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Choke in a sentence

'It would choke me.
began to choke him.
He began to choke.
will choke on that.
Setne began to choke.
He began to choke up.
his choke hold caused.

and you can choke on it.
I started to choke him.
He tried to choke me.
choke and she called 911.
sshe managed to choke out.
Confusion rose to choke.
Barron seemed to choke up.
he couldn’t even choke,.
One quarter choke and.
choke on his own uncut food.
- Choke the wheels on grades.
Stephen gave a curious choke.
I choke, my face hot with blood.
She could barely choke the words out.
When an unceremonious choke hold is.
She seemed to choke for a moment.
Casey smiled and tried not to choke up.
being careful not to leave choke marks.
choke in reaction to the strong menthol.
In case she throws up, she won't choke.
I choke on the words and start to cry.
Then another kid shouts, Choke, choke.
Davie feels as though he is going to choke.
choking, he was.
They are choking us.
Then I stop, choking.
were choking back tears.
The hot air was choking.
He made a choking sound.
Was he choking up? .
Are you choking?.
that was choking her legs.
He was hearing choking,.
My voice started choking.
He thought about choking.
The Pope started choking.
He felt a choking sensation.
Choking with bloody foolery.
They were choking and could.
‘The choking sound stopped.
It sounds like he's choking.
I got caught up in a choking.
you, choking from his throat.
Still choking, she watched as.
She got up choking and coughing.
The moon rises: choking the soul.
I went in my house almost choking.
She stopped, choking back a sob.
grabbed Batistuta and began choking.
Tears in her eyes, almost choking.
The old man coughed, almost choking.
He was choking the life out of her.
My disorientation, the choking fear.
I choked on a.
as if he choked.
Hate choked all.
he choked out.
He choked and I.
She nearly choked.
She choked out.
Jeremy choked out.
Sulphur choked him.
She choked for air.
She choked with rage.
The food choked her.
I choked back a laugh.
Cierra almost choked.
‘What?’ I choked.
The choked sound was.
He was as choked as me.
I choked back a sob.
Lydia choked on a laugh.
Not yet, he choked.
Jeeter choked back a sob.
duster, and choked out:.
which almost choked them.
He choked on his biscuit.
chokes on the English,.
Dave chokes on his drink.
She watches as he chokes.
Devon chokes down another laugh.
Who chokes with laughter at the puns,.
It's something that chokes your life out.
Dave’s eyes fill with tears and he chokes.
And food that chokes, and a painful punishment.
Everyone in the dome chokes back tears of rage.
Then the love stales and chokes as the vine withers.
as a drought withers the leaves and chokes the life.
John chokes, tries to keep swimming, but he is exhausted.
I walk up the stairs with Christina, and the crowd chokes me.
Ruthie coughs and chokes, leaning over to vomit onto the floor.
He chokes up on his weapon of choice and creeps up to the door.
to you? The Cardinal whispered in halting chokes and gasps.
Only a matter of time until the black vine chokes off his heart.
less, mere mental dust that blinds and chokes, yet they are there,.
Caleb chokes, then pulls himself up straight, fighting off tears.
He chokes out a yes, and I wipe my dagger on his leg, then sheathe it.
Finding a murderer, she says, and he nearly chokes on his drink.
with which the system chokes our vision and makes of us a complacent prisoner.
Kerry’s face is a picture – so much so that Dawn nearly chokes on her drink.
Barbara half chokes on her drink, wiping the overflow from her chin, Come over.
' And now a series of sordid little pictures rises up before me and chokes my Amen.
It chokes it out; and that is: the worries of this life; and the deceitfulness of wealth.
He rubs the tears from her cheeks with a thumb, and she chokes out a muffled little giggle.
My head raised, with soft tissue on my nose, I try to answer Zachary, but my voice chokes.
E-mail! he chokes, bemused, raising his eyebrows with a slightly sick look on his face.
Then she drinks the rest of her juice in one gulp, but it’s too much at once and she chokes.

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