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    carry out

    1. We will eat then find her and carry out the exchange

    2. He seemed to be a polite, nice guy; the three of us discussed various subjects and he proved to be an interesting person; he has sympathy with metaphysics too: he used to carry out astral projections but for some strange reason he can't anymore; yet, he can still see people's auras, he said

    3. Yet, the popular person commands and the others carry out his or her orders with spontaneous joy

    4. the task of the local preacher to carry out the majority (if not all) of the decisions that were made

    5. If the church could select men to carry out a certain work then it can do so today

    6. Modern cults appear to be different in many ways, but actually they are all the same: they all trumpet forth the “breaking of the Ego” with a view to creating obedient, passive citizens who are always ready to carry out any order without thinking or asking questions

    7. A single false move and those guns would carry out their terminal function without a moment of compassion

    8. Mankind used these genetically engineered pioneers to carry out so many of the dangerous tasks of empire building and thanked them with prejudice and anger

    9. Didiera walked away, to carry out the instructions given to him

    10. After I carry out my research, I will have ten weeks

    11. When we were packing his belongings, I found a copy of his testament – I am appointed to carry out his wishes

    12. Even though we aren't getting along right now, I think Thom is a good and pious crewman and can carry out his duty in spite of getting a little too carried away with what he's finding

    13. "But I really don't think that belief is interfering with his ability to carry out his duties

    14. Jane served up a meal of chicken casserole for us and we ate it at the kitchen table – Peter had to dash off after the meal to carry out some parish visiting, and mentioned that he’s off to see Sally about the memorial service

    15. sent off to carry out their tasks

    16. Sheila hung around the kitchen for the hour and a half it took for the men to carry out their grisly task and return

    17. to carry out this most hollow of threats?’

    18. She roots around in the cupboard grumpily, reluctant to carry out the chore … she so wants to get on with the painting

    19. duty at the crossing, given the very occasional necessity to carry out

    20. carry out their plans

    21. carry out a more detailed search

    22. Anorexics carry out their daily routine in a regimented fashion

    23. made of clay that were used to clean the temple and carry out the

    24. he’d carry out his threat and kill the boy if he had to

    25. She approached him in secret, convincing him that she felt a passion for his cause that was similar to his own and conscripting him into service, providing him will all the necessary resources the man would need to carry out his quest

    26. Your aim is to carry out a ‘normal’ conversation with the person you’re

    27. You’ll be ic search for the skills you need your team to carry out

    28. where people can carry out household activities,

    29. He still had no real idea of what that phrase could be referring to, but was resolved to carry out his orders as faithfully as possible

    30. In a country of so extensive a coast as our North American and West Indian colonies, where our authority was always so very slender, and where the inhabitants were allowed to carry out in their own ships their non-enumerated commodities, at first to all parts of Europe, and afterwards to all parts of Europe south of Cape Finisterre, it is not very probable that this monopoly could ever be much respected ; and they probably at all times found means of bringing back some cargo from the countries to which they were allowed to carry out one

    31. The colonies carry out with them a knowledge of agriculture and of other useful arts, superior to what can grow up of its own accord, in the course of many centuries, among savage and barbarous nations

    32. They carry out with them, too, the habit of subordination, some notion of the regular government which takes place in their own country, of the system of laws which support it, and of a regular administration of justice; and they naturally establish something of the same kind in the new settlement

    33. His lips very dry now, he watched her as she proceeded to carry out whatever it was she was going to do

    34. It has been estimated that the number of adult women who carry out this sort of “molest” operation is increasing rapidly in our urban areas, even in the smaller cities

    35. ” I watched as he walked off to carry out his tasks I stood where I was, drinking the water was fine although it gushed out of you like turning on as tap but it also made you want to piss which I did now over the edge of the roof and down to the ground where Ted had just been standing

    36. The Guardians nodded and went to carry out her orders

    37. We are physically not capable to carry out experimentation or measurements that would assist us to obtain the evidence that we are after in this case

    38. Where altering vantage points are required to carry out experimentation that would be necessary to confirm certain hypotheses, we are left with only half of the answer

    39. “What the bloody hell happened over there you were supposed to carry out a clandestine raid for intelligence not start an whole out bloody shooting war

    40. The only logical way in which one would be able to accomplish something as elaborate as this, would be to enjoy total freedom from our dimensionality - to exist outside of time altogether and be able to influence every person in such a way that they would be swayed to carry out the requirements for the design

    41. bored of hearing threats he had not the skill to carry out

    42. and that they would both do their best to carry out his vision of bringing everyone together in harmony after the end of hostilities and to forgive those responsible for the insurrection

    43. got cold feet and did not carry out the assassination attempt on Vice President Johnson

    44. ” We all nodded and I knew that there wasn’t one man here who wouldn’t gladly carry out that order

    45. destroy property, not lives, and he was very careful to carry out his mission without loss of life

    46. weapons, it appeared that he was actually ready to carry out his threat

    47. ‘We can’t just wait here while they carry out their plans

    48. It was his duty as an Elf to carry out the commands of the ancients

    49. Cheer Brothers began to hurry and bustle and carry out the bundles as

    50. The Cubans and cavalry brigade made efficient outposts, and common-sense generalship would have mobilised the army first on the hillside near Siboney, where the men could have been easily fed, and the transport trains utilised to carry out supplies to an advanced base, protected by the cavalry

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