together, beaded with sweat, swallowing her.
  18. Chewing and swallowing allowed him time to consider.
  19. Swallowing hard, she tried to push the feelings down.
  20. After swallowing it he said, Jack, Jack Mayes too.
  21. Desi was silent, swallowing his drink with a tight jaw.
  22. Is there any swallowing of mortality by life here? No.
  23. Biting at her upper lip and swallowing, she continued.
  24. That guy could grow breasts from swallowing all those.
  25. Mr Deasy halted, breathing hard and swallowing his breath.
  26. I slowly chewed the biscuits, swallowing each bite with a.
  27. He held the liquid anger in his mouth before swallowing it.
  28. The Drakapod had been swallowing these in abundance hoping.
  29. She was plunged into the river, swallowing mouthfuls of icy.
  30. What is it? he asked, swallowing the saliva in his mouth.
  31. He attempted suicide by swallowing antidepressants but failed.
  32. A dark swell blotted out the sky, swallowing the Brother Moons.
  33. Hevelians, Jesse whispered the name, swallowing nervously.
  34. He sucked in air, swallowing it until he could swallow no more.
  35. Yes… she told me what he did to her, he said, swallowing.
  36. She jammed the meat down her throat, nearly swallowing it whole.
  37. She walked out the room swallowing hard, her eyes smarting, 190.
  38. That is all on this subject, Jill said, swallowing hard to.
  39. Victor, swallowing hard, looked at Alex, who nodded his head once.
  40. The main danger is swallowing salt water and choking on the vomit.
  41. Swallowing hard, Stone pressed the ‘send’ button on the panel.
  42. He knew enough to take a good hard look before swallowing it whole.
  43. More silence, apart from the sound of Hal’s dad swallowing bread.
  44. Come on Jo, Harold said, swallowing a bite from his sandwich.
  45. Swallowing, Loki tries to banish the imagery that dances in his mind.
  46. The one that had grown over the rock, swallowing it like a giant clam.
  47. Swallowing a sigh, she filled her lungs with air and steeled herself.
  48. Swallowing another sigh, he focused his attention on the conversation.
  49. Below stairs, the Garburator roared, swallowing garbage, bones and all.
  50. Peter, on the other hand, was swallowing monsters with his black holes.
  51. The wizard gulped, swallowing down the lump of pure guilt in his throat.
  52. Swallowing, Annie kept going, hoping the anger would work in her favor.
  53. She gasped and coughed, spitting and swallowing water at the same time.
  54. No I don't, said Stan, chewing his words and swallowing his steak.
  55. Huh? For what? Kevin asked, swallowing what food was in his mouth.
  56. The noise unnerved Altaf and he wiped his forehead, swallowing nervously.
  57. Swallowing, her eyes steadily filling with tears, she looked at him again.
  58. Where to today then? asked Fallon swallowing the last of his berries.
  59. Swallowing hard, she stared blankly at the frying pan sizzling on the hob.
  60. Thanks, Jesse, my dad said, swallowing his pride and his accusations.
  61. He took a sip from his drink and ran it around his mouth before swallowing.
  62. Procrastinating in asking for help won’t solve anything, but swallowing.
  63. Only the Graelic seemed able to get at their hearts, swallowing them whole.
  64. The two Days sat looking at each other, thinking things and swallowing them.
  65. Then Moses threw his staff, and behold, it began swallowing their trickery.
  66. Swallowing a lump in his throat, he faced Sophia with a determined gesture.
  67. That drainage can cause coughing, excess swallowing, and throat irritation.
  68. The guard found that he was swallowing lustfully but kept himself in check.
  69. She crunched the entire head in her mouth twice before swallowing it whole.
  70. The light movement of the cushion had him swallowing the bile in his throat.
  71. This does not consist of swallowing food additives, vitamins and pills, or.
  72. It was too fast for me to outrun it and within seconds it was swallowing me.
  73. Tasted it and chewed stolidly, swallowing when it was nothing less than mush.
  74. Swallowing in shock, he proceeded to the bathroom to honor Isabella's request.
  75. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he muttered the only reply he could manage.
  76. Still chewing and swallowing, he adds, Look, I’m not without compassion.
  77. Corallyn… is my mother’s childhood friend? Trevain asked, swallowing.
  78. Ingrid warned Trixie to close her mouth before she wound up swallowing a midge.
  79. Swallowing this truth was like swallowing a stone with nothing to wash it down.
  80. Swallowing, he looked to Mindy, after verifying what he truly couldn't believe.
  81. At first, it was a just little cough, then a sore throat and trouble swallowing.
  82. Swallowing, she gathered the shards of her power and slapped her hand on his leg.
  83. The speakeasy’s doorway looked like a hungry mouth swallowing the notes whole.
  84. What about your heart? he asked and I paused swallowing the lump in my throat.
  85. Swallowing a heavy sigh, she climbed out of the car and joined him on the sidewalk.
  86. Swallowing hard and with thoughts of Sam Layla and Miles in her head Holly charged.
  87. The noise of my swallowing is loud in my ears and the words are at last on my tongue.
  88. How? I was boring of the repetitious chewing that masticated without swallowing.
  89. He remembered only swallowing one sip of the cold water and spilling some on his neck.
  90. Thompson? Paul replied, swallowing the knot that instantly developed in his throat.
  91. I was swallowing salty water, coughing and choking until I thought I was going to die.
  92. Swallowing an impatient groan, he dragged his gaze away and stared back out the window.
  93. As Lezura watched the phenomenon she thought he was just swallowing instead of chewing.
  94. Swallowing, she eased out of his grip and turned her head away, tears filling her eyes.
  95. Origin: Watching children stuff their mouths too full, causing difficulty in swallowing.
  96. With a joyful, tender feeling I took leave of him, swallowing my tears, and I went away.
  97. They all have you sucking on this, or fucking that, or stroking this or swallowing that.
  98. Swallowing, he moistened his lips before stepping away to allow her to continue dressing.
  99. Middlemarch, in fact, counted on swallowing Lydgate and assimilating him very comfortably.
  100. Saliva production also reduces causing dry mouth and difficult mastication and swallowing.
  1. I swallowed down the fear.
  2. It left when he swallowed.
  3. I had now swallowed my tea.
  4. She swallowed with a smile.
  5. She swallowed down a cough.
  6. As I swallowed the bit of.
  7. Cam swallowed down his rage.
  8. She swallowed as she nodded.
  9. I slowly ate and swallowed.
  10. Aesa swallowed the dry bread.
  11. The trio swallowed the pills.
  12. He swallowed more water hard.
  13. She swallowed hard and stood.
  14. She swallowed and looked down.
  15. He swallowed a hunk of cheese.
  16. She swallowed her tears and.
  17. She looked down and swallowed.
  18. I swallowed the aspirin and.
  20. Claire winced as she swallowed.
  21. She swallowed her gum in her.
  22. Shen swallowed, his mouth dry.
  23. She swallowed hard and waited.
  24. I swallowed water and coughed.
  25. He swallowed, and did as she.
  26. He swallowed and tasted blood.
  27. She swallowed hard and sighed.
  28. He only swallowed more whiskey.
  29. The prince swallowed the rebuke.
  30. Donna swallowed hard and nodded.
  31. The serpent swallowed me whole.
  32. The mist swallowed up his voice.
  33. I swallowed as more tears fell.
  34. I felt like I swallowed a tire.
  35. Caris swallowed and looked away.
  36. Then he closed it and swallowed.
  37. I swallowed with some difficulty.
  38. Simon swallowed and did not reply.
  39. His throat moved as he swallowed.
  40. He swallowed hard and looked away.
  41. I swallowed what I could, fast!.
  42. She swallowed a lump in her throat.
  43. Krista swallowed hard, but obeyed.
  44. I swallowed the lump in my throat.
  45. When he finally swallowed it, he.
  46. Mark bowed low, and swallowed hard.
  47. He hiccupped, then swallowed the.
  48. Suddenly, he stood up, swallowed.
  49. She swallowed hard before nodding.
  50. He watched me as I swallowed them.
  51. Tom swallowed a lump in his throat.
  52. Swallowed by the money and turned.
  53. She swallowed the dregs in one go.
  54. One of them swallowed and blinked.
  55. He swallowed, and came up for air.
  56. I swallowed and leaned on the door.
  57. The girl swallowed hard and nodded.
  58. They had already swallowed the sun.
  59. It could have swallowed them whole.
  60. But he swallowed down his paranoia.
  61. I swallowed a mouthful of sandwich.
  62. This mortal is swallowed up of life.
  63. And I swallowed all the providence.
  64. Harek cleared his throat, swallowed.
  65. He swallowed the last of his water.
  66. Tony stepped back and swallowed hard.
  67. Amelia licked her lips and swallowed.
  68. I swallowed back my tears and nodded.
  69. He swallowed the lump in his throat.
  70. Noting will be swallowed up by life.
  71. Her mouth went dry and she swallowed.
  72. He swallowed the hot dogs in silence.
  73. He gagged a bit then swallowed back.
  74. Nothing will be swallowed up by life.
  75. She swallowed hard and forged ahead.
  76. The doctor swallowed with difficulty.
  77. Radney Bellows swallowed more cereal.
  78. Matt swallowed hard but said nothing.
  79. Sam swallowed the lump in his throat.
  80. She swallowed the lump in her throat.
  81. Kev swallowed hard, his pulse racing.
  82. When he hit the water he swallowed.
  83. Koke swallowed reflexively in alarm.
  84. Gary swallowed the lump in his throat.
  85. I swallowed and crammed my eyes shut.
  86. She swallowed hard and then whispered.
  87. His throat dried up, and he swallowed.
  88. John swallowed the lump in his throat.
  89. He swallowed hard and tried to look.
  90. Rachel nodded and swallowed back tears.
  91. This deeper anxiety swallowed them up.
  92. Old Jay swallowed a half-cooked carrot.
  93. Donna swallowed the lump in her throat.
  94. Darkness swallowed her, stealing sight.
  95. Sorren swallowed the water in one gulp.
  96. Imbrahim closed his eyes and swallowed.
  97. He swallowed down tears for them both.
  98. The laird swallowed his desire to know.
  99. Sam swallowed hard, annoyed with Joyce.
  100. Jared swallowed hard and held up a hand.
  1. He swallows the unsaid name.
  2. The darkness swallows him up.
  3. Two swallows drained the cup.
  4. He coughs and swallows saliva.
  5. He nods and the scribe swallows.
  6. One of the cops swallows audibly.
  7. Loki swallows, his brow furrowing.
  8. The black globe swallows it whole.
  9. Erik swallows a lump in his throat.
  10. He swallows down a piece of potato.
  11. She swallows, bites her lip hard.
  12. Billy closes his eyes and swallows.
  13. He takes a deep breath and swallows.
  14. He swallows and stands at your toes.
  15. He swallows and shifts uncomfortably.
  16. He swallows and checks his watch again.
  17. And it swallows me, purges me through.
  18. He swallows and assesses his situation.
  19. This big empty house swallows me up.
  20. Two swallows of water were all he gave me.
  21. Swallows are a drifting on a waters edge.
  22. Deny it, Jimmy, before it swallows you in.
  23. He swallows, and I prop my head on my hand.
  24. Aaron swallows these with a glass of water.
  25. Swallows collecting in thousands to depart.
  26. The chips of the swallows filled the silence.
  27. Swifts and swallows darted overhead, and he.
  28. Russ chortles, guffaws, nearly swallows his chaw.
  29. Zachary swallows, a line forming on his forehead.
  30. Tobias swallows hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing.
  31. Cass swallows as she slowly bends over the counter.
  32. In fear … or … she swallows … or excitement.
  33. Overhead, swallows sped through the air, chasing.
  34. Jemelda swallows, then lays the wooden utensil down.
  35. Johan swallows, a harsh sound with no moisture in it.
  36. He swallows his bite and sets the slice on the plate.
  37. He’d taken several swallows before he noticed it.
  38. Josie swallows a mouthful of coffee and glares at him.
  39. We finish at the same time he swallows his last bite.
  40. She scrunches her face and swallows what she has left.
  41. Donna unscrewed the lid and took a couple of swallows.
  42. Even the movement of her throat when she swallows is hot.
  43. The house martins have been joined in flight by swallows.
  44. And then the way he danced with Beatrice … She swallows.
  45. Drinking thirstily, he drained the glass in a few swallows.
  46. Amy swallows as warmth rushes through her limbs at his touch.
  47. The distant rumble of an oncoming train swallows up the shot.
  48. A pill falls out, which he swallows along with a cup of water.
  49. Ray swallows hard to force the spit down past his pounding heart.
  50. There’s a crease on Zachary’s forehead, and he swallows hard.
  51. Devon swallows, looks to Ciere, and then gently presses on the gas.
  52. Breathing in and out, he swallows and leans in to whisper by my ear.
  53. And that is the sole rational cause why every crocodile swallows men.
  54. Swallows swoop past the houses, and two doves bicker on a high gutter.
  55. Anger is the enemy of non-violence and pride is the monster that swallows.
  56. Gervais swallows audibly, clearly ignoring the little diversion behind him.
  57. Devon swallows, feeling the weight of the question settle on his shoulders.
  58. It crosses oceans like swallows cross the air or express trains continents.
  59. She grimaces, and swallows thickly, her fingers digging into his shoulders.
  60. She swallows hard as she grabs my arm, pulls me away from the curious crowd.
  61. The silence following his denial swallowed him up as the land swallows water.
  62. He takes a cautious sip, lets the golden drink caress his tongue and swallows.
  63. Devon takes a drink of his own coffee; it’s too hot and he swallows it quickly.
  64. Gushes of the mist poured out, drowning the garden as a tide swallows the shore.
  65. He swallows twice, desperately fighting the burn of reflux, but he has no choice.
  66. Swallows respectively and the new multi-racial NPSL would forever include only a.
  67. Captain Blitner shakes a pill onto his palm and swallows it, then drinks some water.
  68. I want to fly away at once, as those swallows fly, and go in at that splendid gate.
  69. And then all his words are lost as the heart and flame of the enemy swallows them up.
  70. The first violet-green swallows of the year swirled among the spires of the library.
  71. And it is a great white holy terror that fills the universe and swallows every star.
  72. Lord brings about an entirely new thing and the ground opens its mouth and swallows.
  73. The queen similarly grabs Rapunzel's elbow as the girl stiffens and swallows thickly.
  74. The gun has a long magazine, which swallows up all the cartridges, one after the other.
  75. Barn and bank swallows collecting in millions, upon our islands in the river, to depart.
  76. The swallows blown off-course over the yard where her mother used to hang the clothesline.
  77. They will no longer be able to make sacred pronouncements that the public swallows blindly.
  78. Sooner or later the earth swallows up everything, all the big and wondrous works of the past.
  79. It was too bad this culvert was dry now, there were only a few more swallows left in this skin.
  80. He swallows and runs a hand over his baldric, fingering the sun medallion resting against his chest.
  81. Every person who blindly reads the Iliad and the Odyssey swallows Homer’s propaganda uncritically.
  82. Swallows and skylarks returned to the site of Chernobyl’s environmental disaster only a year later.
  83. Insect-eating birds, such as swallows, feed higher in good weather, lower when a storm is approaching.
  84. She swallows hard as she realizes in that moment that nothing is going to change unless she speaks up.
  85. She swallows and directs her gaze down at her daughter, stroking her hair with even greater intensity.
  86. He swallows water, chokes, tries to reach the surface, but he finally gives up, begins to sink rapidly.
  87. The act of faith which swallows fear to see the crack, it is courageous because it comes from the heart.
  88. He swallows and pokes his head into the study, where the queen is still inspecting Rapunzel's sketchbook.
  89. Beatrice swallows but then juts out her chin like she does when she’s about to complain to a store clerk.
  90. He swallows thickly as bile rises in his throat, and when he speaks it comes out in an undignified squeak.
  91. Finally, when she is able to get the food into her mouth, she chews and swallows in a certain regulated way.
  92. There will come soft rains and the smell of the ground, And swallows circling with their shimmering sound;.
  93. He visited places he remembered—the red bank where the swallows nested, the willow tree over the pig pen.
  94. But it was only the echo of my own sucks and swallows hitting the wall and bouncing back to feel at my face.
  95. She swallows and lets out a sound that I have only heard muffled through walls and on the occasional porn video.
  96. There must be hundreds of swallows congregated outside my window flying all around doing their little aerobatics.
  97. It is not uncommon to see swallows skimming its surface, and dipping for the water necessary to build their nests.
  98. The ingrained competitiveness of human society is so all-encompassing, that it swallows everything and destroys it.
  99. Why couldn’t Papa have stayed? Wasn’t she the most important thing? She swallows the pulped shreds of the paper.
  100. He swallows a couple of times and opens the window by a couple of inches to let the slipstreaming air hit his face.

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