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Decimate in a sentence

The crabs may decimate your snail population.
and decimate the populations of these two cities.
Nations plunged into civil wars that served to decimate.
We have to decimate their army to the point of no return.
nuclear weapons to decimate Russia… Boeing 747 crashes into the Bronco.
judgments of God will decimate both the earth and the unsaved earth dwellers.
to decimate yet another country that acts aggressively toward another country.

The crown presents and some smart manipulative defence lawyer endeavours to decimate.
The goal is to prevent interplanetary civil wars that could decimate entire populations.
Soon my people will decimate themselves by waging a pointless civil war and my mother will die.
I was going to decimate all competition in cross-country, even with stopping to watch the leaves fall along the way.
However, at the worst point, the loss would be almost $200,000, or more than enough to decimate the accounts of the unwary.
The very same creature he had just seen decimate a dozen soldiers within seconds, and all he had to fight it with now was a ten inch blade.
My experience is that a stop loss will decimate the robustness of a trading strategy if it is built into the strategy and becomes an integral part of it.
If they could spy upon that meeting they would gain enormous amounts of information that could be used to harass, harm and decimate the abolitionist movement.
In it, Brereton said that neither he nor General MacArthur didn’t really deserve the praise for the novel tactics used to decimate the Japanese invasion fleet.
Unfortunately, I had to be satisfied with more of the same: industrial-strength support, steel reinforcement, and the ever-present danger that something might give way and decimate a population.
Either I decimate this place and stalk out, probably to destroy the entire world—but hey, I’ll be alive—or I let them put me on ice and trust that those who love me will find a way to rescue me.
The terrorists had built up a devastating arsenal of chemical and biological weapons; crude they may be, but because of their sheer capacity, their combined effect would decimate the immediate population.
Mabeuf opened his bookcase, took a long look at all his books, one after another, as a father obliged to decimate his children would gaze upon them before making a choice, then seized one hastily, put it in under his arm and went out.
‘’The enemy will probably use his preferred tactic when hitting a tough obstacle: he will try to infiltrate around our flanks, then will establish blocking positions along our resupply and withdrawal routes, to be ready to decimate us if we decide to retire under the pressure.
streets; decimating everything in his path.
decimating a staggering amount of other plant and animal life as.
The procedure had dragged on for years, decimating the better class like a pestilence.
Barrad moved through his men back towards the giant who was decimating his lead troops.
viral outbreaks and new diseases decimating the global population and between the two of.
His fear was that Yellow Cough might sweep through the crowded sett, decimating his fighting forces.
Flying shrapnel from each bomb erupted through the crowd decimating and injuring everyone in their path.
Before the hurricane veered away from a direct hit on the city, decimating the towns of the Gulf Coast.
She was a brief, pivotal encounter who had played her role of decimating my perception of how others saw me, and then she escaped unscathed.
The two brothers hated the countryside and spent most of their time wandering the fields with a pair of shotguns and decimating the wildlife.
And if those assets consist of bonds with big unrealized losses, such losses will rapidly become realized, decimating net worth in the process.
With almost a casual indifference, the horde banked and dove on Jasra’s winged forces decimating them with claws and flames while I continued to sing.
Confronted with the martyr missiles being thrown at them by Arafat’s desperados, the Jews responded by decimating their dwellings and deporting their families.
My planes have succeeded in decimating the Chinese invasion force at the border and what is left of it is advancing very slowly while steadily suffering more losses.
She watched Zax plunge through the straggling clusters of wounded, the V-shaped ridge of his tail sweeping a wide path, decimating those he hadn’t trampled directly overtop.
Some had insisted that only sound, solid tactics and reliance on training, granted the victory, while others believed that the ability to surprise and strike first was a pre-requisite to decimating the opposition.
Leaving dozens of dead and wounded comrades behind in the ravine, the surviving enemy infantrymen bravely pushed on their assault up the western slope of Hill 310, despite the withering machine gun fire decimating their ranks.
The accommodations had all the comforts that converted troopship implies, but it seemed a great adventure until the ship hit a Force Nine in the Bay of Biscay, decimating the faculty and the student body alike with seasickness.
Under the furious eyes of Farah, who had quickly returned her engines to idle setting, the Israeli fighter-bombers each performed three more passes, firing either unguided rockets or their 20mm guns and decimating the Hezbollah flotilla.
In fact, I received this morning a report from Dong-Dang saying that the American aircraft that were attacking and decimating a Chinese column near the village stopped their attacks immediately once the surviving Chinese soldiers withdrew inside Dong-Dang.
My income was decimated.
they decimated an army!.
had decimated half his town.
will be decimated within one hour.
This year’s harvest is decimated.
soon discover other decimated colonies.
Have I decimated the superwoman?.
It occurs to me that we’ve been decimated.
ranchers) have decimated cheetah populations.
monastery had been decimated by the ash plague.
Henri returned home to find his family decimated.
decimated by the plants, or more specifically, by.
and decimated both of them, the selection process.
I had been decimated, spiritually, financially and.
few eastern tribes were completely decimated by the.
At this rate one war and his people will be decimated.
They had decimated more than one pirate installation.
That one Borg ship nearly decimated the entire fleet.
gold? It disappeared beyond the city's decimated wall.
Cougar populations have been decimated in eastern North.
long and taxing trip was on the verge of being decimated.
had destroyed all the crops and decimated the fields and.
It was lucky that Ganesh led a fight back and decimated.
With each retreat, the number of defenders was decimated.
Its turbulent history has decimated the fabric of the home.
The landscape as far as he could see was completely decimated.
Pictures of the building utterly decimated, still smouldering.
the Ukrainian countryside has been virtually decimated through.
What the Shades didn’t devour, the Hoar Frost King decimated.
This country’s military leadership would have been decimated.
The large fragment of earth decimates.
‘No,’ I said, ‘she decimates the weak and stupid with gay abandon.
Besides, the current system decimates the planet, it abandons most of the people, it conduces other people to make illicit acts to survive, it generates a garbage trash and it transforms our Earth in enormous garbage can, if we don’t stop with the consumerism, we will pollute until the sidereal space.

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decimate annihilate eliminate eradicate extinguish