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    1. That’s one reason fall prevention programs aimed at seniors point out the need for appropriate lighting throughout the home to clearly define changes in floor surfaces or levels and to eliminate both shadows and glare

    2. To keep the house as safe as possible, eliminate clutter and loose electrical wires that may cause a fall

    3. of this book should assist brethren who want to eliminate the problem of lack of proper

    4. Nor can we manifest solutions to end poverty, eliminate

    5. Whether it is or is not, it does not aid or eliminate the place that God has chosen

    6. For good measure, while you are on the potato cure, you should drink potato water, which is one of the very best alkalizing drinks and helps the system to eliminate the impurities which are to blame for your complaint

    7.  Work to eliminate any feelings of resentment, doubts and other negative emotions in the

    8. She went on about how he had nothing of his own in her universe but his lab and she was willing to let him take that with him and eliminate needing magic on that door

    9. It is in situations like this that small talk is an invaluable resource that can be used to eliminate the tension between you and someone you

    10. To eliminate any kind of problem that has to do with

    11. To reduce or eliminate the contact of one thing to another

    12. Practice: Eliminate something’s path to it to begin with

    13. eliminate all of the Heart-Walls through clearing

    14. Eliminate Kazar and stop whatever threat he

    15. represents a threat he’s been trying to eliminate from the

    16. “There is no need to batter yourself over the failure to eliminate Swivel

    17. Though he believes the only way to stop this infection is to eliminate the source

    18. With a bow of cherry wood on her back and a pair of thin, elven blades at her hips she was ready to eliminate whatever remnants of the undead made it to the Archenon

    19. be understandable to eliminate the priests, as they

    20. alcoholics to eliminate all of their “old habits” they

    21. Choose one form, once a day, and eliminate all the rest

    22. negative media, either eliminate them, choose only one or two, and/or

    23. The key to achieving a balanced lifestyle is to eliminate chaos from your life

    24. Dreaming that you are making a self-sacrifice means that you need to eliminate certain aspects of your life and make time and space for more productive and rewarding experiences

    25. It’s no secret their chief concern has always been to see to the Emperor’s security, and to eliminate any and all threats

    26. to eliminate threats that are in your face as quickly as possible

    27. To be happy, you need to eliminate your attachment to desires

    28. We're pretty sure that's why Auntie sent us with you: partly to remove a potential challenge at court, partly to allow us to eliminate any hint or trace of doubt we may have harbored toward you

    29. The purpose of this book is help you eliminate habits and ways of being that get in your way of being happy

    30. In truth detaching ourselves will not eliminate the unpleasant moment, but it can help alleviate our suffering

    31. It’s nice to eliminate Rogan from the list though

    32. Yet the majority of its weight was due to an effective arsenal of lethal weapons, filling the various pockets: guns, neutron grenades that could eliminate any living being within a kilometre radius, the largest of which: no bigger than his hand

    33. “We have assets on the station who could easily eliminate Mr Jim Clark and the other union leaders

    34. eliminate divisions that occurred in interactive

    35. This will eliminate thinning of the skin and bulging veins

    36. Not so favorite pastime of Michelle Obama, who had the National Park Service plant a 1,100 square foot garden in the south lawn of the White House in order for her to be able to grow, and crow about, her magnificent fruits and vegetables, to which she would feed the children of America, in order to eliminate baby fat

    37. Included in that order were instructions to eliminate the requirement of page-by-review, allowing instead bulk declassification

    38. I believe that if you want to eliminate this Raven Kennedy, a tougher opponent may be required

    39. “The president and his supporters call for tax increases as a means to cover the deficit, but higher taxes cannot eliminate the deficit

    40. In its quixotic attempt to eliminate handguns, New York City has conceived a hare brained plan whereby any citizen possessing a firearm may redeem it, no questions asked, in exchange for gift certificates

    41. “The first thing I’ll need you to do is eliminate these witnesses,” Hollowcrest said

    42. Humankind‘s intuitive understanding of the Law(s), informed by Conscience, does not entirely eliminate our doubt(s), however

    43. The litany of abuses predicated in the name of free expression, or proxy ―decisions‖ made on behalf of others who are unable to make informed decisions, are understood by the hordes of mentally ill people roaming the streets, who should be otherwise institutionalized for their own safety, if not for the safety of our society, for that matter, who remain on the streets, unable to properly care for themselves, mandated by civil rights organizations fearful that their rights may be jeopardized, people otherwise incapable of making a rational assessment of their own condition; not to mention conferring legitimacy to sexual deviancy in all its varieties that many of us have casually resigned ourselves to as ―simply‖ alternative lifestyles or championing (equal) protection under the law, that, in some instances, should call for censorship, or implausible assumptions regarding the ―unborn,‖ (Abortion) remanding millions of innocents to an early grave, a convenience for women fretting over their figures or professional careers, abetted by spineless politicians, who for expediency sake, continue advancing legislation denying them (―unborn‖) their own inalienable right to choose, had they the means, or encouraging a culture of death (Euthanasia) for the convenience of (the) would-be custodians of the terminally ill or perhaps to (simply) reduce the increasing costs of Healthcare, or the legalization of drugs because that too is a convenient alternative for a number of individuals who have seemingly lost the will to rid our society of rampant drug abuse and therefore justify such (hare-brained) schemes from the vantage point of opportunity savings or reduced social costs, or movements to eliminate God from the public consciousness lest society be reminded of its sins or perhaps because many of us have (conveniently) chosen to become our own gods

    44. The EEC‘s Socialist Agenda has been constructed in a manner that seeks to eliminate (grassroots) autonomy altogether by gradually abolishing (national) social and cultural customs, imposing criminal sanctions against forms of behavior considered inappropriate or incompatible with standards of political correctness, superseding local political and legal authority with supranational (political) bodies and international courts, and (surprise!) imposing membership requirements mandating that each participating nation legalize abortion on demand, to mention few of its initiatives

    45. body eliminate these toxins and improve your health

    46. He placed little faith in the efficacy of legal and social institutions as potential forces for promoting (attitudinal) change that (otherwise) required a voluntary change of ―heart‖ in order to eliminate the prevailing social injustices directed against the poorer classes at that time

    47. Addendum to the above: Convene a number of disaffected groups that effectively eliminate the universal dynamisms that ―alienated‖

    48. If you don’t eliminate your problems immediately, they come back to eliminate you or to send you to jail – same difference

    49. At first, our research could only eliminate half of those who wouldn’t survive, then it could screen out ninety percent—by the time you came, ninety-nine

    50. Soon, we’ll be able to eliminate ninety-nine point nine, and one in ten will make it

    1. As long as it was unfinished, you were in danger – if you were eliminated, the whole quest would fail

    2. “They really need to be eliminated

    3. Once we eliminated

    4. emotions eliminated the tumor, since Rochelle was

    5. reverted, eliminated, given dissociation or otherwise acted against in a way

    6. eliminated once and for all

    7. “Yes, but they were always eliminated, no witnesses you see

    8. If they served Matai, they were as guilty as he, and needed to be eliminated

    9. Unfortunately, the recent rain would have eliminated most animal tracks

    10. the entire time, but until you did some deductions and eliminated some things, you

    11. When one was eliminated, dropping to the dirt, another simply stepped

    12. I used to feel that way but I have been reading books on self-improvement and a fear of math can be eliminated

    13. The Christians eliminated the obsession of “chosen

    14. What we usually call ‘a second chance’ being totally eliminated

    15. be eliminated or substituted with alternatives AND, by doing so, would

    16. At least from now on they would be eliminated from his attention

    17. Had the Cold War erupted, it would have been catastrophic as the use of nuclear weapons would certainly have eliminated most, if not all of Earth’s population


    19. We would like for all of you to move back home to Temple until the threat has been eliminated

    20. What he felt sure of was that he had not eliminated clues left by the real murderer

    21. The thought occurred to him that she had been taken, that somehow her identity had been eliminated

    22. This would have eliminated all of the possible

    23. I realise there are those who believe anyone with an involvement in this project deserve nothing less than to be eliminated

    24. He had once led Buffalo to the playoffs where they had been eliminated in the first round

    25. Soon another call came to say that Evan had been eliminated

    26. “We’d be no better than they, if we carried this war on until we’d completely eliminated

    27. distortion has eliminated the problem for us

    28. If the emperor does not pass the laws we have requested, he will be eliminated during his birthday celebration

    29. Given how long it had been since Amaranthe’s last romantic relationship, she easily eliminated the last possibility

    30. friends working with me as well, but they were sadly, eliminated, quite possibly by you and Ms

    31. This not so extraordinary phenomenon, that seeks the path of least resistance, does not bode well for America‘s blue collar workers whose jobs are being systematically eliminated at alarming rates exceeding the market‘s ability to replace them, if such is its intent, which it is not, I feel

    32. The fear of resenting the baby for ruining my forever with Egan was eliminated and it was possible that this was the reason I felt more at ease with the idea of a baby

    33. “You must understand that nine out of ten are eliminated at screening

    34. If you could be eliminated before you were introduced to society, however, I would have no proof that you ever existed, so there would be no violation and so no retribution

    35. Doc had been eliminated and Alan was boasting, challenging him

    36. The province’s thriving tourism industry was all but eliminated in the scant forty-five seconds it took the Earth to shake off the strain along the fault

    37. What cocaine? Whose? How had he ended up in the water? If there were Tweety traffickers in Limon, they were operating under conditions in which two associates had been recently eliminated

    38. I know turning on a friend is a difficult thing to do because I’m facing the same situation: a man I have been close with for years, my former associate, the one with the scarred face, and the woman who was with him, must also be eliminated

    39. He was out played by pool sharks and was eliminated in the third round

    40. Our air quality is now good and toxic waste dumps are mostly eliminated

    41. be eliminated because of this

    42. OSHA has just announced that they have eliminated redundant reporting requirements on employers that

    43. how many hours that still leaves but it would obviously be better if OSHA were completely eliminated

    44. Obviously, there would be a nice reduction if we eliminated the federal offices associated with Medicare

    45. leave Darfur and the logical conclusion is that the problem there will be eliminated by eliminating all of

    46. Also, it evaluates the maintenance of the quality of the utilized materials and rendered services, as well as if the waste, use of the physical money and unproductive resource are being eliminated

    47. Then the other cannons were destroyed, obliterated, eliminated, and

    48. were quickly eliminated and taken care of

    49. seventy thousand Germans were eliminated

    50. The part that was left out was the widespread attempt to herd the Indians onto reservations after the buffalo were nearly eliminated and their horses reduced

    1. • It eliminates more than one at a time

    2. both cutting and bulking, which eliminates the need

    3. This eliminates the crazies almost immediately

    4. Nothing, but the lab evidence eliminates Klausburger as the one

    5. ’ But, as I’ve already argued, it seems to me that the minimal intrusion principle eliminates the possibility of a truly convincing proof of the existence of God

    6. Therefore, this solution is immediate and it begins with the change of the current economic and monetary model to substitute it for new monetary system that eliminates the physical coin or hard cash with all its correlate costs and to avoid that there is its transfer among people or among current accounts

    7. Therefore, it causes the circulation of the wealth, it generates the abundance instead of the scarcity and it eliminates the waste and the idleness

    8. In consequence, when ending with the state of possessions in the productive chain, the Project eliminates the serious problems of lack of capital of the organizations and it avoids scarcity or waste in the utilization of the resources

    9. The proposal modifies the function of the money, giving new roles that bring the harmony and the well-being among the nations, as well as it eliminates the anonymous possession of the money

    10. With that, the Project eliminates the fixed cost and waste, besides generating the abundance of products and services

    11. The Project eliminates chain of possessions on the production process, it generates automatic income as working capital, without any cost and it puts an end to the lack of money for wealth production

    12. This action eliminates the fixed infrastructure that consumes unnecessarily more than 80% of the applied resources

    13. The systematics generates immense economy of organizational resources because it eliminates the cost of the bureaucracy and idleness of the applied resources

    14. This document eliminates other identification types

    15. This systematics of income generation eliminates the money lack so that any agreed organization accomplishes the production (products and services) and satisfy the market, without stock necessity, without loan need to accomplish the next production

    16. This new systematics eliminates the capital lack for who wishes to produce and it liberates the producers of the financial dependence

    17. With this, it eliminates the relation of economic dependence among them

    18. This systematics of income generation eliminates the money lack for anybody to enjoy products and services that satisfy its necessity to live very well for all its life and to practice the right the citizenship

    19. This procedure contains actions that solve the drama of the payment of the debt and it eliminates the agony that suffocates countries and its organizations, without there is the swindle of the debt

    20. This eliminates the need of the disastrous practice of receipt of money with payment of interests to satisfy the mistaken economic fundamentals

    21. The System eliminates to total need of new issues of securities for financial fundraising or the rolling of the debt

    22. Finally, the solution of the foreign debt and national debt interests for all sectors of the economy and of the human society, it can be creditors, debtors, citizens, producers and governments, because it pays with very little investment what was considered priceless, it generates benefits for 100% of the population, it eliminates the misery, it puts an end to the lack of income and it activates the economic development, without favoritism and without being privilege for minorities

    23. Also, it eliminates any possibility of sale of the organizational resources and donated products

    24. The State only needs to present bill or plebiscite that it changes the constitution of the Country to implant new Coordenational Structure and new Computational Monetary System with complete solution that eliminates the lack of income and it puts an end to the millenarian problems for more than 80% of the population

    25. This eliminates the costs of protection of the physical money and its fabrication

    26. Also, it eliminates the enormous economic losses with the devaluation and supervalorization of each local coin

    27. One of the things I thank Dauntless for is the preparedness that eliminates my fear

    28. This eliminates the waste, repetitive

    29. and it eliminates preoccupations with the security

    30. the cost of the information, it eliminates the loss

    31. It eliminates the fixed cost and the redundancies of tasks, it turns the most efficient organizations, without waste and bureaucracy, since its processes act through Usuarist Projects

    32. Also, it eliminates the anonymous possession of the money

    33. This eliminates the constant search for the accumulation of monetary reserves, besides satisfying creditor and debtor, it also finishes the rolling of the debt and financial dependence among countries

    34. It eliminates any type of file of papers, bureaucratic controls and other means of physical storage

    35. Observe that to Process Validation eliminates the need of tributary revenue for the Country to fulfill its social duty and cause its development; also, it eliminates the need of loans with payment of interests for the organizations to have working capital and last, it puts an end to the suffering of the lack of income for all the citizens

    36. Observe that the methodology puts an end to the anonymous circulation of the physical money, it eliminates the anonymous exchange of merchandises, and it avoids issue of securities or physical coins

    37. Indirectly, it eliminates most of the illicit act that involves the anonymity of the money, as well as it eliminates the disputes for heritages or definitive possessions of properties and mainly it disentangles the judiciary sector of the immensity of juridical process that involves the money as villain

    38. Besides, this standard unit propitiates to terminate with fixed cost, it eliminates the state-owned bureaucracy, it liberates the entrepreneurs of the country-cost and of the waste and it makes possible its execution for billions of people with consequent generation of income, without burdening the costs of the production

    39. Also, the unique task eliminates the infrastructure weight of the State with its ministries and autarchies that burn billions of monetary resources in repetitive activities that in spite of the efforts always let its unsatisfied customers and they cause the social injustice, besides not satisfying most of its beneficiaries condignly

    40. How many times have we heard the phrase, “Ashes to ashes and dust to dust?” But the neuroscientific formulation in its extreme is new in the sense that it eliminates any concept of an independent and therefore responsible self during that miraculous interval between the dust and the ashes

    41. Perception changes facts, bends or eliminates the truth

    42. This virtually eliminates the more

    43. “totally eliminates the statutory right to collective bargaining

    44. Translocation of provisions eliminates most of the cost, effort, and vulnerability of supply lines

    45. “This follows the new calendar convention that was proposed by Mileemi of Thon yesterday, and it eliminates a great deal of confusion, since almost every nation of every race used different dating before the founding of the Alliance, which is counted the first day of the new age

    46. A great circle of Healers put their minds together and came up with a spell that cancels one resonance of my vocal cavity, and eliminates the effort of remembering which sibilants to vocalize

    47. eliminates the problem of an empty house taking on the 'empty

    48. I hope she eliminates them

    49. Secondly, it eliminates the meaning of pain and its importance throughout history,

    50. eliminates the individual as well, because it, too, is an illusion, and it eliminates the immense value of individual artistic creation

    1. Specifically mentioning his name and the reason for eliminating him will avoid any future problems

    2. By practicing this exercise your spine will gradually become more elastic and as it effects the kidneys it is a powerful way of eliminating the toxic waste that is the primary cause of arthritis and allied complaints

    3. This is almost eliminating the awkward

    4. The wearer could forego defending themselves, and focus instead on eliminating their enemy as quickly as possible

    5. When we heard of the infection, eliminating the remnants of the Keeper's Guard became essential

    6. By doing this, you are eliminating unnecessary calories and excess fat

    7. eliminating chaos is that it frees up time that may be used in other endeavors,

    8. phone for business use, you will have a harder time eliminating this time

    9. Alternatively, you may be reshaping your thinking or ambitions and eliminating unwanted thoughts/habits

    10. A big part of eliminating self-centered desires is to accept things just as they are

    11. after a few years, along with eliminating the tournaments

    12. I have no idea if you are safe, but apparently Steroids had nothing against you, it is Harold Gibbons’ goons that are eliminating people

    13. “OK, so we think that Harold Gibbons is eliminating anyone associated with Felix until

    14. For a moment, Amaranthe thought the lady meant to warn Books that someone was looking for him and that he should run, but exasperated words soon tumbled out, eliminating the concern

    15. The Soviet Empire‘s pre-meditated attempt (and subsequent failure) at eliminating all vestiges of God from the hearts and minds of its oppressed subjects offers some glimmer of hope in America‘s own internal struggles with anti-religious forces who, in a similar manner, are avidly seeking to promote a Secularist Agenda by advancing legislation aimed at removing religious symbols and displays from public forums and driving them underground where it is hoped such forms will one day be lost on future generations otherwise lacking the necessary (spiritual) predicates and values formerly derived by enlightened examples that, for centuries, provided structure and moral sustenance and meaning to religious thought

    16. Ebbing (Spiritual) Faith in the wake of Secular Assaults designed to sow doubt in the minds of Believers by eliminating (Public) Reminders that further undermine Spiritual Resolve!

    17. Then I thought that there is no doubt that the Poles stole the house from the Jews, and that they would have no problem in eliminating any Jew who would claim ownership of the property

    18. Its legalization and subsequent dispensation under the auspices of trained professionals operating in a controlled environment, provides a plausible counter-argument to costly efforts aimed at apprehending and bringing drug dealers to task; not to mention promoting cleaner, safer and healthier communities by eliminating criminal incentives and (profits) associated with its unlawful procurement

    19. The ―remedial‖ course of action initiated by state and local governments at curbing or eliminating smoking altogether, especially among young teens, by imposing additional excise taxes on cigarettes that would make such purchases cost-prohibitive, are cynical deceptions on the part of politicians on both sides of the political aisle designed to increase revenue for (social) spending programs under the pretext of concern for under-age smoking

    20. The price inelasticity of tobacco products, however, excludes the likelihood that prohibitatory pricing measures will either condition or limit consumption; which is what most of our politicians are relying on! Were our political leaders genuinely committed to eliminating this (proven) toxin from the marketplace, cigarettes and other tobacco products, like other potentially harmful drugs, would have been de-legalized years ago

    21. Random shootings in suburban schools, that have left a number of children either dead or wounded, have ―triggered‖ yet another round of liberal hysteria calling for tighter gun control laws or eliminating them altogether

    22. Instead, many individuals are finding themselves subject to unqualified productions unsupported by facts! Returning to the topic of guns, it is believed in some (political) circles that eliminating guns would promote a corresponding decrease in (gun related) crimes

    23. Pain and indignation may have blinded momentarily the Spanish voters, but by punishing the government, in fact they have also congratulated, applauded and emboldened those perverse terrorists whose only purpose consists in causing devastation and eliminating lives

    24. The result, as a gallery of spectacular underwater pictures clearly demonstrated it was largely dead coastal reef, which collapsed the food chain, depleting or eliminating entire fish populations

    25. “I’m talking about eliminating that damn Tweety Bird by whatever method we can

    26. What does this have to do with bike-riding pains? Well, repetitive stress pains can also come and go, and as with morning sickness, you may be fooled into thinking your supplement or routine was effective in eliminating the agony

    27. There, in a bubble of still time, in a heightened state of mind he would find what seemed important, come up with theories about its existence and role, its properties and characteristics, and then start eliminating what didn’t fit or was not as probable; in the end he’d come up with a solution to a problem, or a keen insight that would prove to be correct and to the point

    28. Should any investigation of you for eliminating those two ever be initiated, you can rest assured that it would fail

    29. lot of money by eliminating all of the federal departments and agencies involved with welfare and

    30. eliminating the high paid Washington bureaucrats as well as allowing the states to design programs

    31. leave Darfur and the logical conclusion is that the problem there will be eliminated by eliminating all of

    32. administration of the housing is done in the states and we could save a bunch of money by eliminating

    33. “While you were off having fun, I was doing the dirty work of defending your old faction, eliminating interfaction conflict…”

    34. The Purity War caused a level of destruction formerly unheard of on American soil, eliminating almost half of the country’s population

    35. · Eliminating negativity through being dedicated to others, reminding oneself of the compassionate intention to win enlightenment for their sake (which is bodhichitta motivation)

    36. In short, they can turn us against each other completely eliminating any chance for an Imperial victory,” I explained, then over our connection I said, “Andreya, can you display the invasion of Lieutenant Tom’s forces?”

    37. He was eliminating a potential enemy with no risk of being discovered,” I said

    38. When the climate changers’ remedies get down to closing plants, destroying industries, and eliminating jobs there might be real climate change—in the political climate

    39. M: Of course! By eliminating the intervals of inadvertence dur-

    40. Moderators assure this by eliminating any non-productive conversations, limiting

    41. first, by tracing and eliminating all wrong ideas and emotions

    42. My only hope is they give me a chance to prove I can do the work rather than just eliminating me for the position

    43. Q: No question of reconditioning, changing, or eliminating the

    44. “I have no problem eliminating a woman or a man,” she said, as

    45. occurrence of delusions and psychotic conditions in children is rare thus virtually eliminating the

    46. • Public education would be the responsibility of each state, eliminating the need for federal control or interference

    47. We Copts, for example, choose to concentrate on the spiritual rather than the materialistic, thereby reducing but not eliminating the Red Queen's race in our community

    48. I was eliminating my

    49. Leading edge business owners are constantly eliminating distractions and gearing up to deal

    50. Anyway, after col ating their comments, eliminating duplication and

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    egest eliminate excrete pass annihilate carry off decimate eradicate extinguish wipe out do away with get rid of reject rule out winnow out obviate rid of ejaculate throw off exterminate abolish exclude cancel stamp expel

    "eliminate" definitions

    terminate, end, or take out

    do away with

    kill in large numbers

    dismiss from consideration or a contest

    eliminate from the body

    remove from a contest or race

    remove (an unknown variable) from two or more equations