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Problematic in a sentence | problematic example sentences

  1. The eye was more problematic.
  2. Yes, that Job was problematic.
  3. Everything about this was problematic.
  4. Furthermore, there is the deeply problematic and.
  5. Women's problematic relationship with food begins.
  6. But this is often a highly problematic calculation.
  7. There are times when latching on is very problematic.
  8. Gestapo headquarters decided to put this problematic.
  9. Examples of Irrational believes that lead to problematic.
  10. The first filter example could be problematic because a.
  11. That would have required some problematic explanations.
  12. However, even the best rated ventures are still problematic.
  13. Aid fix to a design that was problematic from its inception.
  14. Nothing at all problematic for a girl on the cheerleading squad.
  15. The most problematic analogous outcomes are of a functional nature.
  16. He could buy a cheap van, but disposal afterwards was problematic.
  17. The problematic thing about human reality is that it is self-created.
  18. What is problematic is being so attached to any one possible scenario.
  19. What rendered problematic for Bloom the realisation of these mutually.
  20. The differences could be problematic if they had to fight their way out.
  21. It is somewhat more problematic when you have no revenue but there is a.
  22. Having an opinion and trading on logical entry points are not problematic.
  23. For me, the larger issue here, the thing that is most problematic is not.
  24. So which do you think is more problematic from a security perspective?
  25. When man does not know his own mistakes then condition becomes problematic.
  26. As you can see that this could be problematic, with your inability to ride.
  27. The first lot he could deal with; the latest visit had been more problematic.
  28. Adults generally are not too problematic though in some cultures they can be.
  29. So decisive, jumping 16%, that buying shares after the breakout was problematic.
  30. In this respect, large classes are viewed as problematic and in a negative light.
  31. Kelvan who had wanted to kill him, but getting there had always proven problematic.
  32. Love may have been problematic but the sex life doesn’t seem to have suffered.
  33. Sudden illnesses or the death of a keeper at an isolated station could be problematic.
  34. The first is time decay, which was problematic for long straddles with short duration.
  35. We’re not certain, so there’s always hope it’ll be something less problematic.
  36. The pace you were maintaining easily over the past few months could now be problematic.
  37. Today, however, the manual name registration process can be problematic on some networks.
  38. It is the concretion of the abstract into the actual that makes human reality problematic.
  39. The Catholic vote for Jack was important, and Kick’s marriage to a Protestant was problematic.
  40. A given relationship might be problematic, but the overall love life is good – very active now.
  41. Cars and communication equipment will be temperamental then, and communications can be problematic.
  42. It was problematic at the time as to whether Kmart would have to seek relief under Chapter 11 of the U.
  43. But she’s never been a good driver and accidentally crashing a guest’s car might prove problematic.
  44. However, intercepting his cellular phone conversations would be problematic and we didn’t bother trying.
  45. The transitions from markup to distribution (and from markdown to accumulation) are a bit more problematic.
  46. Unfortunately, he doubted that was an order the coxswain would obey, and Kylmahn was even more problematic.
  47. Natural remedies and herbal treatments can offer a gentle, non invasive solution to this problematic condition.
  48. Depending on which side you look at it, single parenting can be problematic or it could bring in peace and stability.
  49. Pain in the foot, for instance, is an unwanted feeling, but is most problematic in that it limits the ability to walk.
  50. Allergic reactions to these detergents are especially problematic for people who have chronic conditions such as eczema.
  51. Moreover, it is problematic to view the broad equity premium (ERPC) as the sum of BRP, CRP, and ERP over corporate bonds.
  52. Michael was fairly certain his father would have rather burned, but the lack of remains made the choice of cremation problematic.
  53. Unfortunately, the Obama administration last year co-sponsored with Egypt a relevant and deeply problematic resolution in the U.
  54. While his infidelity was problematic, his egocentric need for those around him to be aware of his accomplishments was far worse.
  55. While you have a nice payday – financial increase – from the 8th to the 11th, finance become more problematic after the 21st.
  56. This ratio doesn’t include depreciation, so any ratio closer to 1 will be more problematic than just the interest coverage ratio.
  57. Possibly even more problematic is the situation that nearly half of the world’s lithium supply lies in just one country—Bolivia.
  58. Well … Maybe the reason is simpler, less complicated to explain, less problematic for everybody: we are talking about everyday reality.
  59. Notice that these examples have come after extended, mature trend runs; a potential climax out of a trading range is much more problematic.
  60. So keep that in mind when creating your emails, and always avoid potentially problematic phrasing and words that may trigger spam filters.
  61. Most berries swell with antioxidants, which act almost as a swab for problematic chemicals in the brain – and the rest of the body, too!.
  62. Knowledge workers who present themselves as shining stars to management but are viewed as slackers by other workers are especially problematic.
  63. But he found it problematic that biology as a science believes something different, and that if you teach biology, you should teach it properly.
  64. The daily interest charge would become problematic in the case where a position stays around the same price level for an extended period of time, i.
  65. When emotions cause impulsive trading, trading against the plan, trading against your best instincts, experience, and education, they are problematic.
  66. On the other hand, as his desire to be with her grew, so did his fear of losing her, so that their meetings became more and more hurried and problematic.
  67. It is also worth considering that this arrangement is problematic for developing traders and may be much more suitable for established, consistent traders.
  68. There were so many people bordering the barrier tape that was sectioning off the problematic area that we had to fight our way through the curious bystanders.
  69. Here, placing our stop using the last day rule was problematic because the breakout day had very little price action below the upper boundary of the rectangle.
  70. Where else would they meet? It wasn’t long before their (the Christians’) emphatic demand that you worship the one true God and Him only became problematic.
  71. Boost Your Sales and Attract New Customers Once you have built a brand, it becomes problematic if you attempt to modify the brand in the minds of your consumers.
  72. When I look at its economy and prospects, I see a nation featuring China’s growth potential, but without China’s problematic lack of strategic natural resources.
  73. Also, by purchasing directly from an exchange, you minimize the number of parties involved in a large purchase, which decreases the risk of a problematic transaction.
  74. Buying options whose price can be significantly influenced by supply and demand changes as a result of a thin or illiquid market for that particular option is problematic.
  75. This is the problematic dynamic of human reality, this is the problem of normality and abstraction and actuality re-reflecting between each other, so one mirrors the other.
  76. Perhaps a different caste of Seelie have settled nearby in large numbers and are affecting the environment, I propose as an alternative, which would still be problematic.
  77. Moving Makgrygair’s Siddarmarkians under those conditions would be problematic, at best, and even 1st Corps was starting to feel the strain of the pace he’d demanded of it.
  78. Stop placement is problematic because the support can drop, washing weak-hand longs out of the market; the recovery from this fakeout is actually the previously discussed entry.
  79. Sometimes there are children out there with whom you share with the Ex(s); this is also very problematic in a sense in some cases, as you could need to buy some stuff for the kids.
  80. Consequently, erasing a computer program would be problematic, because it would surely have built in safe guards to guarantee that it would still run even if brain damage occurred.
  81. The details of the Terran debacle around Mars had shaken him badly and he tended to agree with Wa, and with Tina Forster, that winning this war was becoming more and more problematic.
  82. I shared call with them and if I was not on call, but in town, and not hiking, fishing or kayaking, I would keep my beeper on in case of an emergency, like a problematic labor or a C-Section.
  83. Their socialisation process – usually the product of problematic early relationships with Primary Objects (parents, or caregivers) – is often perturbed and results in social dysfunctioning.
  84. Also problematic is the fact that options can be artificially and temporarily overpriced simply because of a short-lived increase in price volatility in the underlying stock or the general market.
  85. Getting the lakebed off the men was problematic; the hot water ran out long before the men did, and because the PX didn’t sell shaving soap, practically everyone had a brambly, dust-catching beard.
  86. I suppose it could seem ludicrous to be fixated on a property some twelve thousand miles away; even more problematic the attempt to locate a place that may or may not exist save in the mind of Murakami.
  87. Conceptually, this is the most problematic of the trade setups because we have to strike a balance between waiting for confirmation that the breakout has failed while still getting a good trade location.
  88. That could be truly problematic if it happened while stopped in some port short of Turkey, when sailors and stevedores would be running around the ship to load and unload cargo, thus rendering any move by them risky.
  89. Valuation of foreign stocks is highly problematic because of the differences in accounting standards among nations; nonetheless, the ranges of P/B of most of the EAFE nations seem similar to that of the United States.
  90. Only as new generations grew up during the 1980s and 1990s did the different ethnic cultures begin to assimilate more, though by then religious issues between Muslim and Western cultures were becoming more problematic.
  91. But the very notion of a God had become increasingly problematic for him and he wanted to discuss his persistent feelings of the meaninglessness of it all, which were often accompanied by dreams of handing in his notice.
  92. This is problematic, in that there may be one child or relative whose advice really is important to the will maker, but that fact is not attendant to undue influence so much as a general respect for that person’s counsel.
  93. In between studying medicine, feeding, answering thousands of Akua’s problematic questions on vampire existences with an annoying Because the way parents do, it’s a wonder I didn’t die of complete fatigued exhaustion.
  94. It was now at the point that technological progress and even the maintenance of the actual technology of the World Council was becoming more and more problematic because of a severe lack of people interested in technical careers.
  95. The instances of allergies and asthma are increasing worldwide and the possibilities of fixing the causes of these problems with a few home improvements has to be better than just relying on problematic drugs and the distress of ill health.
  96. Professional services of trained counselors may also be made available free of cost to senior citizens who are in the grip of anxiety, depression, grief arising out of bereavement and conflicts due to problematic relationships with family members.
  97. But the younger men who were relatives or connections of the family, were disposed to admire her in this problematic light, as a girl who showed much conduct, and who among all the chances that were flying might turn out to be at least a moderate prize.
  98. For directional traders of options (such as agricultural firms looking to hedge price movements in grains) this was not too problematic; because the payoffs at expiration of the options were known as well as the current price, the options were still perfectly usable as a hedging or speculative tool.
  99. The Coast Guard had endorsed the single-hull barge ban in 1979, but subsequently disavowed the proposal when USCG officials and barge owners concluded the proposed fees, permits and construction costs would be problematic and unnecessary, because serious barge spills on the 1250 mile stretch of river under consideration were infrequent (Group Urges Double Hulls…, 1993).
  100. A localized pain, as a problematic symptom,.

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