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Choke in a sentence

He began to choke up.
I started to choke him.
He tried to choke me.
Barron seemed to choke up.
Stephen gave a curious choke.
I choke, my face hot with blood.
When an unceremonious choke hold is.

She could barely choke the words out.
Casey smiled and tried not to choke up.
In case she throws up, she won't choke.
Then another kid shouts, Choke, choke.
Davie feels as though he is going to choke.
Thank God he hadn’t tried to choke Chloe.
The thought made her choke up with emotion.
Garcia mirrored this and fought not to choke.
You don’t have to choke the steering wheel.
Harry laughed and, laughing, started to choke.
She began to choke up during that last sentence.
Tar quickly recovered and started to choke Stu.
He heard the woman’s voice choke for a moment.
You choke it down and then chew on some Laurel.
Better bite quick, or the blood would choke him.
He could see her choke back phlegm beseeching him.
Bile rose in her throat, threatening to choke her.
May you choke, you devil, snorted the other.
Pull out the choke in front there, said London.
She made a little gurgle, half choke and half laugh.
Coach gave the choke sign, which wasn’t for the.
See, I have cried even when the laugh did choke me.
The one whose daughter said Ziggy tried to choke her.
Roman turned him on his side so he wouldn’t choke.
I'd hold you under the pump, and choke it out of you.
The Hazelbush tried to choke him, and gave him no sun.
And you’d choke to death in a miserable heap out here.
Let the West choke itself and Asia will rule the world.
Money explains unpredictability joined to choke us all.
I blinked and then I began to choke as I spit out water.
Half choke, I called out over the belching sounds.
He turned to face her and she had to choke down a scream.
One more spine-chilling choke, and then the noise stopped.
The hot air was choking.
He made a choking sound.
His tears were choking him.
He felt a choking sensation.
It sounds like he's choking.
They were choking and could.
Still choking, she watched as.
I got caught up in a choking.
The moon rises: choking the soul.
She got up choking and coughing.
I went in my house almost choking.
He was choking the life out of her.
Tears in her eyes, almost choking.
The old man coughed, almost choking.
My disorientation, the choking fear.
My mother nodded, choking back tears.
He turned away, choking back his reply.
She paused, choking, then went on:—.
It made him sound like he was choking.
Instead of the smoke choking them, it.
Gargling and gaping like he was choking.
Choking sobs poured from her open mouth.
Ali could feel a choking fear crush his.
The vocalist sounds as if he's choking.
Fear, hot and choking, clogged his throat.
I think it’s choking, I told them.
He broke the surface, coughing and choking.
I was indignant, I was choking with anger.
What was wrong? Was he injured? Choking?
He sounded as if he was choking to death!.
Lori made a choking noise, and then coughed.
The second go sounded like a quiet choking.
A choking noise comes out of my speakers.
My heart was almost choking me at the time.
Constance was on her feet, choking, running.
He sounds like he’s choking on each word.
Through with her retching and choking, the.
He is choking on me, trying to wrestle his.
The man was sobbing and choking convulsively.
It is nothing! Open the window; I am choking.
I choked back a laugh.
He was as choked as me.
Lydia choked on a laugh.
Jeeter choked back a sob.
He choked on what he saw.
He choked on his biscuit.
Grief and fury choked her.
I choked my laughter back.
He felt choked with grief.
There was a choked silence.
Kirk choked out the words.
Larry choked on his tongue.
Oh, my God, I choked.
She choked behind the gag.
He choked and almost fell.
They were choked by other.
His voice choked with fear.
He hacked and choked every.
Tears choked her off again.
Black smoke choked the air.
Katie choked out their names.
We had been choked with soot.
He laughed and nearly choked.
Rincewind choked on his wine.
He choked the engine deeply.
Lord Wexler choked in his cup.
The first cultist still choked.
I choked and could not breath.
I almost choked on my sandwich.
He choked and writhed in her.
Tom choked off and whispered:.
Aesa opened his eyes and choked.
I’m not sure, he choked.
His voice was raspy and choked.
We strove to speak, but choked.
Libby gave a choked little laugh.
She could have choked to death.
Cristal choked back her laughter.
Kirk nearly choked on her coffee.
Ranger choked an answer out first.
Dave chokes on his drink.
She watches as he chokes.
Devon chokes down another laugh.
It's something that chokes your life out.
Dave’s eyes fill with tears and he chokes.
And food that chokes, and a painful punishment.
Everyone in the dome chokes back tears of rage.
Then the love stales and chokes as the vine withers.
John chokes, tries to keep swimming, but he is exhausted.
I walk up the stairs with Christina, and the crowd chokes me.
He chokes up on his weapon of choice and creeps up to the door.
Ruthie coughs and chokes, leaning over to vomit onto the floor.
Only a matter of time until the black vine chokes off his heart.
He chokes out a yes, and I wipe my dagger on his leg, then sheathe it.
Finding a murderer, she says, and he nearly chokes on his drink.
Kerry’s face is a picture – so much so that Dawn nearly chokes on her drink.
Barbara half chokes on her drink, wiping the overflow from her chin, Come over.
It chokes it out; and that is: the worries of this life; and the deceitfulness of wealth.
He rubs the tears from her cheeks with a thumb, and she chokes out a muffled little giggle.
My head raised, with soft tissue on my nose, I try to answer Zachary, but my voice chokes.
E-mail! he chokes, bemused, raising his eyebrows with a slightly sick look on his face.
Then she drinks the rest of her juice in one gulp, but it’s too much at once and she chokes.
Each chokes the other, and each in another’s torment, and each hates another and him self as.
There were the rapid clicks and chokes of the silenced pistols and the sounds of bodies falling.
And when one of them is given news of a female infant, his face darkens, and he chokes with grief.
He swallows water, chokes, tries to reach the surface, but he finally gives up, begins to sink rapidly.
He doses off, slips from the wreckage, chokes in the water, grabs hold again, looks about him in terror.
He bled out through my hands— She nearly chokes on the words, then forces herself to go more slowly.
Yes, beastly cold, sunless hole; it kills every bit of a plant you put in, and the kitchen chokes them to death.
His question, however, was rewarded with a new batch of telepathic signal, after which Jerry chokes and vomits again.
It is a two hours' walk, and I shall not let her go; for the wind often howls so that it chokes me if I venture out.
We teeter between horror and relief as George corners the beautiful Rose in the belltower and chokes the life out of her.
Pine walked away as Elm struggled to regain his breath, his chokes unheard by the others as the sound of boats being pushed over pebbles covered his desperation to live.
Each chokes the other, and each in another’s torment, and each hates another and him self as the black devil; and as they loved them the more in this world, so the more shall they hate them there.
Carol nearly chokes as she tries to swallow a mouthful of spaghetti, regaining her breath she manages to control her voice and decline as politely, Eric stares moodily at the floor not appearing to hear.
And she was in danger of making so much noise with her hysterical chokes and gurgles that her sister was obliged to go to her and apply salts and sal volatile to quiet her, instead of pouring forth her indignation at her audacity.
Then, sitting on a pitch pine bough, they attempt to swallow in their haste a kernel which is too big for their throats and chokes them; and after great labor they disgorge it, and spend an hour in the endeavor to crack it by repeated blows with their bills.
And if this variant already is, then it somewhere, in one of skrruullerrt systems is definitely carried out in parallel! In some rotation Cycles, this “human being dies”, for example, of blood poisoning, in some other scenarios he is hit by a car or he chokes with something, or gets poisoned, or a brick falls on his head, and somewhere he as if “is gone” (from those who can observe his corpse) in his sleep.
Somehow she was stumbling forward over the children, the dogs barking, her hands flailing heavily, falling; she heard her dress rip, she screamed again, the door was opening, the driver was appalled at the woman coming at him in a wild stumbling, and she fell out upon the gravel, tore her stockings, and lay while someone bent to her; then she was vomiting on the ground, a steady sickness; they were bringing her bag out of the bus to her, she was telling them in chokes and sobs that she wanted to go that way; she pointed back at the city a million years ago, a million miles ago, and the bus driver was shaking his head.
Who chokes with laughter at the puns,.

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