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  1. I can never consent, Mr.
  2. I will consent that Mr.
  3. So they gave their consent.
  4. Do as Thou wilt, I consent.
  5. Do we have your consent?

  6. By mutual consent they paused.
  7. And Jesus nodded his consent.
  8. The Galaef nodded his consent.
  9. That is I gave my full consent.
  10. Both gave their agreed consent.
  11. King’s lack of consent to it.
  12. He asked my consent or advice.
  13. Alvin nodded his head in consent.
  14. She bowed in consent even to that.
  15. Arakiel’s head dipped in consent.

  16. You couldn’t consent to marry me.
  17. I will not consent to the second.
  18. But David did not to this consent;.
  19. It’s a consent form, he says.
  20. Guilty, I might consent, she said.
  21. T of the Anointed and the consent of.
  22. One can consent to it for the first.
  23. HUF with consent from all coparceners.
  24. And once more Kutuzov had to consent.
  25. And once more Kutúzov had to consent.

  26. Consent is given, consent is accepted.
  27. Would he consent to seeing me?
  28. But by your setting on, by your consent?
  29. You may be sure he will consent to escape.
  30. It is by your consent that the world ex-.
  31. Of my consent that she should be your wife.
  32. To this, he, for one, could never consent.
  33. And what's more, it's with Mitya's consent.
  34. Obviously with her consent and cooperation.
  35. I can ask for consent to search if you want.
  36. Giving its consent it allowed them to speak.
  37. Sex acts are given only with mutual consent.
  38. There was a murmur of consent from the crowd.
  39. Until he stole it all; Yeah, with my consent.
  40. He has to refuse or to consent to stand,’.
  41. But today the laws and societal consent are.
  42. I consent, Xin confirmed with certainty.
  43. The age of consent varies from state to state.
  44. Thomas nodded, but did not immediately consent.
  45. Don't be anxious; he will consent to run away.
  46. Her consent form for joining the experiment.
  47. Your consent could have made our life heavenly.
  48. By mutual consent, both of us then turned away.
  49. I will speak to her when I have your consent.
  50. You are not to sell the mine without my consent.
  51. T the Anointed and the consent of Parliament to.
  52. Without my consent, you and Gordon are nothing.
  53. Is he old enough, you know we need his consent.
  54. No, I wouldn't consent, said Alyosha softly.
  55. Why, I trow, you did not consent to her desires?
  56. It is seven weeks now since papa gave his consent.
  57. The group gave their hearty consent simply because.
  58. With my consent, they shall never be exposed to it.
  59. Toyne raised a hand, and Grobut nodded his consent.
  60. Philippa would never consent to such an arrangement.
  61. The victim's lack of consent is the crucial element.
  62. Perhaps Driptwist will consent to assist your cause.
  63. Consent form and the list of potential complications.
  64. We are his parents, and we do not consent to this.
  65. We can’t use video without the model’s consent.
  66. You did not have my consent to stop the medication.
  67. But this man had been changed without Ishan's consent.
  68. If your ladyship would consent to take it down—.
  69. However, there was no obligation on a lord to consent.
  70. For instance, if he sees that a soul does not consent.
  71. You choose, but the State does not consent nor concede.
  72. Do not consent that a certain foreign and vain comfort.
  73. I stayed on it with your consent, Carol said angrily.
  74. Promise me, papa, that you will consent to what we wish.
  75. Danielle had given Sharon authority for medical consent.
  76. Tierney’s hotel room without her knowledge or consent.
  77. We cannot consent, because that is an uncustomary thing.
  78. Mumbles of consent emanated from the shadows behind Andy.
  79. I better not catch you feeding without consent, either.
  80. Yes, I will consent to marry you, if you think you could.
  81. He said he knew him too well; he would not consent to it.
  82. Instead, he just nodded his consent, eyes wide with fear.
  83. So is it OK?‖ He pushed a consent form across to Morse.
  84. Ernestine Montmorot would never consent to see him again.
  85. Kali had inflicted pain on him without Elena’s consent.
  86. Jean Valjean had tacitly accepted Cosette's tacit consent.
  87. I will consent to this on one condition, Rauros said.
  88. Consent: An agreement in feelings and opinions with others.
  89. With the consent of his master Shri Achyutanand Saraswati.
  90. EVERYBODY AND HIMSELF WITH EVERYBODY if she did not consent.
  91. No one would be able to use the writ without Nem’s consent.
  92. He could not consent to that, especially in the present case.
  93. We have learned to consent to unhygienic practices and to.
  94. Roger objected since this was done without his prior consent.
  95. But we cannot do this without the consent of the villagers.
  96. But supposing that he could find except with his own consent.
  97. Now, can I destroy a world without your consent? Of course not.
  98. Yes, if you will not consent to retract that infamous calumny.
  99. East Pakistan with the consent of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
  100. Goragos agreed and gave his consent to follow Elena once again.
  1. Cambridge gave her a consenting smile.
  2. Yes, sir, she said with a consenting nod.
  3. It is a decision between two consenting adults.
  4. As long as it’s a consenting hamster, of course.
  5. Why is she consenting then? What’s the point of it?
  6. There was nothing illegal about consenting adults at play.
  7. Consenting, he brought not only the key, but a light, and.
  8. This was two consenting adults sating their physical needs.
  9. Why talk about consenting! Of course I consent, what a baby you are still.
  10. The Sultan made no difficulty in consenting to this, and commanded that he.
  11. There was a wave of consenting replies as George returned to the platform and.
  12. Even consenting to the fact that there was no ‘good place’ to be buried it had a marked effect on him.
  13. It leads him to a strange habitation, to a secret infidel apartment, and there, implacable, immolates him, consenting.
  14. The principled conservative would say that in general, public policy should be the same in regards to sex between consenting adults.
  15. He wanted to take her in his arms and hold her, he wanted hours of consenting touch, hours of sweat and sex, but she was not his Emily anymore.
  16. And the prisoner chose him for his confidant (we have his own word for it) and he frightened him into consenting at last to act as a spy for him.
  17. Judging by the expression on Gloria’s face, he had gotten the couple of days with a consenting female the cargo ship’s computer had recommended.
  18. And when fears about global warming made flying something you had to do in private, between consenting adults, trains became the green way to get around.
  19. Open your too-delicate eyes and ears! Open your too-Bible-blinded minds! Sex between two consenting adults is a nice thing none of us would be here without.
  20. But apart from this, what more than all made divorce seem impossible to Alexey Alexandrovitch was, that by consenting to a divorce he would be completely ruining Anna.
  21. The utopic assumptions implied by the Court‘s consenting majority are by-products of wishful thinking unsupported in any manner by our society‘s underlying currents.
  22. Third, marriage is a fully-agreed union between two consenting adults, not some kind of business deal where the child is given away according only to the will of his parents.
  23. It made me, the sound of the words, in which it seemed to me that I caught for the very first time a small faint quaver of consenting consciousness—it made me drop on my knees beside the bed and.
  24. Lydgate inwardly cursed his own folly that he had drawn down this visit by consenting to go to his uncle's on the wedding-tour, and he made himself rather disagreeable to Rosamond by saying so in private.
  25. To be sure it was Helen’s secret, but surely she would not object to anything which might serve to arouse her poor husband’s interest, however slightly, and bring him to the point of consenting to return to his home.
  26. For them to think of voluntarily consenting to make that region the theatre of the war, would compel me to believe that they are on the verge of that madness which precedes the destruction of all doomed by Heaven to perish.
  27. Don't you see? If he has a clear week to get thoroughly interested in his natural history again—marine stuff, his dream of seeing the floor of the ocean and all that—there may be some chance of his consenting to leave this pesky place.
  28. The apostle Jude, citing perhaps the apocryphal book of Enoch, nevertheless only signifies what was the consenting voice of ages, that from the earliest times God has announced by His prophets retribution for the sins of time in a state still future.
  29. I was a whore; a fool for leaving London; a slut for jerking off to please a couple of perverted well-heeled wankers; idiotic to think I could concoct a dance off the top of my head for a group of art cognoscenti; trash for consenting to jerk off for an audience next week.
  30. My acquaintance with sheets of water was small, and the pool of Bly, at all events on the few occasions of my consenting, under the protection of my pupils, to affront its surface in the old flat-bottomed boat moored there for our use, had impressed me bothwith its extent and its agitation.
  31. The Middle Ages cast aside, Asia cast aside, the historical and political question held in reserve, from the purely philosophical point of view, outside the requirements of militant policy, on condition that the monastery shall be absolutely a voluntary matter and shall contain only consenting parties, I shall always consider a cloistered community with a certain attentive, and, in some respects, a deferential gravity.
  32. Why is she consenting then? What's the point of it? What's the answer? It's clear enough: for herself, for her comfort, to save her life she would not sell herself, but for someone else she is doing it! For one she loves, for one she adores, she will sell herself! That's what it all amounts to; for her brother, for her mother, she will sell herself! She will sell everything! In such cases,.
  1. So Tom consented to a game.
  2. She consented to that, too.
  3. He consented, and they began.
  4. Destiny consented to this irony.
  5. The prince consented to this also.
  6. And the Lord consented and relented.
  7. I have not consented to this barter.
  8. I consented with the utmost readiness.
  9. You consented to having sex with him.
  10. Would we have consented to our birth?
  11. You consented to this? said Billy.
  12. Neither of these parties had consented.
  13. You are correct, Shukra consented.
  14. She would have never consented to this.
  15. At last he consented to quit the hospital.
  16. To which request Faithful also consented.
  17. For Barbara had consented to walk with Mr.
  18. I consented to the surgery and continued.
  19. Candace consented to meld minds with Tanner.
  20. And because the fleshy-minded pope consented.
  21. The man in his terror consented to everything.
  22. She has consented: she has pledged her word.
  23. The Elephant consented, and followed the Jackal.
  24. You have consented? she said, suddenly doubting.
  25. He consented, Yes, I will do that in a few days.
  26. She could not stand out against that, and consented.
  27. I was most kindly pressed, and had nearly consented.
  28. For a kopeck this man consented to cede me his place.
  29. She consented, but she didn’t know how to share.
  30. I have consented to give to Troubetskoi by instalments.
  31. I consented gladly, for I did not like standing by idle.
  32. He had consented rather unwillingly to let Rushton & Co.
  33. Nancy consented and continued with the meal preparation.
  34. She finally consented to letting the police question her.
  35. I wonder you consented, Amy, they only want you to work.
  36. Fangoz consented to join the mercenaries the next morning.
  37. Gabriel consented to the head as she handed him the paper.
  38. I consented to see you, in the spirit of cooperation only.
  39. Wade consented to compromise with the spirit of the times.
  40. She obligingly consented to act as mediatrix in the matter.
  41. The weather was remarkably fine, and she readily consented.
  42. He consented to do nothing for me for seven roubles a month.
  43. Who loved you so much, that He consented to be born in the.
  44. The king consented to listen, and did so with marked surprise.
  45. However, she consented to enlighten those two poor innocents.
  46. When the city surrendered, he consented to be invalided home.
  47. Harvey-Browne thought they were and consented to put them on.
  48. The word went out and barely enough volunteers consented to go.
  49. Patrick had asked Matthew to be best man and he duly consented.
  50. I already regretted having ever consented to take charge of it.
  51. I should never have consented to such a deployment of the fleet.
  52. In this modest library Guardon consented to let me keep records.
  53. Macon consented that the last resolution should lie on the table.
  54. The ambassador asked if I wanted to ride with him, and I consented.
  55. Eventually I consented to do medical testing to see what was wrong.
  56. Segunsua had misgivings, but he was so desperate that he consented.
  57. They have consented to go, and now he calls them enemies no longer.
  58. The die is cast; I have consented to return if we are not destroyed.
  59. But his fellow-travellers had never consented to overlook his origin.
  60. But Miss Healy had kindly consented to play one or twoaccompaniments.
  61. It was some time, however, before I consented to recognise that truth.
  62. It was some time, however, before I consented to recognize that truth.
  63. Meanwhile Mr Samgrass has very kindly consented to take charge of him.
  64. But Miss Baker has kindly consented to speak to you about this matter.
  65. He’d only barely consented when I’d said it was all of us or none.
  66. Much against her will, Jo at length consented to sacrifice a day to Mrs.
  67. By the time James consented to go with Jude, Jesus had already departed.
  68. And your girlfriends consented to us having a private chat, Isis said.
  69. Anatole consented and went to Moscow, where he put up at Pierre’s house.
  70. He consented, because he had not the courage to refuse a person for whom.
  71. When he’d consented to follow the executioner, he’d had no real choice.
  72. I finally consented to build a doghouse for her future pet but indoors only.
  73. He had rented a flat in the city and her mother had consented to marry him.
  74. Finally convinced, even though reluctantly, she consented to the coronation.
  75. Danhasch readily consented, and after having the tower where the prince was.
  76. This May I, meant might he shake hands? I consented, and he was fervent, and.
  77. After some consideration his mother consented, and even persuaded the eunuch.
  78. Sometimes the fair Persian consented to appear at these festivities, but she.
  79. However, I argued the case with what ability I had and finally she consented.
  80. If she says that at first she consented, then changed her mind when it was too.
  81. But Aglaya so entreated them that at last they consented to sell her the hedgehog.
  82. And because the fleshy-minded pope consented unto heathen doctrine, therefore, he.
  83. I hope you will not think that I consented to take a liberty in promising to do so.
  84. But at first he affected to insist on my answering; at length he consented to begin.
  85. Then there were tears and pet names and much coaxing before Maharaj consented to go.
  86. He was happy because her words sounded to him true, and she had consented to be his.
  87. The son of the sea king, Lanigan had consented to serve on King Exinder’s Council.
  88. This was too much for the managers again, and they meekly consented to let him enter.
  89. But after seeing the hurt look on their mother’s face he consented to the inevitable.
  90. And everybody rejoiced when Jesus consented to lead the preliminary wedding procession.
  91. I've just been to the midwife, Madame Virginsky, and she consented at once to come to me.
  92. When she understood that he consented her face turned a purple color and she became silent.
  93. Charles consented to this, but when the time for parting came, all his courage failed him.
  94. Old Rostov could not tell his wife of what had passed without tears, and at once consented.
  95. Velchaninoff considered a moment, glanced once more at Pavel Pavlovitch, and consented to go.
  96. He wouldn't: there was no pleasure in it, he said; but he consented to play at ball with me.
  97. Finally Jesus consented, and very soon after they went into the house, they sat down to eat.
  98. He wouldn’t: there was no pleasure in it, he said; but he consented to play at ball with me.
  99. Chofsky cooperated with me and consented to arrange an exchange of the money for his daughter.
  100. She consented on condition that they should put money on her plate, as is the custom at weddings.
  1. If she consents, some of them will be answered.
  2. A very good way—if only that engineer-in-chief consents.
  3. By use of proxy machinery (mergers, reverse splits, consents).
  4. Revelation 6: 7, 8 - God consents to the death of over one-fourth of the population.
  5. Penelope, who is now a single soul with her spouse, consents to this without feeling abandoned.
  6. Now better able to see his charm, Debbi consents to marry him and they’re happy for six months.
  7. She has promised to tell me tonight at her own house whether she consents or not, replied Gania.
  8. As for us, we respect the past here and there, and we spare it, above all, provided that it consents to be dead.
  9. Fade stops Jada at the top of the stairs, or rather Fade moves in front of Jada and she consents to briefly pause.
  10. Why do you suppose she consents to marry you? She must have a reason, and that reason she will tell you some day.
  11. If a plan of reorganization is formulated, the debtor has an additional 60 days to solicit consents to its plan of reorganization.
  12. The prebankruptcy consents should be much easier to obtain, however, than those same consents after the various creditor groups are organized inside Chapter 11.
  13. Obtaining consents prior to filing for a Chapter 11 relief dramatically reduces the uncertainty, risk, and expense involved when a company attempts to recapitalize.
  14. If such consents are obtained, the company then will file for Chapter 11 for the limited purpose of getting the plan of reorganization confirmed by a bankruptcy court.
  15. The hero is a Roundhead, and the heroine is a charming young person, whose hand a hard-hearted guardian seeks to dispose of in a manner to which her heart consents not.
  16. Pursuant to Section 1126(b) of the bankruptcy code, the company may solicit requisite consents to its bankruptcy reorganization plan before filing for Chapter 11 relief.
  17. These amendments or consents usually are structured so that non-exchanging creditors will have their collateral invaded or their seniority reduced if the exchange offer succeeds.
  18. He consents to stand where he is sent, beside the hayricks, but declines to take a weapon in his hand, declaring that on no account will he use violence against any one whomsoever.
  19. He lays aside the lapboard whereon he drafts his bills of costs for the eyes of master Goff and master Shapland Tandy, filing consents and common searches and a writ of Duces Tecum.
  20. Outside of a court proceeding, usually Chapter 11, no one can take away a creditor’s right to a money payment for interest, principal, or premium unless that individual creditor so consents.
  21. From the moment he consents to be substitute for the son of the family then he considers himself their patron and benefactor, and makes them dance as he pipes, or else he goes off the bargain.
  22. It was reported in the Noble Hadith that God’s messenger (cpth) had said: “A cuckold man never smells paradise” and in another Hadith: “a cuckold is that who consents adultery to his family”.
  23. Issuers invariably attempt to coerce creditors in a voluntary exchange by seeking nonmonetary consents or amendments to the indentures or agreements under which the outstanding debt instruments were issued.
  24. Clearly, management of a troubled company will find it much harder to obtain the prebankruptcy consents to the plan of reorganization than, for example, to obtain shareholder consent to elect a slate of directors.
  25. This inability in the United States for anyone outside of a court proceeding to take away a creditor’s right to a money payment unless the individual creditor consents is extremely important both to corporate managements and to creditors.
  26. In connection with these voluntary exchange offers, the company frequently will seek consents from each creditor or security holder to delete or amend restrictive covenants in the indentures or agreements under which the instruments were issued.
  27. If Your Majesty does not intend to shed the blood of our peoples for such a misunderstanding, and consents to withdraw your troops from Russian territory, I will regard what has passed as not having occurred and an understanding between us will be possible.
  28. In the United States, as a practical matter, no one can take away a creditor’s right to a contracted interest payment (or other cash payment) unless that individual so consents or a court of competent jurisdiction, usually a bankruptcy court, suspends that payment.
  29. These include informed consents for medical information collection that allow de-identified data to be shared to study a broad range of conditions, using the most widely accepted common data elements, and making data available to the research community as early as possible.
  30. In other words, a troubled company whose securities are publicly traded can use the proxy rules under Section 14 of the amended Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 to solicit consents of its creditors and equity holders to a Chapter 11 plan of reorganization before that company ever files for Chapter 11 relief.
  31. First, voluntary exchanges frequently don’t work since, as we have already pointed out in the previous chapter, in the United States no creditor can be compelled to give up a right to a money payment unless the individual creditor so consents, or a court of competent jurisdiction, a Chapter 11 Court, imposes an automatic stay on payments.
  32. Finally the shoemaker, conscious that his strength is exhausted, proposes to the old man, to leave the cocks until the morrow; and the old man consents, and the women instantly run for the garments, jugs, pitchforks; and the old woman immediately sits down just where she has been standings and then lies back with the same death-like look, staring straight in front of her.

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