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    1. Standing poses have a different effect on the legs unlike conventional endurance or aerobic exercise

    2. for a conventional running take off” said Ethereead

    3. cancer, and although conventional wisdom holds that

    4. thrive on simplicity through conventional thinking

    5. The beer was a fairly conventional hopped

    6. Bex is unable to respond to pain in a conventional way with purposeful movement, reacting by involuntary extension of her limbs only

    7. The general store sold conventional foodstuffs, while the other

    8. Her discussions with Rikke, Tullius, Maro and even miscellaneous Guild contacts in Riften had reinforced the notion that she would have to go about things by less than conventional means

    9. Because indeed, the conventional wisdom about the red-headed Nord still stood

    10. And as they exchanged silent glances marked with grimness and perhaps even vague alarm, conventional wisdom began to bear new significance

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    Synonyms for "conventional"

    conventional ceremonious established formal schematic everyday prosaic commonplace general pedestrian unoriginal traditional normal standard accepted accustomed common prevailing hackneyed humdrum disciplined decorous sanctioned conformant conformist proper conforming

    "conventional" definitions

    following accepted customs and proprieties

    conforming with accepted standards

    (weapons) using energy for propulsion or destruction that is not nuclear energy

    unimaginative and conformist

    represented in simplified or symbolic form

    in accord with or being a tradition or practice accepted from the past

    rigidly formal or bound by convention