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Order in a sentence

God is a God of order.
I was ready to order.
In order to have it.
It was a direct order.
There is an order to.
In order to fund her.
In fact, in order to.

Iqama is an order to.
In order to work with.
Go! It was an order.
We put in a rush order.
But again, in order to.
In order to hav You have.
By order of the Overlord.
In order to do both his.
I had to restore order.
You order him to roll over.
I get paid for this order.
Now breakfast was in order.
A new world order begins.
All in order, ready to go.
Yassap gave the order to.
According to order and rank.
The two main order effects.
In order to do this, women.
The order of the day was to.
Word order of the adjectives.
It is still in working order.
You need order and stability.
She did not disobey an order.
In order that I not be slain.
Therefore, in order to keep.
Should I order the usual?
Eye raised his hands for order.
Faye Anne, that is an order.
Create Order out of the Chaos.
Next in order come the pulses.
You'll obey their every order.
This is out of order, Bradlee.
I heard him ordering or.
I am ordering you ahead.
I’m ordering you to stay.
Of the Ordering of the Shire.
I'll be doing all the ordering.
Ordering Bane to fetch what he.
Make the ordering process flexible :.
You shouldn’t be ordering him around.
Laws ordering trappers to check their.
Shes been ordering the servants around.
Guest is served within 4 minutes of ordering.
Recognising and rejoicing in your ordering.
I’m ordering you to hold! Gowron said.
The waitress stepped out, Davies ordering a.
Then ordering them to face outwards he shouted.
The ordering process can often be quite complex.
Ordering dinner—mess, pizza shops, and hotels.
Melanie carried on ordering the household around.
Here's Yashvin ordering me a drink a pick-me-up.
She had heard Vaidehi ordering Tarana to come here.
Like he was ordering something foreign off the menu.
He did not tell him the president was ordering this.
When ordering fast food without sauces or any other.
Don't make the ordering process harder than it needs.
The unified ordering can be either complete or partial.
Thank you for the maps and for ordering the Mapsco CD.
After ordering dessert, Twilly went on with his story.
He spotted him ordering his drink a few minutes earlier.
Yes, like ordering pizza, Ed said shaking his head.
Burton was everywhere, ordering the building of the camp.
Colonel Polonchuk was not only ordering the information.
Hey, you explicitly said that you would do the ordering.
But Nat didn't see him ‘cause she was ordering her food.
Providing secure online ordering is very affordable today.
For example, Dixons2 shows the current ordering step, and.
More and more, the OWG was ordering them to avoid the area.
Now ordering his men into a tactical retreat to the ladders.
Titania was at that very moment ordering the Duke's army to.
The ordering process is very simple like most online stores.
I was ordered to come.
I ordered them to stop.
As they are ordered to.
It was ordered by Mr.
I ordered salad to start.
I know I was ordered to.
Then he ordered a drink.
He went in and ordered.
Jack had ordered a book.
He hadn't ordered a fire.
The next day he ordered.
He ordered the same again.
That is not what I ordered.
I was ordered to kill you.
She ordered a lot at once.
He ordered blinis to start.
Call girls may be ordered.
He ordered the chief and.
I ordered one to fetch me.
Ordered to lie on the table.
I ordered those for you.
They ordered her to raise.
We have an ordered society.
Pilate ordered to be slain.
She’s ordered us to leave.
He ordered two of our seats.
I was ordered to serve for.
Waddell ordered the men to.
He was ordered for the duty.
She ordered up a hot, moist.
Get up! The soldier ordered.
They ordered hot spiced wine.
Owens had ordered, when she.
Rory nodded and ordered again.
Just what the doctor ordered.
I ordered a bottle of white.
I’ve ordered an extra squad.
Lenny arrived and ordered tea.
You were ordered to stay here.
Then he ordered a dry Martini.
Such are not my orders.
We wait for your orders.
I still give the orders.
I give the orders, Mr.
Many are in Holy Orders.
They were in holy orders.
The Case For Stop Orders.
What orders had the two.
God orders me not to tell.
All thanks to stop orders.
He barked the new orders.
But you give the orders.
Carry out your orders now.
I was only following orders.
I have my orders but I am.
He was only obeying orders.
This is still five orders.
You are not in holy orders.
Cats never wait for orders.
His orders had been specific.
I told her my orders from M.
All I did was follow orders.
Court handed him his orders.
Again, orders are to follow.
Then you have your orders.
The orders came faster and.
We have the colonel's orders.
The Case Against Stop Orders.
Orders were being given –.
He hears Thor yelling orders.
And gave him orders, orders.
The witches had their orders.
No need to think with orders.
But I take my orders from.
Giselle barked out her orders.
Still, he did obey the orders.
Come with me, he orders.
She should have orders, too.
My orders are very specific.
We have been given our orders.

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