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Check in a sentence

I check the.
Check it out.
We can check.
Check with Mr.
If you check.
To check it out.
Check with him.

Check this out.
Check out The.
I would check.
check out the U.
Check it out!.
So check first.
Check out the.
Just check out.
Check the floor.
I check the time.
Check the label.
Check them out.
Check this out.
Check with the.
Check that the.
Checking with one.
Worth checking out.
Checking his watch.
After checking the.
Checking that no one.
to your checking account.
Checking with Yarma.
Checking the view? Men!.
checking all cans of ink.
Thank you for checking.
Start checking things out.
You call it checking in.
I need a checking account.
Checking your Twitter or.
were some sort of checking.
told me I was checking out.
Without checking it out,.
Checking on my inhalation.
checking the security tapes.
referees checking his watch.
which will end the checking.
uniform, checking his watch.
bothered checking it before.
Patrolmen were checking IDs.
„I'm checking myself out.
checking account hed opened.
cashing in, and checking out.
Disappointed when checking.
Retrieving and checking the.
After checking the back of Mr.
I checked my.
He checked it.
Tom checked in.
I checked them.
He checked his.
He checked the.
She checked in.
I just checked.
She checked her.
I checked my guns.
I checked the tag.
If you checked U.
I checked it out.
I, I checked out.
He checked again.
checked up on him.
I checked it.
They checked in.
get it checked out.
He checked every.
I checked him out.
Checked his pulse.
When she checked.
I checked the CDs.
He checks his.
All the checks.
It all checks out.
No passout checks.
He checks his watch.
He checks his pockets.
He checks his watch.
Jock checks his watch.
checks every two weeks.
He checks the landing.
His alibi checks out.
Jaden checks on his body.
He checks his own result.
She checks with her Dad.
checks would stop flowing.
Checks it for ammunition.
30 then again it checks.
you get two royalty checks.
Cenni checks the dashboard.
Sid checks for a heartbeat.
So there will be two checks.
Dave checks their provisions.
The nurse checks the monitor.
them checks as wedding gifts.
Alec checks into five suites.