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Impression in a sentence

So 1st impression.
impression of the key.
I had the impression.
the impression they did.
That was my impression.
impression on the master.
That impression is true.

I got the impression Mr.
The impression vision I.
He had made an impression.
the wrong impression there.
As this impression spreads.
The impression seemed to.
would be a wrong impression.
My impression was that the.
I had the impression that.
The impression was mediocre.
'That was my impression also.
impression she was near tears.
the impression of desperation.
Yeah, I got that impression.
Let it make an impression on.
You can convey this impression.
impression than rain on glass.
governing the whole impression.
What was your impression?.
This is about first impression.
I was under the impression.

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Synonyms for impression

impression effect belief feeling notion opinion picture printing stamp depression imprint