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Dependent in a sentence

But he's still dependent on us.
Prosperity is dependent on peace.
Mass is not dependent on weight.
Some of them became dependent on.
You are much too dependent on him.
Perhaps we are dependent upon 33.
How utterly dependent is the per-.

Child and Dependent Care Credits -.
Laws are dependent on a society‘s.
We are no longer dependent on the wild.
Beware of all that makes you dependent.
What we did wasn’t dependent on the.
We are dependent upon our Jewish roots.
They would be less dependent upon shops.
These are all dependent on our language.
In that stage we are so dependent on Him.
All is, as always, dependent on the mind.
And that means we are dependent upon His.
Have you been so dependent on them for.
Math is heavily dependent on symbols and the.
CAPM is more dependent on forces in the market.
The son was as much a dependent as a caregiver.
The only one dependent I have is my big brother.
They are indeed dependent upon one another for.
The bank is dependent on them for its existence.
Tony was ten years old, still very dependent on.
I died, Diane, as my dependent, would receive the.
She is, but her Candidacy is dependent upon his.
It's not dependent on what someone else said or did.
Capital structure is dependent on the cost of equity.
The clouds are completely dependent upon causes and.
It was not necessary that the subject of a dependent.
Ferrars, I believe, is entirely dependent on his mother.
Private media is dependent on advertising dollars, Mr.
People who were dependent on other people were weaklings.
Tony was ten years old and was still very dependent on.
The ability to be happy is, to a large degree, dependent.
Unlike Britain, they were not dependent on foreign trade.
I'm dependent upon a collective mass of flesh within the.
The Rodina and our entire existence are dependent upon it.

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dependant dependent qualified subordinate pendant pendent subject hooked

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