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Decree in a sentence

The decree of Cyrus in 536 B.
They will decree a thing and.
Lovers share a sacred decree -.
He is a traitor since the decree.
But Heaven in thy creation did decree.
All this was done by the Elders decree.
Now a decree to this effect, with the.

The command of God is an absolute decree.
Such is the tsar's decree, such the resolve.
He speaks of your history, and of all He did decree.
Without a decree and its publication it would not be.
Truly, a decree for selling the property of emigrants.
This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the.
You will remember Napoleon's decree is dated in April.
We postponed the decree of ruin until the last moment.
Sir, this decree itself is an insult to this Government.
He was instructed to appear to them and decree that he.
This decree pronounced, he took a drink, and went on:—.
The decree to rebuild the temple was completed by Darius.
Chairman, to present you with another view of this decree.
He must have been gloating over the changes to the decree.
But what will convey to you what the Night of Decree is?
By thy decree it cannot stay nor tolerate thy Light of Love.
Fraternity than to share the Decree with Third Brother!.
Westminster Confession says, By the decree of God, for the.
The Uronian offer to assist Earth comes through divine decree.
With this latest decree, we could very soon see an increase of.
Haman had this decree copied and sent to all the provinces of.
In chapter 8 of Esther, King Ahasuerus issues a decree that the.
Therefore have we come before you for confirmation of this decree.
It was nothing that the decree bore date since his return to France.
Psalms 2 I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou.
You are that man! You are he, and you will hear the Lord’s decree!.
Open your mouth, decree what is just, defend the needy and the poor.
Those shots were put on a shelf for thirty years by managerial decree.
Long Fei glanced at his wife, but sighed and said, The Decree of the.
The divorce was granted—final decree to be effective in a year’s time.
Ye Manqing looked at Guo Yuxia and said acidly, I have shown the Decree.
For the decree is sent down, the judgment is set and is ready to be poured out.
Thou, without whose word decreeing.
In every kingdom there must be a king seated upon his throne and decreeing the laws of the realm.
He even had official death statistics reduced by arbitrarily decreeing an end date to the smog crisis, blaming all further deaths afterwards on a nonexistent flue epidemic.
You have it, he decreed.
Some Masters at Tarden decreed.
This whole act's immutably decreed.
It was decreed by the States-General in A.
When the Fates finally decreed she might.
A signal for distant nations He has decreed.
That’s ridiculous! Who decreed this?
God has decreed for you the dissolution of your oaths.
Or chance decreed that Marius should traverse Rue Jean-.
This fate has been decreed since the beginning of time.
And that which was decreed shall pour out on the desolator.
The Sabbath was decreed only for those who differed about it.
Decreed by the King in Babylon, to her that had been his slave.
But you’re the youngest of the family Matthew decreed.
That, as they were not so decreed, he probably would not have one.
God only decreed that you shall not eat of the fruit that is forbidden.
That is one of the firm rules and laws which God decreed for the spirit.
Once decreed, it was a matter of honor to fulfill her own pronouncement.
Shiva had decreed that Daksha would henceforth be known as Emperor of India.
The king also decreed that anything that the treasurers of the province of.
Had God not decreed exile for them, He would have punished them in this life.
Fate had decreed that this vessel would be struck by a large splinter of rock.
Whatever happens it always appears that just that event was foreseen and decreed.
The Bible teaches that God is holy and decreed that the penalty for sin is death.
It had also been decreed, seemingly without any awareness or concern for their lack of.
I knew that meant he was about to speak officially and whatever he decreed would be law.
This is a core Principle that was taught in the old language, Hosan decreed to his.
The Almighty God 'Glory to Him' chose bounds, decreed rules and legislated laws for mankind.
Then Pilate wishing to please the multitude decreed that what they asked for should be done.
The Books of the Law decreed that all forms of worshipping the Eight Creators were righteous.
King Aegon decreed that his bastards were not bastards, but he could not change their nature.
That predawn place soon filled with cries of The Sacred had decreed this, and Their.
The visitation is the Day (Year) of Salvation that God has decreed through Isaiah the prophet.
She had decreed, this woman who had nothing to decree, that there were to be no more Dremmels.
But it is mercifully decreed that the evils of the past should appear but faintly in retrospect.
Before their leaves must fall, he decreed, they could wear the singing sunset colours of the sky.
He decreed that he would marry the first woman that reached the top of the mountain to meet him there.
The regularity of its lofty comings and goings decreed a sense of order to the smallness of life below.
He retains those for which He has decreed death, and He releases the others until a predetermined time.
You were not on the Western Side when We decreed the command to Moses, nor were you among the witnesses.
Al’lah decrees what He will.
May be that I by heaven's decrees.
When he decrees a thing, that thing is.
When He decrees a matter, He only says to.
There is no force in the decrees of Venice:.
The same is true with decrees in the spiritual realm.
They consist in the execution of three decrees, to wit:.
And My decrees, binding cords robbing you of your freedom.
The Berlin and Milan decrees are not even nominally revoked.
Therefore, what he decrees will certainly make society prosper.
Looting continues in the city despite the decrees against it.
You know how frustrated she was by the captain's security decrees.
The decrees of France prohibit us from trading with Great Britain.
As rational intellect decrees, you cannot get something from nothing.
Al’lah decrees what He will and His will is only for your happiness.
Russell, to which the decrees could be applied subsequent to the first of November.
You will then submit to what fate decrees for you without even attempting to contend.
Here is a distinct position, with a direct reference to particular orders and decrees.
There was a mixture of politics and decrees, and the fiasco of the journey to Bethlehem.
Yet, sir, it has ever since been denied that the decrees of Berlin and Milan were repealed.
They dictated what they would do and rammed their decrees down the throats of their subjects.
Gentlemen have alluded to the declarations of the Emperor of France in relation to his decrees.
This was not, in itself, a great disability to Jews, because it was consistent with rabbinical decrees.
The decrees of Berlin and Milan are revoked, and, after the first of November, they will cease to have effect.
Human or animal, the mystical brow is as that great golden seal affixed by the German Emperors to their decrees.
But, sir, notwithstanding all this, this Government persisted in declaring that the French decrees were repealed.
What is the Papacy? It is the Papal papers: the Banns, the Decrees, the sanctification of the Written Word as law.
He is connected with the Mafia, which, as you know, is a secret political society, enforcing its decrees by murder.
The gentleman from New York has entered into an argument to show that the Berlin and Milan decrees are not repealed.
At the end of his ten year reign there were six thousand decrees, and over eleven hundred and forty-seven folio pages.
We will now examine whether there has been such a revocation of the Berlin and Milan decrees as warranted the proclamation.
Consequently, by the French decrees, all property afloat belonging to the Americans was liable to seizure and condemnation.
The remnant of commerce, which the joint operation of the belligerent decrees has left to us, is scarcely worth carrying on.
You give France a right to enter your waters, said he, and take away any inducement she might have had to rescind her decrees.
You proclaimed the Berlin and Milan decrees revoked, and put upon Great Britain the threatened alternative of non-intercourse.
And well, in such a state, might he repeal his decrees, which, by the war itself, would be superseded—would become a nullity.
Russell, who so strongly urged upon the French Government the necessity of furnishing some evidence of the repeal of the decrees.
The status inevitably decrees such matter and it can not be regarded as an infringement of God's Order or a breach of His Advice.
But the gentleman has said that the embargo, and not the Orders in Council and decrees, has destroyed the commerce of this country.
They follow the spirit of the British Orders in Council and French decrees, and therefore cannot be complained of by either power.

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