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    1. This is very crucial in our walk with God, especial when it

    2. This is crucial in

    3. But there is a crucial difference recorded by the Holy Spirit:

    4. Do you see how crucial this is? Resurrection isn’t something that happens at the end of your life

    5. It is crucial, therefore to be equally mindful regarding what you

    6. you… AND it is an absolute crucial step to the spontaneous

    7. This is possibly the most crucial doctrine of the faith because upon it rests every word and the definition of those words

    8. The following are a few crucial areas of promotion

    9. was crucial to our cause

    10. I understood that it would be crucial for the warriors to know

    11. aware of this crucial point, and turned towards the pilgrim

    12. Evangelism is a crucial aspect of the army of God

    13. Getting the partitions aligned is very crucial, and like any bussard engine, it had to take off into the solar wind to light, so the timing had to be to the millisecond

    14. every day I save is crucial

    15. If she says she knows something crucial about Evander’s

    16. are not crucial to the task at hand

    17. Her reflexes, which are crucial to collecting cards and

    18. Edward got up and looked at the dead traitor before him, broken pieces of the crucial flash drive at his feet

    19. At this crucial point in time the big fellow will probably want our full attention,’ Alistair accented the word ‘full’

    20. She agrees that most of the people in this world come to live ‘ordinary’ lives as opposed to ‘extraordinary’ lives and the crucial thing is not to misconstrue the former as insignificant

    21. more crucial; AND, knowing why you think what you

    22. This powerful knowledge is one of the most crucial

    23. but I made a crucial mistake

    24. But really it stretches credibility that she could have been saved at that crucial moment before her car incinerated

    25. So Roidon had become crucial in overriding their monitoring systems and providing them with false feeds

    26. He was clearly running, though, Roidon trusted Raiya had passed on the crucial info

    27. So he had to act without sentiment, without hesitation; information of an extremely crucial nature was surely being extracted

    28. There is no way to tell what the exact conditions on Earth were at that time or what external factors were in play - both crucial to be acknowledged during experimentation

    29. Yes, teaching one another is crucial

    30. The crucial thing was the time it would take them to get here, when hopefully he'd at least be inside

    31. Somewhere in that mind of his was information likely to be crucial to the future of the planet

    32. In SAP COIN platoons you always found a few detectives who knew how to interrogate suspects and gain the information / intelligence so crucial in hunting terrorists

    33. Maintaining the amount of protein that you put into your diet is crucial!

    34. it is crucial that the dog trusts you and you him

    35. by overwhelming forces he decided to deal crucial damage, as long, as he could

    36. SSDs have the same purpose as conventional mechanical hard drives, but there is one crucial difference – they are electronic devices and don’t have any mechanical parts

    37. In this instance his trucks were hijacked (armed robbery) and he missed crucial deadlines because of it

    38. Further ensure a backup plan for your computer systems so that you can carry on with business from your house meaning the crucial correspondence etc until your lawyers can sort the mess

    39. A complete up to date medical history of my hostage is crucial

    40. It is crucial that the family do not start their own investigation, press releases and or own action and should trust the Corporate

    41. This is of crucial importance

    42. The order of this is so crucial to their well being, I can’t begin to tell you! And it’s the

    43. This is a crucial time for them

    44. This is crucial, and, again, it is not an accident

    45. The Records are masked for privacy, as you know! We hope you will keep us informed as to the outcome, as these things are crucial to our defense plans in the coming year

    46. Blood flow to the brain was crucial in maintaining consciousness in this turn…he grunted and groaned as the gees peaked out and then subsided

    47. While exercise was the only thing that had ever been clinically proven to improve brain function, under racing conditions, keeping the brain oxygenated under gees was absolutely crucial to winning or even surviving races

    48. And it was crucial that they did not mutate, under the excess heat of the sun, with the sun’s rays filtered by the translucent plastic of the old-style tanks

    49. That is why it is crucial for us as individuals and as community to begin the integration of our various fields of study to see how they are related and interrelated

    50. Here is where publicity in the media—on talk radio, in newspapers, on TV—about the benefits of the mechanism becomes of crucial importance

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    Synonyms for "crucial"

    crucial important all-important all important essential of the essence brisk climacteric fine distressing incisive fierce pungent

    "crucial" definitions

    of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis

    having crucial relevance

    of the greatest importance