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Characteristic in a sentence

It was characteristic of the.
That was her characteristic tune.
It is characteristic of the time.
Zeus being his characteristic feature.
He also indicated the characteristic.
One such characteristic is intolerance.
Cooper-Oakley in his characteristic way.

Conflict is the characteristic of the old.
In the case of a characteristic such as.
Yes; that is a marked characteristic of it.
Begging is also a secondary characteristic.
That was characteristic of him all his life.
The following are the characteristic changes.
Sincerity is Seménov's chief characteristic.
This characteristic has a twofold consequence.
This characteristic applies to all categories.
These ships have a very unique characteristic.
It was accompanied by the characteristic lead.
It was his best, most characteristic expression.
Another characteristic of New Testament elders in.
Moreover, this trending characteristic is a boon.
This was a characteristic of his strong personality.
The golilla was a very characteristic part of the.
Is that a characteristic of an artist? I dont know.
The most striking characteristic of Lemurs is their.
Unfortunately, that characteristic has made them a.
The characteristic equation has the following roots:.
It is another characteristic of the true believer in.
His nose lacked the genetically characteristic hook.
Volatility also seems to exhibit this characteristic.
It then portrays the characteristic features of yagya.
His greatest weakness was this characteristic conceit.
The usual characteristic quietness of the man was gone.
This is a common characteristic in many option markets.
The most characteristic feature of a trauma is the pain.
This characteristic reflects the realized portfolio risk.
It was characteristic of Kitty that she always imagined.
One key characteristic missed by volatility is liquidity.
A person’s health is characteristic of his performance.
She knew that characteristic in her husband, and liked it.

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