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Fracture in a sentence

Fracture of the neck.
Fracture of the skull.
Fracture of the spine.
compound fracture to his leg.
(See Fracture of the skull).
See this fracture here?.
small fracture on the inner hull.

Fracture down the difficulty into.
Did I really fracture his jaw?.
X rays have found a bone fracture there.
I now have a scaphoid fracture and a limp.
Evidently, we had not yet reached the main fracture.
The metal sealed the fracture and the alarm went away.
Looking at the fracture, I see that it’s pretty tiny.
a trace of the fracture that Doctor Crusher had mended.
a fracture has occurred in the bed-rock but awnings have.
fracture to the edge of the plaza where the wall was split,.
confirmed as he saw the fracture highlighted in the beam of.
If in doubt whether a sprain or a break, treat as a fracture.
· What Zombies Fear: Fracture (2012) - 4th in the WZF Series.
He will fracture and change to landscape, to the Pope, maybe,.
The X rays had shown a fractured zygoma and a blowout fracture.
She felt his nose and cheekbone fracture under the blunt impact.
When Seven awoke, Brent had set his fracture and splinted his leg.
You have to reduce the risk of fracture by preventing bumps and falls.
He wound up in the hospital with a minor hip fracture and a shattered thumb.
He took out his soldering tool and pour liquid metal into the small fracture.
with the way it echoed, but in truth, it was the result of a fracture, plated.
3) Radiography : When you have a fracture in your arm, the radiographer takes.
A close relationship with a human gone wrong can fracture our mind, turn us mad.
fracturing the rear axle.
Without fracturing what we have found.
the whole self, free of the fracturing and of the hurt.
A direct hit to the nose can lead to it fracturing and bleeding.
Two tons of coal poured down on top of him, fracturing his skull.
There have been too many problems with hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracking.
He becomes entangled and falls, dropping his doughnuts and fracturing his shin.
As her guardian had rescued her from the corner, she had sensed the fracturing of.
primates was responsible for the fracturing of the psyche, which allowed for true.
Many had predicted the ISI fracturing even further with such a weak hand at the helm.
Then she thrust her pelvis into his as her grip on his hand began fracturing his right hand.
He could find no coherent pattern to the level of fracturing; no mathematical formula fitted.
Max fell backwards, his skull fracturing on the unyielding floor, with Carla partly under him.
This sort of fracturing can yield fragments so specific that it is ultimately useless to consider them as.
22-caliber rifle, but the shot ricocheted off a rock near the hole and hit pal Vi Olated in the head, fracturing her skull.
You can’t conclude otherwise when the corporations refuse to reveal what chemicals are used in the process of induced hydraulic fracturing.
There had been sharp dissension among the early settlers over the use of technology that had led to a fracturing of loyalties, which had ultimately led to war.
Watanabe beat POWs every day, fracturing their windpipes, rupturing their eardrums, shattering their teeth, tearing one man’s ear half off, leaving men unconscious.
And for what? Practical applications of chaos theory in patterns manifested in semi-random ceramic fracturing, the asshole Mike Childers had the audacity to tell you.
Sure, he knew there was temporal fracturing: pockets of time existing in a kind of uncertainty state, bits of the future and past breaking through, much like general quantum uncertainty but on a macro scale.
When a stone wall is hit by a projectile the stone will shatter on impact and cause fracturing deeper into the wall structure, which can endanger the integrity of the whole wall from just a single direct hit.
No, this fire is spirit saturated by the illusory blue not falling; only light, its schism fracturing through shadows, intermingling the integration with an audience of brilliant kin billions of years ancient.
There were, in the beginning, only one source or type of life, throughout the ages there have been many splits or fracturing of existence and therefore many have evolved in different ways from those who were originally directly part of their life group.
His slitted eyes were aglow with morbid anticipation as his erstwhile tormentor pushed his hand under his nose and with the admonition, ―Squeeze,‖ pressed against the two fingers fracturing the ampule with a tiny tinkling sound that would have been a thunderclap to Gypsy Jack Pappadoupoulis—had he known.
And the sky is fractured.
emotions fractured and separated.
Metal walls splintered and fractured.
Life into this fractured temple form.
Fractured wood crunched with each step.
We are a fractured culture with no real.
the Zhou Dynasty fractured and lost power.
They found she had fractured her right hip.
The foggy darkness fractured her shrill cry.
The show-window had suddenly been fractured.
The limbs were disrupted but not fractured.
WILD, fractured dreams had awoken me repeatedly.
and fractured spines, for twenty years; the man.
‘His skull was fractured and he died instantly.
"He could not have fractured his skull in a fall?".
removing my hat, found that I had a fractured skull.
lamps shuddered, then fractured into distorted shards.
Libby shook her head, then gave a fractured gasp when.
inclusion amid the chaos of a fractured and hostile world.
She crashed to the ground, and suffered a fractured wrist.
The bad news had only continued for the fractured country.
He hurt all over, something had to be fractured he thought.
split second before her lips parted to release a fractured.
Child abuse is often not manifested in fractured or broken.
There had been less resting on that, we were less fractured.
The fractures of the realms.
fractures, death to the animals.
How about the old rib fractures?.
severe bone fractures and ligament tears.
tended fractures around his face and skul.
able to see multiple old fractures in her bones.
Star fractures cobwebbed across the windshield.
compound fractures but none of that mattered now.
and lateral fractures of the left fourth and fifth.
sources for the prevention of osteoporotic fractures.
She has multiple fractures, but nothing out of place.
Between four and six old fractures is what my doctor.
the surface of the body (laceration, compound fractures) were.
Most days we treated cuts, fractures and other similar ailments.
images of the old fractures in my pelvis and hips, though, ended.
In Extremis, these fractures or splits are one of the reasons for.
behind the spider web fractures, lined up shoulder to shoulder on.
In-laws start stress fractures and half of all marriages break down.
rather like potatoes, riddled with craters and fractures, 19 km long and.
And the Table fractures and breaks due to thanklessness and self-interest.
bone fractures, although short-term consumption of carbonated beverages has not.
An MRI of the brain and spine showed no fractures or internal signs of trauma—.
would force water through the fractures, eroding the dams integrity within minutes.
rate of falls and subsequent fractures than did women given the same amount of calcium.
But fractures were beginning to show, and tempers were fraying more than they had before.
osteoporotic fractures compared with those eating significantly higher levels of zinc in.
A number of skeletons were discovered to have fractures in the tops of their skulls.
I do miss our old place—all the bumps and ridges and hairline fractures left by the decades.
Their health is often affected by liver and stomach aches, by circulatory problems, by fractures.
Manish was suffering from lower body paralysis and multiple fractures with a minor head injury too.
Fractures which neither penetrate the skin nor are exposed to the air are known as closed fractures.

Synonyms for fracture

crack cracking fracture break fault faulting shift