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Train in a sentence

A kaboos is a train.
The A train to 125th.
I hear the train horn.
The guy from the train.
He got off the train.
The train began to slow.
I caught the train to.

But when a long train.
The Train Came On Time.
But I can’t train you.
The edges of the train.
He took the train that.
The train began to roll.
So stay on in the train.
The train began to move.
That way you can train.
Schooling is a big train.
I am to board the train.
We could take the train.
It is like a train that.
She had a train to catch.
I wondered if the train.
The train rested at the.
In their train came two.
Some crap on the train.
The train kept on coming.
The train was running late.
This train would take me.
The train started up again.
He was already on a train.
And the train came to life.
Did you train for it?
But the train is faster.
If Keever was on the train.
I would have to train my.
The train was nearly empty.
I’ve seen the train, Zoe.
Back on the train to Heaven.
I was outside of the train.
We have to bomb that train.
There is too much training.
The guy had SWAT training.
I have years of training.
I think of all my training.
My training also ramped up.
I say she keeps training.
The last year of training.
He was training me to have.
That is not training though.
Training the mind to write.
Even those who had training.
Training in relaxation as a.
Our training continued at a.
There are no better training.
Call it, on the job training.
There was no formal training.
You have to start training.
I’m a scientist by training.
Her training began to kick in.
Hard training came to nothing.
In fact that was his training.
That meant even more training.
Kyrin, this is for training.
In training, she had resisted.
At the moment we are training.
Our journey is in the training.
This is only a training ground.
This training has two stages: 1.
The faulty training led us to.
It told us about your training.
The level of training achieved.
M: There is no need of training.
We’ll give you the training.
I went on a training course once.
Faye Anne has been training her.
Get Training and Acquire Skills.
The grey training suit she was.
But Conrad’s training paid off.
Yes, well, she needs training.
I was trained for war.
If we have trained in.
They can be trained to.
If you become a trained.
His eyes trained on hers.
She is trained as well.
I have a well trained and.
A Meisner trained actor, J.
We were trained as MASTERS.
The girl had been trained.
Tony had trained as a sniper.
She has been trained to war.
Their eyes were trained on.
They will need trained help.
His eyes were trained on me.
Women have been trained to.
I trained with this stuff.
She kept her gaze trained on.
All eyes were trained on the.
You have them well trained.
I trained these guys, after all.
Nobody can touch a trained man.
Blondie and I trained on these.
I’m a trained field agent.
That brute was a trained killer.
Only a trained eye can see them.
They are then not trained, but.
He trained an amused grin on her.
Adros had trained X’ander well.
They are not trained to protect.
The highly trained staff serves.
Paul was a Jew trained in Greece.
Sam, I am a trained murderer.
His crews were minimally trained.
As lawyers we are trained to be.
I trained my dogs in these woods.
Claire trained the gun at his head.
The counsellor is trained to get.
She has trained in Carnatic music.
The Trains of The Sky.
I became terrified of trains.
And the romance of trains! Red.
So it was with all trains, ever.
It’s a funny thing about trains.
He also trains me in martial arts.
Give me a few late trains any day.
Dog Trains of the Northwest, 391.
The pulse trains are too regular.
Trains and aircraft crashed, ships.
I mean we have cars and trains and.
These wild men had no supply trains.
Twelve bombs on trains in the capital.
I think trains are part of his ritual.
Trains and stations always fascinate me.
It trains them how to use tools instead.
There are no trains to Brest-Litovsk.
This is the riding on trains song.
Even as he sleeps, the trains are moving.
A few of the trains slipped past Hiroshima.
The trains pass overhead excitedly toward.
Separate trains bringing what? he wondered.
A mother typically trains her daughter in.
It trains them to use their brains as tools.
Trains were overcrowded, smelly, often slow.
The trains to Vancouver left every half hour.
Mail bags to the forward cars of these trains.
People must not jump on and off these trains.
Trains have a special significance for him.
The roads are closed and the trains are out.
At first, I used to put it down to the trains.
There are no direct trains to Paris from here.
There were no trains going to Weirwold Skyron.
Chang said, There are other trains out of OC.
There were no passenger trains in this station.
There have been five trains before us today.
Sleeping carriages are available on the trains.
The fleet was in town, the trains full of sailors.
But it works with these trains in the sky as well.
She’ll beat most o’ the trains on this road.

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