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  1. Education can civilize, but it is being born of the Spirit that saves.
  2. Tea, Lenar said, amused by his friends’ determination to civilize each other.
  3. Give me patience to civilize the natives, your children too, whom you have put in my care.
  4. His society sent missionaries there to civilize the people instead of emphasizing the Gospel.
  5. Key sentences that serve a solid source to civilize is kept as a source for cover-up intelligence.

  6. Whites praised Europeans highly for dividing and occupying Africa to subjugate its people in order to civilize them.
  7. Only time can civilize our new community in intellectual and perspective matters; but there are some other conditions which are more immediately in our power to modify, perhaps—let us see:.
  8. The President responded briefly, expressing his hearty sympathy with all efforts to civilize and Christianize the Indians, and his gratification at the progress that has been made, and indicated practical methods to secure the additional legislation desired.
  9. I believe Bowen remained silent as white speakers supported imperialistic missions, and then denounced African Americans in his speech at the SVM convention a few years later, because he was the product of white missionary attempts to civilize blacks in the South.
  10. I cannot be so confident, my dear Glaucon, I said; I am much more certain that they ought to be, and that true education, whatever that may be, will have the greatest tendency to civilize and humanize them in their relations to one another, and to those who are under their protection.
  11. At present one would rather say on the contrary that the action of the state with its cruel methods of punishment, behind the general moral standard of the age, such as prisons, galleys, gibbets, and guillotines, tends rather to brutalize the people than to civilize them, and consequently rather to increase than diminish the number of malefactors.
  12. It appears that the religious sentiment of the country, as represented by those who control and direct its efforts to civilize and Christianize the Indians, is unanimously opposed to a change in the present general policy toward the Indian, in the mode of its administration; and many weighty facts and reasons are brought to the support of this opposition.
  13. And long e ve nings by the fire or, in sum m e rtim e , on the roof of the little house , whe n she told him those storie s a bout the Othe r Pla ce , outside the Re se rva tion: tha t be a utiful, be a utiful Othe r Pla ce , whose m e m ory, a s of a he a ve n, a pa ra dise of goodne ss a nd love line ss, he still ke pt whole a nd inta ct, unde file d by conta ct with the re a lity of this re a l London, the se a ctua l civilize d m e n a nd wom e n.
  14. If there is anything that this costly, cruel conflict should have taught you, it is that the age of imperialism is well past and should go, forever! The ideas and attitudes that went with that imperialism, like the smug and racist belief that it was the white man’s burden to civilize the rest of the world, have been discredited by the way so-called subhuman specimens, as the commander-in-chief of the Singapore garrison described Japanese prisoners he saw in China, outfought European troops during this war.
  15. Christianity Destroys the State—But Which is Most Necessary: Christianity or the State?—There are Some who Assert the Necessity of a State Organization, and Others who Deny it, both Arguing from same First Principles—Neither Contention can be Proved by Abstract Argument—The Question must be Decided by the Stage in the Development of Conscience of Each Man, which will either Prevent or Allow him to Support a Government Organization—Recognition of the Futility and Immorality of Supporting a State Organization Contrary to Christian Principles will Decide the Question for Every Man, in Spite of any Action on Part of the State—Argument of those who Defend the Government, that it is a Form of Social Life, Needed to Protect the Good from the Wicked, till all Nations and all Members of each Nation have Become Christians—The Most Wicked are Always those in Power—The whole History of Humanity is the History of the Forcible Appropriation of Power by the Wicked and their Oppression of the Good—The Recognition by Governments of the Necessity of Opposing Evil by Force is Equivalent to Suicide on their Part—The Abolition of State-violence cannot Increase the Sum Total of Acts of Violence—The Suppression of the Use of Force is not only Possible, but is even Taking Place before Our Eyes—But it will Never be Suppressed by the Violence of Government, but through Men who have Attained Power by Evidence Recognizing its Emptiness and Becoming Better and Less Capable of Using Force—Individual Men and also Whole Nations Pass Through this Process—By this Means Christianity is Diffused Through Consciousness of Men, not only in Spite of Use of Violence by Government, but even Through its Action, and therefore the Suppression is not to be Dreaded, but is Brought About by the National Progress of Life—Objection of those who Defend State Organization that Universal Adoption of Christianity is hardly Likely to be Realized at any Time—The General Adoption of the Truths of Christianity is being Brought About not only by the Gradual and Inward Means, that is, by Knowledge of the Truth, Prophetic Insight, and Recognition of the Emptiness of Power, and Renunciation of it by Individuals, but also by Another External Means, the Acceptance of a New Truth by Whole Masses of Men on a Lower Level of Development Through Simple Confidence in their Leaders—When a Certain Stage in the Diffusion of a Truth has been Reached, a Public Opinion is Created which Impels a Whole Mass of Men, formerly Antagonistic to the New Truth, to Accept it—And therefore all Men may Quickly be Brought to Renounce the use of Violence when once a Christian Public Opinion is Established—The Conviction of Force being Necessary Hinders the Establishment of a Christian Public Opinion—The Use of Violence Leads Men to Distrust the Spiritual Force which is the Only Force by which they Advance—Neither Nations nor Individuals have been really Subjugated by Force, but only by Public Opinion, which no Force can Resist—Savage Nations and Savage Men can only be Subdued by the Diffusion of a Christian Standard among them, while actually Christian Nations in order to Subdue them do all they can to Destroy a Christian Standard—These Fruitless Attempts to Civilize Savages Cannot be Adduced as Proofs that Men Cannot be Subdued by Christianity—Violence by Corrupting Public Opinion, only Hinders the Social Organization from being What it Ought to Be—And by the Use of Violence being Suppressed, a Christian Public Opinion would be Established—Whatever might be the Result of the Suppression of Use of Force, this Unknown Future could not be Worse than the Present Condition, and so there is no Need to Dread it—To Attain Knowledge of the Unknown, and to Move Toward it, is the Essence of Life.

  1. A wife may be a civilizing force; this is well.
  2. The major civilizing force in the world is not.
  3. Libra is the civilizing instinct or urge of the soul.
  4. Only, a civilizing people should remain a manly people.
  5. He is universally lauded by historians as being a civilizing force for good.
  6. It is to incapacitate the civilizing authority of what Freud calls the super ego.
  7. But Bomber’s instincts were more keen than any civilizing voice within him could shout down.
  8. The utter rot called History is not the civilizing of barbaric people being absorbed into a less violent society.
  9. The appropriations are not large enough to supply employés; therefore, no civilizing measures have been introduced here.
  10. Kokopoulos took his civilizing mission evangelically; after all he had been educated at the Lutheran Seminary in Damascus.
  11. The Indian tribes, not under foreign instigations, remain at peace, and receive the civilizing attentions which have proved so beneficial to them.
  12. Only through hard experience has Mankind learned the extent of the compromises necessary to have accomplished this gargantuan effort at civilizing his natural inclinations.
  13. He believed that time in the wilderness provided a lasting curative and civilizing value, and he spent twenty-five years advocating for the PCT, though when he died in 1957 the trail was still only a dream.
  14. The marriage in church was for them a simple allegiance to tradition, to their roots and culture, to an institution that kept Hellenism alive through five-hundred years of Turkish slavery and performed a civilizing function in human society in general.
  15. The commanders of the Civil War, the radical strategists at the core of the Democratic Party, and often a majority of the Supreme Court, have cleverly shaped the civilizing element of toleration into the debilitating requirement of political correctitude.
  16. Much less has there been failure, but victory, if we may take into account the indirect civilizing influences which have accompanied the gospel; the gradual but almost universal extension of the dry-rot of disbelief in their own systems among the heathen, which must be set down in part to the disintegrating action of Christian ideas in Asiatic society.
  17. While we repudiate emphatically the idea that Mohammedanism can be a substitute for Christianity in civilizing Africa, yet it is only just that we should admit that Islam brings with it some influences for good into that benighted land—influences that strongly appeal to the higher instincts and aspirations of the people, and are, therefore, an elevating power.
  18. Now that we are parting perhaps for a long time, I should very much hke to get from you an answer to another question : has it really been impossible for you during these twenty years to affect my mother's traditional ideas—and now my sister's, too—so as to dissipate by your civilizing influence the primitive darkness of her environment 1 Oh, I am not speaking of the purity of her nature.
  19. He is the author of two books on healthcare, mental health, and addiction—Bitter Pills: Inside the Hazardous World of Legal Drugs, and Thing of Beauty: The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia—as well as The New Rabbi, Husbandry, and his recent historical biography Appetite for America: Fred Harvey and the Business of Civilizing the Wild West—One Meal at a Time, which was a New York Times bestseller.
  1. Sharing is what civilized us.
  2. Does that make them civilized?
  3. That's the way with civilized men.
  4. The Idea of civilized Equality….
  5. Good things, in a civilized manner.
  6. Better yet, the place was civilized.
  7. Children are not a civilized priority.
  8. So this is the civilized world?
  9. It becomes a universal civilized value.
  10. Civilized progress is actually regress.
  11. The dynamic defines civilized existence.
  12. But it's a bit more civilized than this.
  13. Civilized human awareness is segmentive.
  14. It poisons every civilized human society.
  15. In today's civilized world, all is noise.
  16. Civilized accumulations are no different.
  17. But civilized laws are not universal laws.
  18. They did not know how civilized they were.
  19. We can truly be civilized, truly be friends.
  20. The civilized world has a lot to answer for.
  21. Because civilized culture is based upon rape.
  22. Civilized morals are the morals of cowardice.
  23. Civilized humans no longer have human values.
  24. But those Holy Crusaders weren’t civilized.
  25. Their insane idea of living a civilized life.
  26. The voice of the civilized world is against.
  27. Civilized bloodsucking, called profit margins.
  28. No civilized hand ever forged that head-piece.
  29. Civilized human understanding is based upon fear.
  30. For her the process had become almost civilized.
  31. Very civilized, until the loud pedal was tweaked.
  32. That is the civilized code of the macho mystique.
  33. No civilized human asks these kinds of questions.
  34. The Five Basic Aspects of Civilized Accumulation.
  35. All civilized societies are terrified of passion.
  36. What do civilized adults play at? Abstract things.
  37. Then will not the citizens be good and civilized?
  38. The Vicious Cycles of Civilized Ease and Hardship.
  39. The jealousy of the barbarians for the civilized.
  40. Could we do this in a more civilized fashion?
  41. Civilized humans are in love with separating things.
  42. Boredom is a condition of civilized human existence.
  43. Why would we? We still lived in a civilized society.
  44. The Indians are to-day where civilized man then was.
  45. He calls himself a civilized man, when he is really.
  46. The Intergalactic Association of Civilized Planets.
  47. A disgusting example of a supposedly civilized human.
  48. Her father, and Shah Amurath, they were civilized men.
  49. This thing still had to end in a civilized manner be-.
  50. Capital punishment has no place in a civilized society.
  51. Once: the inhumanity of decapitation made us civilized.
  52. I guess I’m just not fucking civilized, that’s all.
  53. There is no place for children in civilized societies.
  54. The entire concept of artificial civilized cleanliness.
  55. The fact is: civilized humans do not make things better.
  56. The civilized concept of beauty consists of abstraction.
  57. No other civilized people did that to prisoners of war.
  58. In every civilized society, in every society where the.
  59. It is singing about the evil of all civilized buildings.
  60. That is a universal civilized assumption-value-attitude.
  61. I would expect all civilized young men to know the rules.
  62. Most civilized people regard passion as a form of insanity.
  63. What civilized being wishes to be a burden to others?
  64. In the present state of the greater part of the civilized.
  65. They’re a little more civilized over there, she said.
  66. He had never recognized how noisy the civilized world was.
  67. I only wish it had been handled in a more civilized manner.
  68. They exist as an integral part of any civilized existence.
  69. Yet this simple fact destroys all modern civilized values.
  70. There is almost no loving humor left in civilized societies.
  71. The process is simple, and every civilized human can do it.
  72. This is how most civilized parents treat their own children.
  73. Slave culture is the normality of human civilized existence.
  74. The history of civilized food is a history of drug addiction.
  75. Then the stupidity of Capitulation made us civilized slaves.
  76. The barbarians fared a little better than the civilized races.
  77. The basis of all the lies and corruption of civilized humans.
  78. Yes, we have to live here, and we want a civilized society.
  79. Of late, the culture had failed to develop in a civilized way.
  80. If anything, the wild creatures were acting rather civilized.
  81. And the dark dragons of Serminak are not civilized in any way.
  82. And you wonder why civilized humans do not want to explore it.
  83. Ylippa was the more civilized of the two, but he wasn't around.
  84. Thank God there is at least one civilized man with some back-.
  85. Where can you find that kind of humor in civilized societies?
  86. It is a civilized pimple threatening to burst open at any time.
  87. Yet civilized societies do not even bother to acknowledge this.
  88. All civilized societies hate, and fear any kind of social change.
  89. They had correctly rejected all roman civilized morals and ethics.
  90. Everything a civilized, cultured human says, and why they say it.
  91. Before bead making: we were never actually cultured or civilized.
  92. They are only now actually being used by modern civilized people.
  93. They can move up and down the hierarchies of civilized societies.
  94. Stress is more experienced in primitive culture than the civilized.
  95. Every artifact of civilized existence is a result of that pursuit.
  96. His civilized companion ate more daintily, but just as ravenously.
  97. Then you can decide for yourself just who were the more civilized.
  98. What do civilized people share? They share gluttony with each other.
  99. That is the reason civilized humans build walls between each other.
  100. As far as Im concerned humans are nothing more than civilized apes.

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