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Problematical in a sentence | problematical example sentences

  1. It remains problematical whether we can recover.
  2. The final phases of the attack were problematical.
  3. The popularity of the modern fighter, however, is problematical.
  4. Whether modern society is a worthy inheritor of such endeavors is problematical.
  5. The former should be quick and certain while the latter, I suppose, is problematical.

  6. Kynt’s supplies are … problematical, Merlin acknowledged with a crooked smile.
  7. Injuries to the brain are still problematical even with all of modern medical science.
  8. In fact, what he’s trying to tap dance his way around to is even more problematical than that.
  9. Perhaps ecological subsystems would be compromised although its universal impact appears problematical.
  10. These noises, for the most part problematical, continued intermittently, and seemed if anything to increase in number as time wore on.
  11. Our ability to supply the forces necessary to hold the occupied—reoccupied—territory would be problematical at best, once winter sets in.
  12. That the uncertainty of cash flow is likely to render the payment of these obligations problematical is starting to give investors the jitters.
  13. The conversation seemed to imply that the issue was problematical, and that a majority for Tyke was not so certain as had been generally supposed.
  14. Whether or not it will be able to maintain its momentum is problematical in view of a me-tooism mentality that has become firmly embedded in its thinking.
  15. And even if I can find the troops, managing to keep them—and the prisoners—fed while they march hundreds of miles is going to be … problematical, at best.

  16. The problematical assumption of Free Speech in our society, I believe, demands broader (interpretive) judgments than at any (other) time in our nation‘s history.
  17. That the musical odors indigenous to the culture of his day may very well have produced that desired effect is problematical in our own musically erratic times, however.
  18. The same principle holds that ―all men are created equal‖; that is to say, that each enjoys Equal (Natural) Rights as ordained by God, (however problematical in practice).
  19. Two months ago the State of New York was not ranked among the States that would adopt the policy of that of Massachusetts; and any favorable change was extremely problematical.
  20. Two patients were still so problematical as of the research project’s completion, in December 1941—just a month after Rosemary’s lobotomy—that they could not be categorized.
  21. Conscience is not always able to form a correct estimate of things; therefore, its ‖reasonable‖ faculties should be considered problematical unless assisted by Divine Wisdom or Right Reasoning.
  22. Admittedly, although stricter law enforcement may marginally reduce accidents involving guns in the home or crimes of passion, its overall impact on violent crime would be, in my judgment, problematical.
  23. Like rifle grenades throughout Old Earth’s history, that relatively low velocity resulted in a high trajectory and problematical accuracy, especially for first-time users who hadn’t yet been issued proper sights for them.
  24. Recent events, however, have revealed a very disturbing trend; extending membership to ―former‖ antagonists whose ‖democratic‖ institutions and putative reforms remain problematical and its designs, (largely) untested.
  25. But no one could expect Clyntahn to admit that, and he’d demanded that every possible resource be used to bolster the Army of the Sylmahn, no matter how problematical its chance to hold or how badly those resources might be needed somewhere else.

  26. It meant that although the organization ticket won, he would, in the public eye at least, have the credit of beating the System, of going into office unhampered, of having assured beyond doubt what was at best only problematical with the Reform League.
  27. One is that the increased size of the body would obviously require an increased supply of food, and he considers it as very problematical whether the disadvantages thence arising would not, in times of scarcity, more than counterbalance the advantages.
  28. Believe me, and take comfort, this is better for me than tons of gold and cases of diamonds, even were they not as problematical as the clouds we see in the morning floating over the sea, which we take for terra firma, and which evaporate and vanish as we draw near to them.
  29. This was an enterprise whose success might have seemed problematical to most men of the world, in spite of the cleverness with which such men credit a fashionable woman; in fact, Madame d'Aubrion herself, when she looked at her daughter, almost despaired of getting rid of her to any one, even to a man craving connection with nobility.
  30. Whatever was not problematical and suspected about this young man—for example, a certain showiness as to foreign ideas, and a disposition to unsettle what had been settled and forgotten by his elders—was positively unwelcome to a physician whose standing had been fixed thirty years before by a treatise on Meningitis, of which at least one copy marked "own" was bound in calf.
  31. An attachment to any individual divested of his or her essential qualities, however problematical, is equivalent to embracing an empty suit, thereby frustrating our intended purpose inasmuch as the inseparable idea(s) forming the character of that individual of our liking and the manner such (ideas) are properly received represent the fundamental components internalized by that individual who we (ironically) find so appealing to begin with.
  32. What‘s next on the agenda, proposed Statehood for The District of Columbia that will further increase the number of Democratic seats in both houses of Congress on the chance of attracting potential African American voters? This bill is without question a lose/lose proposition for the Republican Party which would better serve its (own) political interests and the interests of the nation by attracting party support on the quality of its (own) party principles rather than its transparent pandering for problematical votes.
  33. But how does anyone go about discovering (the) Truth? If Truth is predicated on Natural Law(s) understood as God‘s Eternal Law(s), because such laws (naturally) proceed from God, ―hidden yet pre-determined,‖ and if Humankind‘s problematical interpretation of God‘s Law has rendered its meaning less viable than what was arguably uncertain to begin with, then how or where does anyone proceed in recovering important points of reference? Conventional wisdom, forged by the (social) dynamics of customs and habits and experience, is insufficient.
  34. Nevertheless, this remarkable decision should demand closer scrutiny by reasonable men and women over the question of competency as such vaguely defined standards may apply to certain individuals of ―limited‖ intelligence or stunted emotional development that (supposedly) renders their ability to make sound judgment problematical; yet for all intent and purposes, however, seem sufficiently capable of leading normal, productive lives; and whose marginal ―deficiencies‖ are not considered in any manner an impediment to the legal requirements respective of property and person.
  35. The inherent ―right‖ to terminate one‘s (own) life as it relates to vague or questionable notions defining quality of life, introduces yet another dubious precedent as it relates to Choice, especially in rather gray areas where the decision to either perpetuate or curtail an individual‘s life has been proxied (sic) at a time when that individual could not possibly foresee the (uncertain) consequences of such decisions entrusted to the care of family members or friends (concealing underlying motives for authorizing such decisions, perhaps) or where a potential illness at some uncertain point in time or that individual‘s problematical reaction (to that illness) could not possibly be understood in advance; that is to say, until that individual is actually sitting on Death‘s doorstep.
  36. When principles of non-violence are either self-contained or practiced unconditionally under circumstances (otherwise) calling for a measured response, (sound) judgment and common sense appealing to the requirements of a peaceful, well-ordered society that every citizen (otherwise) owes an obligation, and whose conspicuous merits, perhaps laudable in some instances, however questionable at other times, and where (such) natural impulses are routinely rejected, even more remarkably when Property and Person and at times the Nation, are at risk by (anti-social) individuals determined to provoke harm; weighs in the balance, and where (institutional) recourse is problematical or uncertain, an (individual) is required, inasmuch as it lies within that individual‘s capacity to do so, to discourage such annoyances as they may present themselves to that individual as well as that individual‘s family and friends, however contrary to that individual‘s ―nature,‖ lest that individual‘s misplaced pacifism further encourage mischief makers and bullies alike, by providing license to habitually upset the harmony and safety of private and public concerns as it (otherwise) suits their primitive whims.

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