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Accord in a sentence

Which is not in accord.
Are indeed of one accord.
It is in accord with Her.
He came of his own accord.
The Dragons nodded in accord.
Voices rose in general accord.
They were no longer in accord.

I did not do it of my own accord.
The ox stopped of its own accord.
I will offer you a further accord.
In a common accord the two British S.
This time he paused of his own accord.
As if they did it of their own accord.
The fruit will come of its own accord.
Are we in accord? The four men.
A beat later his brother nodded accord.
Wade opened the subject of his own accord.
My house was in accord with my Holy Lord;.
I came of my own accord, she protested.
To find the answer, we should be in accord.
Be in accord with time in an appropriate way.
Asia will not be affected by the Kyoto Accord.
The door of the hut slid open of its own accord.
His area of responsibility was the Kyoto Accord.
A sound escaped Caesar's mouth of its own accord.
Science and superstition were in accord, in horror.
She had invited me the first time of her own accord.
She had, of her own accord, added to the Bishop's.
Did she bring you with her of her own accord?
I am delighted to be able to accord you your prayer.
A scream of its own accord ripped through the house.
A car pulled into the driveway, a Honda Accord sedan.
CITES is an international accord between governments.
Did she not, then, adopt you of her own accord?
The Rotham-Imperial Peace Accord is fragile as it is.
Rook pulled at the reins and started of his own accord.
I crouched behind a parked Honda Accord, clasping my gun.
They are all in full accord with me on this water matter.
It was a grass-roots movement that grew of its own accord.
All present were in accord, and Ronan proposed that every.
According to my mom, my.
But according to the Jew.
The Exodus According to G.
But according to Park, Jr.
According to them, it was.
According to order and rank.
Each pays according to his.
According to the number of.
According to his theory of.
According to the story, an.
Its here, according to plan.
According to the SNIU agent.
According to Cameron, it was.
And according to the info Mrs.
So, according to Krishn, the.
According to LAV there are 135.
According to a League of Pro-.
According to her the poorest.
According to his view of the.
He was made according to cer-.
It the Gospels according to St.
According to Stanton Peele, Ph.
Then according to his rank an.
Drunk, according to the coroner.
You motivate them according to.
According to Zinn, every other.
We act according to what we are.
I dressed according to the times.
Cook the spinach according to pkg.
He sees you according to destiny.
According to It, too, the whole.
According to these statistics, 56.
As we have just seen, according.
According to the logic of these.
That is, according to the Manual.
According to this mild-mannered.
According to the Maagan Shelter.
And according to the mind,.
Then, he was accorded a.
Maharaj accorded great hospitality and respect.
On Monday, the ministers very kindly accorded us a hearing.
First, I wished to see whether her appearance accorded with Mrs.
Holiness had so gracefully accorded to him; he also added that Shri.
The wisdom that Krishn has accorded is the truth; it marks the sphere.
Remedies for both skin types are accorded with different kinds of medications.
The farmers held their Lord in high regard, and he accorded them great respect.
The unique classification of BIGOT was accorded to any documents on the subject.
On September 15, 1989, my father was accorded another major honor by Ithaca College.
In the few states where unmarried women are accorded these rights, courts have first.
Amaravati’s royal court they were duly accorded a formal hearing before public jurors.
What is now so freely accorded to approved courage, may be refused to useless obstinacy.
They had lived in several exotic places where life is accorded less value than it is here.
On Saturday, the 18th, Governor Maxwell arrived, and he was accorded a full official reception.
They did have some doubts and accorded him especially rough treatment on the way to their camp.
Anna Pávlovna greeted him with the nod she accorded to the lowest hierarchy in her drawing room.
Before final approval can be accorded, it will be necessary to clear the title back to its origin.
Tanit was regarded as the patroness goddess of the city and was accorded special favor by her citizens.
Meldrum, "The Develpoment of the Atomic Theory: (6) The Reception Accorded to the Theory Advocated by Dalton".
I’m profoundly grateful and touched by the great compliment accorded to me by the authorities of WSU today.
The crowd, including the senior NCOs, broke into cheers and whistles that even Bob Hope had never been accorded.
Great respect was accorded the invisible essence in the ritual sacrifice of eating the animal’s physical remains.
Smiling with a protecting air, the young lady accorded me her hand, and the tall young man was left without a partner.
The Took family was still, indeed, accorded a special respect, for it remained both numerous and exceedingly wealthy, and.
As compensation they were accorded excellent salaries and other benefits which would ensure their allegiance to the company.
Its somber ugliness accorded ill with the brightness of her hair, and somehow her hair seemed to turn mourning into a mockery.
We will tell them that they may send a representative through our mine at any time, and that he will be accorded every courtesy.
We note first the painful contrast between the treatment accorded to the White Motor managerial employees and to its stockholders.
They were staying at the same hotel, a very modest one, which, to Somerset’s mind, ill accorded with the princess’ pretensions.
At the auspicious time, Ranga Reddy was accorded the honor to unveil the name-plate, symbolizing the inauguration of the enterprise.
The stock was trading at 219 times Cisco’s net income, one of the highest price/earnings ratios ever accorded to a large company.
An hour before the end came she made her final confession, received the Sacrament with quiet joy, and was accorded extreme unction.
To whom is this accorded? There must be elections for this in heaven; we are all candidates, unknown to ourselves; the angels vote.
The moment this permission was accorded, the countenance of Uncas changed from its grave composure to a gleam of intelligence and joy.
In the first place, the disfavor accorded to unseasoned securities in the market is not merely a subjective matter, due to lack of knowledge.
Throughout the early days of the Christian church women teachers and ministers were called deaconesses and were accorded general recognition.
Without seeming to hesitate, he walked into the lodge, and took his seat with a gravity that accorded admirably with the deportment of his hosts.
The possessors of such wealth should be accorded the major voice in the determination of the wise and effective distribution of such unearned resources.
As I was approaching Dejah Thoris' chariot I passed Sarkoja, and the black, venomous look she accorded me was the sweetest balm I had felt for many hours.
This finding accords.
It accords with the square-cube.
This view accords admirably well with our theory.
The payment of four sheep for the one stolen accords with.
Finally, I will propose the basis of a philosophy that accords.
Kubrick is expressing an idea here that accords with Sowell's[16].
Is anyone paying attention to the Kyoto accords? How does one NOT.
And shall shine more brightly than accords with the order of light.
This observation accords well with metaphysical evidence The super.
For Palestinians, the Camp David accords did little beyond promise to keep talking.
Israel signed the Camp Davids peace accords, ending a long state of war with Egypt.
The Camp Davis Accords may have saved as many as 100,000 lives from future Mideast wars.
That interpretation is correct which best accords with the common sense and understanding of mankind.
Nevertheless the Scripture accords with Nature most completely in its assertion of the law of Heredity.
The Oslo Accords were followed by a second agreement called ‘Oslo B’ and the Gaza–Jericho agreement.
The Oslo Accords and the Camp David Summit were both trumpeted as great opportunities, and both ultimately failed.
Thus, the body of the Quran in its instructional mode accords Islam a code of conduct sans philosophy of discourse.
However, it did have a definite end for the United States with the Paris Peace Accords, which were signed on January 27, 1973.
This is very doubtful and accords too much with the Catholic superstition that Mary never had any other children except our Savior.
To this sense of Arab self-righteousness to plunder, the Quran accords it the religious sanction through the verses of ‘Spoils of War’.
Forbes, Pictet, and Woodward (though all strongly opposed to such views as I maintain) admit its truth; and the rule strictly accords with the theory.
It may be that the game has been partly suggested to him by Holroyd; but it accords with his character, too; and that is why it has been so successful.
Thus, as it seems to me, the manner in which single species and whole groups of species become extinct accords well with the theory of natural selection.
They’d have signed them too, only US President Bill Clinton didn’t want to miss a photo opportunity, so he invited them to sign the Oslo Accords in Washington.
But with organic beings the case is different, and the view above given accords with their natural arrangement in group under group; and no other explanation has ever been attempted.
Under these circumstances what ought I to do? I must either vote against every expedient which falls short of what I deem the most proper course, or assent to that which accords most with what I think right.
In order to gain possession of power, and to retain it, one must have a love for it, and the love of power is incompatible with goodness; it accords with the opposite qualities of pride, duplicity, and cruelty.
This and the presence of the MIG23's certainly worried the South Africans but the invasion never happened as the peace accords was signed before a pre-emptive strike (the predictable South African response) could be launched.
As the British have always denied that they detained on board their ships of war American citizens, knowing them to be such, I send you the enclosed, as a public document of their own, to prove how illy such an assertion accords with their practice.
Thus, while Islam gives its poor males a sense of invincibility within their homes, in spite of their vulnerability in the society around, it accords its privileged men the ‘license of levity’ for an unabated indulgence in the ways of the flesh.
For example Kissinger in Vietnam, Milosevic in the Bosnia Herzegovina talks at Dayton, Alastair Darling in the general financial meltdown of 2008; and of course all the US, Palestinian and Israeli negotiators in the disintegration of the Oslo Accords and the Camp David Summit.
To my mind it accords better with what we know of the laws impressed on matter by the Creator, that the production and extinction of the past and present inhabitants of the world should have been due to secondary causes, like those determining the birth and death of the individual.
Oh, how that affords such the emotional fulfillment associated with original writing and the ego gratification that applause accords! And in spite of the media hype to the hilt, I'm not sure if all the writer-celebrities derive the emotional fulfillment associated with creative writing.
It accords with the widely extended principle of specialisation, that the glands over a certain space of the sack should have become more highly developed than the remainder; and they would then have formed a breast, but at first without a nipple, as we see in the Ornithorhyncus, at the base of the mammalian series.
He had not gone far, when out of a thicket on his right there seemed to come feeble cries as of some one in distress, and the instant he heard them he exclaimed, Thanks be to heaven for the favour it accords me, that it so soon offers me an opportunity of fulfilling the obligation I have undertaken, and gathering the fruit of my ambition.
More, however, is made of appearances by this class of persons than by the others; for they throw in the good opinion of the gods, and will tell you of a shower of benefits which the heavens, as they say, rain upon the pious; and this accords with the testimony of the noble Hesiod and Homer, the first of whom says, that the gods make the oaks of the just--.
No evidence of the existence of the bell is found in the records of the Abbey; and on the subject of its wanton removal, the sagacious engineer of the Northern Lights say, It in no measure accords with the respect and veneration entertained by seamen of all classes for landmarks; more especially as there seems to be no difficulty in accounting for the disappearance of such an apparatus, unprotected, as it must have been, from the raging element of the sea.

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