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Conk in a sentence

and conk out.
see the baby, then conk out on the stupid chair/cot.
I heard the engine conk off for good at the same moment I saw the aircraft.
Maybe I can show you where the thing breaks down, and maybe we can steer clear of some of the things that conk us.
Maimonides says, 'Heretics have no share in the to conk, but they are cut off, destroyed, and condemned forever and ever.
At lunchtime, on the pretense of going to shoot hoops, I’d head over to the Promenade and drink vodka out of a deli cup, then come home and lock myself in my room and conk out until my little sister banged on the door.

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Synonyms for conk

conk faint swoon choke croak decease die exit expire go pass perish stall