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    1. Tom then set the choke lever fully open and used the crank handle to

    2. She soon had the whole sail in her hand on the winch crank, thru the four to one reduction it was set at

    3. Just pull ropes and crank winches when the deckmaster yells

    4. Manual retractable awnings are operated with a crank or handle,

    5. says it, are retractable awnings which operate with a handle or a crank, requiring users to have

    6. Normally something like this would be dismissed as the work of just another crank who, at the very most, may have appeared on a media network

    7. “Alex?” Katie turned the crank at the base of the bed

    8. In the meantime, his factory had orders to crank out planes as fast as they could

    9. That request turned his crank again

    10. ” The hot treatment consisted of my Uncle taking us for a car ride, and then he’d crank the heat up in the car on a summer hundred degree day for a hundred hours in a row and keep the windows SHUT! Well, actually it probably only lasted about one minute, but when you’re five or six years old, it seemed like hours

    11. If my booster pumps are in shape, I’ll be able to crank it through at about five thousand barrels an hour

    12. And crank up the paper work to have Det 5 OSI do a Top Secret Plus background check on him

    13. After the intermediate stage has been completed (which should last around 4-6 weeks), you can crank things up a bit more and jump rope for 20-30 minutes, 3-5 times a

    14. As the wheel rotated, I held the wrench still, using it instead as a crank to

    15. cars of that vintage had a crank starter even if they were electric start

    16. Again, I tried the crank

    17. I reengaged the crank and tried

    18. declined and the car started on the second crank

    19. The screen came loose and I found a crank that raised the top of the vent

    20. His socialism was accompanied by a passing phase of vegetarianism, and with the ferment of youth working headily within him he could hardly escape the charge of being a crank, but "a crank, if a little thing, makes revolutions," and Brooke's youthful extravagances were utterly untinged with decadence

    21. directions, this will really crank the intensity up and hit your legs

    22. wind up radio to the interior cabin light so that when it was time for bed I would crank up

    23. As he hovered above the tank, Nurse Anya spun a crank, making him drop and rise alternately

    24. The screams continued as the crank rotated on its own

    25. He may have been pleading as the crank lowered him back in, but it was hard to tell

    26. But what if you could crank up the spel by

    27. Toward the bow of the ship, I heard the crank, crank, crank of the

    28. You crank the volume on the stereo

    29. Crank snortin’ nerds doin’ differential equations in their heads and playin’ chess ‘til the crack of dawn

    30. [66] Wendell Berry, Another Turn of the Crank

    31. “Is that Sergeant Olivera?” The woman’s voice was sharp which made Olivera think that this was another crank call about the lack of movement in the investigation of the two deaths

    32. Build an email list and you will crank out profits for LIFE! In fact, an email list is the closest thing to being able to generate Cash On Demand

    33. Ed struck the starter in just the right spot, with just the right strength and directed Bob to crank the engine

    34. First Tempura turned a crank on the side of the machine to start the motor, which ran off fish oil

    35. He had the power to do that, didn't he? Just crank the ratchet-hold of the company one bit tighter, then maybe he could

    36. On the other hand, when someone from the town had the opportuni-ty to test the crude reality of the telephone installed in the railroad station, which was thought to be a rudimen-tary version of the phonograph because of its crank, even the most incredulous were upset

    37. Since those forgotten afternoons when her niece barely had enough interest to turn the crank on the sewing machine, she had reached the conclusion that she was simpleminded

    38. 'We didn't believe it at first - another crank call - but we had a car watching just

    39. To crank in environmental impact, I believe that we could calculate the total pollution over the lifetime of the item and then divide it by the years of useful service over which that total pollution was created, to get a pollution/year number

    40. The three youngsters each grabbed two wooden buckets and went to the water well, which had a hand crank to lower a rope with a hook to the water below

    41. ����������� ��Turn the crank non-stop from now one, Fred: it is high time to break her

    42. He then started turning the crank as fast as he could, making Hanna convulse under the pain while she tried desperately to hold her breath

    43. � Fred, still turning the crank, turned his head a bit late, assuming that it was Claude Dansey coming to check on their progress with Reitsch

    44. We’ve never had a crank call about Mr

    45. A policeman then turned quickly the hand crank of a field telephone, sending electricity via two wires connected to the girl’s genitals, making the teenager scream horribly

    46. The latter next looked at Marcel, who could not turn his hand crank now without electrocuting his boss

    47. They take the same few dogs and have them crank out puppies, even if they are related

    48. It would be easy enough, were it daylight, to tromp out there and turn the crank a bit, but she made it a practice to wiggle the aerial only before twilight

    49. ‘’We have a bunch of tough heroes here: crank the juice to maximum, mister

    50. I crank the wheel hard and pull into the Bunny Flat parking lot

    1. She cranked it up and suddenly the house was filled with Latin music

    2. After listening to Shooter's screams for a few moments, it then decided enough was enough and cranked up its speed

    3. She cranked in rolling thrust and around and around they went

    4. Casella cranked it

    5. Frankie cranked the Caddy

    6. Rocky cranked shots of express-o

    7. He cranked up the radio almost all the way up, and

    8. card before the sensor and the gate slowly cranked open

    9. Standing beside me, she watched as I cranked at the

    10. 3” manually cranked vent valve which restored an atmosphere to the

    11. Ken carried the field phone around the corner of the pump house to a position where he could watch the expansion joint and cranked the field phone

    12. Unless attended to hourly, the scroll of paper cranked out would flood the entire hallway off the elevator to his fourth floor office

    13. Reaching over he cranked up the AC, his thoughts elsewhere

    14. Travers pulled two cans of beer from the reefer, handed one to Parker, unzipped his front zipper to his crotch, stood in front of the air conditioner, and cranked up the field phone to ask for Weather

    15. to a shelf in the bathroom he turned the radio on and cranked up

    16. Again, the old car had to be hand cranked

    17. The car stopped, its driver cranked down the window

    18. Grover was eating potato chips to his heart’s content, while Annabeth cranked up the National Geographic Channel

    19. cranked the shiny black vehicle and steered it down the drive that

    20. Zia cranked the fire on her staff to white-hot

    21. The production line was ready to be cranked up as soon as Eddie had given the all clear

    22. ―Yea, do that and I‘ll get cranked up here in a minute and we‘ll get this show on the road

    23. As soon as he had received it he cranked up the engines and took the machine to the top of the promontory and set it down gently on the grass

    24. He cranked the engine and backed out of the stall

    25. When the doorknob quickly cranked open, a timid silhouette filled the doorway and stood sulkily like a scolded child

    26. In the past, I’ve had days where my fax machine has cranked

    27. Then again, my heat wasn’t cranked up high and my air conditioner was used sparingly

    28. A young American lieutenant cranked the handle of his field telephone to contact the command post of Clark Field and spoke in the receiver

    29. I have the volume cranked up considerably

    30. A moment later she stopped, tilting her head down, and then cranked the window open for some fresh air

    31. Adam and Doyle positioned themselves next to the power points while Zeke pressed the play button on the cassette player, cranked the volume full up, pulled a pair of heat resistant welding gloves over his hands and sat in the swing seat

    32. � Grabbing his field telephone, he frantically cranked it and shouted in it as soon as his Scharfuhrer[16] answered

    33. Braun cranked up Nancy�s bed, raising her torso to a near sitting position, then presented her a glass of apple juice that she quickly drank while he held up the glass, since her hands were useless

    34. She then pressed the ‘play’ button and cranked the volume to the maximum while reporters pointed their microphones at the recorder

    35. He cranked 122

    36. Ferdy Chicken crowed out a short prayer to the Chicken in Charge, then cranked on the starter of the van

    37. Using a wheel mechanism to put tension in her body, they cranked the mechanism until her back was off the rack, with her body painfully stretched as straight as a plank

    38. As Em, Ben and the others hurried onward, Brale cranked his head sideways and looked down the corridor

    39. Blake cranked up the hate music playing on the CD player and lit up a

    40. When Tina entered the cemetery she cranked the music up

    41. cranked the stereo up feeling elated that he had finally fixed

    42. ” She cranked the dome’s cover closed

    43. I held the brake with one hand and cranked the machine to full throttle with the other

    44. I took the hand cranked light, wound the little handle, and saw how the damp sand was sticking to my skin

    45. He cranked the ignition key again and the engine

    46. What the spirits want to do is to show us how to do it all the time – consistently give our clients specific, exact information rather than vague generalities such as those which are cranked out by computers

    47. He was still quite cranked; the adrenaline had stopped being secreted, but it was still making its rounds in his system, along with the caffeine

    48. They cranked out forty-four more one-ounce ingots and thirty-two two-ounce coins by noon

    49. With the heat cranked up, and our wet clothes, it began to feel like a soothing sauna in the car

    50. When both women were seated and a few moments of small talk about the children outside had evaporated into silence, Hester cranked up her courage and took charge of the conversation

    1. So, with his one good arm, Onidas gathered up a bolt and loaded it, frantically cranking the winch to add tension to the drawstring

    2. Leera was cranking the wheel for all he was worth

    3. "Oh no, it's not that, cranking this winch isn't even that hard for me

    4. Freddy watched on, his head cranking comically through crazy angles

    5. He usually had the blinds open, the lights on, and the heat cranking since it was winter

    6. The battery of the REO gave out in the cold of the night, so I was hand cranking the

    7. otherwise, he sat and waited, occasionally cranking the car to run the

    8. Cranking his head around looking over his shoulder, at the spike sticking out of the middle of his back he realized he was paralyzed

    9. I work pretty quickly, averaging well over 1000 words per day when I’m cranking on a specific project, and assuming Blood Hunt makes any kind of money, I should be able to afford editing, so there’s no reason I can’t continue to release books

    10. I can hear the wheels cranking

    11. The effect on Joe Billie was galvanic and Elise could feel the steely fingers cranking into her flesh as his head cocked in a pose not seen before and in moonlight reminded her of a cat whiffing catnip

    12. It is almost like having your own printing press cranking out those hundred dollar bills as fast as it can print! Without a list you might have the best product on the planet but you will not have a soul to sell them to!

    13. The music “Mix-Master-General” further complicated things by cranking up the music so loud that conversations were impossible

    14. Discreetly cranking up the tension on the bike’s pedals to its maximum, she then smiled to the tall blond man, who was in his early thirties and was quite handsome, and spoke to him in Russian while starting to pedal her bike

    15. ” Cherrie grins and grimaces while cranking the steering wheel

    16. Two crewmembers immediately began cranking the launcher

    17. Suddenly there was a two cranking sound

    18. By the time that dish of last week’s leftover vanilla tapioca should have been cranking up his second term into high gear, the country was clanking down to a falling-apart, full stop

    19. With her V-8 noisily cranking away in low gear and the motor home quaking and shaking itself like a dog with a chew toy, she couldn’t have noticed what was going on in the earth beneath her all the while she fought the road

    20. The lift began cranking its way up the shaft

    21. Cass finishes cranking all the excess slack, and then begins stretching the hull back towards the ship’s center

    22. Cass continues cranking as the hull slowly creeks back in place

    23. The cranking handle heats and bends, but Cass continues to squeeze it with his mighty hand

    24. I placed the jack under the side of the Jeep and hooked the crank to it, then started cranking it up

    25. His broad shoulders and bulky forearms–acquired from years of cranking pipes–came in handy as he muscled Bino into the van

    26. I lay in bed and looked at the long rectangle of pale yellow created by the sconces in the hall, and heard the faraway sounds of the TV cranking up again

    27. You could almost hear the cranking of the cog-wheels behind his brow, but there was no way to guess the contents of his thoughts

    28. Cranking to a halt, but then each piece of her admitted a strange light as streams of spirit came out of her

    29. The hand-organ player, smiling ingratiatingly left and right while cranking nostalgic tunes of the past

    30. Octavia wasted no time cranking the truck's engine when

    31. My chest tightened; it was as if someone had straps on my chest, the kind with ratchets for tightening, and it felt like an invisible hand was cranking down the ratchets so tight that I could not breathe

    32. My dad’s mind was cranking to a panicked state again

    33. Chubby trotted past her, his tail cranking

    34. She looked over to Gary, but he was already moving, cranking on the lever and hoisting the cage in the air

    35. The roar of engines interspersed with rolling, cranking sounds like chains hoisting machinery in an old, grimy factory

    36. But I had no real understanding of that moment of incomprehensible pain and isolation, what it probably felt like when my father flashed back—until we heard on the radio that they were going to start bringing up what they had found and the winch began cranking

    37. Suddenly, Go was crouching behind me, cranking the spigot near the steps

    38. That shortage contributed to the bull market of the 1990s—and, right on cue, Wall Street got back into the business of creating new stocks, cranking out nearly 5,000 IPOs

    39. My mind’s still cranking

    40. Frederick’s lines were collapsing fast now, and the Oxford citizens were surging for the open gate … but the huge wings of the gate were cranking closed again

    41. I looked up and saw that it was being reeled upward by a cranking device

    42. And standing there on the spot where the beggar always sang without his cap, I thought: Why don't they take one fiftieth of the money they make each month and have the thing tuned? If I were cranking the box, I'd want a song, at least for myself! If you were cranking the box! I answered

    43. The woman stopped cranking and glared at me

    44. DeMille's old place or circling Harold Lloyd's nation-state, or cranking and banging around the Universal backlot, paying her respects to the Phantom's opera stage, or sitting on Ma and Pa Kettle's porch chewing a sandwich lunch

    45. This continues over the course of a few years, at the end of which he is cranking out 200 pounds for 10 repetitions

    46. What do you think about that?” Or, more important recently, “I see you have a debt issue coming due in May 2010, what are your plans to deal with that?” We take copious notes and transcribe our conversations, so that the four analysts I have cranking out earnings models keep a running record of what we've learned and incorporate it into the models, with my input

    47. It I promptly repaired, and still the engine would not respond to my cranking

    1. Two crewmembers, working nearby, stop what they are doing to watch and Joris, responding to the increased audience, cranks his antics up a notch

    2. The volume cranks up to overload and Billy starts to sing as he slides down onto his knees

    3. Listen to what Lorthax bellows and I’ll show you what it means on these cranks

    4. The systems of cranks and levers that lifted the gate were in an advanced state of disrepair

    5. The industrious gnomes turned the cranks on the machines in pairs, pulling back the large arms

    6. Other lich folk hastily turned cranks to open the broad, wicker doors to their settlement

    7. She cranks it up even more, and he sets his side on

    8. Yet still, the cranks and clogs of my mind must have been set on overload that dreary Wednesday afternoon, for after a little times distance I scarcely heard the sound of what could only be described as the rapping and clapping of hoofs in the upper chambers

    9. His superiors eventually agreed, as they wanted the body, and the case, laid to rest as they had become fed up with cranks pestering them for stories about alien abductions and government cover ups, after the press had received a tip off from within the Met

    10. Learned men from all fields of science, as well as spiritualists, clairvoyants, and cranks, have studied the site to try to uncover the secrets of its past

    11. cranks into the bargain

    12. give him the impression that we are a load of cranks

    13. of those conspiracy theories that cranks go for

    14. Cherrie grunts as she cranks the wheel and turns the LC onto Main

    15. Aaron cranks the wheel back and forth in an attempt to miss the

    16. The “coma long” cable stretches out a deafening high pitch sound under the pressure of Cass’ forceful cranks

    17. to clubs and his favourite song that has stood the test of time is looking for a tune to get her going she cranks up ‘Groove is in the

    18. In addition to this district visitor business, the well-to-do inhabitants and the local authorities attempted - or rather, pretended - to grapple with the poverty `problem' in many other ways, and the columns of the local papers were filled with letters from all sorts of cranks who suggested various remedies

    19. Mr Bloom stood by, hearing the loud throbs of cranks, watching the silent typesetters at their cases

    20. The necessary signals soared to Sword’s masthead while Lance continued towards the Charisians at her best speed, making good almost eight knots now despite the fitful breeze, sailing close-hauled with both cranks fully manned

    21. “We’re faster than they are in this wind, even without the cranks,” he pointed out

    22. All eleven of his surviving vessels went driving through the steeper waves in bursts of spray, vibrating to the urgent tempo of their cranks

    23. No object could have looked more foreign to the gleaming cranks and wheels than this unsophisticated girl, with the round bare arms, the rainy face and hair, the suspended attitude of a friendly leopard at pause, the print gown of no date or fashion, and the cotton bonnet drooping on her brow

    24. The receiver was dangling off the hook to stop calls from coming in from reporters and other cranks du jour

    25. Throughout province ‘Uncle’ had the reputation of being the most honorable and disinterested of cranks

    26. Throughout the whole province “Uncle” had the reputation of being the most honorable and disinterested of cranks

    27. Will you bear with me in giving some facts, with the hope that all may feel that this is not a merely sentimental, indefinite sort of a subject for philanthropists and "cranks," and a few women, but one in which each of us has some personal responsibility

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