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Regard in a sentence | regard example sentences

  1. Now, in that regard I.
  2. In this regard I had to.
  4. She sends you her regard.
  5. No man should regard his.

  6. My advice with regard to.
  7. We do not regard them as.
  8. No regard for the ALMIGHTY.
  9. Regard this man! he said.
  10. Regard their horns as WEAPONS.
  11. Ancient, cold eyes regard her.
  12. She squirmed under his regard.
  13. In this regard Grunfeld says:.
  14. In this regard, the ingestion.
  15. Sacred, so regard the life and.

  16. He wasn’t alone in this regard.
  17. They need no help in that regard.
  18. With regard to what you say, Mr.
  19. Many traders fail in this regard.
  20. While I have a great regard for.
  21. She was sure that the regard was.
  22. Nothing has changed in that regard.
  23. There was no trauma in that regard.
  24. Please regard the room you are.
  25. In that regard, we were both equal.

  27. He had little regard for human life.
  28. Nancy turned to regard her tormentor.
  29. In this regard he sought to expand.
  30. Norin was very useful in that regard.
  31. The Darangi held life in high regard.
  32. Here’s my suggestion in this regard.
  33. They were a lot alike in that regard.
  34. She had eaten with no regard to the.
  35. In regard to amending your application.
  36. I view them so in one regard at least.
  37. No man should regard his vocation as.
  38. Things haven't changed in that regard.
  39. How to regard them is the question….
  40. With regard to the particular minerals.
  41. And it is the same with regard to art.
  42. In regard to subaerial denudation, Mr.
  43. I regard him as the whitest man I know.
  44. They regard heaven as the highest goal.
  45. Not if he has any regard for my opinion.
  46. The priests there all regard me highly.
  47. I attribute my success in this regard.
  48. Most I had no regard for, unless they.
  49. And so it is in regard to the churches.
  50. Uthyr looked at his son with deep regard.
  51. I spun slightly to regard him behind me.
  52. In that regard, don't expect help, soon.
  53. It is the same in regard to governments.
  54. We cannot force our kids in this regard.
  55. But in regard to wisiting Miss Havisham.
  56. There are many hypotheses in this regard.
  57. She feared it was a strengthening regard.
  58. I now regard his throne, his kingly power.
  59. The same is true in regard to governments.
  60. She turned to regard the wagon dubiously.
  61. In that regard, there was some advantage.
  62. At least in this regard I was very lucky.
  63. Well, you clearly had no regard for her.
  64. Hear the confession of Edwards, in regard.
  65. With regard to your PS: The answer is - No.
  66. I do not, however, regard it as incurable.
  67. He paused to regard Travis with cold eyes.
  68. In this regard, advertisers are professors.
  69. We can regard the cosmic hologram and the.
  70. And Judah was the plant that He did regard.
  71. He does not regard them in any other light.
  72. Angrily standing up without regard for her.
  73. Offering, as a token of affection and regard.
  74. Teller did not regard him as inconsequential.
  75. In that regard, most of us are on auto-pilot.
  76. Regard with scorn the sickle and the spade;.
  77. Norris, I am sure you need not regard it.
  78. In that regard, there are things that even.
  79. Lost mail is never a concern in this regard.
  80. The Irish regard themselves and Ireland as.
  81. See, in this regard, Chinese rockets circa.
  82. This exercise is challenging in that regard.
  83. We simply have to trust Paul in this regard.
  84. They often regard Them as a great monastic.
  85. It’s both gentle and loving in this regard.
  86. Souls—it is the same in regard to humans.
  87. I noticed the same in regard to the soldiers.
  88. He has proven that he has no regard for life.
  89. Soul with regard to the unseen world what the.
  90. He will expand his testimony in this regard.
  91. Venn and his preaching, in regard to which it.
  92. We regard as activists those participants in U.
  93. I am by no means assured of his regard for me.
  94. They have no regard for your prized clams or.
  95. In this regard he was able to prove his mettle.
  96. With regard to the ground of being, they were.
  97. Thus the words and actions of the wise regard;.
  98. I wouldn’t want to fall in his regard for me.
  99. Only slowly did he turn to regard Manny Leiber.
  100. It is so the Christian has come to regard the.
  1. Regarding the use of the.
  2. Regarding the law, he said:.
  3. Regarding the injuries to Ms.
  4. Another idea was regarding the.
  5. Regarding The Feast of Trumpets.
  6. And regarding the ‘not being.
  7. Use your judgment regarding his.
  8. His curiosity regarding the boy.
  9. Rules Regarding Retention or Sale.
  10. Elves regarding the human children.
  11. Regarding the purpose of the Law:.
  12. It sets the parameters regarding.
  13. Eugene would speak regarding these.
  14. Regarding this treacherous act of.
  15. She was regarding him thoughtfully.
  16. He gave instruction regarding the.
  17. Regarding Willie's machine, one can.
  18. The best information regarding this.
  19. There was some confusion regarding.
  20. You had a lot of doubts regarding me.
  21. It stood regarding him imperturbably.
  22. Now, regarding the perks of authority.
  23. Regarding this problem man was but -.
  24. I mean, regarding their relationship.
  25. I heard of two rumours regarding bikes.
  26. Note the following passage regarding.
  27. Regarding the situation last night.
  28. Regarding sea hunt, it is always lawful.
  29. Every time I have a question regarding.
  30. Branan regarding the abandoned carriage.
  32. Im here for a job interview regarding.
  33. The ignorance regarding the truth about.
  34. About my intuition regarding where I.
  35. Did he say what it was regarding?
  36. She was regarding him with awestruck eyes.
  37. Your letter regarding title in Case No.
  38. Sam was regarding her with open suspicion.
  39. And regarding that name of Pross, likewise.
  40. But what do you think regarding Brandi?
  41. Nothing was known regarding his condition.
  42. His team was regarding him, utterly aghast.
  43. You will be contacted regarding collection.
  44. Regarding me critically with narrowed eyes.
  45. Regarding Ulysses’ return to Ithaca, the.
  46. Ingeborg sat regarding him with astonishment.
  47. In addition, experiments regarding second-.
  49. They would send an email regarding the java.
  50. Here are two rules of thumb regarding ROIC:.
  51. While he made his statement to me regarding.
  52. Regarding group sizes, clans are the smallest.
  53. I looked up to find him regarding me steadily.
  54. You received other information regarding me.
  55. Regarding the yes campaign, support has been.
  57. Moreover regarding this cunning ploy, she is.
  58. Warnings And Suggestions Regarding The Diving.
  59. You are about to receive bad news regarding me.
  60. So regarding what you have said, and the near.
  61. Whatever my thoughts may have been regarding Mr.
  62. Reports are hit and miss regarding their true.
  63. As evidenced by what Peter says regarding the.
  64. Sam gave Brian all the information regarding Dr.
  65. There is a real problem regarding the container.
  66. The same is true regarding a rich consciousness.
  67. You should be careful regarding the dosage also.
  68. Jim Whiting has a funny memory regarding Sinatra.
  69. Regarding other points which have been reached:.
  70. What does scripture teach us regarding the body?
  71. There is something else to note regarding Stewart.
  72. Here's some ideas regarding the Wrestler's Bridge.
  73. She found no relief from her anxiety regarding Syd.
  74. Detailed descriptions regarding him are found in.
  75. Omes’ instructions regarding the dissection of.
  76. The chief operating concerns regarding activated.
  77. The hype and misinformation regarding home based.
  78. Regarding Heaven the parable of the sower comes to.
  79. Most of us have a misconception regarding ownership.
  80. Spelman regarding the previous evening's encounter.
  81. Apparently, there was a change of plans regarding.
  82. He slowly recomposed his thoughts regarding humans.
  83. You should have relevant literature regarding the.
  84. They differed on one question regarding these hikes.
  85. A living field of study and research regarding love.
  86. There are contradictory claims regarding her beauty.
  87. I am here for a special dispensation regarding the.
  88. Ritko stood quietly regarding the plight of his men.
  89. There are lots of misconceptions regarding back acne.
  90. But, to wander off again regarding one of the above.
  91. Regarding police corruption and apathy, years ago a.
  92. Dorgan was regarding him keenly, but saying nothing.
  93. There is always a big controversy regarding packing.
  94. Plus, he was in enough trouble regarding sex credits.
  95. I plead with him to contact me regarding his safety.
  96. Scribd does have an issue regarding duplicate content.
  97. Information regarding these issues was given in Chap.
  98. With a shrug, she moved closer, regarding him with a.
  99. Any rumours regarding the whereabouts of the Eryx?'.
  100. Christian is left with two choices regarding election.
  1. He regarded it with disdain.
  2. Now he regarded me sheepishly.
  3. Glyn sighed as he regarded her.
  4. London regarded his thick hands.
  5. The two men regarded each other.
  6. The guard regarded it for a moment.
  7. Travis regarded the faces intently.
  8. It is regarded as a temporary job.
  9. He is regarded as the ‘ secret.
  10. The Greek leered and regarded Nadya.
  11. Her brother was regarded as a hero.
  12. Beets can be regarded as body fuel.
  13. He regarded the cat with affection.
  14. Can this be regarded as a trend? I.
  15. Holms regarded me with an amused eye.
  16. It’s regarded as God’s seal on.
  17. He bowed low as Libuse regarded him.
  18. The creature regarded me for a moment.
  19. He stopped and regarded me seriously.
  20. The woman regarded the officer coldly.
  21. Now he regarded David with suspicion.
  22. For centuries, it has been regarded.
  23. Matthew regarded her with serious eyes.
  24. Then she turned and regarded the crowd.
  25. Halfshaft regarded her with curiosity.
  26. Regime and regarded it merely to be a.
  27. His gentle blue eyes regarded her as.
  28. Possibly he regarded him as a fiction.
  29. Mr Garside regarded Peter for a moment.
  30. The work regarded as most pressing by M.
  31. Bud regarded Frank with a baleful stare.
  32. The officer regarded him with suspicion.
  33. The soul is often regarded as a divine.
  34. The thing regarded Bru with disinterest.
  35. Sabrina regarded him with a sudden chill.
  36. Sitting in silence she regarded it long.
  37. He was regarded as one of the greatest.
  38. Smythe regarded Frank with a baleful eye.
  39. Lucifer regarded him with an amused smirk.
  40. The big man regarded him dispassionately.
  41. Your skills are highly regarded and the.
  42. Henry Morgan regarded him for a long time.
  43. He regarded that as one of his strengths.
  44. Jhordel regarded him with a quite reserve.
  45. The critical question regarded provisions.
  46. Torvalds regarded Stallman with bemusement.
  47. She regarded the slain berserker once more.
  48. He certainly regarded her as a close friend.
  49. Jesus regarded the betrayer only with pity.
  50. Angus regarded his new mates as toffy nosed.
  51. Bambridge, were regarded as men of pleasure.
  52. In Nyaya philosophy manas is regarded as a.
  53. She regarded me a moment longer, then nodded.
  54. She again regarded me with a surprised stare.
  55. You are well regarded at the Academy by.
  56. The landlady regarded them for the first time.
  57. He regarded Russia as Poland’s worst enemy.
  58. I had still some prestige that they regarded.
  59. He tilted his head a little and regarded her.
  60. Her eyes flashed as she regarded the visitor.
  61. He would have been regarded as a crazy loon.
  62. Patty regarded Travis as if hesitant to reply.
  63. Wade regarded this young woman disapprovingly.
  64. The prince regarded Lebedeff with astonishment.
  65. Buddhists, and was regarded as a second Buddha.
  66. I never regarded it as the latest importation.
  67. And Hinda Harley, regarded by many as the best.
  68. Caris regarded Cecilia as better than an angel.
  69. The Phoenix is widely regarded as head of all.
  70. The room should be regarded as a temple of God.
  71. He was the rabbi in Israel and highly regarded.
  72. The Oracle regarded me with its cold, dead eyes.
  73. The false memory is regarded as a spin doctor.
  74. Anyone who is too serious is regarded as a nut.
  75. Kirwin regarded me with a troubled countenance.
  76. He obviously regarded the other as an authority.
  77. There was a long silence as he regarded first.
  78. You had respect and were regarded as a hero.
  79. He regarded him with alarm and me with mistrust.
  80. Bright, cobalt eyes regarded her with amusement.
  81. Claire regarded her with a faintly amused smirk.
  82. A word from him was regarded as a signal honour.
  83. She regarded him closely contemplating his answer.
  84. How is he regarded at school? Collins asked.
  85. Professor Edgar Lively regarded the other two men.
  86. Gambino Family was regarded as the most powerful.
  87. He was highly regarded by scientists across the.
  88. His men regarded him with respect and sullen awe.
  89. I regarded her, of course, with special interest.
  90. Your mother is highly regarded and has seniority.
  91. She regarded me with an expression of uncertainty.
  92. The earl no longer regarded him as an untried boy.
  93. Sykes coolly regarded his junior, pursing his lips.
  94. They are also regarded as comfort food and are a.
  95. Most Hobbits regarded even rivers and small boats.
  96. The treatment of slaves, especially as it regarded.
  97. Some in the early 20th century regarded his read-.
  98. Lord who? The captain turned and regarded him.
  99. He regarded his friend long and hard, then nodded.
  100. Octavia regarded him over the edge of her coffee cup.
  1. Give my regards to Max.
  2. Give my regards to Mr.
  3. Give my regards to Blunt.
  4. Give my regards to the cops.
  5. In regards to the former, Dr.
  6. Grave Bloom regards Zoe's neck.
  7. Keep my love and best of regards.
  8. He sends both of you his regards.
  9. Birthday Wishes with Best Regards.
  10. With regards to the Queen’s.
  11. What it had predicted regards him.
  12. Now as regards the second question.
  13. Send him my regards, she said.
  14. I feel the same as regards yourself.
  15. In regards to the social aspects of.
  16. In regards to the altered concept of.
  17. Swell, thanks, he sends his regards.
  18. BLOOM: (Composed, regards her) Passée.
  19. And to begin with, as regards the cook.
  20. Give my regards to Nemia and Hilsith.
  21. Keep my Love and best of regards always.
  22. Everyone at the lab sends their regards.
  23. On such regards of safety and allowance.
  24. Remember Talinn? Regards, an old friend.
  25. But not everyone regards her as a Vishnu.
  26. Now, as regards the accusation of fraud.
  27. Best regards for you… With Love, same.
  28. I bring the regards of Arturo Steele.
  29. So in regards to the equality act, as we.
  30. But this was only as regards HER OWN money.
  31. I will not bore you with regards to the teeth.
  33. So everyone regards me as the cook's wife did.
  34. The question we have to answer in regards to.
  35. Surely it is final as regards the man's death.
  36. Spain that "things are better now" in regards.
  37. She regards it and Bloom with dumb moist lips.
  39. As regards myself, I have only one thing to say.
  40. As regards the house, from avarice, they think.
  42. He regards me for a moment, his eyes speculative.
  44. And give our regards to Harold, Smith added.
  46. By the way, Mary, Tom Crenshaw sends his regards.
  47. In regards to China, they will be there eventually.
  48. When our expectations in regards to how our life.
  49. Best regards to you always and to your dad and mom.
  50. Now as regards for submission of lower to the higher.
  51. I will give my Aunt Henphra your kindest regards, Sir.
  52. Stratavynski my regards and my thanks for the business.
  53. I had some influence in that regards, Tammas said.
  54. I believe in that ideal as it regards others, of course.
  55. Do you want me to give your regards to your cousin?
  56. He regards no man's coat, or purse, or rank, or position.
  57. As regards to why it closes, I will tell you little later.
  58. Now then, my second concern regards a matter that was.
  59. In regards to the average brewed black cup of caffeinated.
  60. As usual give my love and best regards to your mom and dad.
  61. Give them my regards he added and wai’d the couple.
  62. Oh, yes – ‘P’ sends his regards and congratulations.
  63. We talked about this in regards to patriotism and duty( 9).
  64. Oh and one more thing in regards to water vortex travel.
  65. I need to know what is going to happen with regards to Beck.
  66. As regards to variety of Steels, there are several varieties.
  67. As regards Lana’s infidelity, he had only himself to blame.
  68. And in regards to Nathan … my youngest not only adores you.
  69. As regards to LADLE ADDITIONS there can be several variations.
  70. Not less curious, as regards costume, are the Peruvian ladies.
  71. My unfortunate guest regards me with the tenderest compassion.
  72. Junya figured Josue was bullshitting in regards to his stories.
  73. OK, said the voice on the screen, send him my regards.
  74. Southern Africa regards having sex with a baby a cure for HIV.
  75. I’m phoning with regards to a letter you will have received.
  76. As regards to Kgm ,I would take even TOILETS into consideration.
  77. Woodruff was fi lled in with regards to the changing situation.
  78. East section kind of regards it as our patch now; they won’t.
  79. With regards to the ammunition, said Hugh Maclean, an.
  80. One final point must be made in regards to the Two House theory.
  81. And that man knows the truth who regards all action as per-.
  82. Sea and land, relative level of, as regards the tides, xxxi, 335.
  83. That is what our situation truly is with regards to surrendering.
  84. As regards to TENSILE TESTING SAMPLE DESIGN there are variations.
  85. Give my regards to Fred and Joe the next time you see them.
  86. Meanwhile it would seem, as regards the moral question, that his.
  87. The IUCN regards every gibbon species in Indonesia as endangered.
  88. Here are a couple of resources for you in regards to martial arts.
  89. I think of what Aaron told me about the Law of One in regards to.
  90. The righteous man regards the life of his beast, but the tender.
  91. But please give her my regards when you hand her that extra copy.
  92. Arjun regards his knowledge as in no way less than that of Krishn.
  93. I felt sorry for her as I could relate to her with regards to Dena.
  94. A matter of import with regards to the law, answered Godwyn.
  95. Our regards to him, and be careful, Robin said, and rang off.
  96. He sends his regards and apologizes he can’t be here to help you.
  97. Sanjay regards Krishn as a master of yog-one who is a yogi himself.
  98. Currently, we are writing a book on love, in regards to the social.
  99. The steadfast man, who regards sorrow and happiness with equipoise.
  100. As regards the fifty francs, she had given them from a fund which M.

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