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Croak in a sentence

Croak told me.
he managed to croak.
He let go of Croak.
All I could croak was, Water.
One of them begins with a croak.
Croak made another ballistic lunge.
And I hope Aunt March won't croak.

The croak would be almost identical.
I dont want to croak during the night.
Where am I? It came out as a croak.
Yeah, he muttered, a scratchy croak.
The crow's ill-boding croak, the hollow moan.
"Nancy?" was the croak that came from her throat.
"Rebecca?" Her anguished croak made it to my ears.
croak out, though they could barely hear the words.
I think we choose which bank we’re on, Croak.
My voice is a croak and even I don’t believe me.
"Sure," I croak, adrenaline rushing through my veins.
Jossiah’s single word came up his throat in a croak.
I tried to speak but it came out in a croak as I said.
You croak, Where will I meet her? At a party?’’.
owner; who by the way, looked like he was about to croak.
He started to tire, then vomited with a strangled croak.
Croak closed his eyes, protecting them in his thick hide.
throat reduced her words to little more than a faint croak.
Croak dangled, hanging over the far drop to the ground below.
FATHER COFFEY: (Yawns, then chants with a hoarse croak) Namine.
’ His voice revealed a croak of emotion in the last sentence.
The boy spoke in a croaking monotone.
Even the bullfrogs had stopped croaking.
Even the frogs had ceased their croaking as if.
She was cut off in mid-sentence by a croaking voice.
usually not irritating, and neither is the croaking of.
Ken did just that, croaking down the phone to his boss to.
I … have … to … Each word was a croaking cough.
The captives were never seen again, nor the croaking voice heard.
I am Princess Simla of Old Earth, she said, her voice croaking.
When he spoke, his croaking voice seemed an octave lower than before.
She could hardly remain in bed and look languid and make croaking to Mrs.
South African, croaking out from her throat ( because the climate is so dry.
When Tomé tries to bark, out of his throat comes nothing more but croaking.
There was a harsh croaking scream, as it fell out of the air, vanishing down.
Jock's not a happy bunny on account of the punters fucking croaking, ye ken, laddie.
thousands of croaking frogs, but also saw, in the still-early morning light, frogs everywhere.
Ken did just that, croaking down the phone to his boss to complain about a twenty-four hour bug.
What this grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt, and ominous bird of yore Meant in croaking Nevermore.
The hidden frogs were coming out from their pits and holes, and started croaking for more rain.
A croaking comes out of their dry lips, a whimpering, a childish protest against this awful dream.
Down, down it came, and then, folding its fingered webs, it gave a croaking cry, and settled upon the body.
There happened to be no customer in the shop but Jacques Three, of the restless fingers and the croaking voice.
With such gloomy thoughts, followed ever by croaking crows above them, they made their weary way back to the camp.
Another stupid croaking noise escapes his throat before he closes his mouth with a snap and drops his eyes to the floor.
He shouted, a croaking, desperate shout of menace, and the vultures swerved away and retreated, frightened by the sound.
ter, he croaked.
His voice croaked.
He croaked out a no.
" Bas," he croaked.
"I see," he croaked.
Birds croaked madly.
Therefore he croaked.
Over here, he croaked.
Stevie! I croaked.
"One thousand?" he croaked.
"Sort of girl?" I croaked.
"It's a her," Will croaked.
Did he die? I croaked.
Who's this? it croaked.
"It's all right," he croaked.
"What's going on?" he croaked.
Croaked, Is there more?.
croaked, turning the spikes off.
Thanks a lot! croaked Nem.
‘What happened?’ I croaked.
Are you okay? he croaked.
Who’s there? she croaked.
"They killed her," Slinks croaked.
He croaked clutching his stomach.
But we heard it, croaked Dawes.
You remember why, Sarah croaked.
Where are we? his master croaked.
"The paper!" croaked a voice behind us.
Commander, bring the boy up before he croaks.
where the frog croaks to stay there in your face.
C-Ciere, he croaks, and she whirls to face him.
out as one of those strange croaks if she tried to say anything.
songs of siskins, the odd croaks, rattles and burps of a strutting.
The coming of the night was signaled in by the howls, chirps, croaks and hoots of the nocturnal creatures.
Pressing a button on the intercom the receptionist tried, but his dry, frog-like croaks were unintelligible.
They had turned and looked with astonishment; their croaks and hawkish, almost unintelligible cries had been choked in concert, replaced with whispers of amazement and gasps of wonder.

Synonyms for croak

croak croaking choke conk decease die exit expire go pass perish gnarl grumble murmur mutter