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Communion in a sentence | communion example sentences

  1. He wants to have communion.
  3. They drank, a communion of sorts.
  4. It was the communion she wanted.
  5. Then the Holy Communion followed.

  6. Well, and has he had communion?
  7. Prayer is our communion with God.
  8. Christ, and our communion with Him.
  9. From this communion comes the garden.
  10. We had our First Communion yesterday.
  11. This is what is known today as communion.
  12. Sammy took the wallet like it was communion.
  13. That year he would make his First Communion.
  14. M: Because there was no communion between us.
  15. Making love? It's a communion with a woman.

  16. The loss of love is the death of communion.
  17. Carey was his name, the communion every morning.
  18. It says: the communion of the Holy Spirit.
  19. But we’ve held communion and the Requiem Mass.
  20. In This Communion of Saints My Faith is Placed.
  21. Do you believe in the communion of saints?
  22. The heart is communion, a willing of embracing.
  23. Priest with the communion corpus for those women.
  24. Some believe that when we have Holy Communion we.
  25. After the six o'clock mass we went up to communion.

  26. A table is more than consumption, it is communion.
  27. The communion also used the metaphoric language of.
  28. In the state of grace in time for Communion on Sunday.
  29. Thus the communion and transformation becomes possible.
  30. Love prepares the aspirant for the merger and communion.
  31. He had a precious season of prayer and communion with the.
  32. When you have communion, this is what you’re celebrating.
  33. Each moment is an immense opportunity of communion with God.
  34. Moksha or freedom through communion with God or the Infinite.
  35. Last Sabbath we had an unusually interesting communion season.
  36. We also call it Fana, Samadhi, Nirvana or Communion with God.
  37. We have communion - we celebrate we’re in covenant with God.
  38. This church made the Puritans look like the Communion of Saints.
  39. God has created all of us to come into close communion with Him.
  40. Sarah’s First Communion was the next main event on the calendar.
  41. In Tróitsa she went to communion and confessed to Father Paísi.
  42. Through communion with Fjur, I can control all of his elements.
  43. The next event of the year was Bernadette’s first holy communion.
  44. There is communication and communion, integration and transcendence.
  45. Thomas, and during the singing of two special anthems for communion.
  46. After taking the communion, the service of extreme unction followed.
  47. The first Friday in May he received communion, tortured by curiosity.
  48. He must have spent much time in meditation and communion with the god.
  49. And see, a communion happens - not only communication, but a communion.
  50. He is in communion with God, and every other bond, friendship and love.
  51. There was no new teaching on this occasion, just visiting and communion.
  52. He confessed, and received communion: everyone came to take leave of him.
  53. In the communion of saints, at all times, and from eternity to eternity.
  54. This is exactly what you must do when you partake of the Holy Communion.
  55. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic church, the communion of.
  56. Prayer will lead the mortals of earth up to the communion of true worship.
  57. There are two ways to deal with this distance: communion and communication.
  58. One day, while taking communion, she prayed for forgiveness of father sins.
  59. It is so easy to make excuses about why this communion during the middle of.
  60. Without this sublime experience there can be no Samadhi or communion with God.
  61. Leaving the Preceptor to his communion with the stars, he quietly slipped away.
  62. The secret of all this problem is wrapped up in spiritual communion, in worship.
  63. In doing this during the Passover feast, He tied the celebration of Communion to.
  64. He fasted meticulously and never missed the Holy Communion though, there again, he.
  65. We require a richer and fuller communion; and we find it in the historic revelation.
  66. His grip slowly loosened as he searched out her hand for a lesser kind of communion.
  67. He slept very little that night, being in close communion with the Father in heaven.
  68. Because she had married a non-Catholic, the sacrament of Communion was now denied her.
  69. It has a losing strategy, because it seeks a common-promise of face to face communion.
  70. He’d come here back in middle school to see Mickey Sullivan make his first communion.
  71. Notwithstanding whatever had just gone down, he could not bring himself to do communion.
  72. As I partaker of the communion, I declare that this is the body and the blood of Jesus.
  73. So this gives a whole new dimension on communion which I can’t cover, but here it is.
  74. Five were received to the First Congregational Church in Oakland at its last communion.
  75. For a photo, the best they could do was her in a white dress for her first Holy Communion.
  76. He envied them that, for he could find no solace in prayer, or in communion with deities.
  77. It is a sensual communion, not a hormonal drive; a willed love, not an uncontrolled lust.
  78. The fifth stage of communication, the total communion concept is not achieved very.
  79. What, indeed, when such sweet means of communion existed, was the good of a lot of talk?
  80. It was soon discovered that Father Antonio Isabel was preparing him for his first communion.
  81. The Open Table – sharing food, health, life in communion with all – is Love's revolution.
  82. We were present at a communion service in which there was nothing calculated to draw a smile.
  83. He kissed her cheeks as though the truth had broken open in him a powerful chaste communion.
  84. To go fasting to an early morning communion is likely to cause the death of delicate persons.
  85. To attain communion with God you have to first be disconnected from all gross mental activity.
  86. Rather it exhorts us to be in communion with Jesus Christ and to follow and obey His commands.
  87. It was communion mixed with rapture and he complied with her every request as if he were drunk.
  88. After they confirmed their consent, they entered the church for the wedding mass and communion.
  89. The country people were in the habit of going to communion in the first and in the fourth week.
  90. They indispose the heart for private prayer, and Scripture-reading, and calm communion with God.
  91. Does any clergyman literally obey all the rubrics of the Communion Service in the Prayer Book?
  92. Through that communion and fellowship, one’s human timing is aligned with that of the Infinite.
  93. To live harmlessly, I will seek communion with all of life to find my place in the Eartheart flow.
  94. He, who sees the world in the normal waking state, loses it in that form in ecstasy of communion.
  95. So I would like to clarify the differences and explain how to use them when taking the communion.
  96. Sex is a function of reproduction, a method of delivery, and the communion of life giving bodies.
  97. You look as though you were afraid that I am such a sinner that I could not receive the communion.
  98. Last Saturday was our day for preparatory meeting, the following Sabbath being the day of Communion.
  99. Now I'll just give you one last thing just to finish up, then we'll just have our time of Communion.
  100. He experienced a sort of communion, as he never had previously with anything consisting of newsprint.

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