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Brush in a sentence

But he held the brush.
I brush away the tears.
Brush with half the oil.
His fingers brush my neck.
Each was handed a brush.
First Brush With The Law.

She stepped into the brush.
In the brush till he come.
I wanted to brush it back.
She brushed off her brush.
That, we can't brush aside.
He's giving me the brush off.
I will NEVER use a HARD BRUSH.
Scrub the floor with a brush.
Remove or trim any brush, etc.
Wielding the brush of emotion.
I just need a wash and brush.
He quickly took his brush and.
Brush the shell with the sauce.
Some would brush up against us.
Then he began to brush his hair.
Ser? Egg dropped the brush.
She picked up the brush in reply.
But he seemed to brush it aside.
Brush, manipulation of the, 114.
We haven't even a brush and comb.
Brush bread shell with olive oil.
Go fetch a brush and ink for.
Just inland, the brush was thick.
She listened, her brush suspended.
He found her hiding in the brush.
Brush tops liberally with garlic.
She made no move to brush it away.
He already had his brush with death.
Rykus focused on the brush underfoot.
Crossly he put down his brush to go.
Her hair had taken a while to brush.
This was the only brush we could see.
He had given him a shovel and a brush.
He mimed brushing away tears.
A soft brushing of the lips.
Brushing does not hurt the cloth.
Eva nodded, brushing away the tears.
Wemyss wrote back brushing this aside.
Sephiroth scoffed, brushing the long.
Of your path as though you were brushing.
The lips brushing yesterday was nothing.
He sloughed it off and continued brushing.
He was tired of brushing his teeth with.
I stand up, brushing gravel off my pants.
Forget brushing your teeth, way too noisy.
The air was cool, brushing against my skin.
Shh, She says, brushing my hair back.
This has to do with the quality of brushing.
After brushing, flossing, and washing, she.
Teya walked out next roughly brushing past her.
I spent more time with him, brushing him daily.
The cold brushing her face, whipping her hair.
Daily brushing and combing of the coat is very.
I’m fine, Garcia said, brushing them off.
Then Sue then started brushing her hair forward.
He scarcely seemed to notice, brushing them off.
He was brushing Darant, Tommit’s prize Pegasus.
Yes, replied Tomo, brushing the snow off him.
We will devote a full section to Quality Brushing.
She was brushing softly through her hair, making.
It is done before the usual brushing is completed.
Use splintered soft woods and plants for brushing.
Paige nodded, brushing away the tears from her face.
Starret brushed his eyes, brushing the cobwebs out.
Tamlyn was brushing at the door with a puzzled look.
Brushing cockroaches out of her hair, Lisa kept low.
He responded by gently brushing his lips across hers.
Seriously, he said brushing my hair out of my face.
Brushing it off quickly, he cursed under his breath.
He glanced at it briefly, his gaze barely brushing it.
King walked through the door, his robes brushing over.
I had to do a little extra brushing on Sue’s bottom.
It was a touch of a kiss, their lips brushing lightly.
No, I brushed it off.
It was lit by brushed.
He brushed her hand away.
He brushed his hair back.
I hardly brushed my hair.
Jack brushed off his hands.
She brushed off her brush.
She totally brushed it off.
He brushed demon dust off.
Annoyed, he brushed it away.
He brushed them with his own.
They brushed over the wound.
Each time I brushed him off.
Sorren brushed his hair back.
Drake brushed past his deputy.
Its whiskers brushed his ear.
He brushed his lips lightly.
Unusual, but I brushed it off.
She brushed them away quickly.
Lyra carefully brushed it off.
He brushed wildly at his face.
Lydia brushed away the flattery.
He brushed his hands once more.
I brushed the crust out of my.
He brushed his clothes carefully.
His fingers barely brushed her.
She knelt down and brushed the.
Her thumb brushed the engraving.
His knee brushed mine as he sat.
Brushed her hair behind her ears.
He brushed a lazy wasp from the.
Yngvild brushed most of them off.
He brushed her hair from her face.
Donna brushed her lips against his.
His rough hands brushed my cheeks.
But, as usual, I brushed him away.
He polished and brushed the limo.
His hand brushed past her buttocks.
He reached out and brushed my cheek.
She brushed her hands through her.
It's one of them brushes.
He brushes aside my thank-you.
Familiar scent brushes past my nose.
But it seems as if he brushes him off.
Of thirty different sorts, lo! brushes.
She brushes my hair back from my temple.
Tobias brushes a hand over my forehead.
The apartment also had paint and brushes.
He put down his brushes and stared at her.
I've had several brushes with them already.
When a cow brushes up against the wire in an.
You just need to show me where the brushes are.
Then he exhales so his breath brushes her skin.
As he stands up, his hand brushes across my knee.
Grass brushes my toes and the back of my calves.
Seems like the paint and brushes are in there, too.
I suppose I’d rather paint with words than brushes.
He flung down the brushes, and turned to talk to her.
EVELYN BRUSHES THE tears from her eyes with her thumb.
They painted with brushes made from animal hair and.
He brushes wrinkles from his shirt, strains for dignity.
He keeps it sweet and then brushes a kiss on my forehead.
When he came home he could not take up his brushes again.
Brushes all the RoboBoxes that lie on the flatbed scanner.
On it were two oval wooden-backed brushes without handles.
He brushes his old friend’s mane and scratches its head.
He was glad that he had left his paints and brushes there.
Using dry and hard paint would just wear your brushes out.
So she only kissed his mouth with light brushes of her lips.
I watch as Jason brushes past Cherrie and heads out the door.
He tightens his hold on my hand and brushes it with his thumb.
Around the cave are miles of wildly growing trees and brushes.
She stands and brushes her skirts to remove invisible wrinkles.
His nose brushes mine, and I fail to stop my lips from parting.
Miss Avery brushes Becky’s hair and is startled by his command.
Those who are successful in avoiding brushes with the law do not.
Ben placed his brushes in the solvent and shifted his easel away.
It’s just a slight stream of cool air that brushes up your arm.
Dan Laoer who was waving two brushes on both his hands managed to.
Your dentist will be happy to explain these brushes and their use.

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