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Just in a sentence

He was just a baby.
I just made this up.
Not just part of it.
I just stared at him.
I just love this game.
Not just as a friend.
We just call him KID.

But it could just as.
It is just after nine.
I just have a feeling.
JJ just stared at her.
Was it just a dream?
So Peter did just that.
I was just trying to.
He wasn't just any kid.
This is just the main.
Just the same old Roman.
Maybe he was just sick.
I just had a feeling.
You just ran that one.
Alan just looked at her.
It was just after the.
He just couldn't do it.
Just this one trunk is.
I just hope Roman shows.
Just remember to do it.
Just then a call came in.
Just as long as nofolk.
I just knew it was true.
They might just do this.
They all just have the.
Just try she needs any.
It wasn't just the flag.
I got his call just now.
Sunday we're just a pub.
Just what I didn't need.
Great, just what I need.
I’ll just see if the.
Just keep an eye on him.
She melted just a little.

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