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  1. Wel , it was not civility.
  2. Civility is tone of voice.
  3. Second) The decline of civility, and.
  4. No, I miss the civility of Holland.
  5. It flies in the face of law and civility.

  6. No, she turned up her nose at my civility.
  7. That is out of civility to you, he replied.
  8. I am worn out with civility, said he.
  9. Both friendship and common civility demanded this.
  10. Elinor, with great civility, declined the proposal.
  11. In the crush of crowds there’s little of civility.
  12. They interchanged expressions and acts of civility.
  13. The old man laughed, Such civility when faced with the unknown.
  14. Evils chose that way of life above that of honor and civility.
  15. Civility is one of the most encountered violations for forum-goers.

  16. I’ve come to surrender my inhibitions and any pretense of civility.
  17. Christian stands automatically, revealing years of ingrained civility.
  18. But we will triumph and return peace and civility to a world gone mad.
  19. He did not take his eyes from Tchekounoff, whose civility irritated him.
  20. I was the only person who approached her with any semblance of civility.
  21. Be assured that civility will one day be restored to the mines in Arkadia.
  22. The divine presence of this universe grants civility to the human species.
  23. Finesse and civility had left his mind now, and black revenge burned brightly.
  24. He seemed surprised at the civility he'd received from this most fearsome barbarian.
  25. University educated, he always felt she was laughing at him behind a mask of civility.

  26. She wondered that Lucy's spirits could be so very much elevated by the civility of Mrs.
  27. Her parents did not talk, instead they conversed with great civility and circumspection.
  28. She wondered that Lucy’s spirits could be so very much elevated by the civility of Mrs.
  29. He took an ostentatious relish in the civility of his dealings with his ex-wife and family.
  30. Seeing a respectably-dressed person, a lady as she supposed, she came forward with civility.
  31. Heathcliff had not the habit of bestowing a single unnecessary civility on Miss Linton, I knew.
  32. Thank you for attending to my acquaintances with such civility, you performed magnificently.
  33. Nothing was omitted, on his side, of civility, compliment, or kindness, that might assist the plan.
  34. Councilors believed in civility towards each other and everything was recorded as a matter of course.
  35. How very kind you are, Lieutenant, Martha said with a faint smile at his civility and gentleness.
  36. His response to the rebels was that of civility, to reason with them and seek a common ground.
  37. He spoke to me without any ceremony, and behaved to me on a footing of equality with civility and attention.
  38. Drayton’s bounden civility to his wife, and to the other woman, must make him present himself as a target.
  39. Good guys value tenderness for the civility it provides families and society towards greater peace and happiness.
  40. Larc’s tone was one of barely restrained civility, Just what haven’t you told us or your daughter about?
  41. And its message still mutilates the sights and sounds of freedom and civility, which augments the goals of Civil War.
  42. The invitation was accepted; but when the hour of appointment drew near, necessary as it was in common civility to Mrs.
  43. War is not made now because one king has been wanting in civility to the mistress of another king, as it was in Louis XIV.
  44. The marked civility of Clare's tone in calling her seemed to have inspired her, for the moment, with a new glimmer of hope.
  45. He had a feeling that it was only out of condescension or a kind of civility that this device of placing a channel was employed.
  46. When this last one was over I felt considerably exhausted, and had hardly sufficient strength to receive their thanks with civility.
  47. This group is better known as the Civilian Organized Militia For The Restoration of Peace, Order and Civility to the Kroonum System.
  48. He sneered as they parked the car and he thought to himself that one wouldn't find such a ridiculous place in the civility of London.
  49. As the princes adopted a degree of civility to optimize their survival, Sean will have to adopt a degree of barbarism to optimize his.
  50. But her politeness was so impersonal, her civility so thinly cloaked her ennui, that I had difficulty in controlling the quiver of my lips.
  51. I took down with me some presents for my step-mother; it did not require an effort for me to treat her with civility, or to forget the past.
  52. They had received a wire from London, in answer to Lord Godalming's telegraphed request, asking them to show us any civility in their power.
  53. Her opinion was sought as to the probable continuance of the open weather, but her answers were as short and indifferent as civility allowed.
  54. This quickly caused a complete erosion of what little civility was left onboard the ship and before long they were as Greeged out as the next Greeg.
  55. Giving the sailor a piece of money in return for his civility, Dantes proceeded onwards; but ere he had gone many steps he heard the man loudly calling him to stop.
  56. Despite the tone of civility, and the awareness that Great Britain is the weaker partner in their special relationship, Margaret Thatcher is uncowed by Ronald Reagan.
  57. My lady the duchess kisses thy hands a thousand times; do thou make a return with two thousand, for as my master says, nothing costs less or is cheaper than civility.
  58. Then followed a few flattering words to Stepan Trofimovitch simply from civility, and a loud invitation to the members of the committee to open the meeting now, at once.
  59. To atone for this conduct therefore, Elinor took immediate possession of the post of civility which she had assigned herself, behaved with the greatest attention to Mrs.
  60. The true irony here is that there never was, certainly isn’t now, and certainly never will be, anything remotely approaching Peace, Order and/or Civility in the Kroonum System.
  61. As such, however, they were treated by her with quiet civility; and by her husband with as much kindness as he could feel towards anybody beyond himself, his wife, and their child.
  62. Fanny felt the advantage; and, drawing back from the toils of civility, would have been again most happy, could she have kept her eyes from wandering between Edmund and Mary Crawford.
  63. He had a terror of Earnshaw's reputation, and shrunk from encountering him; and yet he was always received with our best attempts at civility: the master himself avoided offending him---.
  64. He addressed her with easy civility, and twisted his head into a bow which assured her as plainly as words could have done, that he was exactly the coxcomb she had heard him described to be by Lucy.
  65. They were sent in waves and from different task forces to deal with each assault our trio of travellers had inflicted on the precious foundations of Kroonum Society: Civility, Order and Peace, or COP.
  66. And so when the servants, taking their tone from their mistress, were insolent and ordered her about, she would hold her head erect and reply to them with a quaint civility which often made them stare at her.
  67. We will do any thing in reason to oblige you; but really, sir, to be complimented out of our commerce; to be flattered into poverty; to be cowed into service, is a little more than the rules of civility demand.
  68. Don Quixote, disconcerted and in confusion at her appearance, huddled himself up and well-nigh covered himself altogether with the sheets and counterpane of the bed, tongue-tied, and unable to offer her any civility.
  69. She instantly saw that it was not unnoticed by him, that he even observed Marianne as she quitted the room, with such astonishment and concern, as hardly left him the recollection of what civility demanded towards herself.
  70. He was, of course, a gentleman who was not ashamed by his power or his family’s wealth that dictated his civility, but there was a touch of humbleness in him that enabled him to relate to even those far less fortunate than he.
  71. Having completed the usual formalities with the usual surliness on one side and civility on the other, marking the box with a huge imbecilic cross, we affirmed our complete incomprehension of and agreement to comply with the rules.
  72. Obviously, he had either underestimated these people and their civility or Terence and his enigmatic, multifaceted behaviour that had an overriding effect on the public and their lust for the sordid details of Faye’s misadventure.
  73. Members of each side are constantly being bombed into space, all of which is part of the master plan devised by the Kroonum Civility, Order & Peace Agency to have both parties wiped out while avoiding scandalous involvement charges.
  74. For example, I myself should have hesitated, at such a season of rejoicing, to seem proud, even though excessive deference and civility at such a moment might have been construed as a lapse both of moral courage and of mental vigour.
  75. Accordingly a servant was secretly dispatched express to the town on that errand; my lord and my lady insisting on the officers staying to spend the evening with them, which was an unusual civility at the pro forma dinners at the castle.
  76. I felt, too, the dangers of the gentlemen of the Amarilla Club, who had made me honorary member, and had treated me with uniform regard and civility, both in my capacity of Consular Agent and as Superintendent of an important Steam Service.
  77. When guys are not properly trained at very early ages with lots and lots and lots of repetitive lessons, or when guys are not properly motivated to treat women with the proper respect and tenderness, then civility in society comes to an end.
  78. Smerdyakov slowly raised his head and looked intently at his visitor through his spectacles; then he slowly took them off and rose from the bench, but by no means respectfully, almost lazily, doing the least possible required by common civility.
  79. But the Unseelie Princes just shocked the hell out of me, proved themselves to be ambitious and goal-oriented, willing to adopt a mien of civility to achieve their aims, and channel what used to be a maelstrom of uncontrolled hunger into deliberated action.
  80. I pay this particular compliment to Queequeg, because he treated me with so much civility and consideration, while I was guilty of great rudeness; staring at him from the bed, and watching all his toilette motions; for the time my curiosity getting the better of my breeding.
  81. Rushworth arrived, escorting his mother, who came to be civil and to shew her civility especially, in urging the execution of the plan for visiting Sotherton, which had been started a fortnight before, and which, in consequence of her subsequent absence from home, had since lain dormant.
  82. Now, I think it would not be wise to show any undue solicitude to meet him, and I would employ you, an officer of rank, as my substitute; for it would but ill comport with the honor of Scotland to let it be said one of her gentlemen was outdone in civility by a native of any other country on earth.
  83. However, as if he had meant to retrieve that escape, he still continued to toy with and fondle her, but with so staring an alteration from extreme warmth into a chill and forced civility, that even Emily herself could not but take notice of it, and now began to wish she had paid more regard to Mrs.
  84. I need not add, that this benevolence of his lordship was followed with a most bountiful alteration towards the captain from all present, in so much that, before the regiment was removed from the town, we had the satisfaction of seeing him at divers of the town-ploys, where he received every civility.
  85. It is curious to note that the 9 planets and 47 moons in the Kroonum system owned and operated by The Upgrading, Expansion, Keeping Up of and Maintenance of Kroonum Civility, Order & Peace Agency were by far the most plagued and violently crime filled planets and moons that had ever existed anywhere… ever.
  86. He said much of his earnest desire of their living in the most sociable terms with his family, and pressed them so cordially to dine at Barton Park every day till they were better settled at home, that, though his entreaties were carried to a point of perseverance beyond civility, they could not give offence.
  87. It would, as I said at the time, have been just as well to have made it really a trades’ ball, without any adulteration of the gentry; but the hempies alluded to jouked themselves in upon us, and obligated the managers to invite them; and an ill return they made for this discretion and civility, as I have to relate.
  88. I learned afterwards that this was a gentleman from the provinces, who had a critical and perplexing piece of business in Petersburg, who had brought a letter of introduction to our host, for whom our host was, by no means con amore, using his interest, and whom he had invited, out of civility, to his children's party.
  89. All of these corrupt, unchecked, interlocked and mangled factions of law enforcement and bureaucracy has led the hyper oppressed and victimized civilians and visitors of Kroonum to retaliate in violent backlashes in the form of Civilian Organized Militia’s For The Restoration of Peace, Order and Civility to the Kroonum System.
  90. Some, however, of these amusing creatures, who cannot succeed in finding anything to do—though, indeed, they never seek it—try to make every one believe that they have not a lump of fat for a heart, but on the contrary, something very deep, though what precisely the greatest surgeon would hardly venture to decide—from civility, of course.
  91. The others said nothing; but after he was gone the other men - who all considered that it was ridiculous for the `likes of us' to expect or wish to be treated with common civility - laughed about it, and said that Harlow was beginning to think he was Somebody: they supposed it was through readin' all those books what Owen was always lendin' 'im.
  92. Standish was not a man who varied his manners: he behaved with the same deep-voiced, off-hand civility to everybody, as if he saw no difference in them, and talked chiefly of the hay-crop, which would be "very fine, by God!" of the last bulletins concerning the King, and of the Duke of Clarence, who was a sailor every inch of him, and just the man to rule over an island like Britain.
  93. But whom but himself could he blame, if, when common sense demanded only civility and complaisance, she persisted in adhering to the tragic and sentimental? He was provoked that he had not noticed this defect in time to remedy it; yet he had once considered Constance as, perhaps, the completest triumph of his genius! There seemed to be something particularly disenchanting in the atmosphere of that study.
  94. Their message also seems to have evolved from that crack of doom that came to Man as he stood perched on that anciently sharp edge of extinction; to the more morally oriented message of correct behavior that came concurrent with Man’s increased civility that allowed his civilizations to emerge and advance; to the words of encouragement for those who couldn’t understand the injustice of the ever more complicated rulership of our latter-day past.
  95. Persheron 8 is one of 9 planets and 47 moons in the Kroonum system whose sole purpose is law enforcement, jailing, detainment, execution, rehabilitation, law writing, law re-writing, finding of outdated laws and updating them, finding of updated laws and outdating them, covert undercover operations, and the seemingly never-ending creation, integration and upkeep of more branches of The Upgrading, Expansion, Keeping Up of and Maintenance of Kroonum Civility, Order & Peace Agency.
  96. You are under arrest for the wreckless crashing of a fuel-less ship of Obotron crew members into the surface of the planet Lincra, the most populated and popular planet in existence, blared the megaphone from the suddenly approaching battalion of the Kroonum Civility, Order and Peace Upkeep and Maintenance Division - Deltron Force Strike 9, sporting their spanking new crest and logo, freshly dubbed formal and binding by the Council of Eleven and a Half Thousand Different Colored Robes in the most recent hammering out of the Treaty of Manderbatt.
  97. What I have observed, however, is a procession of global wars, famine, pestilence and disease, a decline in civility and (polite) manners, greed and rabid materialism, a diminution of moral and spiritual values, corporate and political corruption, consumer gluttony, disinterested parents and teachers, dysfunctional households, racism, steroids, offensive rap-music, pedophilia, teenage pregnancies and abortion, social unrest, selfishness and indifference, self-centeredness and conceit, the flaunting of immodest and indecent behavior and the glorification of stupidity in general.
  98. When the scissors had been brought and Yaroslav Ilyitch's assistant, wishing to be of service, shook the mattress rather impatiently to ease it from under the back of its owner, Semyon Ivanovitch with his habitual civility made room a little, rolling on his side with his back to the searchers; then at a second shake he turned on his face, finally gave way still further, and as the last slat in the bedstead was missing, he suddenly and quite unexpectedly plunged head downward, leaving in view only two bony, thin, blue legs, which stuck upwards like two branches of a charred tree.
  99. He had a terror of Earnshaw’s reputation, and shrunk from encountering him; and yet he was always received with our best attempts at civility: the master himself avoided offending him, knowing why he came; and if he could not be gracious,.

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