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Custody in a sentence | custody example sentences

  1. I was now in his custody.
  2. Two perps are in custody.
  3. Custody suite, with the M.
  4. He's in the city's custody.
  5. Virgil was in custody again.

  6. He is eager to gain custody.
  7. The cops have them in custody.
  8. They’re still in our custody.
  9. Yes, the suspect is in custody.
  10. His grandpa was awarded custody.
  11. We have them both in custody now.
  12. She’s in their custody Teresa.
  13. After she was released from custody.
  14. It was all part of a custody battle.
  15. Leave them! They are in my custody.

  16. He was in the custody of the Beauforts.
  17. The police have one suspect in custody.
  18. This time no custody would be granted.
  19. Dana is sent into her family's custody.
  20. They’re both in Hans’s custody now.
  21. He should have taken Shule into custody.
  22. He was handcuffed and is now in custody.
  23. Beaten black and blue in police custody.
  24. It could be placed under the custody of.
  25. She was now in the custody of the Nosata.

  26. We have a hundred and seven in custody.
  27. Tse was killed while they were in custody.
  28. In the settlement Tina retains custody of.
  29. Yes the girls are in our family's custody.
  30. That is how she got custody at 60 years old.
  31. He wanted her to be taken back into custody.
  32. I know Celeste, but she‘s in our custody.
  33. The gold would be taken into official custody.
  34. He then went over custody and blah blah blah.
  35. They must have taken him into custody as well.
  36. If nothing else, we can take her into custody.
  37. He has me in an enclosed room, in his custody.
  38. It bothered him that she got full custody of.
  39. You already have me in custody, Garcia said.
  40. But she didn’t want to give him joint custody.
  41. Ive got the drunk and disorderly cat in custody.
  42. The agents were handcuffed and taken into custody.
  43. They placed us in the custody of a drunken asshole.
  44. Hal is in custody pending his arraignment tomorrow.
  45. She’d be in custody within the hour if she stayed.
  46. He had custody of his nine-year-old Eric because Mr.
  47. I called in the inspector and gave him into custody.
  48. If he tries to he’ll find himself back in custody.
  49. That was about the time he had lost custody of August.
  50. Diane D's family has custody of the Dianettes?!.
  51. Julio was going to live but the feds had him in custody.
  52. Green wanted to know if they had Stacey in custody yet.
  53. I could fight for custody, but I already knew I’d lose.
  54. Grandt family because Georgia had custody of me as a kid.
  55. He’s in custody sir, she said and then sat back.
  56. Good! Give the order to kill the ones in custody too.
  57. Into the custody of his parents, again? Evette asks.
  58. But we have your mother in custody on murder one charges.
  59. I have a gut feeling that if Elmer is taken into custody.
  60. Instantly, I ended up in the custody of David and Gloria.
  61. A man called Archer Carroll is in police custody there.
  62. Initially, my mother was supposed to have sole custody of.
  63. Do they still have the woman in custody? Lezura said.
  64. The defendant shall be discharged from custody immediately.
  65. We believe we hold most of that commando unit in custody.
  66. The father had full custody of her boy and she did not see.
  67. Lord Weston’s men will be waiting to take him into custody.
  68. Homeland Security, I believe I should take this into custody.
  69. IDs, they have them in custody, and three men were just found.
  70. With Garrett dead and Williams in custody, she became admiral.
  71. Harry’s in police custody for the attempted murder of Becky.
  72. The OVER-INVOICED AMOUNT is being safeguarded under our custody.
  73. The agents are in custody and still the abductions are going on.
  74. It wasn’t until the courts gave my grandmother legal custody.
  75. The court released Dad from custody on his own recognizance and.
  76. If you can keep Lorkyn in custody, I know precisely where to go.
  77. Percy Jackson and his two friends were safely in police custody.
  78. Yes I do because both sets of grandparents have custody of me.
  79. She now had custody of their children, Berniece and little Jackie.
  80. Her friend had refused legal aid and had been remanded in custody.
  81. The robber was taken into custody, the store owner and the sales.
  82. He has a government agent there, waiting to take you into custody.
  83. Minutes later, they were all released into their parents' custody.
  84. She asked for sole custody and basic alimony and I added the ranch.
  85. When they divorced in 99 Jackson was given custody of the children.
  86. Bradshaw nor Ms Tiller are in custody either of this department or.
  87. Nigel isn’t in custody yet and you’re not off the hook either.
  88. The Bucks had left me with sole custody of it now that it was empty.
  89. We have the two other men in custody here: both had pistols on them.
  90. Do you think the man in police custody is the serial killer?
  91. We all have to go to court with this custody thing, Tomas says.
  92. Indeed it did! My yes! It ended with that fierce outlaw in custody.
  93. What? Back into the custody of their parents and grandparents?
  94. Contact me immediately when you have them in custody on the ground.
  95. Right then, he was securing my release from US military and HS custody.
  96. Officer Maloney of their duties and to take the prisoners into custody.
  97. It seems that they had a Templar in custody who talked in his sleep.
  98. I knew Simanovicz our suspect was in custody and I thought it was safe.
  99. They know that the person they have in custody is not the right person.
  100. My uncle Ben came and took over custody of me, he helped me in a way.

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