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Crank in a sentence

Again, I tried the crank.
He used a crank like this.
The woman heaved the crank.
They motivated us to crank.
Crank case was under water now.
I reengaged the crank and tried.
I can't work with a crank present.

You crank the volume on the stereo.
That request turned his crank again.
I can’t work with a crank present.
Of course; you always were a crank.
The machine started to crank into gear.
An awful crank, she corrected herself.
He turns the crank another full rotation.
We’ve never had a crank call about Mr.
His hand started turning the crank slowly.
But what if you could crank up the spel by.
A hand crank could be involved, for example.
Tom got out and found the crank under the seat.
With a few turns of the crank, the job was done.
Crank yankers usually came on right after the Man.
He felt under the seat for the crank and jumped out.
The screams continued as the crank rotated on its own.
I knew JB was all wired up on the crank and the ecstasy.
He was half crank, half genius, but he was wholly honest.
Right here, you spin this crank to pull the bow back.
This is from some crank, Davidson said after a time.
Alex? Katie turned the crank at the base of the bed.
Hell, anybody could sit down and write a crank letter—.
The five members of Gamma crank down a lever within their.
Shaken, he returns to the wall and grabs hold of the crank.
Just pull ropes and crank winches when the deckmaster yells.
Listen, after you hear me tap on the starter, give it a crank.
Stepping to the wall, he grabbed a crank and spun it clockwise.
I crank the wheel hard and pull into the Bunny Flat parking lot.
If they play hardball, then we crank it up and push for a trial.
Toward the bow of the ship, I heard the crank, crank, crank of the.
They crawled out and poured the bucket of oil back in the crank case.
Crank Yankers on Comedy Central had never thought to call the number.
Tom then set the choke lever fully open and used the crank handle to.
My mind’s still cranking.
I can hear the wheels cranking.
Suddenly there was a two cranking sound.
The woman stopped cranking and glared at me.
Chubby trotted past her, his tail cranking.
The lift began cranking its way up the shaft.
Leera was cranking the wheel for all he was worth.
My dad’s mind was cranking to a panicked state again.
Two crewmembers immediately began cranking the launcher.
Octavia wasted no time cranking the truck's engine when.
Cass continues cranking as the hull slowly creeks back in place.
Freddy watched on, his head cranking comically through crazy angles.
Oh no, it's not that, cranking this winch isn't even that hard for me.
I looked up and saw that it was being reeled upward by a cranking device.
Suddenly, Go was crouching behind me, cranking the spigot near the steps.
It I promptly repaired, and still the engine would not respond to my cranking.
The battery of the REO gave out in the cold of the night, so I was hand cranking the.
He usually had the blinds open, the lights on, and the heat cranking since it was winter.
The cranking handle heats and bends, but Cass continues to squeeze it with his mighty hand.
I placed the jack under the side of the Jeep and hooked the crank to it, then started cranking it up.
The hand-organ player, smiling ingratiatingly left and right while cranking nostalgic tunes of the past.
She looked over to Gary, but he was already moving, cranking on the lever and hoisting the cage in the air.
Cranking to a halt, but then each piece of her admitted a strange light as streams of spirit came out of her.
Cass finishes cranking all the excess slack, and then begins stretching the hull back towards the ship’s center.
This continues over the course of a few years, at the end of which he is cranking out 200 pounds for 10 repetitions.
The roar of engines interspersed with rolling, cranking sounds like chains hoisting machinery in an old, grimy factory.
His broad shoulders and bulky forearms–acquired from years of cranking pipes–came in handy as he muscled Bino into the van.
You could almost hear the cranking of the cog-wheels behind his brow, but there was no way to guess the contents of his thoughts.
The music Mix-Master-General further complicated things by cranking up the music so loud that conversations were impossible.
So, with his one good arm, Onidas gathered up a bolt and loaded it, frantically cranking the winch to add tension to the drawstring.
Cranking his head around looking over his shoulder, at the spike sticking out of the middle of his back he realized he was paralyzed.
I lay in bed and looked at the long rectangle of pale yellow created by the sconces in the hall, and heard the faraway sounds of the TV cranking up again.
Frederick’s lines were collapsing fast now, and the Oxford citizens were surging for the open gate … but the huge wings of the gate were cranking closed again.
That shortage contributed to the bull market of the 1990s—and, right on cue, Wall Street got back into the business of creating new stocks, cranking out nearly 5,000 IPOs.
By the time that dish of last week’s leftover vanilla tapioca should have been cranking up his second term into high gear, the country was clanking down to a falling-apart, full stop.
The effect on Joe Billie was galvanic and Elise could feel the steely fingers cranking into her flesh as his head cocked in a pose not seen before and in moonlight reminded her of a cat whiffing catnip.
My chest tightened; it was as if someone had straps on my chest, the kind with ratchets for tightening, and it felt like an invisible hand was cranking down the ratchets so tight that I could not breathe.
It is almost like having your own printing press cranking out those hundred dollar bills as fast as it can print! Without a list you might have the best product on the planet but you will not have a soul to sell them to!.
With her V-8 noisily cranking away in low gear and the motor home quaking and shaking itself like a dog with a chew toy, she couldn’t have noticed what was going on in the earth beneath her all the while she fought the road.
Discreetly cranking up the tension on the bike’s pedals to its maximum, she then smiled to the tall blond man, who was in his early thirties and was quite handsome, and spoke to him in Russian while starting to pedal her bike.
Two were cranked up on jacks.
Rocky cranked shots of express-o.
Maggie sighed and cranked the Moviola.
Jimmy cranked his head around to David.
The heat was cranked on the dash, but.
Maggie cranked backward and started over.
Again, the old car had to be hand cranked.
I have the volume cranked up considerably.
The alarm in my head cranked to full alert.
Louie cranked the bomb bay doors shut by hand.
Zia cranked the fire on her staff to white-hot.
Giving up for the night, she cranked the engine.
He cranked the song up to an earsplitting volume.
He cranked the ignition key again and the engine.
He cranked the engine and backed out of the stall.
The car stopped, its driver cranked down the window.
I cranked the wheel left and drove into the median.
Robin had cranked his crossbow into firing position.
Disappearing back inside, the bay door cranked shut.
He cranked up the radio almost all the way up, and.
Standing beside me, she watched as I cranked at the.
Wolfi's eyes widened slightly as his imagination cranked.
When Tina entered the cemetery she cranked the music up.
Reaching over he cranked up the AC, his thoughts elsewhere.
She cranked in rolling thrust and around and around they went.
The rodeo clowns cranked the power on the jet skies and took.
He cranked his head back to see everything that was happening.
Slamming the door to his truck, he cranked up and called Norah.
In the past, I’ve had days where my fax machine has cranked.
Albert cranked up the engine and while driving, he asked Herbie.
She cranked it up and suddenly the house was filled with Latin music.
Blake cranked up the hate music playing on the CD player and lit up a.
Let’s get this over with, she said as she cranked up the volume.
Barb cranked up the radio and soon carols were ringing throughout the offices.
She locked her arms around his waist as he cranked the engine and let it roar.
It was right on top of us and Eleanor cranked the bar-Seth straight toward it!.
Fletcher opened the drawer on the right and found an old hand cranked flashlight.
Gloria sat down in the chair as she grabbed the remote and cranked up the volume.
Robin cranked his crossbow into the firing position and secured it beneath his cloak.
He cautiously cranked in his locker combo so no one else could see, and opened it up.
She cranks it up even more, and he sets his side on.
Aaron cranks the wheel back and forth in an attempt to miss the.
Cherrie grunts as she cranks the wheel and turns the LC onto Main.
Listen to what Lorthax bellows and I’ll show you what it means on these cranks.
We’re faster than they are in this wind, even without the cranks, he pointed out.
The volume cranks up to overload and Billy starts to sing as he slides down onto his knees.
Other lich folk hastily turned cranks to open the broad, wicker doors to their settlement.
The systems of cranks and levers that lifted the gate were in an advanced state of disrepair.
The industrious gnomes turned the cranks on the machines in pairs, pulling back the large arms.
Mr Bloom stood by, hearing the loud throbs of cranks, watching the silent typesetters at their cases.
Throughout province ‘Uncle’ had the reputation of being the most honorable and disinterested of cranks.
The receiver was dangling off the hook to stop calls from coming in from reporters and other cranks du jour.
The coma long cable stretches out a deafening high pitch sound under the pressure of Cass’ forceful cranks.
Throughout the whole province Uncle had the reputation of being the most honorable and disinterested of cranks.
All eleven of his surviving vessels went driving through the steeper waves in bursts of spray, vibrating to the urgent tempo of their cranks.
Two crewmembers, working nearby, stop what they are doing to watch and Joris, responding to the increased audience, cranks his antics up a notch.
Learned men from all fields of science, as well as spiritualists, clairvoyants, and cranks, have studied the site to try to uncover the secrets of its past.
The necessary signals soared to Sword’s masthead while Lance continued towards the Charisians at her best speed, making good almost eight knots now despite the fitful breeze, sailing close-hauled with both cranks fully manned.
Will you bear with me in giving some facts, with the hope that all may feel that this is not a merely sentimental, indefinite sort of a subject for philanthropists and "cranks," and a few women, but one in which each of us has some personal responsibility.
His superiors eventually agreed, as they wanted the body, and the case, laid to rest as they had become fed up with cranks pestering them for stories about alien abductions and government cover ups, after the press had received a tip off from within the Met.
Yet still, the cranks and clogs of my mind must have been set on overload that dreary Wednesday afternoon, for after a little times distance I scarcely heard the sound of what could only be described as the rapping and clapping of hoofs in the upper chambers.
No object could have looked more foreign to the gleaming cranks and wheels than this unsophisticated girl, with the round bare arms, the rainy face and hair, the suspended attitude of a friendly leopard at pause, the print gown of no date or fashion, and the cotton bonnet drooping on her brow.
In addition to this district visitor business, the well-to-do inhabitants and the local authorities attempted - or rather, pretended - to grapple with the poverty `problem' in many other ways, and the columns of the local papers were filled with letters from all sorts of cranks who suggested various remedies.

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