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    1. "Well, that last bit is debatable Travis, but it's not the point

    2. Losing your dog for any reason is worse than death for you are closer to each other than anything else in this world except your wife, and that is highly debatable

    3. His value as a spy is debatable and I don't think he rates with a Philby or the one known as Suvorov who turned out to be an excellent historian

    4. His results were debatable

    5. "That's debatable," I replied with a laugh

    6. This is usually evident when there is an argument or a debatable policy that divides the community

    7. This is a debatable point, considering there were two similar explosions over

    8. He points out that the benefits projected by reducing global warming are “far into the future,” as well as debatable

    9. But examining a debatable issue requires presentation of both sides

    10. persistent vegetative state (a point that is very debatable) due to a severe

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    Synonyms for "debatable"

    debatable disputable arguable moot problematic problematical controversial questionable undecided uncertain undetermined unsettled

    "debatable" definitions

    open to doubt or debate

    open to argument or debate

    capable of being disproved