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    1. now discouraging those who still putting their trust in

    2. that they have not learned to trust God to take care of

    3. Hold your nerve and trust me they will not have enough confidence to pursue the matter further

    4. Now, trust me, when you’re married or in a relationship or anything you are committed to, you are going to have challenges that change your mood

    5. God trust and honor His

    6. the morning; for in thee do I trust: cause me to know the

    7. But I’m trusting you, you can trust me a little too,” Johnny said

    8. times when you need to trust Him

    9. Moreover, trust God

    10. Psalms: 18:30: As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: He is a buckler to all those that trust in him

    11. "I still wish you could trust me

    12. "I trust you can spare me a mount?" Ava asked again

    13. ‘What about that National Trust place you mentioned the other week?’ he countered, frowning as he tries to remember the name of the place

    14. ‘We’ve not been to that one and you mentioned it when the National Trust magazine came last time, Mum

    15. ’ He said as we show our membership cards to the National Trust personnel on duty and wander off into the great hall of the house

    16. “This is a mark of my trust

    17. I'll tell you what the problem is because I trust you that this won't get out until we're done

    18. Can I trust you on that?"

    19. "You can trust me not to tell even if it is stolen, I promise not to tell and I won't, but I will not promise to approve

    20. "I'll trust in the Instinct to keep me from physical harm, but I could loose my kedas, they are not protected

    21. He would probably even try to stand between the crossbow and the kedas and trust to the Instinct, but big as he was, he was far too small for three large freight-hauling kedas to hide behind

    22. Mirielle was one of the few who knew the whole story, gradually over time she had won his trust where few others had

    23. If we trust in God and His word and release this word with our mouths

    24. When we trust the Word of God in spite of circumstances, in spite

    25. We cannot but trust Him

    26. but he did not trust God and sought the help of physicians, and there-

    27. Will looked at me and suddenly he was my little guy again; my little boy, willing to trust in his dad

    28. If you trust the Word with every cell in your body, it means that the

    29. When you are obedient to the Word of God and trust God in any

    30. Without having trust in God I sinned again and, as it is

    31. Just trust me

    32. He teaches us to trust in the word and to

    33. If we know the truth and trust

    34. Everyone had a choice: to trust God or that which

    35. It was useful to be paranoid in her position, and to trust no one

    36. One person she especially didn't trust was Kandhi Clarke

    37. She didn't trust her and she didn't like her and she didn't approve of her existence, for that matter, and Kandhi knew it

    38. And I had to trust her

    39. Therefore – always trust God and His Word

    40. between them, and a voice inside me tells me that I can trust

    41. Leaders are needed with courage enough to face difficulties and dangers with complete trust in God and His Word

    42. I had to trust my youthful judgement, a judgement based on the meagre sum of knowledge gleaned so far about my captors

    43. Why me? What did they want? Didn’t they realise I was Lebanese? Why were they holding me when they’d made such a simple, basic mistake? Did my parents know where I was? Didn’t they know that they could trust me, that I wouldn’t say a word?

    44. preaching to flock to strengthen them that believe and trust in God and his Word and

    45. "It is that time again," Vincef said, "time to decide who we can trust and who we cannot

    46. I got a job for someone I trust

    47. He would trust that better minds than his could find antidotes for the Kassikan's viruses

    48. I automatically refuse and tell him I will call him back, but I don't intend to do anything like that; I don't trust him, anyway

    49. I want to counter his argument with things like loyalty and trust, but I know I have earned neither

    50. Then Apollo's voice fills my head, you trust me, right? And the look in his eyes reflect his notion

    1. Because she completely trusted her relationship with Kulai already, she kept to the course

    2. He knew he had only been working with her a short time, but he trusted her enough to believe she would never try anything like that

    3. but the most trusted draughtsmen precisely because I did not want to see pictures or

    4. He trusted her quite a bit didn't he? To tell her this much

    5. He trusted in His words

    6. They trusted in

    7. when they were threatened with death, they trusted in Him when were

    8. thrown into the furnace, they trusted in Him when they were already

    9. She trusted in God

    10. Daniel could be trusted to explain why he needed one in Ireland

    11. Besides, he trusted his older brother

    12. He had always trusted to his friendship with Ava to keep his opinions expressed in his own universe private

    13. I've always trusted Nathan, so I never have a reason to

    14. I knew I could not kill you unless you trusted

    15. But, in the long run, she trusted him more than anyone

    16. I trusted him; when I decided that I don’t exactly know

    17. She had trusted him; and now he was going to have to trust her

    18. They trusted us, cared a great deal for us, and respected the riders

    19. They were both a little apprehensive, but they trusted Jake implicitly

    20. Godfrey, Pantelis Lambrakis was a man of the village, much admired and trusted

    21. This background helped her make respected judgements and she was trusted by everyone

    22. “My Queen,” Tarak replied in a low voice, “Naria,” he said patting her hand, “I have not trusted Lord Boras for several years now

    23. He had a few bright engineers on his staff, including Alan, who was still under sentence and probably couldn't be trusted with sensitive data

    24. She trusted Gordon completely

    25. If it was the Al-Harron, it was nominally an allied ship, but in his heart Kelvin trusted the Curitiba more than Al-Harron

    26. Some of his most trusted officers vouched for Alan

    27. One of the workers for the scientists at City Central was named Myra and considered a trusted and loyal aide; ‘brighter than most females’ was their term

    28. 'You are not to be trusted, as I have seen,' Mama said

    29. You trusted me not knowing what my plans were; a true and loyal sister of the throne and Aura

    30. “I warned you that creature could not be trusted

    31. She trusted Lady Rayne in a way she could not explain

    32. anything like this before, but they trusted me and were

    33. Naria laughed, “Well I couldn’t think of anyone I trusted more

    34. be trusted, or I use the products myself with great success and can

    35. They wouldn’t have trusted us with that letter

    36. The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped:

    37. He’s not to be trusted; he changes sides

    38. Make him understand why he couldn’t be trusted any more

    39. He believes you cannot be trusted knowing the whereabouts of this door

    40. She hoped she was right, she had trusted him with much more than she should considering what might have happened and the positions of people who might have been involved

    41. trusted Carl, maybe more than he trusted anyone

    42. 'And you trusted him not to arrest you? Why on earth

    43. They knew each other not, but trusted each other completely

    44. I should have trusted you more

    45. I never really trusted middle infielders

    46. That is great authority! God gave Joshua great authority because he greatly trusted Joshua

    47. God trusted Joshua because he knew Joshua, and also because he knew Joshua knew his ways

    48. God gave Joshua that authority because he trusted Joshua

    49. Because God trusted Joshua, he gave him great authority

    50. For those countless years she had trusted the computer with her life, she had no reason to stop now

    1. Developing confidence in your ability to solve problems and trusting your instincts helps build resilience

    2. But I’m trusting you, you can trust me a little too,” Johnny said

    3. "You're most trusting," doostEr said but was sure there were a lot more details to this than Tahlmute had revealed

    4. had I been stronger in trusting God and His truth

    5. “there is something in trusting God, that induces God to make the

    6. Perhaps the more trusting nature of woman, which

    7. I'm trusting you with my life to say that, and that guy's a fanatic you know

    8. It is more than trusting God that you will make it to heaven

    9. trusting, wholesome relationship with the rest of the universe

    10. This is about trusting that what’s most optimal for you, will

    11. She nodded, not trusting her voice sufficiently to speak

    12. with another man looking into their trusting eyes

    13. I got the message and tried to repair the damage with flattery, 'Well Ari, I have to say, you are very trusting

    14. Yet again, I wonder if it is wise to take the step of trusting a man again … but Simon is not Nigel

    15. Having left school without many qualifications, trusting his

    16. She took great care to cultivate a trusting relationship with the young leaders of this society as it grew

    17. She had taken a great risk in trusting them; trusting that they would keep to the

    18. They are helpless and trusting, and

    19. Of course any instrument they could build could also be hacked, but she was trusting that Alan didn’t know enough quantum mechanics to fool them all

    20. “Very good, trusting husband

    21. ’ I said sternly, adding a few words on the benefits of trusting people (sometimes I feel almost maternal in this job) before suggesting that she rings him

    22. But Tipene decided that he would be more trusting in this game when he saw what was offered as first prize; a set of brand-new golf clubs

    23. She’s sound asleep, trusting me

    24. from trusting him, but it appeared as if he wasn’t here to

    25. breakfast, and trusting its guests to leave their money on

    26. Trusting God Inquire of the Lord

    27. " He was pretty sure she wasn't acting now, she was trusting him to take care of her when she was half awake

    28. David conquered the giant of the flesh by trusting in the power

    29. David, like all spiritual warriors, had learned the way of trusting in God for victory, and he knew that the armor of the flesh would

    30. Trusting to his instincts, he dove to the ground

    31. There is, I believe, nowhere in Europe, except in England, any instance of the tenant building upon the land of which he had no lease, and trusting that the honour of his landlord would take no advantage of so important an improvement

    32. Leonard had no apparent fear of patients who might be dangerous or obsessive; he wanted to create an impression of the trusting doctor

    33. Russell sat by Sebastian on the trip, not trusting his brother enough to leave him alone in his anger

    34. He did not receive any compensation for his work and even though he was offered a prestigious post as President of a College, he turned it down and continued in his labour of love, trusting that God would provide for him

    35. He became less trusting of his closest friends and advisors, often suspecting thoughts of betrayal hidden behind their eyes

    36. She felt uneasy about trusting Frank Booker with her future

    37. Yes," she went on, "and shall we not keep on trusting Him?"

    38. If a man who has a mantra of trusting nobody has faith in me, shall I argue?

    39. have been severed from trusting them and detached from the ability to

    40. “There is something to be said in trusting in God,” pointed out Em complacently

    41. And that you KNOW My word is true forever, trusting Me to supply all that is needed for you to become completely empty, so you may be truly filled

    42. I am sad to say so but trusting an Embassy referral is looking for trouble under most conditions

    43. trusting is an important element of the process

    44. I wasn’t even trusting that I could do this four-day Hanbleca

    45. The trouble is the young ones tended to be too trusting

    46. She reigned over Club Hollywood like the queen of Sheba while Brian Walston, the trusting fool, sat in prison so she could be that queen

    47. But he could not bear the thought of lovely Celia thinking him forever lost, never there to return her trusting gaze, never more to hold her when the nights were cold

    48. We have to continue in the slim hope that it isn’t happening, and I think trusting your own cousin should come a little easier, especially when he is offering us the policeman’s files

    49. Maybe she’d explain later, maybe she had as much trouble trusting him as he did her

    50. Trusting his genius brother, Russell slipped the Zip-Linq over his head

    1. something that He trusts and guarantees to work

    2. Isa: 26:3: Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusts in thee

    3. Prime Minister’s Relief Fund and well known religious trusts are other avenues for financial help to others

    4. Let her know God made her, and that He trusts you with

    5. He got out and went over and up the stairs to the door thinking to him self; She gave me the code, so she trusts me a little bit

    6. wet or dry, and trusts that he will

    7. If they were being monitored he shouldn't talk about the possibility of a sister, or many other trusts Ava had given him over the years

    8. ‘I’m honoured and extremely flattered that he trusts me that much, Jo

    9. Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusts in

    10. The only cure Ted trusts in these days is the hair of the slavering beast that he calls friend

    11. True prophecy trusts in

    12. God so trusts them that He says to

    13. Ome trusted Anon since the first day he met him, as he trusts him still

    14. I'm the only one he trusts and knows well

    15. He can know better the character and situation of the persons whom he trusts; and if he should happen to be deceived, he knows better the laws of the country from which he must seek redress

    16. He trusts that the work which must be done in the mean time, can be well enough executed by the old men, the women, and the children

    17. it is crucial that the dog trusts you and you him

    18. 23 Note, he drinks up a river, and hastens not, he trusts that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth

    19. 7 For the king trusts in the Lord, and through the mercy of the Most High he shall not be moved

    20. 10 Many sorrows shall be to the wicked, but he who trusts in the Lord, mercy shall compass him about

    21. 8 O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man who trusts in him

    22. 12 O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man who trusts in you

    23. 2 Preserve my soul; for I am holy: O you my God, save your servant that trusts in you

    24. in all that it touches and trusts,

    25. He who trusts in his riches shall fall; but the righteous shall flourish as a branch

    26. good; and whoever so trusts in the Lord is happy; the wise in heart shall be called prudent, and the sweetness of the lips increases

    27. He who trusts in his own heart is a fool, but whoever walks wisely, he shall be delivered

    28. price is far above rubies; the heart of her husband safely trusts in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil; she will do him good and

    29. stayed on you: because he trusts in you

    30. “The only person in the world who loves and trusts George is Theodore

    31. Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is

    32. “He is very astute and perhaps trusts his own observation more than another’s

    33. “He trusts John as much as anyone trusts a small child

    34. “Once he satisfies himself that you are trustworthy, he will trust you as much as he trusts anyone

    35. 3 A man of understanding trusts in the law; and the law is faithful to him, as an oracle

    36. are certain that he will not be able to obtain help from God, he still trusts the Lord

    37. The point is that the childlike attributes, at that age, a child trusts

    38. are, whether your mind trusts or not; would doubt obstruct the

    39. O Lord of Hosts, happy is the man who trusts in you

    40. He trusts that, if he immerses himself in the currents of the ethics of expediency that swirl around him, he is not opening an unwanted door to meddling in the freedoms of others

    41. “Oh, yeah? Did he tell you why he trusts you? Did he tell you about his precious gift?”

    42. for donations to their “family foundations” and trusts

    43. What though there are trusts

    44. She trusts me rather completely, and allows me access to much of her mind, and so I can see the truth of what she said

    45. O Lord of Hosts happy is the man who trusts in you

    46. “There’s one who truly trusts his flying, considering that he still weighs many tons

    47. Sometimes when the fight is at its harshest, it is better if the commander decides a strategy alone and trusts for his army to follow

    48. The hundreds of thousands settled in trusts and municipals provided by his parents yielded a tidy monthly income

    49. He trusts us more than anyone else, and that trust is very important to his recovery

    50. And I said to him "Sir if anyone has a wife who trusts in the Lord and if he detect her in adultery does the man sin if he continue to live with her?" And he said to me "As long as he remains ignorant of her sin the husband commits no transgression in living with her

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    Synonyms for "trust"

    trust trustfulness trustingness reliance faith cartel combine corporate trust confidence believe desire hope commit confide entrust intrust expectation belief dependence assurance certainty stock responsibility duty obligation liability commitment charge guardianship confide in believe in depend upon rely on esteem presume credit expect assume imagine assign consign commission

    "trust" definitions

    something (as property) held by one party (the trustee) for the benefit of another (the beneficiary)

    certainty based on past experience

    the trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others

    a consortium of independent organizations formed to limit competition by controlling the production and distribution of a product or service

    complete confidence in a person or plan etc

    a trustful relationship

    have confidence or faith in

    allow without fear

    be confident about something

    expect and wish

    confer a trust upon

    (chiefly archaic) extend credit to