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    1. What is the A in the ABCs of Success? Action! They yell it when they do anything in Hollywood, action! Take action!

    2. “Dad!” I yell, charging in, ignoring the officers telling me to wait

    3. With a yell, Bob charged at Johnny

    4. Johnny’s yell reverberated off the walls of the quickly descending elevator

    5. Big Petey threw them down to the ground with a yell

    6. Vinnie stifled a yell and grabbed his ear in pain, dropping the unused boomerang

    7. and three storey Mojave signs that yell “MACDONALDS”

    8. “You bast…”, was all that she managed to yell at him before one of the suited gentlemen clamped his hand firmly over her mouth and bundled her onto the back seat

    9. Thom didn't bother to yell at the burst of information creation that set off

    10. “You bast…”, was all that she managed to yell at him before

    11. He is interrupted by a raucous yell

    12. Of course there’s a side of me that wants to yell at you for blurting that out,” and her voice did get more stress, “I’ve made my wishes clear that I didn’t want to be known as a ghost from YingolNeerie but as the founder of the Study of Virtuality

    13. “Hey janitor boy!” came a yell from the top of the hill

    14. I wanted to hold it out the window and yell “B!” as loud as I could

    15. He wished he had the courage to just walk in the door and yell out ‘Hey Hyondahi!’ in a hearty voice and see if anyone answered

    16. Before he could yell for her to stop, she pressed 9-1-1

    17. Chatterling would have heard him yell

    18. He vaguely heard Andrew yell, “Matt, what are you doing?!!?”

    19. before he could fire or even yell

    20. "I'm not going to yell

    21. Yell and scream, it was disgusting

    22. and yell degrading comments

    23. "Don't like these things, Huh?" He nearly had to yell for her to hear

    24. Louis Missouri, the day before the wake of his daughter, and yelling at me why weren't we in the office? I started to try and tell my boss that we left late for lunch that I had worked in the office but mainly he just wanted to yell at us for not being in the office he didn't want to hear our side of the story

    25. They began to yell at me

    26. angry with us and began to yell at us

    27. had to stand out in the street and yell my abuse at him

    28. She heard Kurt yell from inside the house, “We would need a wire cutter or crowbar - something to snap the locks

    29. ” I reckoned the Turks had about another three yards to go before they started their charge they hit two hundred yards and I could hear the yell starting in their throats to give them courage I watched as their rifles were fetched up and thrust forward in the classic on guard position

    30. ” He turned to yell at those still fighting

    31. and he readied himself to yell 'stop!' at first sight of it

    32. Above Sharon's yell of surprise, Danny could

    33. What you should yell while running down the beach after having been attacked by a giant seaweed

    34. time but he did have a temper and he could scream and yell

    35. The regular tramp of marching feet drew nearer; there was the clash of arms as the entrance guard turned out and presented arms, a murmur of a thousand voices speaking in hushed tones, succeeded by one fearful yell of triumph and hate as the litters with the prisoners came in sight

    36. Again and again was the yell repeated, drowning the loud tones of the band, which were re-echoing beneath the vaulted entrance to the Castle as the troops filed through into the courtyard

    37. “Think we need to be in the rafters?” Amaranthe pointed at the ropes and wondered if she should yell to wake Maldynado and Books

    38. It was in the Lease not to run--not to jump--not to yell

    39. Before she was even able to yell at him he pulled her up straight into the air

    40. For the rioters that sound was as part as their life as the rebel yell for the South

    41. I fired my questions at him, having to yell above the noise from the prisoners who were now hovering five meters from where I stood

    42. He had needed the few seconds to deal with adrenalin, and fear, and therefore couldn’t yell any

    43. With a blood-curdling yell, Brokin's fighter took on an opponent twice his size with no thought for his own safety

    44. As she did so, Uncle Hobart gave another yell, so loud this time that it shot his false teeth across the barn

    45. William’s yell of joy caused a number of birds in nearby trees to spur into flight

    46. He let out a yell and tried to remove his stare from the underside of the bridge

    47. “Kate!” Helen was quick to yell somewhat embarrassed

    48. Well intentioned and sincere voices are being heard that yell out the fallacy, in my opinion lethal, that there is no reasonable rationale for the war, which in itself is not “just” without the sanction of the United Nations Security Council

    49. It was then that he had caught something with the corner of his eye, and had pretty much arrived to a conclusion about its significance before he could turn around and yell to Amonas:

    50. With a loud yell, the Vietnamese man called over another local to help Cassa get to the other side of the river

    1. Maybe he shouldn’t have yelled quite so loud? Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything at all? Maybe he should have come in early to give his computer a head start in booting up? What was he supposed to be doing again? Looking for the sales report!

    2. Nancy jumped, confused that Ackers wasn’t looking at the bread crumbs when he yelled

    3. “Get down!” Red yelled as she threw the grenades as far away from her as possible

    4. “This is important,” Ackers yelled at the top of his voice

    5. “The alarm!” Ackers yelled to the paper boy as soon as he figured it out

    6. "And? Like that tells us what's a firearm?" Estwig yelled, he was finishing the first keda already

    7. "It's the asteroid," Estwig yelled and launched from the seat, "and it's headed straight at us

    8. "It's the starship," he yelled, I saw pictures of it in a schoolbook taken back at the turn of the century

    9. She pointed and yelled it over all the reds along with the rest of the crewmen and pilots when she shouted to him

    10. He too stepped boldly forward, held out both of his arms, grabbed Aban in a huge bear-hug and yelled out pure joy at the very top of his voice

    11. "Bon Dia!" Ava yelled and jumped into his arms

    12. I've lost one crewman in five centuries on this river and that was to a spheelunge and even then he was too pig-headed drunk to get out of the water when the lookout yelled to him

    13. Elden yelled out in pain and as he yelled he could hear song screaming

    14. woman yelled out in pain and lowered her head, afraid to look up

    15. “Then may the Gods shield you!” she yelled as she rode away on the

    16. “Hey, she’s pretty good!” One of the guys yelled over the noise

    17. Suddenly the king yelled out as the wine overflowed from

    18. yelled out a roar of victory for all of the forest to hear

    19. me had yelled in unision to the angry jerk of plaits tied

    20. I shouldn't have yelled at you that way

    21. Several times he yelled out in his delirium, calling on the names of those who were long dead

    22. He jumped up and yelled with excitement "DesAAAA!" as he remembered too late that his foot was injured

    23. "You went all out with your costume," she yelled across the intervening distance

    24. “It’s on the second level all the way towards the back,” she yelled as she ran by, “race you!” She was off like a shot

    25. They came together in a rhythm that reached a crescendo and they both yelled out

    26. He yelled in Michael’s ear, “Please tell your companion I said ‘thank-you’ for her help

    27. "AAAAA," he yelled, "it's pulling me back

    28. "But I'm not your mother!" Desa yelled, "and I shouldn't have to change your diapers! Now get your sorry little slut ass up and stand your shift like the adult you pretend you are!" Desa yanked the covers off her

    29. He yelled to my mom asking her what he should do

    30. She looked straight at the charging youths and yelled at the top of her voice, “You’ll have to answer to me to first!”

    31. With the Staff of Light in his hand, Collin yelled at him, “For Becky and Jared - die you monster!” He shot out a beam from the Staff of Light and it tore thru the blacks wing

    32. 'Yarriba!' he yelled and began to tune his instrument

    33. 'Of course!' I yelled and ran downstairs in the direction of the loo but continued straight through the cellar exit, into the air and safety

    34. James turned around and pulled Elizabeth to him and yelled in her ear, “Lady Elizabeth, please hold on

    35. James pulled out the Staff of Fire and yelled over his shoulder, “Hold tightly my lady

    36. “STOP!” yelled the man

    37. She snarled and yelled, 'Listen to me yourself, you miserable toad

    38. Suddenly there was a loud uproar as the warriors all yelled out a guttural shout of acceptance, stomping their feet and pounding their shields with their spears

    39. During the raging some had yelled and cursed and some threw rocks to ward off the devils in that boat but most had stood in fear

    40. “What do you mean, he’s gone off with his mates?” yelled Ken at the two women in his life

    41. She hit the thing in frustration and yelled, “Open up damn you!”

    42. watched as she screamed and yelled above the tinny sound of

    43. “Ooowwaa,” it yelled in a loud whispery voice, its eyes wide with fear

    44. “I can’t stand it”, he yelled at the top of his voice, but stand it he

    45. He heard Glayet’s voice come on the line and he yelled, “We’ve been boarded, there’s a Brazilian agent aboard

    46. She looked straight at the charging youths and yelled at the top

    47. The bull charged, the man yelled, took a tentative step forward and grabbed for the horns

    48. The girl yelled, the man screamed, the bull dropped and turned his head, twisting his horn out of the way of the man’s neck scant milliseconds before disaster

    49. “What do you mean, he’s gone off with his mates?” yelled Ken

    50. I wake up and stare at the ceiling of my bedroom at the flat feeling lousy and wishing I were dead … for the millionth time I go over in my head the events of last night … everything had been going so well … where had that blazing row materialised from? I grope under my pillow for tissues as I remember how, in a furious temper, I had screamed at Dave that I wasn’t going to stay another minute in his house … and he yelled back that, in that case, I had better bugger off

    1. “What the hell’s all this yelling about?”

    2. “Okay!” Henry called out after him, yelling it out loudly enough that Mr

    3. Johnny brought up his hand to the earpiece, it must have broken during the fight because he couldn’t hear Ackers whining and yelling at him

    4. How serious? Consider this scenario: one of your students starts running around the classroom with his pants on his head, yelling profanities about the education system

    5. Someone was yelling orders

    6. She was tired of his secrecy, did he think the ghosts told her nothing? The vision crossed her mind of yelling to her sister that Herndon had gone berserk and the Instinct might not protect her

    7. The scenario in my head always ends the same, her yelling at me for involving Solomon

    8. They were about to execute her when Apollo stormed in and fought the guards, yelling over and over how he wouldn't let them hurt her

    9. They found two of the men hiding in one cave; there was a lot of yelling and screaming

    10. This was followed by some yelling from the front and the driver appearing, unsteady and charging towards us like a runaway horse

    11. They were also yelling at her and abusing my mother on the phone, telling her what a mistake it was and what a mistake I was in so many words

    12. He pulled back kind of shocked as he joined his friends to stare, and before I could press on, I noticed some kids were yelling at me from across the street

    13. If it was texture and flavour and passionate music I wanted, I'd be a local with Zacharias, but if it was yelling conversation, jokes and silliness on order, I'd be in Virgenia's

    14. All of the policemen on crowd duty turned and fled the carnage, but the ordinary people in the crowd started to cheer and whoop with delight, carrying the soldier around on their shoulders and yelling and shouting that they'd never liked bankers at all

    15. Resisting the temptation to say ‘Find Berndt and give him a damn good yelling at for going off without a word

    16. But with the flush from the toilet and a voice yelling, 'Finished!', the festival could be declared under way

    17. Glayet dropped off the line, but as the connection broke he could hear her yelling at Alan

    18. Abruptly a body sailed by on its way to forest floor below; the man was obviously dead or he would have been yelling

    19. yelling and shouting that they'd never liked bankers at all

    20. The coxswains of those quick shells started yelling as they passed

    21. The lads are already crowding out the bar, yelling orders and intimidating some of the tourists

    22. He took it out on the troupe to a large extent and one or two of the girls, fed up with him yelling at them, gave notice and walked, even though they hadn’t anything to go to – a lethal situation for any performer

    23. started to run, yelling Roman’s name as I did

    24. He turns and starts to run for the car, yelling for Ken, yelling for Davie, as he pumps his legs, desperate to build a head of steam so that he can get away

    25. She grabs at the steering wheel, yelling at the Doctor, and he fends her off, pushing her forward into the dashboard

    26. His inner conscience is getting agitated, yelling at Billy that he should take his hand off the butt of the pistol in his pocket, but Billy shuts the last open window to his soul

    27. yelling in that high-pitched yelp of his

    28. Instead of yelling or using one of

    29. She could tell he must be yelling, from the way the children reacted as he approached

    30. There was music coming from many establishments, and hired drivers yelling from the coaches which crossed this khume, often on bridges inside it on an upper floor

    31. was that voice she listened to as she ran down the hallway to the staircase, yelling

    32. Louis Missouri, the day before the wake of his daughter, and yelling at me why weren't we in the office? I started to try and tell my boss that we left late for lunch that I had worked in the office but mainly he just wanted to yell at us for not being in the office he didn't want to hear our side of the story

    33. The next thing I know Father Ed grabs me by the hair, starts shaking me violently, yelling at me what the hell was I doing disturbing his formation? I still hate that son of a bitch and I'll hate him the rest of my life; I'll hate him but forgive him because I'm a good Christian and he's not

    34. A couple times Desa wound up yelling at Alfred and Viktor that they were monsters, attacking innocent people with starships and androids

    35. Fizzicist heard nothing of these thoughts but he yanked up a long stick from the ground and charged out of the forest yelling and screaming at the top of his voice

    36. As for the exterior, there were unending sounds of honking, revving, screeching, crashing, yelling, talking, laughing, arguing, crying, singing, and so on that were emitted primarily from the millions of cars, people, televisions, radios, cell phones, and stereos that had spread about in every nook and cranny

    37. But the shrill yelling in the darkness shattered that light rest and he leapt to his feet

    38. To his fortune, he received more unclear chatter of gunfire and yelling as a response

    39. Barrin found himself joining the charge, found himself yelling in Justice or revenge, though he could not tell which in that moment

    40. I had seen him angry, stubborn, yelling and stamping his feet

    41. Breaking from cover we rushed the forward post yelling like Dervishes the CSM was right and the artillery covering this sector was very light

    42. Sebastian suddenly understood and shoved the group toward the exit, yelling, “Go! Go!” They all ran past the frozen demons to the opening of the tunnel that would take them out

    43. Torbin had seen enough; he imagined he was yelling for it to stop

    44. doorway, the landlord yelling his dog to be quiet, and above whatever else the rest of the women

    45. We heard more yelling, but couldn’t identify the source, no wild animal cry that we recognized and certainly not a sound a cat would make

    46. The kids were yelling, “Smoky, Smoky!” as the cats raced around the house, chasing each other over the pieces of stove pipe and through the piles of Christmas paper in a chaos of celebration

    47. We hit the German trench yelling like banshees and rolled right over the top of them we threw mills bombs into the trench then stood on top pouring rifle fire into the survivors

    48. It seemed that there were one of three ways to do it: number one — go for gold and just plunge your hand under that hen, grabbing the eggs in twos or threes and quickly putting them into your feed bucket; number two — reaching in and pulling the hen out by the neck until it got up and out on its own, or until it was forced out in one quick yank, and then, you enjoy the pleasantness of having a free for all at the unattended eggs; and number three (my personal favorite) — was to make enough noise by either beating on the nesting box with the shovel handle, or by yelling and screaming like a little girl at the sight of a spider as you try to do it the number one or two way

    49. This could’ve been one of the hens that I had chased through the yard with magic sticks raised in each hand, yelling and giggling, running in circles trying to get close enough to grab her

    50. Suddenly, the hoard of Halflings vaulted into action, following Forgo’s instructions lest he blow his stack and start yelling again

    1. "I'm awake!" Apollo yells and he realizes its Antonia who's speaking to him

    2. "You should fucking know", she yells

    3. Oi, Lurch, over here, mate!" he yells, pointing at the youth

    4. "There!" he yells, thrusting an arm across Alex's chest

    5. minute yells of camaraderie and encouragement could be heard throughout the

    6. What were yells

    7. Just pull ropes and crank winches when the deckmaster yells

    8. Gunshots and unclear yells were heard over the radio

    9. Finally, once he made it to the back door, he could hear more gunshots from inside, along with a few unclear yells

    10. The taunts and yells of the ern, by then, dominated the evening

    11. Yells by radical American liberals that we brought it on ourselves through our Imperialist policies won"t wash

    12. The only sounds reaching them were the intermittent thrashing sounds of rock flung against the walls, mingled with the tumultuous and disarrayed yells of the men defending the city and the bristling fires that had engulfed it once more, for what seemed to be the last time

    13. Roars of laughter, yells, and song resounded across the meadow, the music played louder and wilder, and not one worried about anything else

    14. The dance, the song, the music, the yells and the laughter was ear deafening, no one could any longer perceive anything but what was happening right in front of them

    15. They had spoken, laughed, then the yells had reached them: Attack! The karawians had crossed the Border

    16. Loud yells came from up the meadow and they all turned to the sound

    17. Now the first sounds reached them; the sounds of hostile yells, furious yells, brutish yells

    18. The crunching sound of crushed bones mixed with screams, yells, and roars of pain and fighting spirit

    19. Above the heads of the foremost ranks from whom came loud yells of joy, she saw for the first time in her life the Forest of the Light

    20. It sounded muffled through the music of a large organ that was hidden in a carriage painted in a thousand colors, the sound of yells from the merchants, the sound of animals that neighed, meowed, barked, cackled

    21. Furious yells, hard soles against cobblestones, doors that were opened and then slammed hard again

    22. Uriah’s voice joins hers and then I hear a chorus of yells in the distance

    23. Someone else screams too, and someone yells for help, and Edward is still on the floor, writhing and wailing

    24. They were met with quizzical gazes, stretched out arms and yells from those who had stayed behind

    25. She could hear the grunts and the yells of the battle outside

    26. But she went down on her knees and crept about to hunt for it, and she was at that when she heard awful yells down in the valley and saw the three children tearing up the hill past her

    27. around him, listening to their yells for answers, and it was then

    28. What followed was a series of banging and crashing noises, followed by yells of pain

    29. Robinson sees a soldier standing about fifteen feet away, he yells to him, “Hey Private! I need some hot coffee on the double!”

    30. He picks up the radio and yells into it, “Sergeant Peters I want those men back in there to finish securing the chains and I want that tractor-trailer to start its engines!”

    31. “It’s trying to get away! Move your men back!” Major Robinson yells into the radio

    32. “Look a UFO!” The freshman yells

    33. “Oh my God what is that?” She yells while dropping her coffee

    34. It is also speeding up to 500+ miles an hour!” Warfare Officer yells

    35. On the ground the reporter is yelling, “There is a UFO flying towards me about 500 feet up! The missiles are about to hit this flying object!” He yells

    36. “Get out of there!” A voice yells on Paul’s earpiece

    37. She yells out the window, “Bitch! Learn to drive! What are you drunk? You almost hit me!”

    38. “They are shooting at me! Aaaahhhhhh,” the lady in the car yells while she speeds up

    39. “Aaahhhhhh!” He yells as he bails to the right

    40. “Stop jumping Kenneth and Berry this moment!” Miss Motley yells while holding her wig

    41. ‘I’ll clean this city up! One poop at a time!’ He yells in a sarcastic tone

    42. ’ Jaden yells while he is interrupted

    43. “Terrorists!! We going to die!” A man yells as he covers his ears

    44. “Damn! Shit!” Dudley yells

    45. “That’s it!” He yells

    46. ‘Oh no!! Not again!’ Jaden yells as he sees thousands of huge teeth before him

    47. “If that kid is still alive, he would be the fastest flying human in the world!” Peters yells

    48. Jaden where you at man? Stop hiding from the police and turn yourself in and clear your name,” the teenager yells while smiling into the camera

    49. “Next question!” He yells, and then continues, “Does anyone have a question that doesn’t involve accusations of an imaginary UFO flying around?”

    50. “Just keep cool and tell the truth as to what happened when in Washington!” Robinson yells over the helicopter’s engine

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    Synonyms for "yell"

    call cry outcry shout vociferation yell scream holler hollo shout out squall applaud clap salute acknowledge bellow clamour hoot hubbub hullabaloo bawl cry out call down yelp

    "yell" definitions

    a loud utterance; often in protest or opposition

    a loud utterance of emotion (especially when inarticulate)

    utter a sudden loud cry

    utter or declare in a very loud voice