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Copse in a sentence

1. Her eyes wandered into the copse.
2. You see, I've two pieces of copse land there.
3. At the far edge of the copse grew a stunted oak.
4. Levin snatched up the rugs and ran towards the copse.
5. He says he will give me eleven thousand for the copse.
6. At the next copse, Robert climbed a tree and looked back.
7. My mother used to tell me what happened at Nutley Copse.

8. You're bargaining with him for the copse, for the copse.
9. I instantly became sure she had just come out of the copse.
10. The French had attacked the men collecting wood in the copse.
11. I then crossed this copse and started fresh on the other side.
12. It was quite still now in the copse, and not a bird was stirring.
13. Spelman down one of the many paths which wound through the copse.
14. Along the crest was the line of a cart track and beyond, a copse.
15. He looked about the moonlit plain and trotted over to a nearby copse.
16. I thanked him and returned to my copse of woods by a circuitous route.
17. I fought my way through the snow to the copse and again heard the horse.
18. I rode up the road a little way and made camp in a small copse of trees.
19. When he had shot into the copse he did not even turn towards the barrier.
20. It lit the foliage in a nearby copse of trees that whispered in a soft wind.
21. Derek and Phera didn’t understand her need to stop in this copse and bathe.
22. Hurriedly dressing I went out into the garden and from there into the copse.
23. No traveler would hide in a copse of trees, obviously not wanting to be seen.
24. They sat under a copse of trees and waited fearfully until it was time to move.
25. I sat up and saw that a second figure had joined us in the little copse of trees.
26. Moving over to the port side, he could only see a small copse of trees which was.
27. It had been a slow beginning, getting away from that copse in the jagged morning air.
28. They were at the other end of the copse under an old lime-tree; they were calling him.
29. The fool pointed out a nearby copse from where he felt they would do the most damage.
30. Slikit had left the ruins of his sett on the edge of Veyatie Copse and never returned.
31. I put his pack in mine, gathered him into my arms, and carried him to a copse of trees.
32. Smith and his team had withdrawn back towards the airport and were hidden in a small copse.
33. The place fixed on for the stand-shooting was not far above a stream in a little aspen copse.
34. A few minutes later the rabbits had crossed the cart track and vanished into the copse beyond.
35. They bedded down in a little copse of quibreaks out in the sparse wild theshes of the chaparral.
36. She took the path through the little copse and turned left at Parsons Pool back towards the Tree.
37. She had been one of the rabbits taken prisoner when Woundwort attacked the warren at Nutley Copse.
38. I was forced to take shelter in a copse of evergreen trees since I was nowhere near a yam or town.
39. She was gone! He searched the hut but found no trace of her; he ran outside and down to the copse.
40. The copse was big enough that I could enter it while only visible from the other side of the river.
41. The ponies broke into a comfortable gait down the hill and toward Bel’s Copse with me in the lead.
42. Late that afternoon the two of them walked around a copse of trees to come face-to-face with five men.
43. The other end of the secret passage might lie among some tangle of bramble in the neighbouring copse.
44. There’s a thick copse there where I felt sure I would bag some game, but it was obviously not to be.
45. Birds began singing in brake and copse: birds were faithful to their mates; birds were emblems of love.
46. It was nothing more than a village boy, probably come to the copse and stream for the same reason she had.
47. Sullivan parked off the main road behind a copse of pines, and he watched the house for about twenty minutes.
48. The hut is in a meadow between a copse of trees so high they completely shield the rest of Asgard from view.
49. There always seemed to be an unoccupied copse of trees to be found, sometimes with a stream or river nearby.
50. And not a single Greek girl or boy knelt for prayer; all stood like a sparse copse in a field of ground nuts.
51. And then tucked into a copse at the bottom of a slope was a corrugated metal hangar the size of a small bungalow.
52. On the left our troops were close to a copse, in which smoked the bonfires of our infantry who were felling wood.
53. He had spent a lot of time playing in the copse when he had been younger, hitting trees with sticks and the like.
54. At the same time, a disjointed squad of waiting reporters sprang at us from beneath a copse of shadowy evergreens.
55. The sky was filled with strange noises on that night when they met in a copse near Javagathlon’s largest cornfield.
56. This part of the mountains was mostly rocks, cliffs, and caves, but in this hidden vale there was a small copse of trees.
57. Leesa suspected Rave could easily navigate the darkness of the copse, but the twisted roots would present a hazard for her.
58. Around noon, I thought I heard a horse whicker from a copse of trees well buried in snow about a hundred feet off the trail.
59. It was at the end of a village that stretched along the highroad in the midst of a young copse in which were a few fir trees.
60. To the left, a brown path led downward through a sparse copse of spruce trees whose pines swayed and hissed in the lake winds.
61. The blue butterflies and the White Stag were here in this copse of rowan trees to heal the relationship between Lovern and me.
62. He pulled back the spear that had raised blood on my chest, sheathed his bronze-hilted sword, and called his dogs from the copse.
63. Somewhere over the marshes, the bird alighted and Murphy set the Prince down on his feet in a small meadow near a copse of trees.
64. Thomas sprinted after the scurrying spy, and in a matter of seconds he entered the thick copse of trees and the world became dark.
65. On reaching the copse, Levin got out of the trap and led Oblonsky to a corner of a mossy, swampy glade, already quite free from.
66. Going on further and further, before I was aware of it I had reached the further end of the copse and came out on the river Moskva.
67. Crouching in the grassy edge of the trees, we crept to the copse of rowans, their leaves beginning to turn the gold and red of autumn.
68. From the thickest parts of the copse, where the snow still remained, came the faint sound of narrow winding threads of water running away.
69. The wind had risen again as on the previous evening, and the ancient pines murmured gloomily about him when he entered the hermitage copse.
70. He correctly assumed he needed to find shelter when he found he could no longer continue and took refuge in the copse of trees much as I had.
71. When he got to the copse of trees he entered a few feet in, turned around, and sat down to rest while watching to see if anyone was following.
72. Stavrogin started, looked at Gaganov, turned round and this time, without the slightest regard for punctilio, fired to one side, into the copse.
73. A few minutes later I had chosen my base in a copse of trees, slightly higher than the surrounding grounds, where I would be able to ambush them.
74. Anyway, on the Maple River I drew into a little copse, of sycamores I think, that overhung the stream, and paused to lick my mythological wounds.
75. But after going a few steps along the track she seemed suddenly to recollect herself, hurriedly parted the bushes and walked on through the copse.
76. Moved by curiosity I went into the copse, and before I had gone many steps I caught the sound of voices speaking rapidly, though in subdued tones.
77. See, he’s headed up to that copse of trees, Fergus said, pointing in the right direction with the two fingers between which his fag rested snugly.
78. Everyone was tired and when they had fed -- evening silflay every day, but further west than before, close to a little copse at the top of some rising.
79. Her other two unsolicited travelling companions had bravely insisted upon waiting back in the dray, which was parked behind a copse at the curve in the road.
80. I was tormented by two questions: first, what had the wretched fair beauty seen, and, in fact, what could she have seen that morning in the copse between Mme.
81. How big was his warren? Where was it? How many rabbits were concealed in the copse and watching them now? Were they likely to be bored, but perfectly friendly.
82. Finally, as the sunlight dimmed overhead, they stopped and Atticus had Severus sit upon a fallen log as he disappeared further into the copse for a brief moment.
83. Having galloped safely through the French, he reached a field behind the copse across which our men, regardless of orders, were running and descending the valley.
84. Her cautious approach to use stealth early had paid off, because as she moved towards the mine she now noticed movement high up in the remaining trees of the copse.
85. Now if his memory served him correctly, through the front door outside there was a small stinky outhouse, a stable to the left, and an overgrown copse to the right.
86. After I left Resa with her father and Tristan yesterday I doubled around to the copse and then to Narif, and I’ve been in the Wayfar Inn for nearly four bells now.
87. On the road through the copse he made one observation however—that the Father Superior had been waiting a long time, and that they were more than half an hour late.
88. I walked past the threshing-floor and, going down the ravine, I went up to the dense thicket of bushes that covered the further side of the ravine as far as the copse.
89. The little town stood on a level flat as bare as the hand, not even a willow near it; only in the far distance, a copse lay, a dark blur on the very edge of the horizon.
90. The track had fed into a slight valley, just as Tamar had described to her, a small copse of trees was all that remained of the woodland that had once filled the valley.
91. He hurried through the copse that divided the monastery from the hermitage, and unable to bear the burden of his thoughts, he gazed at the ancient pines beside the path.
92. Brightness had spent many seasons living out a quiet existence on the edge of the meadow, snug in her sett during the winters, roaming the nearby copse during the summers.
93. Between the copse and the brook, the slope was covered with pale lilac lady's-smocks, each standing separately in the grass, a frail stalk of bloom above a spread of cressy leaves.
94. Out here in the open air, with Rudgard over a mile off and with the nearest copse of trees nothing more than a shape in the distance, Ingrid anticipated some respite from the heat.
95. Soon he bolted out of the trees and onto bare stretch of land, which extended about a half a mile and then directly ahead was a copse of trees and just beyond that a vertical cliff.
96. Well, he said as though he was debating the question then looked over his shoulder to the south momentarily, I thought I had gone down further to the other side of the copse.
97. And Platon Karataev told a long story of how he had gone into someone’s copse to take wood, how he had been caught by the keeper, had been tried, flogged, and sent to serve as a soldier.
98. Accordingly at two o'clock in the afternoon the meeting took place at Brykov, that is, in a little copse in the outskirts of the town, lying between Skvoreshniki and the Shpigulin factory.
99. The breeze suddenly died and the grotesque hush returned as Terence and his mount stepped into the copse, leaving a startled Feltus several steps behind pondering his next course of action.
100. And Platón Karatáev told a long story of how he had gone into someone’s copse to take wood, how he had been caught by the keeper, had been tried, flogged, and sent to serve as a soldier.

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