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    1. He must know the truth (Acts 20:28), and he must be able to, by sound doctrine, teaching, both exhort and convict the gainsayers (Titus 1:9)

    2. "exhort and convict those who contradict' (cf

    3. Convict a person based on actual crime

    4. convict him of this murder

    5. As expected, with no evidence to convict the Deserter General, Blackburn was exonerated of all charges and was let go

    6. “It’s been a real mess of a morning, added to the fact Victoria’s been seeing a convict on the sly

    7. They would start at the front with a number one comb shave and off everything until you had no hair and looked like a convict

    8. But much like racist terrorists during Reconstruction, often Miami juries failed to convict, from either fear of the terrorists or sharing their fanaticism

    9. “What’s the matter with you? I am not part of this! How many times do I have to tell you? But don’t you see what that notebook means? Just like Beth said, those fingerprints will convict the one that had the Uzi and Edgar’s entries will certainly initiate an investigation in the affairs of Edward

    10. it is our sins that convict us and consign us to everlasting

    11. end shall convict them, and Your law which they have transgressed shall requite them on Your day

    12. the majesty will reveal? Who shall convict these and cause those to rejoice?'

    13. God to help you understand and convict you, that is

    14. Would he have enough evidence to convict or, like a lot of high earning individuals with slick lawyers, there was always a get out clause for them to slip the net

    15. And the high mountains shall be shaken; And the high hills shall be made low; And shall melt like wax before the flame; And the Earth shall be wholly torn in pieces; And all that is on the Earth shall perish; And there shall be a judgement on all men, but with the righteous He will make peace; And will protect the elect; And mercy shall be on them; And they shall all belong to God; And they shall be prospered; And they shall all be blessed; And He will help them all; And light shall appear to them; And He will make peace with them; And see! He comes with ten thousands of His holy ones to execute judgement on all; And to destroy all the ungodly; And to convict all flesh of all the works of their ungodliness, which they have committed with ungodliness; And of all the hard things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him

    16. "Well, while you’re out trying to convict me of a crime, I had nothing to do with, would you mind explaining to my employer, how you came to destroy the door to one of his guest houses?"

    17. The judges found no reasonable excuse and sent the case back to the lower court with instructions to convict

    18. And the high mountains shall be shaken; And the high hills shall be made low; And shall melt like wax before the flame; And the Earth shall be wholly torn in pieces; And all that is on the Earth shall perish; And there shall be a judgement on all men but with the righteous He will make peace; And will protect the elect; And mercy shall be on them; And they shall all belong to God; And they shall be prospered; And they shall all be blessed; And He will help them all; And light shall appear to them; And He will make peace with them; And see! He comes with ten thousands of His holy ones to execute judgement on all; And to destroy all the ungodly; And to convict all flesh of all the works of their ungodliness which they have committed with ungodliness; And of all the hard things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him

    19. 1 The last leader of that time will be left alive when the multitude of his hosts will be put to the sword and he will be bound and they will take him up to Mount Zion and My Messiah will convict him of all his impieties and will gather and set before him all the works of his hosts

    20. 47 And as regards all these their end shall convict them and Your law which they have transgressed shall requite them on Your day

    21. 2 And I wondered and was astonished and pondered in my thoughts regarding the multitude of goodness which sinners who are on the Earth have rejected and regarding the great torment which they have despised 3 though they knew that they should be tormented because of the sin they had committed; And when I was pondering on these things and the like Note! the angel Ramiel who presides over true visions was sent to me and he said to me:4 'Why does your heart trouble you Baruch and why does your thought disturb you? 5 For if owing to the report which you have only heard of judgment you are so moved what will you be when you shall see it manifestly with your eyes? 6 And if with the expectation with which you do expect the day of the Mighty One you are so overcome what will you be when you shall come to its advent? 7 And if at the word of the announcement of the torment of those who have done foolishly you are so wholly distraught how much more when the event will reveal marvelous things? 8 And if you have heard tidings of the good and evil things which are then coming and are grieved what will you be when you shall note what the majesty will reveal? Who shall convict these and cause those to rejoice?'

    22. 9 This you have done and I kept silence; You thought O wicked one that I was like you; 10 but I will convict you and set yourself before you

    23. “Cut the fucking sarcasm and answer our questions, convict,” Nolan countered

    24. If you can help with this please be sure to explain that the State had to concoct a theory of ―transferred intent‖ to be able to convict without any evidence and that Meeks has retracted his testimony and stated that he was told what to say

    25. Bill: Lest we have forgotten- Kim and Meeks were the two State liars whose coerced, fabricated and perjured testimony was used to wrongfully convict Michael of capital murder

    26. ―transferred intent‖ that allowed the jury to convict without any evidence

    27. It was a different matter (case), but if Parrish would resort to such egregious unbelievable misconduct to convict and obtain a death sentence when the person is innocent why wouldn't he violate the Constitutional Rights of the guilty? Ethics? Someone like Parrish would never let a little old thing like ―ethics‖ stand in the way of achieving his objective

    28. ―Once they thought they could convict someone, innocence didn‘t matter

    29. You seem to imagine the function of the courts is to protect the innocent and convict the guilty, but it isn’t! All a court can do is interpret laws on the evidence available! As you are unwilling to work out for yourself what would have happened, I’ll tell you! Amanda would have accused us of attacking her and Irma

    30. Gomes hoped that this CD and the confession would be enough to convict Vasquez of seven murders and to free Diego Olivera

    31. If I can convict Hammond on this evidence then it will be a great day

    32. “You are aware that Mr Grant is an escaped convict?”

    33. Henry was always eager to try and do a deal and turned to Defoe, “I have information that this man is a wanted, escaped convict Inspector!”

    34. If we were near Tenesk as I surmised, then these would be convict labor for that city had been founded by convicted felons and was where the Oldland government sent those it did not want

    35. Their main task was to convict the Nazi’s who worked the death camps and were responsible for the murder of millions of Jews

    36. Adam remained on the top of the list of “persons of interests” but it was a couple of years before he became a suspect, and a few more years for the case to build and a court to convict him of murder

    37. One modern day bloodhound, if you call the early 1900‘s modern, was credited with picking up a scent four days old and following it to its owner—an escaped convict

    38. He said my evidence was weak and that it was impossible to convict the mayor with it

    39. I acted against your will by striking the convict, and for this sin I should pay the penalty

    40. hysterically as Abdul dropped straight into the black, like a convict on the

    41. There was also the question of his apparent ability to convict with his testimony, though this could merely be attributed to his reputation as a man of the cloth, but remained out of the ordinary when placed in perspective to his reaction to the entire affair

    42. “I didn’t say I had changed my mind about his guilt, Inspector,” he corrected, “but I do believe that from your evidence you don’t have enough to convict a man who will probably hang for this

    43. Though this interpretation of the vision would probably not be substantial evidence to duly convict a man in a court of law, it was certainly a plausible explanation even if it was open to debate as a result of the reverend’s apparent devoutness that would be corroborated by a plethora of witnesses from his congregation

    44. The attorney told Gregor that he got the impression Don Henderson was sure he had all the evidence needed to convict, but there was an undercurrent of doubt about the whole story

    45. They made their introductions and seemed surprisingly welcoming towards Swindler under the circumstances, after all, they wanted to convict Gregor, and he wanted to get him off the rap

    46. "Fine by me," said Don, “but if you do turn up something we can use to convict Gregor Yeltsin then we want some credit, after all, we have played a material part in his arrest

    47. injustice and set a precedent that could potentially save lives or convict

    48. and court might convict them and order their arrest right in the court

    49. “I think he’s some sort of convict

    50. Do you think Alistair and his convict friend are going to be able to pull this off, as a matter of interest?” asked Sir Robin

    1. ‘If he is convicted of the murder, and I know Ditton is working flat out trying to establish motive and opportunity, it will hit Liz hard, Mum

    2. You want a job with a convicted

    3. This latter was a convicted pimp, an ex or perhaps still current member of the notorious C-Block gang of Bethnal Green, a suspected pedophile, rapist and drug peddler

    4. usherfolk and two of his colleagues took the convicted folk out

    5. It says in 1 Samuel 24:12 that David was convicted because he touched the Lord’s anointed

    6. David had such a heart after God that he was convicted for even “touching” the Lord’s anointed

    7. The soldier was tried, convicted and sentenced to hang by the neck the very next day

    8. convicted and sentenced to hang by the neck the very next day

    9. Had he been convicted of first-degree assault—the

    10. 9And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by

    11. ‘That would be Alfred Donovan? Convicted of abusing little girls last year, I believe

    12. Guichard, who was consequently convicted of his crimes

    13. I understand that Sue ‘was charged but not convicted of forcible confinement when she used GBH, known as the date rape drug, to nobble the competition!’ Apparently the model competition went to you as the number one contestant had fallen

    14. And even if there was a job, convicted felons on

    15. convicted of the most evident folly

    16. convicted heretic?’ The piss ran down Jean’s leg as the

    17. begin again? Did you openly consort with a convicted

    18. Instead, he got severely reprimanded and libelously labeled as an evil, dangerous (probably Devil-worshiping) heretic by the top grey matter of the Church, was charged and convicted as guilty of messing around with the predominant and preferred belief systems of the time, and sentenced to be tortured continuously unless he publicly retracted his offensive findings and openly admitted something like, “Oops, I made a huge mistake

    19. Any merchant, or other person convicted of this offence, is disabled from requiring any debt or account belonging to him from any factor or other person

    20. If the person convicted of this offence is not able to pay the penalties within three months after judgment, he is to be transported for seven years; and if he returns before the expiration of that term, he is liable to the pains of felony, without benefit of clergy

    21. enters, he is convicted by all… I Corinthians 14:24

    22. Her murderer was convicted of voluntary manslaughter, receiving a sentence of only 22 to 29 years, with the possibility of parole

    23. The instigators were tried before a judge, convicted, and sent to

    24. A witness who was granted immunity convicted Mary Surratt,

    25. He was convicted

    26. he visited with the other inmates, people convicted of tax evasion, fraudulent accounting, and similar activities

    27. The Senior Apprentice was tried and convicted by the Great Wizard Catalant, casting sentence that was far greater than any city judge

    28. 1 For a country that’s known for their beer, it’s kind of ironic that you can’t cross the Canadian border if you’ve been convicted of a DUI in the past ten years

    29. [The Lord answered] If your heart is convicted, then has it not also given answer to your prayer already, revealing the Spirit which dwells within you, to what sort it is?

    30. Do you wish for me to endure a thousand years year of extreme boredom while I wait for the convicted criminals and terrorists to escape from hell so that we can kill them again once and for all at Armageddon? Why not just kill them now properly and get done? I think the system in heaven is ineffective and the known intelligence is poorly utilized

    31. In one of the best known cases, Major Edwin Glenn was convicted of torture for water boarding prisoners, and only received a fine

    32. William Calley, was convicted of the massacre

    33. None except Calley were convicted

    34. In the end, Calley was the only one convicted, found guilty of responsibility for the murder of 104 villagers

    35. Only eleven US soldiers were convicted for abusing prisoners, mostly those low level guards at Abu Ghraib who foolishly took photos of their abuse

    36. False imprisonment and torture of five Virgin Island independence activists convicted of the murder of eight tourists in a sham trial in the 1970s

    37. All five were tortured by police and then convicted in sham trials, which included jury members threatened by police

    38. Most Klansmen were not convicted, and those that were got small sentences or fines

    39. Several soldiers were convicted and officers fired, but the top officials responsible were never convicted or even charged

    40. Cheney also devoted an enormous amount of time to pushing for a pardon for Scooter Libby, a staff member convicted of perjury and obstructing the investigation of a leak exposing the identity of a CIA agent

    41. In the end, UN war crimes trials only convicted Serbian war criminals for genocide for one massacre, at Srebenica

    42. They experiment on Earth types due to the fact that it’s illegal in the Empire, even to experiment on convicted capital criminals

    43. Sure I had done what I’d done, but it was only due to lack of legitimate opportunities for a convicted felon

    44. You’re still in prison every time you fill out a job application and the person on the other side of the desk sees the yes box checked for “Have You Ever Been Convicted Of A Felony?” and decides not to give you that 2nd chance

    45. you commit sin, and are convicted by the law as transgressors

    46. In fact, even the one man convicted, an aid to the VP, had a strong case for appeal

    47. It was particularly bizarre, since the prosecutor did not indict nor was anyone convicted of revealing the identity of a covert agent

    48. “Be that as it may,” I say carefully, “if the truth serum works on you, you will be convicted

    49. 61 And they arose against the two elders, for Daniel had convicted them of false witness by their own mouth: 62 And according

    50. He was arrested on three occasions for detonating bombs that resulted in human death, but he was never convicted

    1. prospect of convicting him in order to avoid a war between

    2. How dangerous must it have been for the sovereign to attempt to punish a clergyman for any crime whatever, if his order were disposed to protect him, and to represent either the proof as insufficient for convicting so holy a man, or the punishment as too severe to be inflicted upon one whose person had been rendered sacred by religion ? The sovereign could, in such circumstances, do no better than leave him to be tried by the ecclesiastical courts, who, for the honour of their own order, were interested to restrain, as much as possible, every member of it from committing enormous crimes, or even from giving occasion to such gross scandal as might disgust the minds of the people

    3. trying, convicting, sentencing and maintaining a person in prison for life

    4. convicting truth, so that you will turn away from self, and carnal

    5. The convicting truth of God’s

    6. him we would allow anything that made convicting them easier

    7. 7 When before Caiaphas, and when all the perjured testimony had broken down, Jesus did not hesitate to answer the question of the chief priest, thereby providing in his own testimony that which they desired as a basis for convicting him of blasphemy

    8. The good news is that as Christians we have the Holy Spirit convicting

    9. cases no evidence was needed for accusing, trying, convicting

    10. Yet, through this whole complex investigation he could not suddenly resist the feeling that he was overlooking something quite important, whether it was the crucial, convicting piece of evidence or the important remark or mannerism that confirmed his overwhelming suspicions at this time

    11. Don was aiming to swing the whole meeting in Mike’s direction if there was any risk of complications in convicting Gregor

    12. Convicting the innocent is unforgivable

    13. on a barstool convicting the guy’s conscience about cheating on his wife,

    14. succeeded in convicting the two old men of bearing false

    15. It was tragic that one so young as Ravan should worry about such things, to have such sadness, such deep and convicting sorrow

    16. This is not what the writer is stating but rather the convicting holy awe-inspiring presence of God

    17. precisely in these convicting attitudes

    18. stole in upon us, before either of us was aware, and saw us precisely in these convicting attitudes

    19. “And then, is this the only thing?” he went on, convicting himself

    20. We are brothers: I receive a salary for judging, convicting, and punishing the thief or the prostitute, whose existence is the natural outcome of my own system of life, and I fully realize that I should neither condemn nor punish

    21. Here was an easy chance of shaming Garstin before the gang, of convicting him of rank and unprofessional cowardice, of getting his own back again from the office-desk theoretician, yet—an uncontrollable impulse of generosity prevented his seizing it

    22. Whisky is excluded from the reservation, but outsiders have sold it to the Indians, and exposed him and his household and company to danger from them, when excited by it, and the more when arresting them and arraigning and convicting the sellers in the courts

    1. "There is one kind of crime other convicts don't like to be associated with in prison

    2. He teaches the truth to others (1 Timothy 3:1-2), exhorts in sound doctrine (Titus 1:7-9), convicts the gain-sayers and even preaches (1 Timothy 5:17-18) , better to have full time elders for some real pastoral work than assistant men in ‘ministerial' work), and he speaks the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15)

    3. The other rumour was that the boxes were made by prisoners (convicts), and that they had shortened it a few inches so that an R1 rifle (SLR) would not fit into them as a way of protesting their slave labour

    4. Bear figured that the mortar holding the bars into the stone wall would have been a weak cement mix, because it had been built by convicts

    5. The slaves had shaved heads and the convicts had tufts of hair

    6. On their return from Mount Wellington to the city, sightseers observed buildings and houses constructed of attractive red bricks that were manufactured by convicts

    7. The sections that most intrigued him were those dedicated to the life of the aborigines, wild life and the convicts

    8. The majority of them were soldiers or convicts from the overcrowded English jails

    9. From then on, English convicts continued to arrive there until 1842 when it was officially declared a city

    10. had convinced myself that most of the other convicts belonged in

    11. The PAXed convicts behavior had brought a brief period of comparative tranquility to the normally oppressive institution

    12. Thank God! You wave goodbye to all the prison guards in their neat blue uniforms and convicts in their neat, but ugly, khakis

    13. Besides the convicts that were helping to build the towns, I

    14. He progressed from the humble status of mortal dependence which prompted him spontaneously to say to the one who called him Good Teacher, "Why do you call me good? None is good but God," to that sublime consciousness of achieved divinity which led him to exclaim, "Which one of you convicts me of sin?" And this progressing ascent from the human to the divine was an exclusively mortal achievement

    15. convicts, always being hunted

    16. They have been taking the convicts after release and training them for the Swordsman military

    17. “Or we can tell them that they have been keeping five escaped convicts in their home for the past two weeks!”

    18. overflowing with convicts and felons

    19. Two convicts shared the ten by ten foot cell with Laura

    20. "Those who have not destroyed them within 30 days after the issuing of the order are to be branded and work as convicts

    21. You only get the Holy Ghost - He comes, and the first thing He does, convicts where you're going wrong; so men who aren't praying, are irresponsible spiritually

    22. the place where, long ago, a prison hulk was moored, full of convicts awaiting transportation to

    23. Isn’t there a method in the apparent madness of the mullahs, who to try to convert the gaoled Christian convicts of the West into Islam? While the truly devout could be averse to the suicide missions for they were brought up to believe tbat it was a sin in Islam, nonetheless their prejudice could come in handy to rouse them to jihad in the cause of Islam with Paradise as the destination

    24. The subject or unconscious convicts the objector conscious mind, the unconscious therefore is the obstacle

    25. “While I sat in the prison with the other convicts, I prayed arduously for forgiveness

    26. Eventually, one day, one of the convicts in the prison asked for a meeting with the director of the citadel prison, Officer Sheikho

    27. Eventually, one day, one of the convicts asked for a meeting with the manager of the citadel prison, Mr

    28. to God the Father, convicts them of sin and the need

    29. True, it made staying on a horse a little harder, and it certainly didn't help one's aim – but to deal with those men? Those convicts on the iron gang? Berty wasn't so sure he would dare to indulge in the stuff should he find himself in a similar position

    30. Some distance away yet – with Caesar fast approaching – the hobbling train of three convicts hobbled toward the Aboriginal camp

    31. As his body tangled beneath the horses hooves he found himself dragged with the other two convicts, for a short way far enough so that the girl could escape

    32. Boom, and the two convicts rode, not looking to see what had become of the bullet

    33. Who, after all, would believe a convict? Likewise, many of Macquarie's over-lander convicts who came over the blue mountains, turned up on the other side with golden nuggets mysteriously upon their persons; although this was all hushed up

    34. I was chosen along with eight other convicts to accompany an overland haul to settle a station in districts not far from this spot

    35. “You and your little tin-soldier posse got all skew whift that you were had by a couple'a convicts, and you went on a rampage

    36. Grimes stared out of his chamber at the rest of the cells nearby, full of Vietnamese convicts all chattering away, some shackled some stood at the cell doors

    37. Chuck pretty much not only feels the same way about foreigners but about convicts and felons as well

    38. ” If these convicts were truly outstanding citizens worthy of the continued admiration of their offspring, they would not have committed the deeds that put them behind bars in the first place

    39. While there is nothing wrong per say with such acts of charity even though Prison Fellowship mouthpieces such as Chuck Colson get heavy-handed at times that it is somehow the fault of the average American that these misunderstood souls are behind bars and that these convicts are the 21st century equivalent of Rousseau’s noble savage or somehow on par with Mother Teresa in terms of moral goodness as detailed in my column “A Big Helping Of Christmas Guilt” published in 2003, one way in which this charitable outreach markets itself to the broader Christian community might make some of Colson’s fellow Watergate conspirators blush in terms of its duplicity and slight of hand

    40. The convicts sent here are either those who have committed the most awful and cruel crimes, or who, because of their extremely violent natures, cannot be placed in a lower security prison

    41. James didn’t have the courage to execute and kill his sworn enemies and condemned convicts

    42. And if they weren’t completely wiped out by the hostile natives, why then… send more convicts and troublemakers

    43. What was the cultural legacy of British ships enslaving their own poor for hundreds of years in ships? The shipping of undesirables, religious dissidents, convicts, and the lowest, poorest most oppressed of its masses out of England to its colonies

    44. Every culture, every hierarchy, every current corruption in the world convicts themselves by their own words, their own actions, their own intent

    45. The carnal can argue, but it is the Spirit that convicts

    46. 1033 It is by Him the truth convicts and converts, sanctifies and saves

    47. La Mancha as the knight's country and scene of his chivalries is of a piece with the pasteboard helmet, the farm-labourer on ass-back for a squire, knighthood conferred by a rascally ventero, convicts taken for victims of oppression, and the rest of the incongruities between Don Quixote's world and the world he lived in, between things as he saw them and things as they were

    48. Svidrigailov, Sonia had long ago made her preparations to follow the party of convicts in which he was despatched to Siberia

    49. He had even fancied that day that all the convicts who had been his enemies looked at him differently; he had even entered into talk with them and they answered him in a friendly way

    50. For me the keepers of convicts shoulder their carbines and keep watch, It is I let out in the morning and barr'd at night

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