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    1. My sister is still there and we sometimes keep in touch

    2. It was Tdeshi's touch, a trait she shared with Venna

    3. Do not touch the eyes with dirty fingers, dirty cloth, etc

    4. said I would not touch God’s anointed one

    5. His purpose is to touch

    6. Her trembling hand reached out to touch the creature's suffering face

    7. After all, giants did not have the delicate touch of humans when it came to mining and extracting ore

    8. "No," she said, "I've been in touch with one of the guys I met while migrating north, actually he's been in touch with me

    9. I was a sort of surrogate mother to her in her teens and we’d stayed in touch … whenever she had a problem she would ring me

    10. Long-distance grand parenting is challenging, but with care, you can stay in touch

    11. The senior citizens can extend a hand of support, words of solace and the healing touch to the restless souls around them

    12. ‘I’ll be in touch

    13. ‘Oh … Bill has never said anything … he still keeps in touch, you know

    14. Will be in touch

    15. I'm not privy to a lot of it and I've lost touch with most of them

    16. We can be in touch with God

    17. Your garden will love this extra touch

    18. ‘Molly, can you pass on what I’ve said to Stephen, please? He’s in touch with the Inspector dealing with the case and I feel he ought to know about Dan’s behaviour

    19. ‘Has Dan Sadler been in touch with you at all?’

    20. "Where can we keep in touch with that?"

    21. I realised fairly quickly that she is jumpy about seeing Stephen with their disagreement unresolved and this house does looks a little imposing … I know I was surprised when Stephen bought it originally, thought it above our touch

    22. When a man lost touch with the source of life, ev-

    23. She thrilled at the touch of this creature

    24. spinning with the waltz, her blood still racing with his touch

    25. I might choose to live like a recluse but I’m still in touch with the

    26. himself be in touch with God, the faith captures his heart and changes

    27. i believe that while my soul is in touch with living God

    28. They were running in Ceres with a backup in Vesta, but we lost touch before there was a ten year round trip in our communications

    29. It recorded no smell, touch or taste, just sight and sound like can be done remotely with a mortal

    30. to the touch of hem and weave and seam

    31. She knew that one touch would be

    32. Nobody could touch him

    33. ‘Sends her love and says she will be in touch about that lecture for the WI in the next few weeks

    34. It was a physical manifestation of God’s touch

    35. To touch them was to recoil

    36. flagstones was a reminder of life and the slightest feather touch of frayed rags on his

    37. Now - apart from changing fuses and wiring plugs - electricity, I don’t touch

    38. I bit my lip to stifle the scream when I felt warm human fingers touch my arm

    39. It takes me a few moments to remember: My sister Chryssa reacted exactly in the same way when she visited us the other day, together with her husband and her baby boy! What's the matter with all hens and they don't want me to touch their brood? Are they afraid or what?

    40. The enormity of my solitude and the closeness of a forbidden word or touch suddenly seemed so intolerable

    41. I survived through the application of saline and the touch of a stranger’s hand

    42. I craved the touch of another’s hand, soft and warm, a hand that did not smell of oil and gunmetal

    43. I could touch it without whimpering, and somehow found comfort in the strangely skewed ridge that had formed at the top of my septum

    44. Turning to her so their faces are so close they almost touch, he glares intently into her brown eyes and sends out a thought

    45. We withdrew from the contact immediately, lost as we were in the darkness, but that one simple touch remains with me to this day

    46. Now I had one more feeling to add to the list of fondly remembered moments in my still unfulfilled emotional life: that touch in the van, that trembling caress of fingers hidden from Robbie and the guards

    47. Menachem lay on the bare floorboards and groaned slightly at my touch

    48. He didn't need to get in touch with her

    49. He's scared to touch it

    50. We cannot touch the

    1. was touched by the manifestation of God’s favor in

    2. of woman this is that touched him: for she is a sinner

    3. Ever since that moment he was always worried whenever he touched a keyboard, screen or holographic work station

    4. ‘Oh Emma …’ I muttered, touched by her obvious care for me but all the same annoyed that Dan should think me such a pathetic creature to be pining for him

    5. ’ She said obviously touched by the offer

    6. and touched His garment

    7. She pointed at Johnny’s barely touched cup of tea

    8. For the first time in a long time Travis went all the way down to his knees and touched his forehead to the master’s feet

    9. He touched my right knee-cap with the end of his baseball bat

    10. ’ I said extremely touched by her generosity

    11. the authority which we do not use… Only few of us have touched the edge

    12. ’ I replied, deeply touched

    13. ‘As Stephen’s mother, I am touched that you are that concerned for him, but as your friend … and I hope you see me as such … as your friend, I have to say that I don’t see you as you describe

    14. I only saw how He touched her and

    15. The sun touched the horizon as he strode into view up steps behind the stage

    16. Her bosom touched his arm and Bahkmar saw Jaseem's pants move

    17. When the boy, my new guard touched me, I felt like a child again, like a naughty little boy who had been sent to his room only to be comforted half an hour later by a worried mother hen

    18. ’ I said rather damply, it is absurd how much this has touched me

    19. When Robbie returned to collect my breakfast tray and lock me down for the day I stood up and touched him on the arm

    20. They put the touched glasses down

    21. Our fingers touched

    22. When Menachem returned from his shower, and with my breakfast barely touched, Steven walked up to me and kicked my thigh

    23. "It was 2342 before the first of us actually touched down in the flesh and 2348 before the last of us was on the ground for the last time and the Lula was all but decommissioned to the state you see her today

    24. “What he has always wanted, of course, just what he has always wanted!” she replied provocatively, and touched his shoulder tenderly

    25. Her mother had performed the same ritual when coming of age, although for her it seemed the bitter pleasure of awakening touched her mind

    26. ’ She said, extremely touched both by the action and the flowers

    27. This is why Jesus so badly wanted to know who touched Him

    28. ” the captain said as he touched his hand to his neck wound and held

    29. ‘She must have touched a lot of hearts, Iain

    30. The water was deep enough here that they hardly touched bottom

    31. ’ He said grimacing as he gingerly touched a contusion on his face

    32. Touched once the ice will thaw upon the window

    33. Nandini walked up and touched her feet

    34. Kara touched a rose, sending a shower of drops to the ground

    35. It says in 1 Samuel 24:12 that David was convicted because he touched the Lord’s anointed

    36. Cosmicblasto touched the blue button

    37. He came over and held her, touched her hair

    38. SAMANTHA: He touched my breasts

    39. He touched me, down there

    40. We kissed and touched each other

    41. JOYCE: But you testified you can recall that on your third date she touched your penis

    42. JOYCE: Is it not true that on your third date, after giving her a number of different mixed drinks you touched her on her breasts, and when she pushed your hand away, you took her hand and placed it on your genitals?

    43. She reached out and touched him, and a charge of electricity shot thru her

    44. I gave her a wide smile and touched my forehead hoping she would recognise this as an apology and said sorry, in the hope she might speak a little English

    45. When we'd finished the loading she stood still, looked at me with a soft, motherly smile, then softly touched my arm saying quietly, 'Kalo Taxidi'

    46. ’ I said, touched by his kindness

    47. He touched my arm, 'I have heard he had a strong disagreement with someone in his dressing room the night he died

    48. ’ I said awkwardly, touched by her affection

    49. He placed his lips against the cage making kissing sounds until the bird went over and touched them with his beak

    50. Sam was touched that Lucy thought of them as her parents

    1. She touches his chest with the palm of her hand, her eyes fixed on his

    2. He touches the clothes with his hand, turns back to the room

    3. She reaches up touches his cheek

    4. The boat touches the shore of the small island, the Buddhist temple in back

    5. John pauses, touches some of the big Christmas lights hanging from the building, looks about before entering

    6. Ricci touches his shoulder, but Ahmed pulls away

    7. Russ touches him on the arm

    8. He touches the photo, then jumps with a start as Mohammed clears his throat behind him

    9. The 747 touches down without incident

    10. She touches him on the cheek, turns his face to her

    11. John touches Hamo on the arm to get his attention

    12. A jetliner TOUCHES DOWN on the runway

    13. A woman with an issue of blood says, “If I could just touch the hem of his garment…” She touches it and “immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up

    14. touches glass with his fingertips,

    15. Although science has yet to put the finishing touches on the studies

    16. ‘Can I have something to drink, please?’ Berndt asked plaintively, smiling at me weakly, then wincing as Joris touches his shoulder

    17. your forehead touches the floor, approximately twelve inches

    18. The finishing touches were put on the cave, and after checking everything, Kate pronounced it finished

    19. Two young men came to investigate and even through my apologies they insisted I join their little group for a drink to celebrate the finishing touches to their new sandwich and wine bar

    20. It is more difficult than I anticipated but I achieve it and by the time Berndt knocks on my cabin door, I have the words firmly in my mind and am just putting the finishing touches to my appearance

    21. While keeping your head in the same position (that is not turning it) bend slowly to the right until your right hand touches your right foot

    22. Assume the first stage of the posture which by now will be familiar to you, bat this time bend your left leg until your heel touches your right buttock

    23. until the top of your head touches the floor

    24. Anxiety writ large across her face, she’s clearly bothered about me and that touches me deeply

    25. Art can have that effect sometimes – what is it, I wonder? What is it that touches the soul and strikes sparks? I wonder if we’ll ever find out?’

    26. simply touches the subject to make the connection

    27. touches or holds hands with the subject

    28. He touches Helen’s arm and feels little tremors running through her bones

    29. Shaun touches his cheek

    30. Shaun never touches anything else

    31. The first touches

    32. The warbler sounds again outside the window; its sweet song touches her, grounds her

    33. If this is death, then it’s okay by her … a sunbeam touches her hand, its gentle warmth affirming

    34. Helen edges along the table so that her left shoulder and hip touches the man that she is coming to rely on

    35. My son is brilliant at everything he touches, however he can be as dense as two thick planks on those rare occasions when his own heart is in play

    36. I did a series of stretches—starting with toe touches, torso twists, and

    37. A pavilion was erected at the rear side door of the building for the convenience of the players, and the final touches to the sets had just been made the day before

    38. gives life to all it touches, so the Spirit of God brings the life of God to all it touches

    39. measureless measure of the might of the Spirit in the inner man, so that we are always like a great river that presses on and heals everything that it touches

    40. She flung them to the ground before continuing on, “The steel of the dwarves is the hardest I have seen, yet it melts like butter when it touches their blood

    41. he touches you again? Maybe in a different life, without this…” The blind man flapped his

    42. busier than ever, in putting the finishing touches to my plan, and,

    43. She self consciously touches her cheek as she looks away

    44. Only when the blood touches mortals

    45. But how could she? But later in his house, when they had dozed by the fire, he hadn't slept as much as Rosemary - he was used to cat-naps - and had spent most of the time awake, just looking at her, sleeping, sitting back straight on the big old couch with the knitted shawl around her; the last thing his Mother had knitted, for she was renowned for her knitting, before she finally took to her bed; the wools, in the muted colours of bog earth and heather with light touches of soft blue, like the morning sky reflecting on pale cornflowers

    46. The stimp rating is the average distance the ball rolls once it touches the greens

    47. I looked the number up in the phone book and called it, figuring that Paul never got home till nearly midnight, so he would probably be putting final touches on the obits

    48. Prince Christian was suffering from touches of Indian fever, Captain Williams was going down country very ill indeed, and Major Piggott was far from well, so all haste was made on the way

    49. adjusting veils and hats with adroit feminine touches; the pretty

    50. boy who was giving the last touches to the harness of old Tim, the

    1. When he didn’t feel a shock, he tested it again, touching the keyboard for a longer amount of time before quickly pulling his hand back again

    2. ‘What are you grinning at, Mum?’ Emma asked, a smile touching the edges of her mouth

    3. contours of the plastic body under her dress, and in touching her fantastically

    4. "I wouldn't want to be touching the mast

    5. She stood in the early morning sunlight, feeling the warmth of it touching her flesh though the sensible tunic and hosen she had quickly donned

    6. Liesse was sitting back, elbows on the arms of the chair, his fingers steepled and just touching his bottom lip; he looked thoughtful

    7. teasing without touching across wires,

    8. teasing without touching across stair rods,

    9. but a touching point,

    10. But leaving that aside, the journey to Minca will take several weeks, I should think, and assuming that I retrieve that Element and return safely, I shall have a long journey across Europe to get to the last touching place … if I don’t get going on that fairly quickly, the winter will take hold and I shall not be able to go until the spring

    11. into my chest, touching nerve and bone, melting through me,

    12. ‘Whereabouts on the island is the touching place, Lintze?’ Berndt asked, producing a map of the island and laying it out on the table, pushing odd bits of tableware out of the way as he does so

    13. ‘We could make it on foot up to the touching place without too much trouble

    14. deep sleep, tell me that I am her touching child

    15. ROBERT: Did you object to his touching you?

    16. ROBERT: Was there a lot of kissing and touching on your third date?

    17. ROBERT: Was there any evidence of force in his touching you?

    18. ROBERT: After a considerable amount of kissing, touching and groping, you changed into this garment to convey to a man he should leave?

    19. ‘Did the holders deliberately live near touching places?’ he asked thinking it through

    20. touching the ribbed sheets of canvas as he expelled air

    21. In the moment of warmth, in the touching,

    22. ROBERT: During dancing and after the dance, was there a considerable amount of embracing and touching?

    23. ROBERT: Did she object to your touching her?

    24. JOYCE: On your second date, you said there was "considerable amount of touching

    25. My knees almost touching the seat in front, I tried to make myself as narrow as possible so as not to disturb either of them

    26. Sit down on the floor, tailor fashion, with the heel of one foot touching the perineum and the heel of the other underneath the opposite ankle

    27. chin is touching the floor as in figure 12, page 49

    28. exhaling very slowly bend your head until it is touching the floor

    29. Lie face downwards, chin touching the floor, hands along

    30. As soon as she recognised me as someone she could talk to, she let loose in Greek with a tirade of complaints and hand signals, touching my forearm, threatening her cargo and even taking strides away only to return with cries of admonishment

    31. A smile touching my lips, I gaze at him, his head bowed as he continues his narrative

    32. While sitting in the Lotus Pose with your hands above your head with the fingertips touching as in figure 31, raise your buttocks off the floor and remain balanced on your knee-caps as 1 have demonstrated in figure 29

    33. With the help of your elbows raise your chest and bend your head as far back as you can until the crown is touching the floor

    34. Begin in the Lotus Pose once more but this time instead of levering yourself backwards on your elbows bend forward very slowly until your face is touching the floor

    35. When you can perform this variation with ease, and it can be done easily with patient practice, gradually extend the period when your face is touching the floor, and then try to practice the Yoga Complete Breath

    36. rises and makes her afraid of touching skin,

    37. We were just touching knees, waiting for someone to come and break the tension so we could carry on to Sophia

    38. She still had a problem with someone touching her

    39. barely touching the floor

    40. Maria moved around the room like a high priestess, touching the arm of every one there

    41. without touching the floor, bring them round to the starting

    42. head and lower them until the toes are touching the floor behind

    43. If there is a touching point there, we may well find a township of some kind

    44. with your thumbs and fingertips just touching the floor

    45. When I look up, I see an approaching tractor and my table is directly in its path so I stand, lift the table back a few feet and the driver passes through touching his forehead as he goes

    46. We were touching and she kept saying that we were going to get caught

    47. That’s partly why he settled in this area – it was a touching place even in the first century AD

    48. The bird is heavy; it settles on my left arm, its claws gripping firmly onto my shirt as I stagger under its weight, the points touching my skin through the fabric

    49. Touching the stones, I concentrate on visualising Wiesse as clearly as I can … I see the bird’s eye flicker – it’s got the message

    50. Gently touching her arm Rayne continued with confidence, “You will carry this child; your aura is very strong and filled with much love

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    Synonyms for "touch"

    touch touching signature cutaneous senses sense of touch skin senses touch modality feeling tactile sensation tactual sensation touch sensation ghost trace contact hint jot mite pinch soupcon speck tinge spot affect bear on bear upon impact touch on tinct tint advert allude partake adjoin meet disturb stir equal match rival come to concern have to do with pertain refer relate extend to reach suggestion handling contiguity caress stroke pat tap blow characteristic trait style kind knack technique skill sensation talent sense palpate rub pet handle nudge arrive at attain encounter impress move strike soften melt treat refer to pertain to regard relate to involve border abut join

    "touch" definitions

    the event of something coming in contact with the body

    the faculty by which external objects or forces are perceived through contact with the body (especially the hands)

    a suggestion of some quality

    a distinguishing style

    the act of putting two things together with no space between them

    a slight but appreciable amount

    a communicative interaction

    a slight attack of illness

    the act of soliciting money (as a gift or loan)

    the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin

    deftness in handling matters

    the feel of mechanical action

    make physical contact with, come in contact with

    perceive via the tactile sense

    affect emotionally

    be relevant to

    be in direct physical contact with; make contact

    have an effect upon

    deal with; usually used with a form of negation

    cause to be in brief contact with

    to extend as far as

    be equal to in quality or ability

    tamper with

    make a more or less disguised reference to



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