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Fellowship in a sentence

She used to fellowship with.
I’m in the fellowship hall.
The Breaking of the Fellowship.
Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring.
Campmeeting and the Men's Fellowship.
That is moment of fellowship with Him.
This was fellowship without speaking.

He had not been admitted to fellowship.
Spiritual fellowship with God the Father.
That fears his fellowship, to die with us.
Chapter 10 The Breaking of the Fellowship.
Increased ministry means increased fellowship.
Founder of Self-Realization Fellowship in the U.
What is called for, rather, is the fellowship.
The fellowship of His cross is a powerful thing.
Chapter 11 Campmeeting and the Men's Fellowship.
Sometimes, the fellowship AFTER the meetings are.
When we have fellowship with our brethren, we can.
Have regular fellowship and friendship with other.
We have to know is better to have fellowship with.
But, he says, you are judges within the fellowship.
You cannot have fellowship with God whether during.
That is, fellowship in His obedience and suffering.
It was a fellowship of living as well as of worship.
Our fellowship with other believers shows the love we.
It is Essential to Worship God together in Fellowship.
Gentiles should share in its cheer and fellowship (Isa.
You are to proclaim the baptism of fellowship with God.
God; words that are gratifying; fellowship in the spirit.
Hopefully, we would share two full days in good fellowship.
God, to fellowship with God, a fire that we can never quench.
Unless this fabled fellowship is just around the corner?’.
Fellowship with those who believe in the things precious to you.
One is to compromise truth itself in order to maintain fellowship.
In April 2006, the 23rd Conference of the World Fellowship of Bud-.
All ladies are invited to lunch in the Fellowship Hall after the B.
We have had our sins washed away and have come to have fellowship.
The monogamic fellowship normally encourages the coming of the child.
Regardless of my dizziness, I tried to still have fellowship with God.
But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

Second, my fellowships at church on Sabbath were uniquely special to me.
Though servant leaders are submitted to, there is no one brother over all fellowships controlling them.
Acceptances from Chicago and Berkley and a rejection from Stanford, but no news yet on assistantships or fellowships.
They began to go down from the Holy Mountain one after another and to mix with the children of Cain in foul fellowships.
They began to go down from the Holy Mountain one after another, and to mix with the children of Cain, in foul fellowships.
We can follow their example by starting small fellowships under the Headship of Jesus Christ in the same way as our Iranian brothers and sisters.
Apart from some growth in small independent and/or charismatic fellowships, there is almost nothing but retrenchment in churches throughout Scotland.
The Foundation makes grants primarily for graduate fellowships, educational programs serving children and youth, marine and tropical ecology, scientific research and human services.
Bibles in the rural underground Church in China are scarce at times, and it is common that fellowships have handwritten copies of verses and Epistles similar to the early Church days.
After reading their statement of faith, there was an immediate burden to make this statement of faith available to Gospel Fellowships and to any other house Churches or groups that would like to identify with the statement.

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