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Care in a sentence | care example sentences

  1. I took care of it.
  2. He took care of me.
  3. He did care for her.
  4. Once I used to care.
  5. Health care in the U.

  6. How? I don't care how.
  7. Take care of my soul.
  8. Care to sleep with a.
  9. And no one would care.
  10. I care about Ali, too.
  11. No one seemed to care.
  12. He didn't care if he.
  13. I don’t care, I think.
  14. Take care of the weeds.
  15. We'll take care of you.

  16. It’s not that I care.
  17. She wanted him to care.
  18. Theyd take care of it.
  19. Take care of the mind.
  20. I take care of his son.
  21. Mom's taken care of it.
  22. Oh well, like you care.
  23. Not a care in the world.
  24. He took great care in.
  25. All they care about at.

  26. I have taken care of it.
  27. Or care about it either.
  28. He didn’t seem to care.
  29. He didn't care about me.
  30. She didn't care for this.
  31. I can take care of this.
  32. What do I care if they.
  33. I will take care of him.
  34. A World Created by Care.
  35. I’ll take care of you.
  36. He will take care of you.
  37. About how we don't care.
  38. We take the utmost care.
  39. I will take care of her.
  40. I don’t care if I die.
  41. And keep you in His care.
  42. If they care to listen.
  43. And a little bit of care.
  44. I’ll take care of this.
  45. Would you care to see a.
  46. She was under my care.
  47. She takes care of others.
  48. Care to guess how long?
  49. Lucy really did not care.
  50. Men firing without a care.
  51. He’ll take care of you.
  52. I don't care, here take.
  53. We care about each other.
  54. K said he would take care.
  55. I know not, nor do I care.
  56. It helped her to not care.
  57. He didn't care about that.
  58. I can take care of myself.
  59. I don't care what you say.
  60. If not accepted with care.
  61. Have a care, my friend.
  62. Care of God (ESP KNOWING).
  63. It’s been taken care of.
  64. God will take care of you.
  65. But we first have to care.
  66. I care not what will ensue.
  67. I loved taking care of her.
  68. Ed takes care of the rest.
  69. That took care of the pain.
  70. People care about him here.
  71. I don’t care to hear more.
  72. He always takes care of me.
  73. Hm, I don’t care, really.
  74. She didn’t care about me.
  75. You always took care of us.
  76. Again, he did not much care.
  77. I don't care what subject.
  78. Have a seat if ya care to.
  79. She says you don’t care.
  80. Not a problem, take care.
  1. He was caring for me.
  2. She was past caring now.
  3. Jeff's a very caring guy.
  4. Trago is caring for her.
  5. He was caring in his way.
  6. He is gentle and caring.
  7. It begins with us caring.
  8. All were used to caring.
  9. My aunt is caring for mom.
  10. No longer caring if Karl.
  11. He’s so warm and caring.
  12. He's a wise and caring man.
  13. Rose is caring for him.
  14. She was warmer, more caring.
  15. Caring for beets is very easy.
  16. Not caring in the least what.
  17. Caring about each other made.
  18. Caring about your comfort is.
  19. Hold it with your caring hands.
  20. He seemed so polite, so caring.
  21. It demonstrates caring that is.
  22. C promotes caring about others.
  23. He remembered the warm, caring.
  24. You cease caring about the earth.
  25. He was never a caring man either.
  26. She is also very kind and caring.
  27. He seemed almost friendly, caring.
  28. Daksha, without caring for royal.
  29. What a loving, caring child he is.
  30. Carrie looked into her caring face.
  31. You are too sentimental and caring.
  32. Caring for your lawn in the spring.
  33. He is not caring for your feelings.
  34. But his caring goes deeper than that.
  35. He’d gone past the point of caring.
  36. For caring about my health of course.
  37. Love is caring for other's well being.
  38. Charity Caring for the less fortunate.
  39. Carolyn was beyond caring about the.
  40. It’s because people stopped caring.
  41. They stopped caring so much it seemed.
  42. She was liked, kind, caring and smart.
  43. I was so touched with Lily’s caring.
  44. She will never be loving or caring.
  45. A heart of thanks, gift, and caring.
  46. I felt a stab of guilt for not caring.
  47. Know the costs of caring for your lawn.
  48. But out of their love and caring, and.
  49. Kudos to the OC Foundation for caring.
  50. I awoke to Liz's concerned, caring face.
  51. She is lucky to have such caring friends.
  52. Not caring where her feet was taking her.
  53. She missed caring for her sons like this.
  54. And no to you not caring, you do care.
  55. The passion for understanding and caring.
  56. Even the caring poles will have overlays.
  57. There are many caring people in this world.
  58. But you don’t stop caring about someone.
  59. Lastly, he thought of his caring parents!.
  60. Caring women around them all shared in it.
  61. You seem to be a caring person, Sergeant.
  62. It was of a loving, caring, motherly nature.
  63. There’s no need to apologize for caring.
  64. Just plain old not caring about a child is.
  65. Caring for her mother, and the concerns of.
  66. Matheson was a kind and caring woman whose.
  67. If they were to spend equal time caring for.
  68. Cindy spent most of her time caring for Matt.
  69. But there is no caring where you say it lives.
  70. The responsibility of caring for their young.
  71. Us caring for each other is in the self-505.
  72. Banks were caring institutions in those days.
  73. A very caring and thoughtful friend of yours.
  74. Hey, she said, her voice kind and caring.
  75. He was a selfish son of a bitch for caring so.
  76. Not caring in the romantic way I cared for him.
  77. He has never ceased from caring for your plight.
  78. Hey, sweet pea, came a caring female voice.
  79. But thank you for being honest about not caring.
  80. You are the most loyal and caring person I know.
  81. With time and experience you will enjoy caring.
  82. He took off his clothing, not caring where they.
  83. Not caring about her answer, Luke pinned her on.
  84. At first she got suspicious, then stopped caring.
  85. Compassion is a deep sense of caring about others.
  86. Love is not a secret feeling, but an active caring.
  88. He smiled a caring smile and left her in her room.
  89. GET IN THE CAR, he yelled, not really caring.
  90. Caring for others is the heart of great leadership.
  91. Not caring about school but getting ready for it.
  92. Edward accepted his new focus without even caring.
  93. Our God is a very loving, merciful, and caring God.
  94. I’ve seen some guys caring around old pistols.
  95. He was Salem–my charming, caring, handsome Salem.
  96. Along the way, caring touched me, and so did books.
  97. The other was calm, confident and strangely caring.
  98. So she preferred to think of it as caring - family.
  99. Paul gazed at her and his lips formed a caring grin.
  100. My mission was also caring for the General and his.
  1. He cared only for her.
  2. We had cared for him.
  3. Sunena cared me a lot.
  4. I really cared for her.
  5. I never knew she cared.
  6. The one who truly cared.
  7. I felt that no one cared.
  8. She cared nothing for me.
  9. It was a sign they cared.
  10. She cared me and loved me.
  11. He only cared about food.
  12. But you said you cared.
  13. No one cared for Lazarus.
  14. Show the parents he cared.
  15. Few, it would seem, cared.
  16. I did it because I cared.
  17. That's all he cared about.
  18. Rose cared about me a lot.
  19. But Caris no longer cared.
  20. She cared nothing for you.
  21. People cared and that was.
  22. I couldn't have cared less.
  23. I thought he cared for her.
  24. Shay, young as he was, cared.
  25. Rykus still cared for Katie.
  26. He cared that much for me?
  27. When they came, nobody cared.
  28. All I cared about was my mom.
  29. They neither knew nor cared.
  30. She did, not that I cared.
  31. He just never cared for God.
  32. You never cared who got hurt.
  33. I couldn’t have cared less.
  34. Who cared what I looked like.
  35. I wondered if she even cared.
  36. I really cared about Rebecca.
  37. So John Meredith still cared.
  38. When she’d cared about him.
  39. We couldn’t have cared less.
  40. I really cared for that child.
  41. He truly cared what happened.
  42. The orphans are not cared for.
  43. All I had cared about before.
  44. He cared about me and loved me.
  45. And that was all I cared about.
  46. Neither cared to begin talking.
  47. Mairsa cared little either way.
  48. He actually cared for veterans.
  49. But do you think her cared? No.
  50. All they cared about was money.
  51. I hardly cared about the movie.
  52. You cared for us, and chose us.
  53. He cared little about the two.
  54. We only did it because we cared.
  55. Because I cared so much for her.
  56. We all laughed, cried, and cared.
  57. No neighbor cared for the other.
  58. He is being cared for, and has.
  59. I didn't feel love or cared for.
  60. He cared nothing for girl gossip.
  61. I never really cared for the man.
  62. Maybe God knew, maybe even cared.
  63. He clearly still cared about her.
  64. I never much cared for the whole.
  65. No one cared for this poor child.
  66. Each of them cared for the other.
  67. He never cared to explain himself.
  68. You never cared about my feelings.
  69. This stranger cared about my hurt.
  70. I couldn't have cared less which.
  71. Ghosteater cared nothing for honor.
  72. He cared not for dressing of power.
  73. And like he really cared about me.
  74. She’d cared about the Coalition.
  75. It just feels like being cared for.
  76. That was all she really cared about.
  77. Of his approach; but nothing cared.
  78. Wouldn't have cared if it was $250.
  79. He for the world but little cared;.
  80. He cared about people, I could tell.
  81. I never doubted he cared for my son.
  82. Because he knew I cared about you.
  83. Not because I cared about her, but.
  84. Rosemary had never cared for dahlias.
  85. I never cared to change me for them.
  86. More of one than she cared to admit.
  87. Who really cared if I would have a.
  88. She cared deeply about South Africa.
  89. I never really cared about the odds.
  90. I could not have cared less if the.
  91. She’d never cared about the money.
  92. I ran from those who cared about me.
  93. No one who cared enough to miss him.
  94. I cared only about getting more food.
  95. I felt that no man cared for my soul.
  96. Admitting to herself that she cared.
  97. I’d say he genuinely cared for you.
  98. He cared about his work more than me.
  99. Be assured that he is well cared for.
  100. They were neat, tidy, well cared for.
  1. I'm the one who cares.
  2. The one who truly cares.
  3. He deeply cares for you.
  4. I’m the one who cares.
  5. I don't think he cares.
  6. He cares deeply for you.
  7. I guess that nobody cares.
  8. He cares nothing for you.
  9. She cares her loving dear.
  10. That's how much He cares.
  11. He cares about you Carmen.
  12. He cares about his people.
  13. He really cares about you.
  14. Who cares about what the.
  15. Who cares? It is a buffet.
  16. Of course he cares about me.
  17. Who cares? They screwed us.
  18. Anyway, she cares about it.
  19. She just cares about Lydia.
  20. It neither lives nor cares.
  21. A society that cares about.
  22. Who cares about the color?
  23. Who in the world cares for.
  24. Everyone who cares, that is.
  25. But who cares? We’re here.
  26. No one cares what you think.
  27. I think she cares about me.
  28. Who cares? They probably got.
  29. I think the university cares.
  30. He cares what happens to you.
  31. No one cares what comes next.
  32. Live today for present cares.
  33. Who cares what these illit-.
  34. It cares that you have skill.
  35. And guess what? Nobody cares.
  36. That’s all she cares about.
  37. Nobody cares about that down.
  38. I do think she cares about me.
  39. Who cares what they all think.
  40. Cry to someone who cares!.
  41. At least you know she cares.
  42. Who cares who calls the shots.
  43. Who cares? He’s still dead.
  44. Ancient stuff no one cares to.
  45. Rykus still cares about you.
  46. Who cares? Virginity does not.
  47. She had not time for such cares.
  48. Not one of them cares about Bex.
  49. Who cares how it’s spelled.
  50. I felt the burden of these cares.
  51. All she cares about is her cats.
  52. He cares more about being with.
  53. Eve cares a great deal about you.
  54. But no one cares to learn these.
  55. Who cares how many guys she had?
  56. Who cares what they think?
  57. Who cares, the price was right.
  58. He still cares too much about me.
  59. He cares that much for me?
  60. Legend cares naught for quibbles.
  61. But nought for this Tattiana cares.
  62. I don’t think the state cares.
  63. Who cares? We’re at the beach.
  64. And cares not farther to proceed;.
  65. If anyone cares to review the.
  66. Let anyone follow me who cares to.
  67. Beaten and cold, no one who cares.
  68. This kid cares about you—let him.
  69. He could see she cares for him too.
  70. Oh Lizzie, who cares about money.
  71. Who cares about your needs? Nobody.
  72. Ulfric cares entirely about Ulfric.
  73. It’s not like he cares about me.
  74. Who the fuck cares? He took.
  75. No one out here cares what you.
  76. So he cares for you? A lot?
  77. Nobody cares about the bass player.
  78. Who cares?! Punky Gurl 1 says.
  79. I had no idea why, but who cares!.
  80. She do cares about me after all.
  81. And now! Cares also, I expect?
  82. Do you think he cares about me?’.
  83. He cares too much for us to do that.
  84. The only thing Augusta cares about.
  85. She cares about your health, Emily.
  86. Yeah, I got ripped off but who cares.
  87. What it understands, what it cares.
  88. Well, more like raped, but who cares.
  89. Who the fuck cares? Mikey said.
  90. Lots of there there but who cares?
  91. Who cares about their gossip?
  92. Who cares if a few overdose? I don't.
  93. Who cares about some form of hollow.
  94. Remember that nobody cares about you.
  95. All anybody cares about is the trial.
  96. They store it forever; no one cares.
  97. And there are a thousand little cares.
  98. Whatever, it’s not like he cares.
  99. I smile because he cares about me and.
  100. That’s all she cares about, Rubes.

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