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Characteristic in a sentence

Characteristic of him.
Its characteristic traits.
It was characteristic of the.
Nothing is more characteristic.
That was her characteristic tune.
with his characteristic pessimism.
It is characteristic of the time.

pigments, characteristic of a tattoo.
Zeus being his characteristic feature.
He also indicated the characteristic.
One such characteristic is intolerance.
Conflict is the characteristic of the old.
Cooper-Oakley in his characteristic way.
In the case of a characteristic such as.
characteristic qualities of Mother Teresa.
Begging is also a secondary characteristic.
Yes; that is a marked characteristic of it.
with characteristic perfidy, have made it.
but a characteristic one of the whole work.
It was a characteristic way of putting it.
characteristic features would be that they.
is a dominant characteristic of the venture.
The following are the characteristic changes.
That was characteristic of him all his life.
This characteristic applies to all categories.
These ships have a very unique characteristic.
10 This betrays a characteristic of a hologram.
This characteristic has a twofold consequence.
It was accompanied by the characteristic lead.
agility that was his characteristic of long ago.

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