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    1. Lucid Dream: Between sleep and awake I dream of Billy, an obnoxious, ugly, fat, hairy guy who is a classmate in Janus

    2. Then, the dream becomes lucid and it occurs to me this could be a possible future – but luckily, it is only for one night

    3. ! A few days later, Aphrodite will inform me Billy is interested in lucid dreaming a lot, and Alexander has been teaching him in private! What a serious person for the guru to teach personally! Is Bill supposed to be balanced enough for this? ?

    4. She stroked the Jade Bear and asked, “What are you doing for me? What's with all this lucid dreaming?”

    5. His last lucid memory was the mountain descent

    6. lucid, with none of the twisted surrealism and random jumps of

    7. Of a profound lucid slumber

    8. What we are Witnessing here is simply the unbelievable—and indeed, there would Be no way for the full unconscious mind to convince the conscious mind Of its lucid existence—such a matter could only be pursued by two of The one, or as a matter of faith

    9. The ultimate high! I became lucid in the astral and was being instructed by a Monk guide on a specific spiral energy exercise

    10. Following that we started to observe two playful cats dancing in the White Light and the lucid dream faded out

    11. Had we fallen asleep and imagined all of this? Was it but a lucid dream, somehow shared by the two of us? Or was Priscilla the Pixie real and had she actually paid us a visit that fine, sunny afternoon?

    12. Then in a lucid moment, Nerissa remembered what had really happened

    13. She was never lucid, and I cringed knowing this is what I would be going through in a few hours

    14. He turned back to Alex, who was looking a little more lucid now that she was talking

    15. Fragments of that weird dream, presenting themselves in flashes of recall, gradually becoming more lucid as images

    16. “Sure,” was the only lucid word he managed to get out

    17. The visualization became most lucid the moment Hillenbrand swung the axe

    18. “There were a couple of cops around here asking about you,” his father told him in a stronger, more lucid voice as his post-nap grogginess dissipated

    19. Holy fuck, he was pretty lucid all of a sudden

    20. Then Eileen took over and she didn’t sound very happy about what she could remember, in lucid detail:

    21. Had she been more lucid, I might have told her that it was much too late for us to stop

    22. He doubted if you could ask the average Earthman in the street the history of his own planet and get a lucid, objective answer

    23. Beth was surprised with herself: she was afraid, but lucid and alert

    24. Bob and I talked back and forth for about an hour or so; but he was not as lucid the last half hour that I was there

    25. For a lucid discussion of this oft-confused subject, read about “evolutionary theism” in Dr

    26. This lucid presentation of the possibilities both frightened and enlightened Vera

    27. competent and lucid, at least most of the time

    28. Lucid dreams theory researchers have demonstrated a conscious awareness of the people are

    29. Can use various methods to cause lucid dreams

    30. He tried to pretend he was hallucinating but the voice was so lucid and beautiful it could not be ignored

    31. What impressed Roger was the vastness of uninhabited land in a clear and lucid setting of panoramic

    32. On her death bed, Dixie had warned me about our two sons while she was very lucid

    33. She was lucid nearly until the end and pain free

    34. The test wasn’t designed to challenge the teachers at a high level of competency, but it did expect that they could at least write a lucid sentence

    35. Would you like to give lucid dreaming a try, Brad?” He

    36. understand that in a lucid dream you need to use your imagination

    37. control and manipulate your lucid dreams and thus drive out what

    38. just been in a lucid nightmare

    39. was able to escape from the parameters of my lucid dream

    40. outside your lucid dream, doesn’t that mean that’s where he lives--

    41. I had a lucid dream in which I travelled to a place of

    42. “It wasn’t just a nightmare, Professor, it was a lucid nightmare

    43. “But what about her driving me towards my father in the lucid

    44. He's so lucid, so interesting and so damned cute, you just can't resist his arguments

    45. However, lucid thought is

    46. what I saw when a child was real, not a lucid dream

    47. Often, while doing that, I enter a lucid dream where I

    48. was, it wasn’t a moment of lucid craziness

    49. Any reasonably lucid fellow with a clean rag, a couple of spanners and a screw driver could cure most problems

    50. The speech should be vivid yet lucid, so that it doesn’t bore the audience

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    Synonyms for "lucid"

    crystal clear limpid lucid luculent pellucid perspicuous crystalline transparent coherent logical distinct evident obvious plain unmistakable understandable luminous radiant shining resplendent brilliant lucent rational reasonable intelligible normal

    "lucid" definitions

    (of language) transparently clear; easily understandable

    having a clear mind

    capable of thinking and expressing yourself in a clear and consistent manner

    transmitting light; able to be seen through with clarity