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Clearly in a sentence

He was clearly in a.
This is clearly a lie.
He saw her clearly now.
The man was clearly gay.
I can see him clearly.
He has clearly said the.
He clearly heard his name.

Clearly the guy knew cars.
Why not? Clearly it was.
Zoe could clearly see it.
Clearly none of them had.
You can clearly see the.
But this was clearly not.
Clearly he was doing his.
It also clearly tells us.
This clearly says not to.
I do not clearly remember.
We would clearly look at.
I could not think clearly.
Now I could see it clearly.
To see the picture clearly.
We both noticed it clearly.
STOP clearly with red shift.
Clearly she was the boss!.
Clearly I had offended her.
The lines are clearly drawn.
Clearly this was a price-.
This was clearly more than.
This was clearly a kingly.
Think clearly at all times.
Clearly men are not trees.
His mood was clearly raised.
It was clearly intended to.
The men were clearly worried.
Robbie was clearly a psycho.
Gladys was clearly in charge.
We can clearly discern the.
Even then, she clearly saw.
I was able to think clearly.
His eyes shone clearly and.

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