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Dependent in a sentence

dependent on one another.
all you were dependent on.
of systems dependent on it.
Profoundly dependent on her.
dependent on alloying elements.
But he's still dependent on us.
Mass is not dependent on weight.

dependent on for power generation.
Some of them became dependent on.
You are much too dependent on him.
Perhaps we are dependent upon 33.
How utterly dependent is the per-.
Child and Dependent Care Credits -.
Laws are dependent on a society‘s.
seniors and they become dependent on.
that love is dependent on relationship.
Beware of all that makes you dependent.
We are dependent upon our Jewish roots.
vulnerable and dependent child any more.
What we did wasn’t dependent on the.
f you who have dependent children that.
We are no longer dependent on the wild.
clay, dependent on the Command within it.
They would be less dependent upon shops.
These are all dependent on our language.
In that stage we are so dependent on Him.
All is, as always, dependent on the mind.
dependent on the type of data collected, i.
And that means we are dependent upon His.
dependent to God, sin rears its ugly head.
by and dependent on myriad other variables.

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Synonyms for dependent

dependant dependent qualified subordinate pendant pendent subject hooked

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